Cutting edge-encrusted glasses
Article publié le 02/09/2013
Trimming gorgeous charms diamond Chanel Sunglasses Women cater to modern people fashion trends in consumption. While in the process of making cutting edge diamond-studded glasses, choice of substrate glasses for it is a vital link. Because during processing, the ordinary base material properties due to the limitations of the lens itself, it is easy to crack when the punching slot, in dyeing are not very uniform appearance.

After a long test study found that super tough lenses suitable for the substrate of trimming studded glasses.

First of all, trimming studded eyeglass lenses need to be cutting and polishing, punching, etc, very high toughness requirements of these processes on the lens. Ordinary plastic lenses is very easy to crack when drilling, for the General molecular structure of lenses used linear distribution, prone in case of partial force lens cracked. Super tough lenses due to its molecular structure was meshed cross-linked distributed, punched when slotted against is strong, not easy to crack. So, super tough lenses substrate will improve processing efficiency, while lens impact resistant unbreakable, hard-wearing, cutting edge made of diamond-studded lens wearing safer and use cycle is longer.

Second, Chanel Aviator Sunglasses of gorgeous exquisite requires lenses more pass translucent clean, Super toughness lenses due to its for polyurethane class material production, good material decided has good quality, Super toughness lenses surface will more delicate, more smooth translucent, such after polished Hour of cut side inlay drill mirror on will than general resin lenses more explicit grade, and Super toughness of dispersion coefficient high, and film layer firm sexual good, share light, in optical performance, the aspects are than General lenses and PC tablets good, for, can said, Super tough lenses is the best bet for trimming studded glasses substrate.

Once again, trimming baling eyeglasses need staining, dyeing uniformity concerns throughout the spectacles of tarry. Ordinary plastic lenses used traditional IPP as initiator; initiator that reacts with dye would affect the staining effect of the lens, prone to staining fuzzy, pigmented spots. Initiator and ultra tough lenses V65, it won't stain reacts, does not affect the staining effect, super tough lenses for trimming of the substrate-encrusted glasses dyeing is better, more beautiful.

Comprehensive description on, Super toughness Chanel Sunglasses lenses, lots of personality-you can cut into the specified shape; tough-punching slot firmly anti-cracking is trendy and beautiful-lens dye more evenly, and is the first choice of trimming studded glasses lenses!
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Bifocal anti-fatigue in healthy lens
Article publié le 01/09/2013
Chanel Sunglasses lenses bifocal anti fatigue in the Women's health by the national myopia prevention education for youth activities approved by the Committee of experts, in full compliance with technical and quality standards for juvenile myopia prevention products.

Bifocal lenses are anti fatigue health within the national myopia prevention education for youth welfare activities organizing Committee designated the authorization for "national myopia prevention education for youth coaching Center is intended for product", specifically for the adolescent myopic glasses in the sales market. Effective prevention of adolescent myopia control and guarantee healthy development of youth vision.

Bifocal in six major advantages:

Advantage: horizons broader

Advantage II: see more real and natural

Bifocal uses the latest in digital technology, optimized on the inner surface of the lens and Prism; the retinal image deformation is small, to see more real and natural.

Advantage three: comfort, better

Fully compatible with the natural movements of the eyeball and physiological characteristics, inner surface of progressive design, closer to the eye and reduced aberration, so far, only via rotation of the eyeball can be adjusted to reduce frame adjustment, was more comfortable by wearing Chanel Aviator Sunglasses.

Advantage four: correcting posture

Bifocal lenses have clearly visible on either side of the nasal and temporal non-visible blur areas. At the time, reading, and writing, opticians have to sit through the lens of the Visual look at the target, so as to avoid an incorrect reading posture.

Advantage five: slow degrees to deepen

Wear bifocal eyeglasses, reading, learning with lower-Ciao, usually when you see from a distance using coke; can effectively increase your eyes close regulation of reserves and preventive mediation the neurasthenia caused by tension and slow down myopia progression.

