Parents not taboo child wear glasses
Article publié le 01/08/2013
"June" on the eve of Children's Eye Hospital into the nursery and primary schools, children free screening for hundreds of myopically, initial screening for myopically in children more than 30 suspected. "June" during the weekend, there are 13 of these children came to the hospital for referral, the final diagnosis in 10 cases.

Why children myopically high? Children's Eye Hospital ROCKETS, deputy chief physician, said the formation of myopically with congenital and acquired factors. Congenital factors of preterm birth, genetics. If a child is placed in a hyperbolic chamber after birth, the newborn, as hyperbolic oxygen can cause cell damage. Maternal intake of nutritional deficiencies, improper medication may also cause the child's visual impact on cell development. If myopia, hypertrophy, astigmatism and other refractive errors have not been corrected in time, the retina does not receive a valid signal long-term, not exciting, will imperfect development.

Quality supervision of law enforcement officers in patrol found a large optical preparation center opened. After investigation, the Centro has not obtained the production license, the preparation of Chanel Sunglasses machine optometry, optometry lens boxes, and other measuring instruments foci meter without statutory inspection institutions, relevant staff without qualification certificates. Law enforcement officers immediately ordered the center to stop undocumented behavior of the preparation of glasses and investigation.

It is understood that countries on the implementation of optical products production license management, license management included optical products include: optical lens blanks, spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, old mirrors, Chanel Sunglasses Sale, goggles, fitting glasses and other optical products. Where in domestic production and sales of optical products to all enterprises, units and individuals, regardless of their affiliation with nature and how, must obtain a production license that has the production qualification shall not manufacture or sell any enterprise without production license of weary products. In addition to glasses enterprises should have the appropriate certificate, engaged in the preparation of optometry glasses, with work scheduled, grinding work and so need to hold an appropriate certificate. In addition, according to the "Measuring Law" stipulates that units with computer glasses refractory, trial lens set, foci meter mandatory testing for the state of measuring instruments, testing must be carried out on a regular basis.

Quality supervision departments to remind consumers to pay attention to the glasses optical shop whether the production license, practitioners have no vocational qualification certificate, but also ask their optometry machine, foci meter, refraction lens group is a qualified, requiring View the certificate to see whether the device optician in test period to ensure that qualified and accurate preparation of the glasses. "Preparation of glasses just like the doctor gives the doctor; Chanel Aviator Sunglasses quality will directly affect the wearer's visual health, not sloppy." Quality supervision department staff said.

"So, once found refractive error problems if doctors recommend wearing glasses, parents should try to match." ROCKETS, said that many parents think, "Put on a spectacle not get down," and the best timing of treatment is often delayed, a lifelong regret. He reminded the majority of parents, children three years of age should be regularly inspected visually, early detection and early treatment, do not confuse the difference between myopia and vulnerable while adversely affected by illness.
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More attention to pick sunglasses
Article publié le 01/08/2013
Sun glare, many people have to go out wearing sunglasses, glasses shops, jewelry stores, shopping malls counters before buying Chanel Sunglasses customers have started to increase. Industry sources, in fact, very particular choice of sunglasses.

We must first understand the choice of sunglasses on the tag "UV400" logo, which is the ultraviolet wavelengths up to 400 NM, with this flag will be able to resist UV rays. In addition it also depends on sunglasses shading function, usually 2 to 3 for qualified products.

Polarized glasses lens surface is coated with a layer of polarizing film; reflective surface of the water can be filtered out, the car surface reflections and glare caused by secular reflection, suitable for use while driving.

Screening Qualified lenses. Pick up the glasses against external objects are rotated through the lens to see whether the object is deformed, the best looking panes, door-like objects such as lines, curved lines, if found, color distortion badly, then the diaper lens failed, not buy. Furthermore, it should pay attention to the lens surface is smooth; there should be no ripples, bubbles, Scar.

Also, pay attention to the lens colors, black, brown, gray filter is better, wearing gray lenses will darken the scene saw no obvious color, and wearing a brown Chanel Sunglasses 2013 lenses can improve visual contrast and clarity. Red lenses on some of the relatively short wavelength of light barrier is better, but other protective effect has to be lower than the above three colors. In addition, the pure blue lenses do not choose, or blue light will enter the eye, damage to eyesight.

Whether facing the LCD screen look polarize

The two lenses that are stacked together in 90 °, the intersection part will darken, and thus can not see behind things (figure below). If the intersection is not dimmed, indicating that at least two glasses non-polarized sunglasses.

The glasses are on the LCD screen, then the lens does not change, then the glasses up to 45 ° angle clockwise when seen lenses darken, then turn back to normal, which is polarized lenses. If no change no matter how rotation, it is not polarize.

