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Wedding ring for love coronation
Article publié le 20/06/2013

New Year is a family reunion, Valentine's Day is a holiday sweet lover, if these two festive days together, is it a good thing do? Valentine's Day is not only a new year filled with romantic love, but also with the New Year Double Happiness door in this golden moment of celebration, tiffany jewelry outlet the true meaning of love into the classic works of new ideas: the classic series, turned the hearts of loved ones of newborn Love is pliant; or for her to wear a sparkle in the heart of tifffany Wedding Series ring, hold hands, embark happy journey; or he chose to bear in mind all the time tifffany diamond joy to witness the sweet and happy moments; him and she has since become each other's unique and ever.
ruby is the world's rarest gemstones, it is the gift of God is one of the twelve treasures. It can stimulate red hot lovers among the most romantic and warm feelings, it is also known as the "love stone." In the West, since ancient times the royal families ruby wedding witness. People believe it has good luck, guardian of the magic of love, so it has always been a European royal crown of glory respect pet focus.
This season, tifffany global wedding ring model of ruby jewelry master was also attracted to hot and gaudy, launched a new "love Coronation" ruby wedding ring series. New wedding ring in the series, the President shall use more diamond-studded crown shape design, inlaid ruby side is just as eye-catching bright spot on the crown, so that every bride have become a fairy tale princess. The men's models, the designers ingenuity to adopt a wall mosaic manner, bright ruby ring placed on the inside wall of the oath. West is known as the marriage vows engraved on the ring tradition, tiffany outlet retrospective of this long tradition; same time, this design also gives full consideration to the East men's wedding ring wearing habits, modeling simple, restrained.
Diamonds are an essential element of the classic wedding ring, and colored gemstones have been popular with young couples alike. Brand as i do another masterpiece, i do "love Coronation" series diamond ring adhering to the "love Coronation" design philosophy, the continuation of a consistent aesthetic concepts and technology standards that will carved flawless diamonds and rubies unparalleled combination of gorgeous, so marriage Ring in the bright light in the atmosphere and personalized gift to luxury color, while the wisdom to keep the fashion, simple design.
The bride wore white silk, filled with glorious charming smile, watching her beloved human finger wearing a ruby ring embellishment, as beautiful ruby inherent meaning, their love will henceforth be protecting and deep blessings.
The history of Europe's most beautiful Queen Sissi ruby crown worn during his lifetime, is considered a symbol of happiness and eternal power. It is every girl wants to be a vision of Sissi. Today, tifffany the Ruby "coronation" in a diamond ring on top of your love for life guard, so that the eyes of each other forever lovers become princes and princesses, to enjoy royal glory and honor.
Love to Jane, constancy. The most precious love the state, not spectacular, but a dull lasting. Nvjie's only one main petal shaped diamond ring setting in the bud bloom, small but brilliant ruby for the Prince and Princess of perfect love "coronation." The overall shape of the tiffany and co outlet ring is simple and elegant. tifffany Nvjie petal-shaped diamond prop elegant lines used to create a sense of exquisite diamond ring; Nanjie is simple ruby ring inserts, highlighting the great beauty of minimalism.

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Sunglasses and face shape matching Collection
Article publié le 20/06/2013

Sunglasses, by definition, are a kind of special glasses sun shading. In fact, there are some pioneers in the big man wearing it at night night-clubbing, so the oakleys cheap sunglasses have become a fashion label.
Let us put aside the traditional concept of blocking the sun, we live in a city this relative lack of sunlight, should enjoy every inch of the warmth of the sun carefully. Not to cover the sun wearing sunglasses, but to embrace the sun
With the recent outdoor sun getting stronger, the major optical shops have launched this spring and summer sunglasses new, dazzling style. Insiders pointed out that this year's sunglasses popular highlights of last year is not much different, but in the details productions even better. In the grasp of the direction based on the popular, choose their own face shape, skin color sunglass is always the same principle.
Round face: butterfly-shaped frame dark lenses
Round faces are not suitable to wear sunglasses round or angled. Therefore, you should choose slightly wider than your face shape and frame up butterfly-shaped frame, make the face look angular. Especially avoid round, light or naive frame.
In the color selection, a round face suitable framework thicker, lens color colder, darker oakley sunglasses outlet glasses, the "tightening" face visual effect. Yan yellow, red lenses or soft lines and delicate frame sunglasses, will face off was even greater.
Template recommendation: pick on the frame so look sharp angle, the momentum is compelling, and the frame of the white sandwich on a dark ground eye-catching, emphasizing the lens contours. Angular Stern, he also revealed butterfly-shaped lens IMPLIED woman flavor, look just like an Enchanting independent woman image.
Heart-shaped face: polygonal frame light-colored lenses
Too big or too broad-brush sunglasses will make the facial contours appear more spacious, but it appears more pointed jaw line is small, so both sides should avoid wearing the upward tilt of the frame, as this will emphasize taper jaw. Heart-shaped face should wear lightweight and polygonal sunglasses, frames and temples width of not more than is appropriate, and face contour matched pair.
Lenses should choose lighter colors, in order to weaken the weight of the top face.
Template recommendation: corner clear lens design for modified broad forehead can play a revolutionary role, and gradient cheap frogskins lenses designed to clearly express women's sexy confident, passionate energy, fashion charm.
Oval face: Wide Frame Pink Lens
Oval-shaped face, the most suitable for wearing wide frame sunglasses, so that the face looks wide, reducing the length of the face feeling. Thin edge metal frame or frameless sunglasses, are not worn.
Choose the color of pink or red wine lens, can increase the brightness of the face.
Template Recommended: Color avant-garde frames, lenses with metal powder, in a little lovely fashion cool, enough with the face of this decorative winning turn heads.
Square face: Round frame brown lenses
Square face gives a tough feeling, should avoid wearing square-shaped sunglasses. Corners of a square face to wear round sunglasses into a gentle curve, wide frame edges to be rough, can express Hao Long lines, narrow and delicate sunglasses, with a square face with, it will be particularly small and not commensurate.
Lens color cheap oakley sunglasses to sedate brown better.

