Overloading a school bus hit a tree, Baiyun district, injuring more than the cause of the accident i
Article publié le 15/05/2013
011-12-15 district, 11:35:58.0 overloading a school bus hit a tree injuring more than the cause of the accident is still under investigation by the school bus, Baiyun district, accident, Chen Xiang-Jun, He Daolan, focus, occupant, collision avoidance, Guangzhou, Guangzhou shenshanzhen 173,437 channel null/enpproperty-->

this inquiry (Xinhua He Daolan Chen Xiang-Jun) school bus security has become the focus of society. today (15th), occurred in a school bus accident, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City.

pictures from network

  students were injured in the accident in the hospital. ( Journalist Qiu Aibang, Feng Wanyao photography)

students are receiving treatment in the hospital were injured in the accident. ( Journalist Qiu Aibang, Feng Wanyao photography)

(around 12 o''clock noon, mountain station in the third floor of the hospital ward full of parents came to visit accident. reporters Qiu Aibang, Feng Wanyao photography)

reporters learned at the scene, accident occurring on the 15th
Bell, location in the Baiyun district Pearl River, a genus Bohai school bus because dodging pedestrians out of control and hit the roadside tree. the time of the incident, a total of 18 people on a bus, in which sexy costumes drivers who, teachers alone, 16 students. it is checked, the accident bus was originally a 12-seater van, are running.

after the accident, crew to varying degrees on the bus were injured, it is understood that the driver''s injuries is heavy with the teacher and students suffered minor injuries. currently, Baiyun district, they have rushed to shenshanzhen hospital. the cause of the accident is being further investigated.

latest news:

City Education informed: verified 4 people cheap corsets injured revoked principals positions

Ocean Network reporter Qiu Aibang, and Feng Wanyao reported: Guangzhou Education informed, according to scene verified, the car associate sat 12 people, real contains 1 name led teachers and 16 name students. by traffic police forensic identification, traffic accident slander 4 people (which driver 1 people), injured are has timely rushed to hospital treatment, are is treatment in the. for insurance purposes, remaining

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Hoi an 14 year old girl had been ruined by sexual assault birth mother sent a lover for two years of
Article publié le 07/05/2013
P> NET in southern Fujian, April 24, yesterday morning, Huian Court not unusual public hearing rape. six months ago, 14 year old girl Lizzie (a pseudonym) was the birth mother "to" ruined by lovers, two years suffered two predator cases of sexual aggression against a dozen times, exposure because of teenage pregnancy.

Court Shang, sexual invasion Lizzie of Zhuang Moushun Lingerie and Hong Moulai Court pleaded guilty; "sent" out daughter of Lizzie mother Huang Mouying, to rape crime of accomplice punished, are has is police Internet Chase escape. accident of is, according to prosecution organ produced of DNA identification results, court Shang is controlled rape crime of 2 name ravaging the of men, has not to Lizzie pregnant of really hard. sexual invasion poor girls of has also has others!


is "sending" ravaged two years of sexual aggression against a dozen people

Lizzie father has a mental illness, and Lizzie
Pro Lingerie yellow a British long-term points bed. yellow a British and 62 age of Zhuang Moushun is lover relationship, July 2010 a days night, village a shunliu into yellow a British home in the meet. two people lingering Hou, Zhuang Moushun see with sleep a bed of Lizzie, will up has color heart, asked yellow a British, are agreed Hou, rape has Lizzie. thereafter, yellow a British also called Lizzie "to and he (Zhuang Moushun) good".

soon, yellow a British and husband divorce, left small town missing. zhihou 2 years between, Zhuang Moushun often while Lizzie alone home, slipped into its Lingerie home in the ruined she, number up a dozen times. village a Shun long-term invasion Lizzie of thing, is its 51 age of brother-in-law Hong Moulai learned that, he to expose Zhuang Moushun and Lizzie of thing for threat, rape has Lizzie 4 times.

in October last year, Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi Xiao Li yizhuang Uncle discovered. on October 24, Lizzie was found to be pregnant, the prolonged exposure of the sexual assault. Zhuangzi made a night
Shun netted home 27th Hong Moulai, surrendered to police.

trial charged with statutory rape for two predator pleaded guilty in court

according Lingerie to the complaint, the public prosecution service considers Hong Moulai and Zhuang Moushun knowing that Lizzie is a girl under 14 years of age, regardless of their sex, and Lizzie sexual relations of a dozen times, and 4 times against 2 for rape.

according to the reporter, Court of shangzhuang a along time to confess. Hong Moulai tangle with the Prosecutor after sexual frequency of Lizzie, finally pleaded guilty. However, two facts have no repentance nor requests the victim side understanding, even without economic compensation to the victim.

no pronouncement of the court proceeding.

behind the

sexy teddies sexual assault a person whose parent is Internet tracking

in court, according to the public prosecution service to produce DNA identification, Lizzie non-pregnancy Hong Moulai and Zhuang Moushun, and others. the case is early exposure, civilian police in charge just 2 more people suspected of involvement in the sexual assault Lizzie, but without evidence, hard to trace.

yesterday, the reporter learned that, in case other possible perpetrators, and police were still investigating.

while, Lizzie mother yellow a British has is Internet Chase escape. sexy teddies Huian Court of judge think, case in the, yellow a British although for women, but she will Lizzie "sent" to Zhuang Moushun ruined of acts, is abetting, and help men rape other women, should to rape crime of accomplice punished. as victims mother of identity, and case of bad nature, yellow a British if is brought prosecution, in sentencing Shang will may from heavy punishment.

the current situation

Lizzie mental defective well, cheerful

case exposed, journalists contact

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Hit by a van to avoid 1 dog 1 people hit by crossing the woman cheap corsets
Article publié le 07/05/2013
IMG ALT = "-Ferrari was badly burned/" wireless Suzhou "microblogging screenshot" src=''''''''title= cheap corsets "-Ferrari was badly burned/" wireless Suzhou "microblogging screenshot"/>-Ferrari was badly burned/"wireless Suzhou" microblogging screenshots


-reporter cheap corsets Yao Keqin

morning news yesterday afternoon, G2 huning Expressway (Jiangsu-bound urban) crashed about 1 km bridge toll station, a truck collided with 2 cars and lit a blazing cheap corsets fire, causing the death of one person, 3 people were injured.

witnesses said
Accident occurred in at 2 o''clock in the afternoon around, green front of set card and Red Ferrari car and another a car car in Shanghai cheap corsets Ning high-speed Shang to Jiangsu direction driving. after River charges station Hou 1 km Department Shi, 3 car suddenly sexy clubwear occurred collision, subsequently 2 car car fire. past driver have dial called alarm, fire sector received police Hou quickly arrived scene for blaze, soon will will fire control live.
sexy clubwear

case, set the front of the card, and the container was smoked and blackened, and Ferrari cars have been distorted beyond recognition, upper bodywork was pare has gone nowhere, engine sexy clubwear and other parts by fire setting fire, another car shell was burned to a lighter and all window glass exploding cars items were destroyed.

confirmed accidents caused the death of 1 person, 3 people were slightly injured, deceased sexy clubwear persons on Ferrari cars. after the impact, the highway traffic is affected, rear of vehicles up to 5 km. the police

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