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Correct choice of sunglasses is not a problem
Article publié le 11/06/2013
Summer, sunglasses not only men dedicated things, a lot of beauty love fashion sisters need sunscreen is not willing to loneliness, have to pick their own cheap oakley sunglasses, but here to remind you sisters, what Ms. sunglasses a good brand is best to know the answer.
Although we have compiled top ranking brand sunglasses, sunglasses for the first contact with the sisters may not decide what brand sunglasses, brand sunglasses face of numerous, often do not know how to start. However, please be assured sisters from multiple aspects to analyze how to look good or bad sunglasses; want to help everyone learn more about sunglasses.
In summer, there will inevitably be a friend like sunglasses concern major fashion brands of sunglasses, you can say, how can the lack of summer improve temperament cute school girls by favorite sunglasses, take a look at what a lovely sunglasses.
Teardrop style sunglasses
this style of sunglasses were teardrop-shaped, double the beam design. Smooth lines and neat, soft, detail section highlights, mirror feet printed with personality full of Oakley.
Square sunglasses
Such sunglasses front large, entirely made from acetate material, mirror feet lateral embossed metal logo, The tortoiseshell pattern and color contrasting an elegant mix of the plastic, creating a unique effect.
Ms. Sunglasses what brand is good it is best to know the answer
How to choose a suitable for your oakley sunglasses outlet sunglasses? If you do not have the relevant knowledge, buy inferior sunglasses may cause damage to the eyes, the sisters if we can understand the following points about the knowledge of sunglasses, the correct choice of sunglasses is not a problem friends.
First, identify sunglasses lens quality. The specific method is: a closer look at its lens surface is smooth, without warping, Scar, bubbles, etc., and this is because the lens war page will cause eye deviation, uneven or marks, bubbles will cause dizziness and discomfort.
Secondly, in the purchase of sunglasses, you can get the product at 45 cm away from the eyes, through the glasses look around the vertical and horizontal lines, such as window frames or door frames and other places, and then move back and forth up and down glasses, if there is linear distortions or oscillating phenomenon, it shows that the lens is easily deformed, we recommend you do not buy.
Finally, note that oakleys cheap sunglasses lens color choice. Eradicate translucent and visual comfort point of view, better gray, dark brown and black, followed by blue and purple is the worst.
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High-jewelry investment tide
Article publié le 10/06/2013

In the same time the major selling classic jewelry, fine tiffany outlet jewelry this privacy section also gradually to the public, and has successfully attracted a crowd of collectors. Moreover, in the current economic market slightly weaker, art and jewelry attracted many buyers.
In recent years, more and more big-name jewelry from the heavyweight events we can see, they are the market's confidence is absolutely sufficient.
For fine jewelry market in large volumes of data are intriguing: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton diamond is to spend $ 300,000 to buy for her. Count the impact of inflation, now the equivalent of $ 1,950,000. And at Christie's auction of Elizabeth Taylor's assets, and its price is $ 8.8 million. These 10 years were also a few carefully guarded secret is now widespread in the past five years, the jewelry market is extremely outstanding achievements, gave more new buyers into the market of courage.
This year, Cartier, Tiffany sought-after these auctions biggest names have launched a new season of fine jewelry, these priceless treasures but also to people who are concerned about every year a new topic. Whether it be an experienced investor or new entrants to the buyers in these luxurious new series abnormal heart find their love.
U.S. jewelry brand tiffany and co outlet every year starting from 1845 in New York released its annual series of luxury jewelry, and in the last year for the first time to break the tradition, will be published in the Beijing location. In January this year, the brand is to choose the Blue Palace in Beijing held luxury jewelry brand new 2013 blue book series of media previews, this is the first time Chinese media sync with the United States to enjoy this new series of jewelry, we can see that there is confidence in the brand for China multi-legged.
In 1845, the brand launched Blue Book catalog, showing customers the most dazzling, Pegasus, unparalleled luxury and jewelry. 2013, pedicle Fleur Nick Blue Book from inspired New York luxury charm of jazz era in the discover out unique of boom vitality and optimistic spirit, and from draw inspiration, vivid show out New York City within night life splendor colorful of modern scene: diamond necklace and earrings rendering has New York decoration style Ferris buildings of Grand solemn; to round and rectangular diamond manual mosaic and into of bracelet outlined out jazz music of moving rhythm; mixed cutting diamond is ingenious stitching into full gorgeous of diamond flowers, Decorative bouquet jewelry consisting of light flow between the long lash neck; sparkling gems with hand-carved Onyx each other, in black lacquer, painted a classical fan-shaped pattern on the surface; called the key players of the pear-shaped diamonds in the jewelry is gorgeous mosaics, bright pleasant as champagne.
As one of the most favorite precious Gemstones into jewelry brand, cheap tiffany jewelry has also used a variety of precious stones. Montana Sapphire, tanzanite, turquoise, shafulaishi, light purple-pink kunzite and pink mogenshi is an abundance of high jewelry collection.

