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This summer's sunglasses popular
Article publié le 18/06/2013

Summer is coming soon; oakleys cheap sunglasses have become a lot of fashion talent, without a doubt indispensable sunscreen buying tide. According to sunglasses fashion trends this year, now may be much more than just Sun, on the contrary, for people who have a strong self-expression, sunglasses is promoted as a "fashion" Declaration and expression of individualism, a stylish protective sunglasses two not to miss the fun! Different from past most sunglasses, now thin, transparent and color are the mainstream keywords. If you know about sunglasses still stuck in the same dark, you should ask yourself is it too OUT. After a year of color air attack, believe you in addition to the traditional Brown or grey sunglasses in addition to already have at least a pair of sunglasses in color. Is a mysterious purple, shiny bright yellow, avant-garde modern full of bright red or blue, are essential fashion items in spring and summer, sunglasses in the summer days enjoy dancing on his face, allowing you to cool enough bright enough for great!
Also this year talking about the sunglasses another big characteristic is transparent. Discussion with tulle like a wash of color texture, every way to see you, evens the frames as well. Moreover, matched with colorful spring and summer clothes, big cheap oakley sunglasses brand launch of glasses is on the colors and models led the trend of this season. Violet, pink, light yellow, sky blue, light green, in the backdrop of different costumes you can fully demonstrate the indispensable attitude of color, which has degree two color gradient lenses are loved by young friend myopic glasses.
Look good without sunglasses, look good without clothes, only not nice mix! I can indulge in the sweet Japanese and Korean Air, can also be moved out of the able OL, can be a female literary range sum, matching is a lifestyle for me, I like to walk there when turn heads.
Dark sunglasses for the mix of outdoor activities is a good choice, but the dark sunglasses itself will give people a sense of distance, so avoid wearing too formal when you wear dark sunglasses, the color is too dark clothing, wearing a suit, for example, is not suitable for wearing dark sunglasses, that would make people think of crime Lord and his bodyguards were in the movies ... I suggest that the best in casual sports clothing go with dark sunglasses. Light coloured clothing is more suitable. In addition, dark sunglasses ability to hide flaws or the eye puffiness, eye problems, such as congestion, these problems can make good use of dark cheap oakleys sunglasses.
Dark sunglasses increase the role of facial contours for itself, if you wear too much makeup will increase the sense of distance. Makeup should be soft, feminine, and increased affinity, soft makeup and dark sunglasses to level. However, if the face is flat, dark glasses can be used to enhance face shape. In addition, the epidemic is also suitable for nude makeup this year wearing dark sunglasses, smoked makeup out.
Although the sunglasses can make us feel passionate on the nose, but worn incorrectly are prone to eye disease. If you do not, under cloudy and dark situations, such as in the room wearing sunglasses, you are likely to add to the burden the eye, caused by eye muscle tension and fatigue, dizziness occurs, not long-vision and other symptoms. And for the development of the Visual system does not improve the infants and children should not wear oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses.

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How to maintain diamond wedding ring
Article publié le 17/06/2013

In the usual course of wearing diamond ring care of the needs and attentive care. Wedding tiffany jewelry outlet ring metal material according to choose the most suitable way of maintenance.
1, to avoid exposure to excessive chemicals
Clean Spirit, kitchen detergents, etc. everyday common cleaning supplies, as well as hair dye, etc., is also very easy to ring damage, so do housework, do beauty, do not forget temporarily took his ring, or wear one pair Rubber gloves can protect your hands, but also can protect your ring

2, to maintain clean wedding ring
When you are doing housework, bathing, sleeping, or deal with some easy hands items, please remove the ring. You're allowed to be a little cleaner in warm water with a soft bristle brush lightly moistened with a diluted cleaning solution, then rinse with water and then you can complete a simple household cleaning, but we must be very careful in cleaning,
3, not in public places random ornaments off your love
In public toilets, public swimming pools and other places, Please do not take off your ring, so is likely to be lost or transferred to the pool. Can carry a silk or velvet texture of a small bag, always a good collection.
4, carefully bump and scratches
You may be able to have some jewelry, must be stored as a single piece each piece of jewelry. Because each piece of jewelry is not the same material, there is a hard brittle, put together, jewelry mutual scratches, scratches; doing strenuous exercise, better off in advance to avoid violent collision damage, resulting in the shedding of diamonds , rings metal surfaces will be hurt;
5, regular professional jewelry care
Need to take care of your wedding tiffany outlet ring, in addition to their daily lives more careful, professional jewelry nurse to give you more help, go visit with them regularly to check whether the firm gemstone ring or wear and professional cleaning. Some large shopping malls have to help you complete gem care professional counter, free to customers of luxury jewelry network lifetime cleaning and maintenance.

