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Watch out white, liberal ladies – Reductress has got you in its sights
Article publié le 17/10/2018
Alittle over a decade ago, the writer Christopher Hitchens wrote a column for Vanity Fair entitled Why Women Aren’t Funny. It caused a bit of a stir. To imagine it being published today, however, is to blanch at the thought of Hitchens being dragged all the way across cyberspace by feminist Twitter.

Among its more salient lines was one in which the writer conceded the existence of female comedians: “Most of them, though … are hefty or dykey or Jewish, or some combo of the three,” he wrote. It was the kind of thing that would have been fodder for the satirical feminist website Reductress, lampooner of media for and about women. In 2015, in fact, the site addressed this “tiresome debate” with the story: If Women Aren’t Funny, Then Why Did I Just Leave a Huge Poop on Ryan’s Desk?

Launched in 2013 by comedians Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, friends from the comedy circuit in New York, the Webby award-winning Reductress was an overnight success, attracting 2.5 million visitors a month within its first year. With articles such as How to Talk Dirty So He Knows You Have an MFA in Creative Writing, and Vague Advice to Give Your Friend While Tuning Out Her Emotional Breakdown, the site provided a welcome oasis in a desert of women’s comedy, attacking the absurdity of the tone and content of women’s magazines, blogs and consumer culture.

“There were just not a lot of places for women on the internet to do comedy at the time,” says Newell, on a sweltering day at a rooftop coffee shop near the Reductress office in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. “There are still only a handful, and few of them speaking to women’s issues.” The original concept for Reductress, a sort of feminist answer to US satirical website the Onion, had never been done before on a large scale. “We wanted to tackle the manipulative fear-mongering that plays on your insecurities in order to sell you things,” says Pappalardo, “and explore the nuances of women’s experience that were never addressed in the male-dominated comedy scene.”

In the five years since Reductress was founded, it has become central to what has been heralded as a new “golden age” of comedy for women – and while that kind of optimistic framing may itself be something Reductress would have fun with, there has been an undeniable rise in representation of women in the comedy world, fuelled, in part, by a feminist wave and the opportunities for self-publication provided by social media. Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Issa Rae and Michelle Wolf have all had hit movies and shows, and the standup comedy of Ali Wong, Hannah Gadsby, Monique Marvez and others has garnered rave reviews.

“There are tons of women and non-white, non-straight women who are doing really good work and they’re just bubbling to the surface now,” Pappalardo says. “I think what’s exciting,” says Newell, “is to see women coming into the writer-creator-director role in which we’re actually starting to be able to tell our own stories, represent our own reality and be in control of the creative content.”
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Cucina paradiso: la cuisine italienne moderne de Joe Trivelli
Article publié le 18/09/2018
L'idée d'un célèbre chef de restaurant qui prépare un livre de recettes de plats cuisinés à la maison est presque une blague. Compte tenu de leurs heures antisociales et de leur surexposition à des saveurs riches, la réaction serait quelque chose comme: "De combien de recettes de haricots sur du pain grillé avez-vous besoin?"

Et pourtant, c'est ce que Joe Trivelli a entrepris avec son nouveau livre, The Modern Italian Cook. Le jour, il fait partie d'une paire de chefs cuisiniers au restaurant italien River Cafe, situé dans l'ouest de Londres. Mais quand il ne cuisine pas là-bas, il brille invariablement quelque chose pour sa femme et ses deux jeunes enfants. "Les gens me demandent toujours si j'aime cuisiner à la maison", explique Trivelli. "Et je sais que beaucoup de chefs ne le comprennent pas. Mais je le fais vraiment."

Il y a beaucoup de haricots dans The Modern Italian Cook (borlotti, large, cannellini, vert, coureur et blanc), mais aucun d'entre eux n'est servi sur des toasts. Au lieu de cela, l'approche de Trivelli est progressive anglo-italienne. Cela peut sembler un mashmash incitant à la peur, mais faites-lui confiance: Trivelli travaille au River Cafe depuis 2001; son père est un Italien qui a quitté sa patrie dans les années 1960. Chaque été passé en Campanie à manger des déjeuners sans fin avec sa nonna et ses tantes. Les traditions de la cuisine italienne - "les règles", comme il les appelle - sont une seconde nature pour Trivelli.

La partie Anglo-Anglo-Italienne est surtout un clin d'œil au produit. Au travail, Trivelli a beaucoup de jambons, de fromages et de légumes de la patrie. À la maison, il dépend principalement d'une livraison hebdomadaire de la boîte à légumes. "Je voulais vraiment mettre une recette de navet dans le livre, car il y en a toujours dans la boîte et je pense qu'il est important d'utiliser les choses qui poussent bien ici", explique Trivelli. Il en résulte des navets et des marrons - un mariage classique de saveurs sucrées et amères.
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Golden State Foods opens Opelika plant
Article publié le 31/07/2018
Golden State Foods's 165,000-square-foot, $63 million meat processing plant is operational in Opelika. The plant, which employs more than 200, has an annual production volume of approximately 170 million pounds of protein products, according to the company. It is GSF's first fresh beef processing plant, with six frozen and five fresh patty lines dedicated to burger patties. The facility services six McDonald's distribution centers and 2,900 McDonald's restaurants throughout the Southeast, as well as four Nestlé manufacturing facilities. Wayne Morgan, corporate vice president for Golden State Foods, said the opening of our new protein plant is a "true milestone in GSF's history." "The careful planning and design of this new building is centered on people, safety, sustainability, technology and innovation, and it continues our commitment to creating high-quality beef products for our valued customers," Morgan said. "Overall, the central location of this facility in Opelika will allow GSF to better serve our customers, so that they can better serve theirs."
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Comer wants Galway to keep feet on ground
Article publié le 23/07/2018
Galway’s Damien Comer wants his team-mates to keep their feet on the ground after continuing a 100% record in the Super 8s this afternoon. The Tribesmen won 0-19 to 0-16 against Kildare in Newbridge to all but seal a place in the last four of the All-Ireland Football Championship. He told RTÉ Sport: "We knew coming here it was going to be really tough battle. We really got that. We're delighted to come out with the result. "You have to take it game by game and we did that with the Kerry game and now this. There is nothing done yet. We have to play Monaghan on our home patch and that is where our eyes go to." Galway have a week off now before welcoming Monaghan in their final game of the round-robin. Comer conluded: "The weather we have had here has been very taxing on players. When you're playing week-in, week-out, it's taxing on the body. "We're going to look forward to a little break and then be back at it with all eyes on Monaghan."
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En revenant sur les plus grands jeux de musique de tous les temps
Article publié le 04/07/2018
En revenant sur les plus grands jeux de musique de tous les temps
Dès les premières boucles de bleeps et de bloops des premiers jeux d'arcade, la musique a été une partie inséparable de l'expérience de jeu, évoluant dans les partitions cinématiques luxuriants et les bandes sonores dynamiques que nous avons aujourd'hui.

Les jeux de musique, cependant, sont une bête différente: la bande sonore ne vient pas seulement compléter le gameplay, elle devient le gameplay. Les contrôleurs deviennent des instruments, avec le rythme du joueur tout aussi vital que leurs réflexes, ce qui permet un niveau d'immersion que peu d'autres genres peuvent égaler.

C'est une formule qui a finalement réussi à conquérir le monde depuis l'optimisme pop des années 90, et au fil des décennies, les jeux musicaux se sont taillé une place unique dans la culture du jeu, avec toutes sortes d'expériences et de ramifications fascinantes. le chemin.
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