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Article publié le 18/06/2013
P> scam

rich heavily "borrowed fine health child", received such of SMS, some man crush has. thought money will hand Shi, rich is to various names requirements man first meeting money, zhihou only will remuneration meeting came, next again arrangements met "made Black Corset child". on such, man a step step fall into the scam. actually, so-called of rich, is 3 name Anxi people series out of.

morning news reporter Lan Hui

Chen Caiyin intern Xu Jingwen correspondents

"whose husband could not have children, looking for healthy men take precision and gives birth to 300,000 reward." "Shanghai Lady" text messages sent by so many men fell. Black Corset However, they didn''t get in the end not only any good, pocket money and being defrauded. Since April this year, Su Mouhua fraud on the couple and fellow Su Mouhong 30
More than money amounting to fifty thousand or sixty thousand dollars. on June 4, they were siming criminal investigation Brigade arrested by the civilian police.

mass mailings "child" information

in April this Black Corset year, Su Mouhong Su Mouhua couple''s suggestion, bought donated 5,000 RMB bank cards, mobile phones and computers, beginning in the Lake District-Ho Road in a rental "by essential child" scam.

sue a flower''s husband Huang bought many of the man''s cell phone number on the Internet, edited the "child" information blast and Su Mouhua and Su Mouhong is responsible for calling.

"XX Hi, as you said, we can Black Corset be contacted, because I have two little boys were reading, desperate for money." It was not long before, a man hooked reply message, or even just call to ask about details.

sue a flower and Su Mouhong uses a fake name and
Keep in touch man. If men like to prove good faith as required hundreds of "goodwill payment", two Black Corset people it tells men their men to fly from Shanghai to the city where the "rigged".

under various pretexts and correct

"I now have in your hotel." Su Mouhua and Su Mouhong network software phone number into a city hotel where the man''s telephone number, claiming 300,000 yuan payment remitted to men, and men went to the hotel after "children".

man rejoicing to think Black Corset when money, Su Mouhua and Su Mouhong, transferred $ 300,000 worth of charges by men, "according to 0.5% calculations, you wire me 1500 dollars." 300,000 yuan, and 1500 RMB what, some man had wired the money to Su Mouhua and Su Mouhong specified bank account. then
They are also known as the 1% tax, which is 3,000 yuan, also want men to pay this money.

3 people in the rental housing got Black Corset caught

recently, siming civilian police criminal investigation Brigade fraud detection Squadron by taking the appropriate monitor and touch the line, eventually locked the guy suspected of ...

the morning of June 4, civilian police officers raided suspected changhao road is located in the Lake near a rental house, is about to start texting, calling and 3 captured. civilian police also seized 17 bank cards at the Black Corset arrest scene, 10 mobile phones and 1 computer and other tools.

currently, 3 have been criminal detention, in further processing the case.

revealing the

crime more than 30 more than


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The August 14 release of the daredevil 3 Sylvester Stallone of the extend of the Tomb Mulberry Repli
Article publié le 05/06/2013
P align= "Center" Mulberry Replica >
Vanness Wu and vivian hsu (map)
Mulberry Replica
Vanness Wu and Vivian Hsu (map)


according to Taiwan media reported, 38 age of Vivian Hsu recently accept magazine access Mulberry Replica said: "I should while 29 age health children, that he now also 9 age ''s! not is good? early health, children large has only not with I poor too more, I can didn''t Mulberry Replica want to 60 age of when, children only 10 age."

Why is age 29 years? then do you have a suitable boyfriend? the Replica Goyard HandBags year she and Vanness Wu was photographed by media ten finger stick, followed by romances into underground, two people has never recognized this love. Replica Goyard HandBags If and when a suitable boyfriend related, was 29 years old at the age of 30 to catch former baby.

she said, mother hope she health child, Replica Goyard HandBags "I on must to health Ah! I in single parent families in the grew up, mother said has we accompany with she, she think is meet, to we also enjoy has children accompanied Replica Goyard HandBags of happy." feelings not shun of she was said shengnv, she is said: "regardless of process how, I are does not on love disappointed, I to Dang a optimistic, and positive of woman. I hope found a can knows each other of heart, and mutual treasure, and together led hand to old of men. "


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The Beijing News urban management and temporary workers-foot merchant Fendi Handbags
Article publié le 05/06/2013
Blast p> person familiar, home-made online games will start in late June not to delete the private beta. in order to promote this does not delete the private beta, official has invited 12 heavyweight Prada Handbags Spring Festival evening star to join, and that is a null value in the form of endorsements.

which 12 Spring Festival evening show, star of game production is to Prada Handbags "not published" from declined. getting all netizens suspect, linked to promotional activities, the main engine of the game before "the first independent property rights protection" Prada Handbags by the parties concerned, the bombshell has been thrown once again, presumably will lead to more online criticism.

first to combine Spring Festival evening stars in the form of a rare, apart from early spring festival evening Prada Fendi Handbags Handbags fire team Tiger, Zhejiang satellite TV this year invite F4, was a popular Chinese Idol. debut in identity with the number 12 as a member of groups
So Fendi Handbags far only a very few. so this is very likely to follow the United States trend of the top-grossing dosmetic film put on stars join forces, ideal for game promotion.

