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2013 Summer multicolored mix of personal
Article publié le 13/06/2013

Beautiful need to decorate, a dress, a pair of shoes or even a piece of tiffany jewelry outlet, with a reasonable is the crowning touch; otherwise it will become a joke. Each man's own different characteristics, height, skin color, facial jewelry selection will affect the same jewelry different people will have different effects wear in fashion there, not only to show the beautiful jewelry, but also decorate the defect.
To choose jewelry Height
Tall stature that chooses relatively broad jewelry, tassels, pendants generosity, a long evening dress, with an overlap-add pendant necklace, the only perfect. Middle little girl, jewelry selection must be careful, you can enjoy a long tassels, jewelry or a compact oriented.
The tiffany "Mediterranean Eden" series Pendant shape soft, elegant, bright eye-catching color combination is very suitable for tall people wear.
Select jewelry according to the face
Round face type of person, whether literary fresh pendants, earrings or exaggerated are ok, but do not touch the big long face pendants, which would only make matters worse, so that the overall shape will be greatly discounted.
Jewelry with color selection
Partial white skinned people
Daren suitable for fair-skinned little bright colors, dark multicolored, such as cheap tiffany jewelry garnet, red tourmaline, amethyst and so is the white skin of the people most suitable. The rose quartz, pink tourmaline is not suitable for most of the color white treasure, because not highlighted pink shiny skin, the skin cannot highlight powder colors, Tilda stresses treasure Manlan mellow interpretation of vivid flowers.
Yellowish skin color
Yellowish color people choose Green and purple color treasure will make your skin look very beautiful, such as peridot, amethyst and so on, must not choose the same color and skin color treasure, this time to make your skin dull.
Reddish skin color
Reddish skin votes can make the skin bright green and purple multicolored lines, such as peridot, amethyst and so on. The reddish or bluish color of the skin color treasure will appear redder, and beautiful color treasure itself will be greatly reduced.
Partial black skinned people
Partial black skinned people for wearing ornate multicolored jewelry, or have rough style carving class tiffany outlet jewelry; also suitable to wear citrine, topaz and other precious stones midtones, dilute the color can play a good role. As for the white or pink stones, or kept at a distance as well.

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Large sunglasses summer good distribution
Article publié le 13/06/2013

As temperatures rise rapidly, the sun's light is shining white "For beautiful eyes gradually." Choose stylish and practical oakleys cheap sunglasses, not only on the go, traveling block the glare of the sun for your light is superior styling with fashion must-haves.
This year's summer sunglasses, tricks one after another, an inattentive, maybe it will be regarded as old-fashioned.
This year's summer sunglasses is definitely the year of the biggest changes in recent years, both the style, color, material, there worthy of note.
With a
Sunglasses and a baseball cap
A baseball cap, a pair of dark sunglasses do not see eye, a handsome, somewhat neutral dress reflected in particular in the woman seemed full of flavor, plus cool skinny slender woman casual dress, handsome cute to the extreme.
With two
Sunglasses with explosive head
Those will be fun candy colors applied to large frame sunglasses on, full of innocence and childlike, playful spirit never let you put it down. This year the popular oversized sunglasses rather retro style, explosions echoed head and oakley frogskins sunglasses, lovely playful and somewhat exaggerated.
With three
Bobo head with sunglasses
Bobo head hot spring and summer to continue. Has a retro atmosphere with a cat-shaped, inverted figure eight with a yurt, exaggerated wide width shelf with strong colors, these details are reminiscent of "Roman Holiday" in Hepburn that dignified, elegant and somewhat exaggerated star style.
With four
Sunglasses with oversized earrings
For beauties who take the lovely line, sunglasses and jewelry with you more star quality, big sunglasses and exaggerated big earrings, fashion modeling make your face more petite and attract more attention.
Select Mirror Tips
1, to consider their own face. Face wide, round, sunglasses should choose a bigger; narrow thin face, the best choice for metal frame, it looks fine.
2, to consider their complexion. Fair-skinned person, you can choose pale transparent; those with darker skin, it is best to choose black cheap oakley sunglasses , dark blue and other colors.
3, when you want to buy sunglasses, sunglasses flat on the counter, if the glasses can not be placed on a smooth, indicating that the frame in question.
4, the selection feet facing the fluorescent sunglasses hand, so that the reflective mirror smooth scrolling. If you find the mirror reflection of the fluorescent film appears wavy, distorted shape, proof lens is not flat. Such lenses can damage eyesight.
5, the eyes are very sensitive organs, so the choice of sunglasses to give top priority to the quality of the lens: transparent clarity is higher; lens formation.
6, choose sunglasses UV protection must choose to see the mirror, there is no state or tag anti-uva, uvb logo.
7, put it best when not cover sunglasses or eyeglasses box, avoid directly into the bag, otherwise the cheap oakleys lens will soon wear.