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A good sunglasses need to have what function
Article publié le 10/06/2013

Now came over the summer, many of my friends to go out or travel are accustomed to using cheap oakley sunglasses to block the sun to reduce eye fatigue or adjust the light stimulation caused the damage. However, we recommend netizens choose sunglasses before, in addition to not only to know what brand sunglasses, sunglasses brand ranking and other relevant knowledge and preferably also able to understand the need to have a good pair of sunglasses which features, so how we choose a suitable sunglasses is helpful.
After our presentation of data, summarized, find good sunglasses with at least the following four functions:
1, effectively preventing the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight
UV rays can damage the cornea and retina; quality brand sunglasses can completely eliminate the ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes.
2 effectively prevent light exposure
when the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the iris shrinks to limit state, then people need to squint. If the light is still too large, such as snow reflected sunlight, will produce damage to the retina. Good oakleys cheap sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the eyes in order to avoid light damage.
Sunglasses need to have a good you know what features
3, to effectively prevent glare illumination
some surface or plane, such as mirrors and water, can reflect a lot of light, and this will produce highlights distracting or hidden objects. Quality sunglasses can completely eliminate the use of techniques such polarized glare.
4, light of a specific frequency can be eliminated
certain frequencies of light can blur vision, while others frequencies of light can enhance contrast. Choose the right color sunglasses; you can make sunglasses in certain circumstances to get better results.
If the sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it will take you to your eyes more exposed to UV light, the damage will be small? cheap frogskins sunglasses often lead to UV damage to the retina, so we do not freeloaders; the best practice is to choose the big sunglasses.

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The most worthwhile investment diamond
Article publié le 09/06/2013

Suddenly, diamond became the darling of the major auction houses, it and the white diamond production ratio is 1:100,000, each one is irreplaceable unique. Currently cheap tiffany jewelry diamond is considered to be worth the long-term investment in luxury diamond brand has become a major focus of attention of the collection. We take a look at Diamond, appreciate God's intention color magic, achievements glamor.
Pink, green, red, yellow diamonds to the unique color of bright colors and bright luster is more rare, with deadly magic, to make the world obsessed dumping. Therefore, have a colored diamond is how many people dream of desire, of course, that not everyone can achieve! However, we regret that there is no need to go very often appreciate is a pleasure.
The reason why diamonds show different colors because of diamonds in the process of generating chemical trace elements containing different crystal structures due to deformation and internal. Here enumerate different causes and fineness of diamond characteristics:
Blue Diamond:
Has a light blue color, brilliant blue. Diamond formation, absorption of trace amounts of boron, diamond sky blue, is also a very charming fancy color diamonds. Called the Blue Diamond diamonds must be a pure, clear blue, sky blue, dark blue diamond. "The Netherlands Queen" is a blue diamond, which drill 136.5 carats. "Hope diamond" is also a famous dark blue brilliant diamonds. Initially people saw "hope diamond" when blue, mistakenly thought it was a blue Sapphire. However, the luster of Sapphire did not strongly, but "hope" jewel can emit colorful color light, hardness is much tougher than corundum. Later identified by several times before deciding to be a blue diamond. Originating in India Blue Diamond, the vicissitudes of life, now falls in the hands of the Americans, were United States Smithsonian Institute museum’s Collections.
Yellow diamond:
Yellow, golden yellow. In the formation of diamonds, when nitrogen Atom replaces some of the carbon atoms in diamond crystals (each 1 million carbon atoms, 100 were replaced), began to absorb blue and purple light, thus making tiffany outlet diamonds in yellow. Yellow diamond was also known as the diamond, refers to a pure color in a diamond, color of bright yellow or golden yellow diamond. Common wine besides yellow, golden yellow, amber diamond.
Red diamond:
Diamond formation, distort the lattice structure, and the diamond is red. Tonal purple red blood diamond and diamond. Blood diamond color as red as blood, and gorgeous, is extremely valuable and rare color diamond Acura. The spring of 1989, in France on a jewelry trade show in Paris, exhibited a weight 2.23 CT, called "laqi" the blood diamond, list price of US $ 42 million. "Laqi" the beautiful people are leaning to, expensive prices makes it so deadly. And compared to the price of gold at that time was 100,000 times more than gold, more than 2000 times expensive than colorless diamonds.
Green diamond:
Light green, brilliant green. Green diamond formation, change is subject to natural radiation due to lattice structure. Diamonds vary in shades of green, a green diamond concentration often in shades of green are not the same? In General, the green uniform, tones and plain is preferred. One of the world's most famous green diamond was discovered in 1743 tiffany jewelry outlet green diamond weighing 408 old carats, for uniform Apple green. Value of 3 million pounds, now worth.