UV protection (UV400) Identification

Find a UV money detector light, a one hundred Yuan. Direct exposure can be seen above one hundred Yuan RMB UV security. If you have separated functions Chanel Aviator Sunglasses UV400 lenses, you may not see the security (right).
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Buy reading glasses to look "soft quality"
Article publié le 31/07/2013
Ability to regulate the human eye gradually weakened with age, 45 years after the eyes had begun to "old flower", need to wear reading glasses to adjust vision. Life, reading glasses everywhere Sales scene, shopping malls, Chanel Sunglasses Shop, integrated market and even in some roadside flea market you can buy reading glasses. But in fact, improper selection of reading glasses might be elderly damage eyesight.

Beware of poor older people with reading glasses lens eye injury

Old person Presbyopia eye phenomenon began to appear almost every elderly should wear reading glasses. The survey found that eighty percent of the elderly to use reading glasses are to spread the goods, basically in two thirty Yuan or even three Yuan, five Yuan, said in an interview that many elderly people are wrong: "The old reading glasses to read the newspapers to use in reading can see the word on the line, there is no need to buy expensive.”

It is understood that the market for these cheap reading glasses are basically using common industrial glass into the lens, costs only a few dollars. Experts say that with age, the eyes adjust function gradually decreased; normal eyes from 45 years of age will gradually appear Presbyopia phenomenon. Cheap lens material, since the optical quality can not be a reliable guarantee, there is poor light transmittance, optical center position deviated from such a fatal flaw, so long wearing reading glasses will not only cause visual fatigue, reduced visual acuity, and even lead to eye disease, cataracts increased in recent years, but also with casual wear Chanel Sunglasses Women have a certain relationship.

According to the survey found that many elderly people in the purchase of reading glasses are often overlooked "optometry examination" process. Experts stressed that, relative to the young people, the elderly, optometry process should be more complex; elderly eyes ability to adapt gradually weakened, accompanied by varying degrees of glasses disease, the elderly with reading glasses, optometry checks appear more important. Remind the majority of the elderly should first formal institutions optometry glasses to determine the degree, IPD, whether astigmatism, the best according to their visual acuity and eye tailored.

Reading glasses overall quality to be improved

According to AQUINAS after two consecutive years of reading glasses national supervision inspection results, the overall quality of our reading glasses situation needs to be improved. This includes not only the overall quality of the visible quality reading glasses, reading glasses is more "soft quality", i.e. reading glasses technology, quality and service and other aspects of quality.

Reading glasses this huge market, so many businesses are whom cardiograph, not only in major shopping malls, centralized trading venues everywhere reading glasses sales scene, roadside stall on reading glasses sell as a pack of fire scene. From a scientific perspective, Chanel Aviator Sunglasses and human health is closely related to each person's situation is vastly different vision, only tailored to ensure the comfort of glasses.
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Most of the eight stages of life, beware of eye diseases(2)
Article publié le 31/07/2013
Young people are wearing a framework Chanel Sunglasses good or contact lenses good? It really that bad depends on occasions and child habits. City, a deputy director of ophthalmology Hun Youngish said his son on the first day of this year, love sports, especially love to play basketball, football, rock climbing, so he gave his son chose to wear hard contact lenses.

"Fourth grade, when his son began to myopia, myopia was 125 degrees. Worn down nearly four years now, he is now 200 degrees of myopia increased very slowly."

Hun Youngish said rigid contact lenses to be smaller than the diameter of soft contact lenses, but also smaller than the diameter of the cornea. After wearing, there is activity on the cornea, unlike soft contact lenses all covered. Because activity of a large, but also more prone to tear exchange, oxygen is better.

Yesterday, the Second Hospital of Shijiazhuang Medical Clinic Eye Center has a 20-year-old boy, also to wear hard contact lenses. 2400 degrees of myopia lad left and right eye myopia 2000 degrees.

Optometry Department Ni Hailing said myopia 100-150 degrees, exercise is not too large, the best choice for glasses. In some occasions strenuous exercise, and occasionally take down the glasses, but also visible. More than 150 degrees of myopia, often for a long time if you need to wear contact lenses, it is best to wear hard contact lenses. Especially for patients with high myopia and astigmatism, rigid contact lenses than soft contact lenses corrective better. In addition, as for a variety of cause’s corneal irregular astigmatism, such as keratin, corneal refractive surgery, trauma, etc., hard contact lenses are the only effective way to improve vision optical correction.

"What type of suit wearing glasses and regardless of age, and eyes on the situation and individual needs, such as he sports a particularly large number, occupation is a photographer, cook, etc., will tend to choose contact lenses. Prolonged wear contact lenses, will be used rigid better. "Ni Hailing said.

Need to be reminded that rigid contact lenses to match only at the hospital, one can wear for about two years, the price of one thousand Yuan or more.

If you choose soft contact lenses, preferably daily disposable and half throw; try not to throw over quarter.