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Outdoor sports sunglasses grey best
Article publié le 17/06/2013

Although the summer is hot, but unstoppable desire for outdoor activities enthusiasts. But as temperatures rise, the strengthening of sunshine, outdoor activities also increased the damage coefficient, therefore, heatstroke sunscreen is essential. Here to introduce some exercise equipment, exercise helps to avoid heat damage.
Sport oakleys cheap Sunglasses
Summer outdoor sports are often exposed to the sun, and sometimes instantaneous visual disturbances may lead to dangerous occurrence, light damage to the eyes can not be ignored. We all know that sunglasses can be avoided, but you will not choose the right sunglasses it?
Main attention to three aspects: color, color shades and uv index.
First, color, gray best
Gray lenses can be balanced against any absorption chromatography, after wearing glasses to see the scene would not be significantly darker color, is the first choice for outdoor activities in summer; tinted lenses to filter out a lot of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and clarity degrees, foggy case wearing effect is a plus, and can block the shiny surface of the reflected light, wearing glasses can see the object, is cycling sport of choice; while yellow, orange, blue, purple and reddish color as far as possible without.
Second, the depth, differentiated
Many people believe that wearing a colored block the cheap oakleys sunglasses can protect the eyes, it is not. Lens color depth, only affect the performance of visible light absorption, the lens color depth into 15%, 34%, 50%, 70%. 15% of both indoor and outdoor wear, and 34% for general outdoor environment, 50% of suitable sun and the sea, 70 percent belong to welding and other special purposes, no.
Third, uv, identification index
uv index UV filtering effect, is a very important criterion, the vast majority of outdoor sunglasses uv index between 96-98%, dark lenses better than light-colored lenses.
In the formal sports sunglasses instructions clearly marked on both the color saturation and uv index, we can choose according to their needs corresponding sport sunglasses.
Sportswear Many people choose summer outdoor sports short sleeves, vests, shorts with cheap frogskins , and even some male friends will light arm, not knowing that such a dress, the skin will be directly exposed to UV light under the skin for a long time will have a huge damage. Therefore, the best choice for outdoor sports summer long clothes. However, we would ask, is not conducive to long clothes will not sweat, easily lead to heat stroke?
Fabrics, not cotton go
Of course, if you are using a traditional cotton sportswear, sweat a lot adsorbed on clothing, easy to disperse, is not conducive to body heat, movement really easy to heat stroke. With the development of technology, many brands of sports apparel for everyone designed specifically for summer sports clothing, for example: sphere-dry fabric, dri-fit fabric, climacool fabric, scotguard fabrics, clothing made of these fabrics, light weight, energy The sweat evaporates quickly, so that movement remain cool and comfortable, but also play a protective role of ultraviolet radiation. Please take a look at when buying clothing label, the label above the fabric.
Color, light and bright as the
In the sports apparel choice of colors, it is recommended that you choose light-colored, bright. First of all, we all know the sun light than dark reflection effect is conducive surface temperature decreases. Secondly, the bright color is noticeable in motion in order to avoid some dangerous, for example: when cycling on the road, surrounded by motor vehicle drivers to be able to find you earlier, to avoid collision accidents; when the unexpected happens there conducive to the rescue, bright clothing is conducive to rescue the injured.

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Sunglasses is dazzling
Article publié le 16/06/2013