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Sunglasses entered the era of HD
Article publié le 12/06/2013
In the end what is the definition? HD lens with polarizing film, what difference will it make?
Recently, a true HD can create the effect of a polarizer popular market, much industry and consumer concerns, which sparked heated debate on the definition of glasses. Indeed oakleys cheap sunglasses HD lens with polarizing effect is a high quality lens, which allows redder red, yellow, more yellow, green and more green. The same lenses, polarizers with ordinary lenses also have a lot of differences.
Significant improvement in visual quality materials
When the sun light shines on the surface, because of scattering, refraction, reflection caused by various factors such as glare, prolonged exposure will make people feel glare cause eye pain, tearing and decreased vision and discomfort, ordinary sunglasses just to light could be simply to reduce the transmission of light intensity, but cannot eliminate glare and polarized lenses not only weakened the light, you can also blocking harmful reflected light, effectively eliminate ultraviolet light, makes long-term activities in bright light, the eye is not easy fatigue, to achieve true protection.
At present, have been widely used in sun glasses on through the polarizer, it eliminates glare principle is like shutters, allowing light to enter the room by a chaotic multi-directional scattering becomes one-way direct sunlight, making access to the indoor the light becomes soft. When light through polarized lenses will also be collated with eyes to the light, makes the outside scenery looks clearer, softer.
Although in 1938 the birth of cheap oakley sunglasses Polaroid glasses solved the protection of human basic needs, but with social progress and improvement of living standards, people raised higher and higher product quality requirements, new materials are being continually applied to the lens.
Currently, there is a tac, pc, different materials such as nylon, Polaroid, because the characteristics of the material itself and that the quality of light through the lens in the normal course of encounter impurities arising polygamous extent there will be light The difference, thereby affecting the clarity of vision. In fact, reducing the degree of visual disturbance, natural clarity will improve.
Currently, the industry generally believes that the Swiss tr ems company produces the best material, which has excellent visual clarity, quality, lightweight, easy deformation characteristics, can greatly reduce the nose weight. While reducing the pH of sweat erosion of the lens, better keep the lens optical effect. And also the red, yellow and blue, etc. effectively enhance the incident flux, thereby enhancing the lens of the red, yellow, green perception, it has unrivaled color contrast. Lens products on the market using this gtr have cheap oakleys brand nxp series. And the other using ordinary materials compared polarizer, like watching TV "HD" and "SD" distinction.
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Long snake jewelry watch design culture
Article publié le 12/06/2013

Whether in China or in Western mythology, the snake is not a good angle, it comes with a mysterious atmosphere. As one of the traditional Chinese zodiac, the dragon snake immediately after, usually in order to nicely, by some people called "dragons." Han Dynasty brick tomb unearthed in Henan portraits, Fu Xi is the human form above the waist, the waist is less snake footer, tail curled close together. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties of mystery novels, the snakes are more endowed with human-like emotions. For example, "Immortals" where there is such a record: Women born snakes, secretly released in the wild. And to the woman died the funeral procession, the snake back "on the floor elevation to head hit the coffin" to express grief.
In addition to these outside with imagery in many relics unearthed phenomenon also appeared worship snakes. Chengdu Ruins in Sichuan province discovered at least four stone snakeheads triangle, circle head mouth, lips painted in red, the body was "s" shaped zigzag, is considered to be used for worship or with the original religion of props.
In Gua Zi embankment g with Egypt, people will continue to believe the snake symbolizes the reproductive characteristics of molting, rebirth, resurrection and immortality. In Egyptian mythology, the goddess in charge of development and reproduction is through the help of a snake made of divine healing. Greek mythology, the snake represents healing, death and rebirth. The most significant symbol is the Greek myth of Dionysus the god of medicine Asclepius. Ancient Greece wills Asclepius revered as the god of health, its representative symbol phase having two snakes coiled rod. Because people believe the snake molting symbol of rebirth, reproduction, healing, as well as the release of deep underground forces. The ancient Greeks believed that as long as sleeping in worship Asclepius altar, we can cure any disease.
For centuries, this snake totem became an important source of inspiration for tiffany outlet jewelry design, spiral gold bracelet, decorated with precious stones or glass sand made of scales and eye works began to gradually appear. Tiffany first to apply this theme to watch design and elegance independence leader in the design, achievements classic.
Continuation of the beauty of the snake
After 1940, tiffany serpentine form to become a banner works, and thereby ushered towards a smooth field of Haute Horlogerie. In tiffany serpentine table design, embedded with precious stones snakeheads precisely where the dial, and gold snake then drive around the wrists. This section design not only opened an important one in the history of jewelry, tiffany also created an important milestone in the history. Tiffany first launched the highly stylized snake-type table, using the tiffany brand classic tubogas design with gold mesh surround the wrist, showing a unique style. One end of which has a generally square or rectangular case and dial, showing the head of the snake.
Pear-shaped tiffany jewelry outlet gold case, polished gold dial straight ribbed weave; gold scepter-shaped black silhouette index, black scepter-shaped pointer; black "bvlgari / swiss" logo, pressure seal platinum case back Crown "j", the glass block surface , manual winding mechanical movement.

