Optometric and what are the pitfalls?
Article publié le 27/11/2013
Many children find the glasses are not so fit, ready to take advantage of the holidays to let parents take their re- fitting. In fact, teenagers optometry Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale , there are many errors in hospital following summarizes the following points for everyone , I hope for your help.

Teen optometry Myth: Fast simple optometry

Towards poly Eye Hospital Eye experts, optometry is a rigorous process, not just computer optometry or inserts, a few simple visual check that solve the problem. A time of scientific and standardized medical optometry is required at least 20 to 30 minutes. And poor vision for many reasons, not necessarily just a simple myopia or astigmatism. To be in front of Optometry Eye examination system to the exclusion of other eye diseases, early detection and early treatment to avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Teen optometry Myth: the lower the better degree

Myopia with discount Oakley sunglasses principles are best corrected visual acuity of the lowest degree, but that does not mean that the lower the degree or the higher the better, still see a low degree of blur, but more likely to promote the development of myopia; high degree of increased regulation, the same cause visual fatigue, leading to further development of myopia.

Teen optometry Myth: When pursuing a consistent degree of binocular glasses

Glasses should reach the eyes of correction effect, consistent visual quality, rather than blindly pursuing degrees eyes consistent, otherwise it will interfere with binocular visual balance and development.

Teen optometry Myth: must be myopic vision loss

Teenagers just appeared decreased vision, be sure to go to regular eye hospital or clinic system optometric examination, cyclopedia refraction to determine whether myopia or hyperopic or astigmatism and other refractive errors and extent while excluding pseudo myopia not myopia easily wear a hat, wear glasses when you should not be wearing glasses.

Eye experts have warned that if that child myopia, recommended to the hospital medical optometry, under doctor's advice with Oakley fuel cell polarized sunglasses. Emphasized that improved medical optometry binocular visual function , in addition to checking the exact refraction of each eye , the binocular balance must be checked , the eye position, adjust power, distance , etc., only to have the clear visual effect , but also to achieve a comfortable , play eye care treatment.
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Opticians, why medicine, optometry
Article publié le 27/11/2013
For patients with myopia, vision correction is the primary method of dispensing, which involves the optometric. Select medical optometry, medicine, optometry is a scientific, rigorous course of treatment, is a prerequisite for the perfect Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale . Needed regular hospital optometric and visual fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms appear, or even myopia.

Poly Ophthalmic Hospital optometry experts, optometric medicine including optometry, eye level, adjust the rotation of forces, binocular single vision, mergence collection features, eyes adjust balance, the main vision to identify, finally issued by scientific combination of these prescriptions. Meet wearing clear and comfortable and able to read enduring purpose, health, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of computer terminal eye. The results significantly better than conventional medicine, optometry, after passing the medical optometry for spectacles glasses or contact lenses does not occur in Visual fatigue, myopic Luminosity State is more stable, slow or stopped.

Experts, professional medical optometry Oakley fuel cell polarized goggles for science, health, comfortable correction and control of myopia. Select medical optometry, is a precondition for dispensing accurate. Optometric medicine is medicine, medicine, optometry is a scientific, precise process, has complicated the optometry program, as well as fine and accurate prescription of tests and conclusions. Need for professional optometric physician in ophthalmology through integrated computer optometry and radioscopy optometry, optometry examination, according to the actual situation of the wearer "tailor", including age, diaper, wearing comfort, Visual effects and produce scientific prescription, so that patients can see clearer, more comfortable and more durable.

Results General optometry refractive error is unable to see clearly, if the glasses without using a variety of optometry, wearing a pair of glasses to suit you’re, often feeling headaches or migraines, Vertigo, vision is unclear or has other symptoms, even more serious and even lead to blindness. Juvenile refractive, medical optometry is especially necessary.

Ophthalmology experts caution that select medical optometry optometric, to optometric to normal eye hospital, and visual fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms appear, or even myopia. You can also through the issuance of membership cards and Oakley vault coupon form, have your own fixed customers!
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How to wear sunglasses?
Article publié le 18/11/2013
1, ordinary person if it's not like a climber, or people with special needs, it is best not to long-term wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses.

2, the average person now wearing sunglasses, besides the functions of protection, will also consider the role of the adornment, but you also can't for the sake of a beautiful forget their health.

3, a lot of people from outdoor to indoor also don't pick the Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet, this is a bad habit, indoor light intensity, no need to wear Sunglasses.

4, sunglasses can't wear for a long time, if feel some eye fatigue, or worn after 30 minutes, pick the best let an eye for a change of environment.