In your mind, oakley sunglasses outlet feature important or relevant? It is used to see the lens, or is one side of the Sun "firewall", or mixes our universal treasure of dress in my closet? Today, we have to admit-the sunglasses are not only allows us to see the world more clearly, even more a symbol of fashion. Now, maybe we should spend more effort take glasses, maybe the current Red glasses on you.
1, color glasses are stunning
Colorful frames called dizzying, changeable characteristics not only in the frame, the lens has also started many new attempts to color, such as pink, dark green, and the like. Of course, the color is mainly concentrated in sunglasses; myopic glasses lenses also have addressed this point, but the rich colors of the frame a lot, and especially the popular mix of the two colors. Such as the red and the black, black and white, blue and green, and so on, all the conflicts really colors mixed together, have a distinctive effect.
With Moon: The colorful spectacle, popular with girls. And clothing with too many variations, in addition to professional dress and elegant evening wear, almost anything. If you feel unable to accept, you can also choose relatively "conservative" colors, such as leopard, etc., is also very popular this year, there is a wild beauty. Two colors mixed myopia glasses are more suitable for young men, feeling full.
2, cool glasses
Size of this pilot style of oakleys cheap sunglasses lenses can cover most of your face. Though the original intent of this design is to fly a plane when the wind screen, but now, after the face is half hidden in the glasses, already is one of the cool manners, a night sleep but can also cover your dark circles. From all the major brands of new products is not difficult to see, large glasses and was NO.1 in the minds of designers.
Mating language: from the style, this type of glasses tends to be tougher, more suited to lively handsome boys or girls. On the mix of fashion, simplicity, competence is the key, you get taste of wear high waist short coat, or you can mix of chic trench coat jacket. In short, if you want to shape the image of tough, determined and modern flappers, selection of this style is definitely not wrong.
3 different face shapes matching different sunglasses
Sunglasses, edgy and trendy styles in the very hot summer of course everybody loves, but select the sunglasses also have preferential access to, depending on your face shape and features shop styles, or get landscaping don't say, destroying the eyes more gain.
Round face frame is slightly rough, lens colors on cold, dark glasses, there are "tightening" face of Visual effects. Brilliant yellow, red lens, or gentle sunglasses thin frame line, will face against larger.
Small faces suit wearing a thin frame or frameless glasses, elegant selection of lens colors such as blue, purple, light brown, will have unexpected results.
Face longer people should choose a wide circle or a curved mirror, large mirrors to weaken a long face and thin legs. Slender face shape than the skinny, choose feminine pink and wine red lens, can increase the brightness of the face.
Square faces should use a narrower frame corners are small round sunglasses, too big and too square picture frame will only make the face look more, with solid Brown lens color is a plus.
Triangular face, pick a lens color for the lighter, thin metal frames or rimless cheap oakleys glasses, to weaken the weight at the top of the face, in order to avoid the already wide face is more a sense of expansion.
Smaller jaw slightly wider on the face should use a picture frame over the thick, dark, horizontal width slightly wider glasses to adjust up and down the scale, visually balanced feeling.
4 creative metal box to your physical
The glasses in the trend in recent years, although the metal is relatively rare, but today, the metal-framed glasses to go their ways, the reason is simple, "titanium alloys" popular, boosted the titanium alloy frames so popular these days, another trend is mixing metal and plastic materials. In addition, neutral designs will continue to be popular.
Metal rimmed glasses, most people feel, and unlike in previous years was the border design. No longer just unchanged for hundreds of years without boxes, half-, and full-frame, eyeglasses frame is very creative this year, get rid of the traditional straight line, into a beautiful arc, embedded in the inside of the lenses, light and flexible, fashionable flavor full.
Mix of story: the metal frame features: it allows people to wear is very delicate, matching costumes are more easily. Fancy border design out of the traditional metal frame glasses, nerd, added much to fashion. Be able to play the part of a new new trend of the human person, but also showed his gentle temperament, usability is very strong.
5 LOGO are times of
In the brand culture increasingly emphasized today, LO-GO naturally we must not lose sight of the one thing. In the linkage of lenses and frames, every brand has left his mark. VER-SACE the famous lion's head tag, double f FENDI logo, BUBERRY lattice symbols, and so on. This year, more brands increases the design on the LO-GO. For example, cheap oakley sunglasses frame flat on a small lattice, lattice became a solid this year, bump, texture is good.

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Romantic proposal ring styles
Article publié le 16/06/2013

Girls like romance, longing for a romantic courtship ritual, a romantic wedding, pick a romantic marriage proposal tiffany outlet diamond ring, will definitely help you increase points.
1. Delicate sweet love type
Sweet peach heart is the most beautiful symbol of love, inspired by heart-shaped diamond ring full of love embodied in a chic and ingenuity and creativity to impress the bride Hearts: heart-shaped ring on the ring or small diamond pavé, or arched an pieces of diamonds, will play an extremely delicate; while the heart-shaped cut diamond embedded in a platinum ring, the more simple in quietly exudes a sense of luxury.

2. Romantic, pleasant flower shape
Flower shape design is one of the most romantic gentle, bright without publicity, the bride is the most beloved style, especially for those gentle and petite women.
3. Elegant and dignified princess
For diamond cutting, positive round and princess-cut is the most common, as the main stone diamond ring also suitable for the widest range of two, and a unique approach to simulate inlaid diamond or square ring surface, but also become a new fashion.
4. Small drill surround dazzling radiance
Do not think that a small piece drill bit shabby, the carved inlaid small drill closely together, will burst out unexpected glory shine out of the main stone crystal luster, thick fingers to carefully choose the section of the bride.
5. Asymmetric fashion style
Today's girls pursuit of individuality, like some of the things that have unusual, with the development of fashion, marriage proposal diamond ring law-abiding, no longer limited to the traditional design, breaking the balance of the asymmetric stretch ring surface began to be favored by the bride, but also in visual lines extending fingers.
6. Aristocratic style tiffany jewelry outlet ring hollow
Simple lines in a ring on the ring hollow to build a refined and elegant pattern, inlaid with diamonds is more sophisticated, so have a new classical style show, filled with a new era of aristocratic style.

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