How to save Pearl Jewelry
Article publié le 11/12/2013
Now the girls are very fond of pearl jewelry, pearl is a very delicate items, if you know the nature of pearls, coupled with the protection, maintenance, so make your pearl "sea dry beads is not bad," so, know how to save Pearl jewelry is very important today, just as we talk about in the end how to save pearl Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet.

1, anti-friction, anti- scribed

Pearl is characterized by soft, its hardness is only 2.5 --- 4.5, a common material in general than her hard, in addition to being a hard object if repeated friction, characterization, and will damage the smooth surface finish and brightness will make pearls loss of beauty, when storing multiple pieces of jewelry, preferably with a soft cloth and then placed separately wrapped jewelry box. Please do not gemstone jewelry and pearl jewelry mixed together, easy to produce friction , respectively, should each fit together ; during X -ray fluoroscopy , strenuous activities or housework best off . In addition, windy season best not to wear, so sand and percussion, lack luster dim.

2, anti-collision, drop

All Pearl Tiffany Outlet jewelry is not stand wrestling, wrestling in general can cause varying degrees of damage, the surface off. So, hold in your hand to be careful, worn on the body is even more careful.

3, anti-corrosion, anti contact with harmful substances

Due mainly composed of pearls CaCO3, in case of acid decomposition. Another feature is the unstable nature of the pearl , acidic sweat , summer, sweating, and therefore should be used after wearing warm water , and be careful not in contact with human sweat , perfume , cosmetics, hair gel ( with acid ) and the like. Bogey with colored liquid contact (such as red syrup, gentian violet, etc.), to prevent it from infected difficult to clean colors, in order to avoid discoloration, loss of gloss.

4, anti- dehydration

Pearl because it contains some moisture appears crystal clear, if the water loss, it will make a pearl bleak. Therefore, do not place the pearl in high temperatures and sunlight, and does not put jewelry box long, often wearing Tiffany and Co Heart Necklace Outlet, the body can emit water vapor moisture pearls. When pearl jewelry tainted with dirt, can be water or very dilute neutral (non-acid, non-alkaline) cleaning washing liquid slowly, then with a soft, dry cloth or sheepskin, placed in a safe place to save. Do not use a sealed plastic bag, not on cosmetic case.

Of course, the preservation of pearls is uncertain, however, if well maintained, generally speaking, if you know how to save the pearl jewelry, high-quality natural pearls can be stored for hundreds of years, while cultured pearls save time shorter, between 100-200 years.
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Evolution of sunglasses and gossip
Article publié le 03/12/2013
Most people believe that the predecessor of sunglasses and eyeglasses, “with some kind of treatment, or myopia effect" related. Back in the mid- third century, a similar Today “monocle or magnifying glass" to see material has been widely used. That time "glasses” is just a simple crystal up just short at one end mounted on the handle for easy access. Paris nobles look too good, but never holding glasses streets, often, they only use the glasses in private. It is said that the glasses in England have suffered a similar embarrassment, there was criticism of pastors Road, wearing glasses is a merciful God provocation. A resident in the United Kingdom, Italy cartoonist often in his Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Store works, to being ironic portraits glasses on, but his move while filling glasses in the UK popularity.

Now the oldest known lens was discovered in the ruins of the ancient city of Iraq, the piece lens is made of crystal stone. Thus, it is speculated that the ancient Babylonians at least 2700 before they discovered the "Zoom” function of a lens. The earliest portrait about glasses "Hugh of Provence" is drawn by the artist in 1352 in Moreno , the painting was found in the northern part of Venice 's St. Nicole Church painted murals , thus proving today in Italy called " sunglasses, Italian weary began , " this assertion. It is said that when the Roman Emperor Nero is like wearing emerald gladiator game to watch , the Roman writer Pliny ? Gaius Adams once wrote that all the plug hole , Roman amphitheater almost no shading , so Nero people with emeralds polished lenses, used to watch fighters contests . Another record, Nero good at observing all kinds of precious stones , but also use it as a mirror while he gems to watch the game through is to see " more colorful brutal scene ", not only do the sun . Late 15th century , Europe appeared to deal with the glare of the sun , with colored lenses made of cheap oakleys sunglasses, sunglasses that time most of the use of green lenses , in order to block the sun , the temple is often done more lenient .