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Bracelet jewelry in the affective and fantasy
Article publié le 11/06/2013

Bracelet is a woman's second double arm, it can distribute the magic, the different personality traits of a woman more perfect modification, but also let more and more intoxicated woman obsessed. Tiffany jewelry outlet bracelet light is not the size of the volume, nor is the amount of diamonds, but full of affection for each creativity and fantasy, these ideas make bracelets, fascinating.
Golden love password
In all love stories, the hero and heroine arduous journey finally coming into fruition, they all like to express the back with gold, perhaps, people full of hope and gold is synonymous with success.
tiffany starrynight Bracelet design was inspired by a dandelion, the name from the French dent-de-lion. The wind blows away the white dandelion seeds incarnation as many with white umbrella flying at high altitude, in order to distribute wherever new vitality, but also a symbol of the wearer's optimistic feelings. Pink Japanese akoya pearl with gold, full of refined and elegant atmosphere. tiffany matte wide 18k rose gold bracelet to create. Brand has been adhering to the rigorous, solid belief in the production, but also within each link of rose gold filled, in order to achieve lightweight characteristics, in the process must be very flat chain link down to thin, to adequately reflect the light texture, demonstrating the large size jewelry Different customs.
Silver promise
Fate commitment and silver innate, almost pure silver without any impurities, people can not help to touch with.
Tiffany black silk flower bracelet gold Wire Bracelet brands each addendum, Platinum wire with a diameter of only 0.3 mm hand-winding, adorned with fine spiral lines and ultimately achieve silky soft and resilient to the touch. Cold gold and black enamel with elegant simplicity about classics and mysterious. Making your delicate carving on the patterns portrayed in cold pure black enamel, diamond trim as decoration, added a few minutes in quiet dignity. cheap tiffany jewelry bracelet Enchanted Lotus series pure elegance of Lotus styling, representing a mother of Holiness. Brand will love turn into a treasure handed down, with beautiful diamond jewelry to talk to their mother's blessing. Secret diamond Lotus design brilliantly conceived, mosaic craft perfect show Tiffany jewelry, exquisite and delicate. Connected to the diamond beads diamond Lotus also symbolizes the nature of all things rebirth.
Color fantasy dream
Dream, destined to life associated with women, is not real, but beautiful, intoxicating, sweet Sweetmeats.
Tiffany&Co. Enchant series bracelet from the 19th century on a traditional Garden Gate uncompromising symmetrical pattern inspired by, it is like a natural wonderland surrounded by the graceful charm. Designers to create elegant white and colored diamonds curly gorgeous lines, lightweight flexible natural atmosphere is charged with rendering, demonstrates the vitality of nature and the beauty of the gorgeous. Chopard Animal World Series tiffany outlet bracelet, 8 Carat Black Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Garnet, blue Opal beetles, vivid. Bubble next to the 18K white gold with white diamond and black diamond to build, the dial in the Middle, serve multiple purposes. Variety of colors, as if the summer nights in shines with the stars under the deep blue sky, colorful.

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