Advantage six: fashionable and beautiful

Ultra short 7mm only free channels, suitable for all kinds of Chanel Sunglasses Women frames, especially fashion small frames, assembling the frame height for 23mm frame.
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New Visual confrontation of myopia lenses(2)
Article publié le 01/09/2013
4, thinner lenses safer

Confrontation of myopia lens than ordinary plastic lenses around the thickness of thin one-fifth, reducing the number of highly Cheap Chanel Sunglasses oppression of nose, lenses are thinner, more natural to see without distortion.

5 vision, and more broadly, driving more secure

Myopia against lens, through the lenses of optimum, non-spherical mirrors a broader vision than ordinary, whether driving or a movement, bring you greater Visual enjoyment.

Myopia against three major scientific and technological advantages of the lens!

One, Optimizing color, reduce chromatic aberration caused by eyestrain

Traditional lenses variation with wavelength, causing different wavelengths of light through the optical system is issued not in one point and becomes colored disc of confusion. In use traditional lenses edges have astigmatism, neurasthenia caused by chromatic aberration caused by the larger. Using confrontation with new 360 ° vision myopia lenses optimize color difference alleviating eye fatigue caused by chromatic aberration.

Second, longitudinal luminosity optimization, vision is clearer.

Traditional Chanel Sunglasses 2013 lens vertical distance, area near some astigmatism to see objects only need to adjust the cervical spine through the optical Centro can see objects, prone to eyestrain. New 360 ° Visual confrontation of myopia lens far closer eye movement can be easily done, vision clearer and more comfortable.

Three, optimization of horizontal photometric, reducing horizontal visual fatigue

Traditional lenses to see horizontal objects, confined within a certain range, exceeded only by the head turned around to see the object. Need to turn my head even in the small areas within the culinary muscle pull the suspension ligaments adjusting lens astigmatism in retinal Imaging through edges, causing eyestrain. 360 ° vision myopia against new lenses eye movement through artificial organisms change the horizontal photometric objects through the edges of the mirror to watch, reduce eyestrain.

Lenses features and advantages:

(1) To ensure that peripheral has a clear vision for central retinal and unique design

(2) Provides a 360-degree clear Imaging conditions to prevent the formation of optical refocus and form-deprivation myopia

(3) Corrected the plain around the optical lens of high myopia caused by changing to

(4) With the most advanced control technology of peripheral vision

(5) Avoid directly in front and lateral gaze upon eye-adjustment and extra ocular muscle imbalance, preventing adjustment fatigue and eye movements fatigue caused by myopia

(6) In accordance with the construction and ergonomic principles of human eye eyeball, precision design and processing technology of free-form surfaces via the computer, provides the highest image quality

(7) Considering the comfort of wearing Chanel Sunglasses and adaptability
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Sun lens
Article publié le 31/08/2013
"Polarized lenses principle"

1, wave theory of polarization of polarized lenses according to the light and shutter principle design and manufacturing, can effectively reduce glare, eliminate reflection and diffuse, clear and soft. Used to make Chanel Sunglasses, camera lens filters, as well as scientific purposes.

2, polarized lenses polarized angles and radian professionally design and processing, distorted so that the wearer does not have scenery and sense of Vertigo.

3, Polaroid has 7 layers composite materials made, in line with the national standard, UV400 UV Sun lens standard, and full eye protection.

← First layer is a polarizing layer, is the core of the lens offers more than 99% polarizing effect, effective absorption of glare.

← the 23rd layer of bonding layer can effectively resist the cutting of sheet bending, cutting, baking, drying, and withstand harsh environments tested.

← 45th floor is for UV-absorbing layer, which absorb UV ultraviolet 99% above.

← 67th floor is for shock-proof layer, providing good toughness, impact resistance, prevents the lens scratches and prolong the life of Chanel Sunglasses 2013 eyeglasses.

Polaroid polarized light should be the full name, studied physics should know what is polarized, polarized LCD Imaging must rely on all LCD has two polarized films were glued to the LCD glass, LCD tablets that make up always honest about 1mm. If any of polarize, LCD doesn't display the image.