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The ability of High quality snow mirror
Article publié le 19/06/2013

1.strong impact resistance, ensuring it will not under any strong gravitational impact fragmentation deformation. If high-speed fall when skiing, oakleys cheap snow sunglasses then suffered the impact is very, very large. Thanks to the entire face and eyes on a pair of snow sunglasses. When selecting snow sunglasses, you can gently snow sunglasses frame, pressing a lens, or even tighten a screw snow sunglasses frames, look good toughness. If you press up hard, nothing changes shape, flexibility obviously very poor, it is recommended not to buy. Such snow sunglasses is of poorer quality, in the winter, when subjected to impact fracture easily deformed, will seriously pricks in your eyes and face.
Bunk snow sunglasses more than a single layer of snow, impact resistance, while the double spherical lens goggle is the most impact resistant product. Upscale snow sunglasses Flexibility is very good, and even allows the lens to fold one let go and restore the prototype, without any chipping or breaking phenomenon. Have a friend in Nanshan veneer u slot to take off the results on the ground face down, helmet cracked, snow sunglasses all right, all right face. Introducing, he used that money to buy what I uvex Apache snow sunglasses.
2. must be 100% filter UV and glare. When the sun is shining, the light reflected from the snow trail is very harsh, not Dicey mirror could not see snow trail things. Snow Goggles must be able to filter 100% of harmful UV rays and can guarantee that you will not irritate the eyes when skiing. A qualified snow sunglasses, should take the lead in the sun shine, when you look at the sun rise while wearing it will not feel uncomfortable, which is a qualified snow sunglasses.
3.cannot appear obvious visual errors. Oakley sunglasses outlet snow sunglasses has two kinds of cylindrical lens and a spherical mirror. Cylindrical lens usually cause some degree of visual distortion and error, easy for you to misjudge the position of objects damage. So choose your friends carefully cylindrical lens, put something there to look around after deformation or change in position. Spherical mirror is better in this respect, because the human eye is round, spherical mirror more consistent with human visual requirements. Whether cylindrical or spherical, must try it yourself to see if there is no deformation.
4.to wear must fit their face shape. Not all snow sunglasses are suitable for you, different brands of different styles of snow sunglasses, to adapt to the human face is also different. After you wear snow sunglasses, should ensure that every part of the face of the mirror frame and snow with good contact, there is no uncomfortable feeling, no large gaps. Nose section must also be comfortable if you can not buy this position does not fit snow sunglasses.
5.Ventilation defogging effect has to be very strong. Skiing face will be discharged when the heat, so the lens fogging effect must be super! No matter what the circumstances are not allowed in the foggy lenses, otherwise very dangerous. Try it yourself snow sunglasses anti-fog capabilities, whether you're using steam, or mouth to Kazakh gas, foggy lenses should not be produced. Qualified snow sunglasses has a good ventilation design, high-speed taxiing time you can even feel the cheap oakley sunglasses inside a small share in a weak stream flow. The airflow can guarantee your lenses do not fog up, of course, its own anti-fog lens performance is also very important.

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How to identify genuine and fake diamonds by looking
Article publié le 19/06/2013

Genuine tiffany jewelry outlet diamonds and some people will be able to differentiate through observation, but requires considerable understanding of the diamond experienced people, but ordinary consumers can generally identified by looking at the diamond to diamond.
In Fangzuan compared to the vast majority of the diamond cutting and grinding with good quality, in addition to "face flat edges sharp" features, usually has the right proportion, degree of modification better cut features. Ridge generally strictly intersect at a point and form a sharp angle, the adjacent facets are strictly intersect at a ridge, the diamond imitation lower value, cut quality is often poor, often appears cut case of balance, the same kind of facet sizes, Girdle Facet angle up and down relative to the top under the severe dislocation of the phenomenon.

