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Jewels of Tiffany craftsmanship
Article publié le 23/06/2013

World jewelry brand more than that, but it can interfere with the process in a gorgeous set of high jewelry, not out of ten brands in the world today can be done while Toil BES intricate jewelry, tiffany jewelry outlet nature is among the best.
Brand new round of high jewelry to this autumn season is exhibited when the past is now back together with an antique collection in the Museum of Brands series exhibited together, blending old and new, to compose a perfect jewelry art.
Centuries-old tiffany, both when the royal jeweler, today is also a lot of royal ladies favorite jewelry brand, by the symbol of love bangle, to the newly engraved designer also cipullo designed in the 1970s series juste un clou in order to nail the shape of the ring, are affected by global consumers, and in order to demonstrate exquisite jewelry craft, occasionally exhibited high jewelry series are even brand top works.

On this year's high of Tiffany jewelry design in addition to consistently have a Leopard-style bracelet and brooch, a more inspired extension to other animals such as parrots, flowers, garlands, hanging ears, such as abstract and geometric designs, complex application of design combined with the extremely rare gems and diamonds, the momentum. On the, brand from world around different collectors acquisition back of Cartier classic Cartier Tradition, after brand history registry data of empirical, and identification, and validation and repair to tracts, its design although no as today so changing and gorgeous, but those year unique of mosaic technology, and single of material footage of using, everywhere reveals out a this Shi cannot comparable of old style, this a old of us, and many different today of works can comparable of.
2013 series ad for Tiffany jewelry to create clear Earth "upon the advice of the net purity" garden, showing their cool elegant beauty. Three light surge close up, Tiffany showcase for Pomellato whispered Nudo series Romance, Tango series lasting attraction, gentle, soft white and Victoria series new jewels. Between light and shadow of time like stop-motion in the flow, but still showed fresh strength in jewelry and the immortal beauty of dierda there really are dangerous.
Kwan landed in early summer series Pomellato 67 brand new sterling silver jewelry or Tiffany being overshadowed by another layer of mystery. Behind the series "rock the night elves" spirit gives dierda another kind of beauty. Screen, the elegant charm of black and white, chain-link blinks Dim luster, came to heart of sensitive, because the gift of the goddess effect was also awarded to suddenly rendered. Pomellato 67 series in 2012 to celebrate the brand establishment and striving to make silver jewelry materials centered series, with its strong debut, tiffany outlet in "gorgeous" and "Rock" unveil the secret of yarn in the harmonious collision.

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Breathtaking jewelry shine
Article publié le 22/06/2013

Jewelry boxes like wardrobe, throughout the year should be heavily essential, but, unlike tiffany outlet jewelry clothing, from the material level can determine the thickness of which belong to the season, but unlike clothing and jewelry, because of the time and change the past trends and elegance was no longer on the contrary, jewelry after washing the next time, it will become more beautiful and more rare and more goodly. What jewelry to wear for different seasons, the simplest way is to echo with nature, using nature has given the breath, which is abandoned due to complex and fall in vulgar magic? Do stuff? Must first understand the times.
From ancient times, imperial Visible, jewelry countless. Royal woman's life can be said to be "jewelry life", whether it is the supreme representative of the imperial crown, or a priceless necklace earrings are luxurious royal archives.
Huali Huang chamber of diamond necklace jewelry box "riviere"
England first woman govern people have the luxury of Mary Queen of wealth world-famous, one of which is this beautiful diamond necklace "riviere". This precious diamond necklace from 34 dazzling diamonds cut through the old-fashioned composition, and was extremely gorgeous inlaid in gold with Baiyin Ji seat above.
Huali Huang's pearl necklace jewelry box room "la peregrina"
Another equally famous Queen Mary, a necklace called "la peregrina", all by large pearls and rubies dress, has been about 500 years of history, the value of 1,828,224 U.S. dollars.
Huali Huang chamber jewelry box of "diamond brooch crown"
Queen Mary's granddaughter Princess Margaret has many world-class jewelry, which "diamond brooch crown" the most famous. This crown of diamonds are polished in accordance with old-fashioned cut method to scroll-shaped mosaic as the theme, the most amazing is that this top luxury diamond crown necklace can be split into a well 11 gorgeous brooch! The detachment brooch Princess Margaret initials "m" is the basic shape, side surround dazzling diamond pieces, about 2.7 cm high, worth 344,448 U.S. dollars.
Huali Huang chamber jewelry box of the world's most expensive diamond necklace
marie antoinette Emperor Francis I of Austria and queen maria theresa fifteenth child, her this necklace is the world's most expensive necklace. Necklace made up of white diamonds and two very rare weight of 5.24 carat oval-shaped yellow diamond inlaid in the top of the pendant necklace with an absolutely fabulous pink diamond, all diamonds are perfectly set in platinum base , the total weight of 8.05 carats. In addition, there is a white tiffany jewelry outlet necklace at the bottom, such as pear-shaped diamond drop like hanging weight of 7.06 carats.