On another, said nothing to do with the origins of sunglasses glasses. These " archaeologists " that the first " sunglasses " appears in the prehistoric civilization, Inuit wearing a flat of " eye teeth ", which is made by a walrus teeth, slender Inuit the tooth surface digging holes carved into two light, the wearer can look to the distant sight through the narrow slit, although seen things somewhat deformed, but it effectively prevents the harmful rays of illumination.

Sunglasses made by a flat crystal of smoke, also appeared in the 12th century or longer before China, Discount Oakley Sunglasses Sale Online though not correct myopia, but they can protect the eyes from strong light. In the end Yacht gold, Lou Jun Chi describes the historical facts “Guardianship” records, bureaucratic officials, almost everyone wearing “sunglasses ", but not its purpose for shade, but to hear confessions, let others see their expression. This look is intentionally obscured use, just with some sunglasses wearer is exactly the same today.
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Wrong sunglasses accidentally burns the eyes(2)
Article publié le 03/12/2013
V, sunglasses color in addition to according to their color, shape, wear to mix things, and should also be based on access to sites to choose from. In General, black, Brown, grey filter worked well, gray lenses to any GC can balance absorption, wearing after seeing the scene darkens without visible chromatic aberration; tinted lenses filter out a lot of Blue-ray, and can improve contrast and clarity of vision, in case of serious air pollution or foggy wearing the best effects. After should be put on the surrounding environment of color distortion and object edge clear, effective recognition of the principle of different colored lights. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Store reminder: bike or motorists who cannot choose the lens color is too dark, you cannot effectively identify traffic signs and traffic lights of different colors.

VI, self-rated sunglasses color depth. Way is to look in the mirror to put on sunglasses, with vaguely seen his pupil as the limit. Color is too light filtration was too small; color too deep affects Visual acuity and weakened sense of color. Water sports at the beach, reflecting strong snow and sunshine under the strong sun, wearing sporty sunglasses, they mostly used colors bright saturated colors, it can absorb or reflect more light. Color lenses with UV protection are two different things, some lenses are darker, but not necessarily anti-UV, so be sure to select the signs are "anti-UV features" lenses. Anti-UV sunglasses usually between the indexes were at 96% per cent.

Not everyone is good for Sun glasses

So, summer day wore sunglasses to protect the eyes yet? Dangers of excessive wear sunglasses still exists, here are Discount Oakley Sunglasses Sale Online summary of some carefully selected sunglasses.

First of all, people who have a history of glaucoma or suspected glaucoma should not be too much to wear sunglasses. Because after wearing sunglasses, entered the reduction of visible light in the eye, the pupil will naturally turn, resulting in anterior chamber angle narrow. If result in poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long, easy to induce acute closed angle glaucoma. Patients may experience redness, eye pain, and headache, vision declined sharply, even accompanied by systemic symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Second, the Visual fatigue caused by excessive wear sunglasses. While the glasses are great for jewelry, but some regardless of time or place, whether outdoors or indoors, regardless of sunlight intensity, even at twilight, dusk and in the movies, television, wearing sunglasses. Doing so would increase the burden of the eye, causing a muscle tension, blurring of vision, and severe symptoms such as dizziness, not long as are to be found.

Finally, be careful "sunglasses syndrome". "Sun glasses syndrome" is more common in fashion-conscious young people, and their Di Bianca, big, thick, heavy weight frames sunglasses, commonly known as "frog mirror", these glasses exaggerated styling, and clothing after the match, looked more boom, more personality. Some wearing continuous wear 1-2 weeks later, orbital or appears slow parts between the two cheek numbness and sensory symptoms have nasal discomfort in breathing; others feel like ants crawling on my face, eyes acid swell. Mainly thick, wide side, too much cheap oakleys sunglasses oppression of human facial infra-orbital branch of germinal nerve, caused by any of the above symptoms.
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Contact lenses there is no best, only better
Article publié le 30/11/2013
Recently, the temperature rise, due to the use of glasses with frames have a lot of inconvenience, so many people like to wear contact lenses out. But wear Discount Oakley Sunglasses Sale Online means that each blink , the eye will produce a friction and foreign , may lead to follicular conjunctivitis or corneal endogenous vascular and eye contact lenses will hinder breathing , crystal long at in the hypoxia state , will gradually lose their elasticity , so daily wear time should be less than 6 hours . If you wear contact lenses after the summer appear jealous, itching, photo-phobia, tearing and other ocular symptoms should be timely treatment.