5, aged people over the age of 40, and the people with glaucoma are not suitable for wearing sunglasses.

6, healthy preschool children, stereo vision has not yet mature, so not suitable for wearing sunglasses, especially now in the market to sell, the more inferior red sunglasses, is of great harm to children's eyes.

7. must to normal store 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses.
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The category of the glasses
Article publié le 18/11/2013
China is one of the oldest glasses or transparent crystal mineral make circular monolithic mirror.

Ming dynasty existing western Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, through the western regions or naming was introduced into China Wu Tuna write poetry after get what a friend a gift glasses thanks, poems is described in "round with the pod, the net and mica horse", usage is "hold close eye socket," monocle also known as "single shot", the "single existing lighting, old western heritage law." (Suzhou government record)

【 color glasses 】

Many car drivers often wear a pair of 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses. Wearing a short while, for a moment to pick, is too inconvenient. What's a good way to remove the driver of the misery? Have discoloration on the glasses. In the sun, it is a pair of black sunglasses, black glass lenses that block shine. In the room where the light is downy, it becomes like ordinary glasses, transparent colorless.

The mystery of the color glasses in the glass. This special glass called the photometric glass. It in the process of manufacturing, mixed in advance into the light sensitive material, such as silver chloride, Australian silver (generally referred to as the silver halide), etc., and a small amount of copper oxide catalyst. Lens from no color to light gray, tan, then back to the sound from the black glasses, are silver halide magic ". In the glass of color glasses, with film exposure is similar to the imaging process of change. Silver halide see light decomposition, into a lot of black silver particles evenly distributed in the glass, glass lenses so look bleak, stop the traffic light, this is the black glasses. But, unlike the situation on the film, silver halide generated after decomposition of silver atoms and halogen atoms still get together tightly. When the place is slightly a little bit dark, under the promoting of copper oxide catalyst, silver and halogen compound and generate silver halide, glass lenses and became more transparent.

Permanent Mission of silver halide in the glass, decomposition and combination of response repeated ad infinitude. Photographic film and paper can only be used once; change color glasses can continue to be used. Color glasses can not only with the strength of the light dark bright, also can absorb harmful to the human eye of UV, indeed is the top grade in the glasses. If the window is changed into photometric glass, sunny day, the sun shot wouldn't come to the room; Cloudy day or in the morning, at dusk, the light is not obscured, outdoor indoor still bright. It's as if hung up the automatic door window sunshade curtain. In some senior hotels, restaurants, has installed a color glass. The window of the vehicle cab and touring on the photometric glass, in the direct sunlight, even the Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet don't have to wear, the car has kept downy light, avoid the sun glare and exposure, guys this is what a joy!
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How to identify polarized sunglasses
Article publié le 16/11/2013
Choose sunglasses with multiple purposes, which are one of polarize; today we share with you the knowledge about polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses are used as lightweight precision and contact lenses made of synthetic resin, is made, the water can be filtered due to moisture or sunlight reflective road. Main advantages: light, can filter out 99% of the glare of reflected light disorder, 99% of harmful UV light, unbreakable. In order to filter the sun shone on the water, land or snow equality dazzling light direction, perpendicular to the lenses to add a special coating, called polarized lenses. Most suitable for outdoor sports (egg: driving, maritime activities, skiing or fishing) is used. More and more people in the choice of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses polarized sunglasses when they are selected. But how can I tell if you buy Polarized Sunglasses with polarized UV400 function.

Find an LCD screen, the level of the glasses at the screen , then the lens does not change, then the glasses clockwise up to 45 ° angle, see lenses darken , then turn back to normal , which is polarized lenses If no change no matter how rotation , it is not polarize. (Note that it must be a liquid crystal display).

The following method can detect a simple lens or lenses are UV protection UV400 through identification. Sunglasses available in the market do not necessarily have the effect of UV rays, UV rays in order to know whether the lens: find a UV money detector light, a one hundred Yuan. Direct exposure can be seen above one hundred Yuan RM UV security. If the function across with UV400 lenses 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses, you do not see security.

Driving mirror lenses as possible to use polarized lenses. Because the human eye while driving the biggest problem is the glare and ultraviolet radiation. Only polarized lenses can effectively eliminate glare. Is well known that UV light is chronic killer eyes can cause eye dermatitis, oracular degeneration and other issues.

Some special features polarize polarizing test time, will not obvious, such as night driving mirror ( polarize ) relatively shallow lens color is usually yellow Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet lenses , polarized nature of the test , the lens in the 45 °, will see through the lens color change yellow , gray lenses do not like it, turn black , opaque .

I hope to be able to bring these experiences to help!
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