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Sunglasses shopping tips
Article publié le 22/06/2013

Summer is fast approaching, oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses will again become the darling of part but the crowd does not fit in sunglasses, you know?
1, glaucoma is not wearing sunglasses. After wearing sunglasses, into the eye of the visible reduction in pupil will naturally large, resulting in anterior chamber angle narrow, resulting in poor water drainage. A long, easy to induce acute closed-angle glaucoma, redness, eye pain, headache, vision appears declined sharply, even accompanied by systemic symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Therefore, glaucoma patients or suspected to have glaucoma and people should not wear sunglasses.
2, where it is not appropriate to wear sunglasses with weak light. Some people regardless of time or place, whether outdoors or indoors, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the evening, the evening in movies, television, and also wore sunglasses. Doing so would increase the burden of the eye, causing eye muscle tension, blurring of vision, severe dizziness occurs when, not long as symptoms such as eye strain.
3, children under 6 years of age should not be wearing sunglasses. Visual function of children below the age of 6 is not yet mature, wearing sunglasses, long, retinal macular area cannot be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of vision, even visually.
4 be careful, wearing large frame cheap oakleys sunglasses. Many fashion young people now prefer big frame, with thick, heavy weight of large frame sunglasses, in fact, the 1-2 weeks of continuous wear such glasses, mirror, there will be parts of the eyes or between the two cheeks numb slow to, sensory symptoms, respiratory nasal discomfort feeling, like a cold. Someone feel like bugs crawling on my face, maxillary gingiva numbness, upper incisors feel ill eyes acid swell. This is due to the person's face is mainly dominated by the trigeminal nerve, infraorbital branch of the trigeminal nerve is the orbital margin under the infraorbital hole out, thick, wide side, the heavy weight of the Sun mirrors are often pinned infraorbital branch of trigeminal nerve, causing a syndrome of sunglasses.
Sunglasses purchase is Latin, poor choices easier to cause damage to the eye, so when choosing sunglasses to pay particular attention.
Select regular to regular glasses shop manufacturers to produce sunglasses with UV capabilities. Street-side stalls, hawkers sell glasses, often fail to reach the standard UV, best not to buy.
Note When you select to smooth the surface of the oakleys cheap lens, ripple-free, with no blemishes, no bubbles, no galling. To put his lens, from the horizontal direction there is no warping of the lens. Rugged or trace, bubble lenses should not be optional.
Lens color choice should be given after watching the surrounding environment of color distortion, object edge clear, can effectively identify the principle of different colored lights. Lens shade color choice, as the place may be, at medium depths in General as well, such as light grey, light brown, light green, sunglasses, ultraviolet to infrared light absorption of these colors are good. Of course, if the strong shading effect is required, you should choose the dark lenses. Bike or car color is too dark lenses is not an option, you cannot effectively identify traffic lights of different colors.
In addition, when choosing sunglasses also have to consider the size, face, eyebrows and eyes, nose matches between relations. Typically, large eyes have to choose a large frame sunglasses, eyes smaller selection of smaller framed sunglasses; fat round face shape suitable for wearing thick frame sunglasses, elongated face people suitable for round frame sunglasses, flat round face people should use slightly narrower square frame sunglasses. Of course, if facing the computer every day, you can also choose cheap oakley sunglasses with a radiation-proof glasses feature!

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Play "Emerald" first know "Emerald"
Article publié le 21/06/2013