Polarized light is replacing polarize, because ordinary eyes the polarize LCD face is frosted, to dissipate surface reflection, and to increase the angle of the LCD light scattering. For projectors, and any light seen scattering loss, projectors using LCD tablet ideal angle is 0 degrees, deviation from the vertical LCD films, there would be no light. Of course, it is impossible to achieve, but the closer to 0 degrees angle, higher light utilization, so flat polarize replaced the scrub after the polarize, and brightness of the projector to the wall can be much, I personally estimate, probably can improve the 50-80%, this is the reason why for Polaroid.

Polarized lenses are polarized lenses standards globally recognized best suited for driving the Chanel Aviator Sunglasses lenses. Had been partially polarized light reflected by the surface glare. Glare of negative role--increase brightness, diminish color saturation; contours become blurred, glasses fatigue and discomfort. Polarize made according to the principle of polarization of the light, with effect special function to eliminate glare, motorists to improve vision, add ride fun.
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Multi-function lenses most boomers
Article publié le 31/08/2013
Today, the glasses are not just simple optical instrument; it is an integral part of fashion's got talent fashion accessories. When accessory glasses, style and easy to buy, but the real people who are nearsighted, or everyday life there is a lot of inconvenience. How to be a hipster wearing Chanel Sunglasses Women? Just a tidal wave of the functions! By the use of new technology brings new features, let your eyes comfortable, life will be better.

Change color lens, summer is not done "with two mirrors" people

Visually impaired people in outdoor activities or travel snap back is not easy, often myopia and sunglasses to take two glasses and used interchangeably. Recently, eyeglass chains owned by sight "Eastern Windows" and one of the world's largest optical companies, "Sailor" held in Guangzhou is better "return to nature, indulge in a four seasons" big Road show, launched the next-generation color-changing lenses, for attractive people avoid trouble with indoor and outdoor replacement glasses.

This color-changing lenses, also known as day photographic lenses, it will "with the response", transparent, indoors outdoors can change color, anytime, anywhere to respond rapidly to the scene environment changes, automatically adjust the lights to the best State, restoring the natural colors of the world. Moreover, it effectively reduce glare, absorbing ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB radiation, provided for the wearing UV protection.

Color-changing lenses is based on UV intensity to achieve color effect, "diamond crystal eye" color-changing lenses so far is already the sixth-generation product. And before the product is, faster color, the color can become deeper, and UV-intensity environment better adapted to different seasons.

Anti-fog lenses, I clear world

Wearing Chanel Sunglasses will often have some embarrassing thing: cool the Interior to 40 degree Celsius heat to the outside, while cooking in the kitchen when the lid is opened, or hot pot with my friends ... ... Eyeglasses fog, the world suddenly blurred! For wearing the world's survey showed that 75% people, about 1.2 billion populations has a strong anti-fog solution needs.

High performance durable anti-fog lens comes into being. According to brand Sailor in charge, Pettifog lenses are not just a mist, and anti-glare characteristics, wear-resistant and easy to clean. However, the anti-fogging effect is needed, "activate", wearing, should be put one drop on each side of the lens anti-fog cleaner, Microfiber cloth and wipe the surface gently, anti-fog cleaner covering the entire surface. This will enable field kept free for up to one week-long fog effect. This anti-fog cleaner can also be used to clean the lenses, can be described as a mulch-purpose agent.

Anti-fatigue mirror, my Elf eyes

As lifestyles change, an increasing proportion of people up close to see, taking increasingly long, especially who work at desk for a long time, may cause eye fatigue.

Fatigue-resistant lenses are the demand for urban white-collar workers launched. According to experts, when the eyes focus on stationary targets, and adjustment of the eye is not constant, it looks like an auto-focus system, close to the average position changes. Allegedly, resistant to fatigue to Dr Chanel Aviator Sunglasses lenses according to the body's natural micro-fluctuations, with slight changes in luminosity and spherical design of patented technologies, and help in the reconstruction of micro-wave, conditioning system back into balance.

Lens refraction refers to the thickness of the lens, fatigue-resistant lenses, the thin-the most expensive. Fatigue resistance of introduced last year to 1.56 refractive lenses high cost performance, is selling a better thickness.
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