Waist features:
To maximize the quality of the diamond retention, drill machining kohlrabi Girdle often below in greater retention of the original crystal plane, which is retained after polishing the surface of the diamond crystal original part of the original diamond crystal surface with a relatively dull luster, Sometimes you can also find growth lines and triangles like growth cone morphology, etc..
Watch Cut:
In addition to observing the flash effect, birefringence phenomenon also identified an important means of diamonds and diamond is the nature of having a single homogeneous body jewel refraction, light entering the diamond does not decompose, and always maintain a single light, zircon, synthetic Mo Yi Sang imitation stone is synthetic rutile diamond material having a large birefringence of the material, with the 10-fold magnifying glass through the crown main facet can be clearly found that the opposite edges of the double facet shadow, the synthetic stone Moi Sang often perpendicular to the c-axis table, so the table from the vertical direction of the birefringence is often difficult to find, so the crown main facet is an ideal viewing position. Watch diamond cut diamond quality can also be identified.
Embedded features:
Within the diamond may contain garnet, olivine, pyroxene, mica and other natural mineral inclusions and double-crystal pattern, growth pattern structure phenomena, artificial anti-drilling inside the material does not have the natural mineral inclusions, but often have a powder containing bubbles characteristics, such as cz: Internal often contain synthetic Mo Yisang stone slender white needle inclusions, therefore, tiffany outlet diamonds and inclusions identification of the most fundamental characteristics.

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Six of the most valuable diamond in the world
Article publié le 18/06/2013

For the grading standards of other colors, such as red, blue, purple, etc., because extremely rare, so this tiffany outlet color diamonds are diamonds in the treasure, its price is much higher than the general diamond pricing standards. We take a look at the basis of these precious diamond varieties now!
Water Drilling
Water drilling: a pure diamond was colorless and transparent like water, especially those with pale blue is the best. The world and the world famous King Diamond drilling is mainly this variety, such as "Qiongke Er" and so on.
"Star of South Africa," the English name for the star of south africa, heavy 47.55carats, colorless, pear shape cut engraved, native to South Africa, is an extremely high-quality water drilling, the original diamond weighing 83.5carats.
Red Diamond
Red Diamond: A pink to bright red transparent diamonds, especially in the "pigeon blood red" by rarity. Such as the world famous diamond "Russian Red" and so on, Australia is the main source.
Nature: light red spar. Diamond pellets variants. Like a spherical surface with a fine diamond is often the shell, the center part of the crystal thick, and often into the nuclear structure. Hardness, toughness, but rare. As grinding with diamond cutting processing industry. Red diamonds are the rarest diamond varieties, and even many professionals in the jewelry industry, a senior staff have no chance to see.
Moussaieff Red Diamond "Moussaieff" Red Diamond (the moussaieff red) the world's largest red diamonds in Brazil in 1960, was a farmer discovered the diamond called "Moussaieff" Red Diamond (the moussaieff red). Triangular in shape, weight 5.11 kt, although compared with other tiffany jewelry outlet diamonds, diamond's weight is not worth mentioning, but it is the red diamond, but the premier large diamond, its value is much higher than its weight.
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond: A sky blue, transparent blue to dark blue diamond, which is the best person in dark blue. Such diamonds and all the other colors of diamonds different, it has semiconductor properties. Because of its particularly rare, it is rare treasures. Such as the world famous diamond "hope" and so on, Mel Prairie South Africa is the main source of mine.
Blue Diamond main component is carbon, because of strong fluorescence resulting diamond looks blue. And sapphire (al2o3, mainly fe, ti, caused by color) are different. Blue Diamond is very rare now, the price is very expensive. Blue Diamond, according to British media reports, one weighing 7.03 kt of rare blue diamond on May 12 in Switzerland, sold about 6.21 million pounds priced. blue diamond set in a platinum ring from Blue Diamond mine in South Africa, an important producer of commissioned Sotheby's auction house auction. It is reported that the buyer will purchase the diamond named.
Green Diamond
Green Diamond: Dresden Green Diamond one kind of pale green to green transparent diamonds, which were bright green for the best. Zimbabwe is the main source. The world's largest green diamond "Dresden Green Diamond." The diamond weight 40.70 kt, the value is reported about $ 200 million.
Purple Diamond
Purple Diamond: Diamond one kind of purple lavender to purple transparent cheap tiffany jewelry diamonds, especially brilliant purple by priceless treasures, the former Soviet Union is the main source.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond: Black Diamond is usually not as a diamond, but a big black and transparent person can also become a precious diamond.
Black Diamond Myth weighing 88 kt, with 57 facets korloff Black Diamond for the Russian aristocratic family kroloff owned, it is the same because the biggest one and the diamond world famous. Early 20th century, the Russian Revolution, the family fled the diamond became korloff can carry the most valuable things. 1920, Black Diamond is korloff Fengyun family sold the incident became the talk of people talked about.

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