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Points to note when you buy sunglasses
Article publié le 09/06/2013

When choosing sunglasses it is important to note the following several points:
1 purpose, first of all you want to know what to buy oakleys cheap sunglasses from sunglasses in the categories described above, we know that different types of sunglasses has a different application of the occasion and the crowd. We want to purchase sunglasses first determine whether your purchase is to provide shade, or for the purpose of distribution clothing decorative? In addition to Sun UV feature request? Security there are no special requirements to lenses? Only clear the purpose and actual effect of the combination of style and put it on my face, you can purchase a proper pair of sunglasses.
2, learn how to read and understand the product identification is not all sunglasses have a ultraviolet features a pair of sunglasses that meet standard basic requirements, except to say that block the glare is not through more ultraviolet light. If a pair of sunglasses can block the glare but not blocking the same amount of UV light, the wearer will receive more UV than not wear sunglasses (wearing sunglasses reduces access to human eyes luminous flux, resulting in the wearer increased pupil).
Sales of sunglasses on the counter at the store, its lens on, tag on, or on the outer packaging often has visible signs, like the ingredient label on clothing has its fabrics, consumers must look carefully at the time of purchase.
1) about anti-purple outside features of identifies a Deputy Sun mirror is has anti-purple outside of features, we cannot with eye distinguished, factory on products of express commitment is consumers purchase has protection features cheap frogskins sunglasses of only of reference, we can in some products of label and glasses positive see such as: "100% anti-purple outside", and "UV400", and "barrier all of UV", and "anti-purple outside", express identifies. Ultraviolet refers to wavelengths in the 200nm~380nm of the Sun's rays, including three classes: UVA wavelength for the 315nm~380nm,UVB wavelength of 280nm~315nm,UVC to 200nm~280nm. Solar light reaching the Earth's surface (290nm~2000nm) ultraviolet radiation accounts for about 13%, of which UVA accounts for 97%,UVB 3%,UVC is close to 0. UV damage to human eyes the main decisions to UV radiation and time radiation wavelength, intensity and strength of human eye's own defence mechanisms, cornea and lens are the most commonly affected by UV damage eye tissue, solar keratitis and corneal endothelial damage, Sun of cataract is related to most eye diseases. In order to protect the health of the eye, you can choose with the function of UV lens Sunglasses made of, as far as possible below 380nm ultraviolet rays.
2) about security performance of identifies has security performance of Sun mirror, its lenses used such as PC tablets, anti-impact of material produced, in label and manual Shang often logo Shang "has anti-impact performance", and "through United States FDA certification", and "meet Europe Supreme standard" wait, if products can reached identifies Shang of requirements, motorcycle hand, and driver, on security has special requirements of consumers is a is good of select. Logo on the promise of the product, consumers should learn to protect themselves, either save the label or description or leaving business indicated on the invoice, in case of disputes, they should not be passive for lack of evidence.
3, to identify the intrinsic quality of the basic skills of the cheap oakley sunglasses lens 1) lenses degrees should meet the requirements for flat lenses, and should not affect the optical defects of vision. Identification method for simple, put sunglasses on, through observation targets in the distance of the lens, such as window frame or door frame, then the glasses up and down back and forth, swing and the goal should not have wavy deformation. 2) lens color is not partial, should enable the ambient color distortion, object edge clearly has the ability to effectively identify different color lights. Lens shading options, depending on the activity you want depending on the place, for different light source and occasion, lens color affects the shading effects. To make sunglasses can effectively block the summer glare, glasses of color because there is enough depth, bike or car, do not select lens color is too dark. Sunglasses worn undue risk of eye diseases, cloudy and indoors there is no need to wear sunglasses. There are people who don't, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the evening, the evening in movies, television, and also wore cheap oakleys sunglasses, the burden of which will inevitably increase the eyes adjust, causing eye muscle tension and fatigue, enabling the visually impaired, blurring of vision, severe dizziness occurs when, not long-vision and other symptoms.

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