Self drilling anchor bolt system
Self drilling anchor bolt system is commonly utilized to provide anchorage
Article publié le 18/11/2017
Hollow injection bolts are short, low capacity reinforcement, comprising a bar fixed into the rock and, if required, tensioned to a predetermined load. Making the right choice about which techniques to use in slope stabilization and support depends on the exact knowledge of the potential failure mechanisms, ground movement rates and the geometry of the failure. For this reason, a rock anchoring procedure needs to be carried out, assessing the danger, vulnerability and degree of exposure. Self drilling anchor bolt system is commonly utilized to provide anchorage, in tension, for guy lines used to support electrical transmission equipment. It can also be used to provide a stable surface upon which equipment can be mounted. Sinorock hollow injection bolts are a guarantee of quality for our clients. Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt system has fully threaded rod sections and combines both operations into a single construction cycle, enabling high rates of production, continuous thread ensures that rods can be cut and coupled at any point. It can be installed into loose or collapsing soils without the need for a temporary. Due to the reliable products and the perfect service Sinorock has taken large share of the self drilling anchor bolt system market.
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Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt is versatile in various applications
Article publié le 15/11/2017

Comparatively small-scale drilling equipment can be used to install the self drilling anchor bolt as micropiles in tight spaces or with limited headroom. With little vibration or noise, the drilling process itself causes minimal stress on the surrounding structures. In diverse ground conditions, from gravel, sand, or clay, or on sites with insufficient structural integrity, the self drilling anchor bolt is versatile in the application, quick and reliable in the installation, and compatible with conventional drilling equipment. Once installed, it is an effective means of preventing settlement and helping to increase soil stability.

Self drilling anchor bolt is the key product of Sinorock. It is made of reinforced steel whose charm has appealed for hundreds of years. It is widely considered the most important anchoring product in geological engineering and the greatest helper in the civil constructions. It can be used as anchor bar if needed, for it can combine drilling, anchoring and grouting together. To be one of the consolidated rock bolts suppliers in mining and industrial related productivity solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest safety, health and environmental standards and are certified to the ISO 9001; 2008 management system.

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Self drilling anchor rod plays a vital role in today’s construction industry
Article publié le 08/11/2017
To accomplish complex drilling tasks like tunneling, grouting or slope stabilization, self drilling anchor rod is utilized for efficient performance. Nowadays,it can be an important link for the construction. Whether it’s through hard rock in the mountains of Albania, or by carefully navigating around London underground’s extensive tube system for cross rail in the UK, tunneling specialists have been able to turn customers’ visionary concepts into reality. However, self drilling anchor rod plays a vital role in the tunneling construction. As the company that invented SDA bolts technology, Sinorock holds a unique place in the history of civil construction and tunneling. The Sinorock brand has become synonymous with the anchoring product category it invented. Our production of self drilling anchor rod has increased progressively to cover the national markets due to the competitiveness level reached by our company after both the metal treatment technology innovation and the experience made in the field during these past years. Together with our customers, we deliver our quality products for landmark projects—the modern marvels of the world—that foster sustainable progress and grow economies. Sinorock has resources available from our many years in the business to put together a highly skilled and experienced team to address the emergency concerns that may arise from rock falls or landslides.
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Self drilling anchor bolt system
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Self drilling anchor bolt system is an irreplaceable solution when facing the problem of reinforcement in construction projects.
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