Beyond the cutting edge classic glasses
Article publié le 30/08/2013
A few days ago, Chanel Sunglasses as the first diamond cutting edge glasses, glasses, tailored specifically to meet consumers ' pursuit of quality of life, from the main alternative to the design concept and a full range of services, will bring new surprises to the market segment.

Three great pieces highlight exceptional craft

Both independent frames the design, is super tough lens technology, or studded with genuine Khabarovsk on zircon, fancy Crystal glasses and strive to perfect, quality, there is no default. Independent frame design, the use of "zero form" new development standards, separate design team, brilliantly conceived design, frames no longer waking up every morning. Super strong lenses with the flat cutting edge techniques, perfect cutting edges at the same time; avoid glare interference of a convex mirror condenser. In addition, super tough material translucent properties, to complement the translucent after trimming the edges of the mirror.

Exquisite dazzling Khabarovsk zircon, not only in the bright Crystal glasses looks more exciting, interpreting the wearer to life attitude and exquisite taste. Every grain of zircon are inscribed with anti-counterfeiting engrave the words; ensure the glasses using pure Khabarovsk new accessories.

Free matching to create individual life

Trying to get rid of the dull look of glasses, or do you want to make your own unique personality and fashion? Glasses free skills up, vision and charm to stop fighting. Whether frames, film type, color lenses, lens diamond is cut, dazzling Crystal glasses are based on customer preferences for free funny take, glasses take corrective features at the same time, a fine into a lifestyle accessory.

Professional services guide light glasses

From order to delivery Chanel Sunglasses Sale, after-sales service, always adhering to the "all proceed from the user" concept, the entire dispensing process simple and easy. Optical professional lens production relies on the Moon, bright Crystal glasses routine five days delivery time, greatly reducing customer wait time. At the same time, bright moon light 15 years devoted to professional services provide professional optical lens manufacturing and retail experience, ensuring that each piece of fancy Crystal glasses can get perfect quality assurance and ease of maintenance, virtually eliminating the user's worries.

Moon optical said: "under the new market conditions, ordinary eyeglasses have been unable to meet customer demand. Launch of weary is hoping to be transformed into a sophisticated attitude to life, and glasses in terms of aesthetics and functionality to achieve a harmonious unity. ”

Trying to get rid of the dull appearance of spectacles, or do you want for your own custom one of a kind personality and fashion? How ride, free of the glasses, vision and charm are no longer fighting. Both frames, lenses, film, lenses color studded or personality of cut flowers, bright Crystal glasses are available according to customer preference for how ride, free, letting glasses take corrective features at the same time, fine accessories into a lifestyle.

Professional services guide easily opticians

From order to delivery of glasses, to after-sales service, always adhering to the "all proceed from the user" concept, the entire dispensing process simple and easy. Optical professional lens production relies on the Moon, bright Crystal glasses routine five days delivery time, greatly reducing customer wait time. At the same time, Moon 15 years dedicated to optics professionals providing professional optical lens manufacturing and retail service experience. ensures that every piece of fancy Crystal glasses can get perfect quality assurance and ease of maintenance, virtually eliminating the user's worries.

Launch, is hoping to turn the Chanel Aviator Sunglasses to a sophisticated attitude to life, spectacle in terms of aesthetics and functionality to achieve a harmonious unity. ”
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Radiation fatigue-resistant goggles
Article publié le 30/08/2013
Radiation resistant glasses current plate series, Chanel Sunglasses style avant-garde modern, novel and fashionable three-dimensional design, favored by fashion people on the other side

Product details

"Name": radiation fatigue-resistant goggles (male and female black plate)

"Frame material": plates

"Frame color": black

"Box, type": the entire box

"The lens material": Plexiglas radiation-resistant sapphire blue plating film

"Lens colors": transparent

"Dimensions": 54-16-135mm (width of the lens, wide nose, mirror leg length)

"Taking note of" this professional Chanel Aviator Sunglasses of the flat type, no degrees, lens transparent colorless, no one need optometry wearable


1. Handmade Acetate frames, not easy to fade, it is difficult to break, frame lightweight, durable, no distortion after wearing.

2. Made of high quality plastic lenses, wearing comfort and water resistance, corrosion-resistant (except strong acids) good, lightweight, impact-resistant, unbreakable.

3. Lens uses high-tech vacuum coating technology, coated lens coated with mulch-layer filter membranes, can filter out harmful to the human eye light rays.

4. Anti-static, radiation-resistant to prevent glare and relieve tired eyes were Bloodshot, promote the blood circulation.

5. Help activation of the blood, reduces eye fatigue and congestion, creating a soft Visual channel, allow you to view more soft and bright, so as to protect your eyes and vision.