Jade in the jewelry world, has always been a unique individual, he was not quoted Diamond stone table, which unlike other gemstones, have a larger reserves, it is a can not find exactly the same in appearance precious tiffany outlet jewelry, because extremely rare and exudes calm and restrained beauty, so its worth will not be able to set the price to the theory, based on the value to match it.
Because rare, so precious. Precious treasure and significant because in order to get people of all ages. Collection is from the precious among of 265 from. In recent years, m-type social formation, and knowledge transfer quickly. Collection if into another investment targets and trends. But how is the favorite choice of direction?
1, "quality" must be good
"Good quality" is nothing more than, to focus on species, color, water, and other factors, we must first have before purchasing a correct perception, what is a good kind? What color is positive? And a bit of water defined? Thus in order to accurately grasp the "quality" selected.
2, "quantity" must be less
Definitely not a good collection can be seen everywhere, but not readily available. So what was said of the rare on the market will certainly be a considerable degree of understanding, know what rare. Like saying: Never seen such color performance, never seen such exquisite perfection, or that have never seen such a macro masterpiece, etc., can all be called "less" unique vision is Bookmark the pack.
3, "work" must be better
Good tiffany jewelry outlet "workers" means: exquisite carving performance and artistic beauty of the idea is not just fine carving it. Including the clever use of color distribution and layout ideas and convey meaning and aesthetics on the proportion of association, and the mastery of gesture charm are amassing decided it was unimaginative crafts? Or the gods of art.
Looking back twenty years ago, production and demand, supply and demand issues are now bailed you? And this imbalance between supply and demand is the main reason for success of this wave rally. And who can afford the love of jade, it is constantly buy and accumulate, because he has more than most people keen sense of smell, the next wave came, he would stand above prove his unique vision. So? More highlights have the right vision to see the goods sector is decisive emerald kill stunt.
Jade's beauty and ugliness, whether it is people who know anything about the goods, can get out to pick the most beautiful one, but, in the end is true or false? There must be a little effort. Understand a little fur, play tours builds character, it touches comfortable, harmless. However, to roll on the emerald industry, without some force, certainly scarred and unhappy all day.

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Children's sunglasses soft lenses better
Article publié le 21/06/2013

Arrival of summer, strong ultraviolet radiation, would like to give a daughter in elementary school with a pair of oakleys cheap sunglasses, children's sunglasses, but the market price disparity is large, and some can be purchased for a few dollars, and some will have more than one hundred yuan. Check online for a moment, online views are different, the children's eyes in the strong sunlight exactly how to protect? Children's sunglasses exactly how to choose?
As the weather turns hot, some optical store has started selling sunglasses, but sunglasses and adults compared to children kinds of sunglasses but not that much. Overseas Chinese in road a glasses shop, This is a place different varieties of sunglasses, sunglasses and adults than for children to wear sunglasses most colorful. Children's sunglasses styles are now doing more and more beautiful, to buy the main emphasis on parent’s general style glasses, for radiation indices was not much to ask.
In addition to the optical shop selling children's sunglasses and some stationery and even some jewelry stores, it has children’s sunglasses in sales, the prices here are relatively cheap in general, and a children's sunglasses also tens of dollars. And compared to the optical shop staff here cannot tell the salesperson mostly children sunglasses selection methods.
Expert opinion: Children's Sunglasses Is there any selection criteria, how to let the children choose safe sunglasses? Strong summer sun damage to the eyes mainly from ultraviolet radiation, especially ultraviolet light harmful to human cornea, lens, retina damage, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, easy to damage the eyes, causing keratitis, cataracts and other eye diseases, Children are no exception, their eye is more fragile. In this regard, when selecting sunglasses, children should first choose the regular manufacturers have quality certification oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses, these sunglasses should be marked with UV protection function.
Second, because children lively features, from a security point of view, the best choice for children's frames soft, so that you can reduce accidents caused by frame damage.
Again, in the purchase of children's sunglasses, they can squeeze firmly press the lens to see if the lens is not hard enough. Hardness of the lens is not easily deformed, will not cause refraction changes, thus affecting wearer comfort.
Finally, the lens color of choice, the effect of blocking the light from a point of view, you should try to choose sunglasses, gray and brown, the color of the lens compared to other colors, the more effective to maintain the color of the object itself, and can filter ultraviolet harmful substances. Also some children to "play cool", indoor and outdoor wear sunglasses. This is undesirable, as the eye can wear sunglasses outdoors, but indoors should remove sunglasses, because the interior light is dark, wearing dark sunglasses, a long time can cause eye fatigue, caused by muscle tension, blurred vision.
At the same time, also reminded children fewer than six do not need to wear sunglasses, can wear a hat, eye protection and other ways to fight sun umbrella sun. Some it has strabismus, amblyopia, myopia and other eye diseases in children should be careful to wear cheap oakley sunglasses , improper selection easier to cause damage to the eyes. Avoid looking directly into the sun to avoid the strongest ultraviolet rays when the 10:00 to 14:00 between meals and prolonged stay in the outdoors, but also the children's eye an effective way.

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