Early contact lenses do not move around the eye

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Store lets people with poor eyesight to see the outside world , but there are still a lot of people do not like the image of himself wearing glasses , or unwilling to expose themselves to have a vision. In the era of rapid development of polymer chemistry, contact lenses come out, people realized this dream.

1928, polymath etiolated was first synthesized in Germany. In 1937, the British chemical industry’s Crawford found a cheap method using acetone as the starting material for the synthesis of methyl etiolated plastic. Due to good toughness, translucent glass-like properties, this plastic is known as Plexiglas. In 1944, Monroe Chicago School of Optometry and Jason Wesley glasses with Plexiglas made the first hard lenses. In 1955, they founded the company thousands of people began to wear Oakley frogskin sunglasses. Meanwhile, opticians West California pottery manufacturers also use Plexiglas trial contact lenses.

Manufacturing plastic lenses should have high transparency, softness, toughness, suitable refractive index, chemical stability, hydroponic and good air permeability. Since the cornea is vascular, so only get oxygen to maintain a healthy state from the air, but can not get enough oxygen Plexiglas reaches the cornea.

Hydrogen contact lenses will be hidden microbes

In 1956, Czechoslovakia Wei Tell and in animal husbandry with absorbent 2 - hydrothermal substituted poly (methyl etiolated) methyl ester modification, hoping to find one suitable material for making artificial blood vessels. When the new polymer droplets condense into a sheet at the bottom of the test tube, they stumbled on the West than pottery manufacture lenses more comfortable soft contact lenses. Poly (hydrothermal etiolated) is a molecule able to keep the water in the polymer network structure of the hydrogen in a plastic, it can absorb the equivalent of 40% by weight of water from the body, and the oxygen absorption of water from the air can diffuse into the eye on. However, this has not yet reached the amount of oxygen remaining amount of corneal health needs.
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Eyeglasses are the technical fine living(2)
Article publié le 30/11/2013
Cao told reporters that the army , " interrogation this link is very important for you to understand why customers to wear discount Oakley sunglasses, for example, people often use computers with the glasses must optometry degree relative low point . Many low degrees of myopia or for other reasons do not often wear myopia; can also be appropriate to reduce the degree. “In order to allow customers to bring glasses come equipped with comfortable glasses.

The Army is also studying customer Cao had glasses, " glasses must be careful, for example, many customers the easy way, using the original prescription glasses directly with the neglect of eye glasses prescription changed, And some customers have the habit of wearing glasses, glasses piece is different from the position of the eyes, or the customary distance from the past, so also with appropriate adjustments in optometry degree obtained when Oakley fuel cell polarized sunglasses.”

Student with glasses, do not forget to measure the true and false myopia

Seven inspection process to detect the genuineness of myopia not every store has a. Cao told reporters the military, many students with glasses when this issue will be ignored, "Some students may learn this day, eye fatigue to optometry possible to 200 degrees, the rest of the day may come to 150 degrees, if not tube directly with the spectacles too large, easy to headache, dizziness, fatigue.”

Inappropriate for long-term wear glasses, it will affect the wearer's vision. Among them, wearing glasses will increase the degree of failure of vision loss. Cylinder axial deviation of the optical center of each level is poor, and the optical center of the horizontal deviation of the optical center of the vertical difference between the projects failed, will directly affect the wearer's eye refractive error correction effect, it will cause visual fatigue.

Cao stressed that the army has been in an interview with the glasses to the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Store carefully and then carefully, not because glasses harm the eyes.
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