6. The sapphire blue film lens, surface coated with a light blue radiation-proof membrane, formed a barrier to harmful rays, and prevents the harmful rays and electromagnetic radiation harmful to the eyes, especially for frequently used computer crowd.

7. Add UV coating, UV, wearing Chanel Bow Sunglasses and more comfortable.
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True optical colour lenses
Article publié le 29/08/2013
In modern society, and men more and more fashion and dress up from head to toe, every care so much about packaging. Hairstyle fashion clothing is not enough young people. At this point, a suitable pair of Chanel Sunglasses unique highlights young people's art.

Color glasses and bad choices are very important. How to choose a good color of glasses is an art in itself. A good color glasses can change based on the surrounding light occurs all the time, and thus change the corresponding color, eye protection, adjust visual effect; but the quality is not good lens is accordingly very slow in their responses and changes, protection against the glare effect is not good, but also harmful to the human body.

When you select the blinkers, mostly from glasses uses lenses, individual characteristics, and personal color aspects to consider. When sunshine color-changing lenses, and color-changing lenses can be accordingly turns brown and red.

According to that will be issued for this reason many people wonder how to choose lenses of different colors in different environments? Xiaoping lead the reading people.

A, and grey lenses is discoloration lenses in the most General of a paragraph, and this color of Chanel Sunglasses Sale lenses also deeply General friends of favorite, what causes? original grey can absorption infra-red and most UV, grey lenses not only does not change other views of color, and maximum of reduced light strength, such, see views Si is will has real sense, this is grey lenses by welcomes of place.

Second, if you are a young, modern woman, then I recommend you wearing light purple or pink lenses. Pink lenses can be vision correction, but if you need long-term wearing of glasses, and at this point, it is best to use a similar color lenses, for example, light red. Girls wear a pale violet color, light red or pink lenses would look more stylish and beautiful, pure and beautiful.

Third, when you need to drive in the morning or when you travel in fog, at this time, you may wish to consider the tinted lenses. Because Tan is a good way to filter out noise, allowing you to see objects, see a clear direction without errors. When the air chaos was unable to identify the location, or can choose to use tinted lenses, tinted lenses are also driving the driver's favorite.

Four, if you frequently feel tired or when you can't concentrate, at this time, you will need to consider green lenses, green men may be refreshing, green, will certainly give you full of vitality, meet the challenge of new working life.

Five, sunlight, sky blue water, there are vast stretches of the sky. Because the sky will bring you and Sun, sand, and integrates the sky, heaven and Earth, the most beautiful views right in front of you!

Six, when you climb on foot or when you travel into the forest, then choose a yellow lens. As the yellow lenses can very well act as filtering lenses, allow you to see nature's flowers and trees, its major role is to draw from nature, Blue-ray, and Blue-ray short, you can walk in the middle reaches of the forest. When fog or dusk, wearing yellow lenses are also a good choice, at the moment, it is ideal for hunters to wear.

When choosing an appropriate color glasses, consider your preferences for color, spectacle lenses feature, as well as the use of glasses and so on. A beautiful Chanel Aviator Sunglasses, according to outside light intensity changes of lens colors, eye protection, and make you have anytime, anywhere.
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Color lenses
Article publié le 29/08/2013
Color lens is commonly known as "photographic lens" in the increasingly fashionable today; choose a suitable color lens can not only effectively protect the personal vision and status of individual style and charm, two birds with one stone. Color lenses are now not only adult men and women's fashion essentials, Chanel Sunglasses to wear for children is also important.

In society right now, with the development of technology and electronics, children's vision is under every condition, so does the child have the necessary wearing color lenses, in other words, what are the benefits of children wearing color lenses? Editor below take you answer those mysteries.

First of all, now both the kindergarten and the elementary school for children, outdoor activities are relatively abundant, so they can't avoid prolonged exposure to the Sun's rays, which more or less led to eyestrain caused by the declining power of children and aggravated, if at this moment, wearing a color-changing lenses it would be good to play a protective role.

Secondly, the effects of UV radiation on children are enormous. United States Science magazine study shows that between children and adults, ultraviolet irradiation injury to children is 80%. By the age of 10, children's development of the lens has not been sound, cannot filter UV radiation, prolonged exposure of the retina, but over time, the impact of UV radiation on children which may cause cataracts. And if the children have time wearing color lenses, and can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, which greatly reduce the incidence of cataracts.

Third, the color-changing lenses can increase the contrast very well. Takes a long time to face the Blackboard above due to children in the classroom, over time, can cause eye strain, causing glare and eye vision problems. A picture to color Chanel Aviator Sunglasses lenses will serve to increase the contrast of the child, to keep the child when and where you are in high definition.