After 19 years

Basically stable myopia

You can go to a regular optical shop with Chanel Aviator Sunglasses

To 19 years of age, eye development basically completed, myopia has stabilized, generally will not develop deepened. This time, if the lens is broken, or want to change the glasses, you can go to a regular optical shop glasses.

20 -40 years

Most susceptible to dry eye, it is recommended to blink

20-40 year-old office worker, many of the computer all day, blink less frequently, the most easy to get dry eye syndrome, and video terminals.

"People's eyes blink, it will form a layer of the tear film, this layer of normal tear film can be maintained for about 10 seconds or more, after which the tear film rupture, forming blotchy, eyes to see things be blurred. Has dry eye, small tear secretion, tear film formation will break after 2-5 seconds, to see things more blurred. "

Ni Hailing said that this age group, the best way is to prevent dry eye less look at the computer, if the work requires not avoid, so like him to blink. In addition, the drop point artificial tears can ease dry eye syndrome.

The need for long-term myopia front of the computer, and does not want to wear glasses, the same is recommended to choose hard contact lenses. Because soft contact lenses need to learn more eyes tear, increased dry eye discomfort, and hard contact lenses do not absorb water.

40 years old

There is no vigilance Presbyopia and glaucoma

Ni Hailing said that many people think that only older people appear Presbyopia, in fact, enter 40 years later; we must attach importance to the problem of Presbyopia, outpatient, the 40-year-old middle-aged Presbyopia occurs just after the frequently encountered. Appear Presbyopia, to promptly corrected, or Presbyopia will become deeper.

In addition to vigilance Presbyopia, middle-aged people should be vigilant glaucoma. Ni Hailing said that some acute glaucoma up, patients have significant eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, decreased vision and so on. And some glaucoma patients had no obvious discomfort, and therefore more attention should be paid regularly checked, early detection and treatment.

In addition, Hun Youngish also warns that patients with diabetes should be especially vigilant with eye complications.

"Get diabetes 10-15 years, half of diabetic osteopathy occurs in patients with diabetes in good control of blood sugar, it also should go to the hospital every six months to a year eye examination Chanel Sunglasses Sale." Hun Youngish said.
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Not blindly glasses
Article publié le 30/07/2013
Eye experts, if that child has decreased vision, must not blind for the children to wear glasses, you should promptly bring the child to the regular hospital for examination, after the right vision, eye position, eye, binocular vision, refractive error such as a comprehensive examination, the implementation of the symptomatic treatment prevent more harm to the eyes, the blind sighted wearing Chanel Sunglasses easily lead to the development of true myopia pseudo myopia.

Titanium frames belong to the high-end consumer goods, with the improvement of living standards in recent years, the domestic demand for titanium frames rapidly expanding, there have been a number of domestic titanium eyeglass frames manufacturers, but it is still dependent on raw materials in Japan imports. Until now, the domestic self-developed titanium frames with wire manufacturers rarely, eyeglass frames using β titanium alloy wire material production in the country in just developed stage.

So titanium, β titanium and titanium alloys what is the difference?

1: Titanium purity is more than 99% of titanium metal. Its high melting point, the material is light, strong corrosion resistance, plating firm. But inside in the optical industry, titanium frames often refers to the use made of a titanium frame.

2.β titanium: refers to the zero bound titanium state delay completion of β particles cooled titanium material. Therefore, β titanium alloy is not, it's just the titanium material in another molecular state exists, and in general not the same as the so-called titanium. Other than pure titanium and titanium alloys have better strength, fatigue resistance and resistance to environmental corrosion, shape, good plasticity, can be made of wire and sheet metal, lighter, used to make glasses, you can get more shape and style , is a new generation of glasses production materials. Style and weight requirements for higher customer, can choose β titanium material Chanel Aviator Sunglasses, because β titanium processing technology than titanium, generally only large factories and brand will produce, the price is higher than some titanium glasses The.

3 Titanium: This definition is very broad, in principle, can be called a material containing titanium alloy.

Various titanium eyeglass frames in the early 1990s has been in the overseas development of mature and begin mass production used in fashion weary industry before 1998 titanium eyeglass frames once occupied over 60% of the Japanese market in the country, Chanel Sunglasses Sale Industry also widely used titanium eyeglass frames.

In the absence of cyclopedia refraction and even some mild hypertrophy may be diagnosed with myopia. For regular play phone, tablet PCs children, in addition to strictly control the use of the usual time, parents should also regularly eye examinations for children, only early detection and early treatment, in order to ensure that the child's vision health.

In addition, eye drops can not be abused. Experts said that we often see on television, relieve visual fatigue, eye drops ad, do not blindly go along with advertising, in order to facilitate storage, are more or less eye drops containing preservatives, would ocular irritation, causing pathological damage caused by prolonged use of even drug-induced dry eye, both dry and tired eyes. Therefore, if often dry eyes discomfort, it is best to go to regular hospital, strictly follow the doctor's orders.
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