Fendi Handbags

second zero prestige, some say it is a gimmick, let alone 12, star of even 12 extras you have to have a box lunch, mention Fendi Handbags is on the Spring Festival evening show. but since it offers that pledge announced Have also already in the bag. so was superstar shares to join game industry does three, or some other time is not known.

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Considerable size field of wearable technology will reach us $ 50 billion sexy costumes
Article publié le 23/05/2013
Img src= "" alt = "" align= "middle"/>

sexy costumes

"Sohu IT messages" Switzerland on the credit report published Friday predicted that, at Apple and Google pull down, 2, 3 years sexy costumes in the future, Wearable technology market size to grow from us $ 3 billion-5 billion to us $ 30 billion-50 billion.

This means smart fitness electronics, watches, sexy costumes shoes and headphones shipments will grow substantially. smartphones to connect all the wearable device, is one of the major factors promoting wearable technology market growth. with the hardware, sexy costumes sensors and battery change
Wireless devices will become more widespread.

thanks cheap lingerie to Apple and Google is the overlord of Mobile Smartphones, they are wearable technology market situation on the best of both companies.

following is the cheap lingerie Switzerland-credit report part

?? mobile operating system support for wearable technology shipments to more than 250 million copies; iWatch for Apple a contribution cheap lingerie of 10 billion dollars in revenue a year, earnings per share of US $ 3.3.

?? only 9 Smart Watch products currently on the market. watches the market size of us $ 56 billion.

??, Nike, cheap lingerie adidas, Under Armour wearable technology for improved product experience and efficiency.

?? health and fitness market of about US $ 2 billion-3 billion.

?? to 2020, the battery capacity

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Concern the first two days of the gold unit rose! cheap lingerie
Article publié le 23/05/2013
P> micro-Bo rumors

tests admitted policy has variable, online students by two school introduced computer sent bit

sector saying Sexy Costume

next year tests in the enrollment policy are sought views, will according to feedback introduced policy

sought views

students, and parents can to this "home has reading francs" online talk through through message

Xiamen network-Xiamen daily news (reporter   shezheng) City Board of education yesterday for tweets about the Sexy Costume spread next year in Xiamen and Taipei bundled admission of hearsay, respond: next year in senior high school entrance examination policy is also in the process of consultation, has not been conclusive.

the education sector that has yet to be ascertained

recently, Twitter upload: it is said the admissions policy to get rid of entrance examination Sexy Costume this year, bundled and double enrollment once they arrive at acceptance points, the two
Their schools to introduce computer allocation. some parents of junior school students have heard about.

yesterday, in an interview with this newspaper on the City Board of education, head of the municipal education Bureau made it clear that next year in senior high school entrance Sexy Costume examination policy is also in the process of consultation, has not been in dispute. He confirmed that recent tests in policy next year to seek the views, including schools, teachers, students and parents in the community. the Education Department will be based on feedback, policy introduced in 2013.

this of message sources said, in city education recently issued of sought views on behalf of in the, of does have will Xiamen a in the and double ten of general health, cheap lingerie and directed health respectively bundled admissions of reference, is admitted Shi, two by school as a by, by with a points admitted; admitted Hou, again according to general health and directed health different category, by computer will students distribution to two by school.

bundle admissions there are precedents in the field

Why bundle cheap lingerie the Xiamen and Taipei in admissions? this message is obtained, this is not original Xiamen. 2006, Hefei city in pursuit of a balanced education, breaking the original grading students in Hefei, six, eight, model high school, three bundled together for joint registration, the Ministry of education has implemented nationwide experience in Hefei.

in other cheap lingerie words, bundling admissions, balanced allocation primarily to a balanced education. of course, there is no denying that deteriorating admissions competition each year, is one of the reasons.

in addition, Xiamen and Taipei both in hardware such as the accommodation conditions, is comparable to the quality software such as condition, is considered to implement binding admissions of favorable conditions. cheap lingerie

advice to students and parents can

feedback gathered from this newspaper, to this comment, opponents also has the votes.

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