IV, color-changing lenses use super. Children need an outdoor and indoor class, constantly changing environment, while color lenses will be generated depending on the color accordingly. In this way, children do not need to worry about because the different needs arising from different environments beset by glasses wearing, easy, serve two purposes.

V, Children were always in the early growth in the pursuit of good things, from clothes to dress up from hairstyle to wear, everything requires stunning. Chanel Bow Sunglasses cool styling you can well meet the children's nature.
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Attention to the proper use of contact lenses solution points
Article publié le 06/08/2013
Little contact lenses, because the use of the body's vital organs, so can not be discounted. Taiwan, there are media reports in Taiwan each year due to improper use of stealth Chanel Sunglasses have dozens of young blindness. Therefore, the proper use of contact lens care solution is particularly important.

Proper use of lens care solution is the key

Experts suggest that the use of contact lens care solution, it is very important to the proper use of science, so as to ensure eye health.

Proper storage of five steps

Little contact lenses, because the use of the body's vital organs, so can not be discounted. Taiwan, there are media reports in Taiwan each year due to improper use of contact lenses have dozens of young blindness. Therefore, the proper use of contact lens care solution is particularly important.

First, we should wash your hands and dry carefully to ensure that tap water is not contaminated contact lenses.

Then drops care solution. The lens on the left (or right) palm in contact lenses drops 3 drops of fresh contact lens care solution.

Then rub, right (or left) edge of the index finger from the lens center to the divergence of rubbing the lens 10 seconds, thoroughly clean Chanel Aviator Sunglasses lens edge. Related experiments show that a daily 30 seconds rub clean contact lenses, can reduce the risk of corneal infection 11 times. Hand rub lens care solution than any machine and be able to more effectively remove impurities and sediment.

Then rinse. Thoroughly rinse is also essential, with plenty of rinse lens care solution for 5 seconds on each side to remove any residue on the lenses.

Finally soak. Thoroughly clean contact lenses after soaking in the storage box rest for at least four hours in order to ensure care solution play disinfection, cleaning, removing protein and Shoo Yen automatically adjust the lens functions. Lens care solution to be fully submerged, and be sure to tighten the lid.

Run out as soon as possible after opening

In addition to choose their contact lens care solution, but also pays attention to the use of care solution time. In general, the contact lens care solution shelf life is longer, but are also printed on the packaging production date and shelf life, however, opening the lid after use, contact lens care solution shelf life will be greatly shortened. However, there are some products marked after opening four months or six months to be abandoned. If in the course of eye redness, itching and other adverse reactions, you should immediately stop using it and go to regular medical checks.

In addition, care solution should be placed in a dry place. When not in use should be kept tightly closed bottle, but should not touch anything, to avoid bacteria into the bottle.

If not daily wear contact lenses, you need frequent replacement lens care solution soak. If you do not replace the care solution for a long time, then make the care solution loses cleaning ability, usually replaced every 1-2 days should care solution.

Care solution can not be used as eye drops

Life, some contact lens wearers accustomed to direct instillation of eye care solution that not only can keep the eye moist, but also sterilization. In this regard, experts have warned that care solution must not be used as eye drops.

Experts said the tear eye drops need to have a very close and physiological Ph value (pH), osmotic pressure and ion concentration, but also contains livestock antibiotics, can no foreign body sensation in your eyes at the same time, to achieve therapeutic effect. The contact lens care solution is mainly used to clean, disinfect lenses, many of which component is sodium chloride, preservatives, etc., can not be eliminated only after eye drops eye germs, but also cause damage to the eyes, severe cases can cause dry eye disease.

In addition, although care solution containing bactericidal ingredients, but the effect is very weak, long-term use will increase the number of bacterial resistance will delay optimal duration of treatment of eye disease.

Experts advise that if you suffer from eye diseases, be sure to go to a regular medical facility for diagnosis, while privately indiscriminate use of eye drops or contact lens care solution, it will only aggravate the disease, delay treatment for their illness.

Glasses box should be changed regularly

Nowadays, most people are still using the throw, half cast or monthly disposable contact lenses, the use of these contact lenses, contact lens case is also essential. However, few people concerned about whether the contact lens case hygiene.

Experts advise contact lens case should be replaced once every three months; mirror box is dirty scrub with soap, then boiling water disinfection.

Meanwhile, experts also suggested minimizing the time for wearing contact lenses. Wear contact lenses for a long time to sleep, the eyes will cause hypoxia, resulting in dry eye, conjunctivitis, dermatitis. Increased risk of eye irritation, and even affect vision. Just started wearing contact lenses, you should try to wear mirror time control in five hours or less, and gradually extend the time, but not more than 10 hours a day. Once the feeling of dry eyes, redness, pain, should immediately stop wearing.

In addition, you need to be reminded that stealth Chanel Sunglasses Women lenses can not be placed in saline soak.
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