Fashion eyewear accessories
Article publié le 30/07/2013
Mirror has now been more than just a vision correction tools, more is playing the role of jewelry. An appropriate fashion glasses will immediately make you a fashion, but wearing an uncoordinated Chanel Sunglasses will make people think "old fashioned."

So how do you choose appropriate fashion weary accessories it? Believe you read the following choices will certainly be helpful.

One, according to the face options:

Try to avoid wearing your face is too similar to the frame, so as to avoid excessive facial lines are emphasized. The shape of the face is usually round, oval, square, inverted triangle, and gourd shape. For example, if your face is square, you should choose your face shape is slightly wider than the frame; this way will make your face look a little more slender; if your face is round, angular and square framework conducive to embellish your facial lines.

Second, according to color selection

The best choice for people with lighter skin tones lighter color of the frame, select those with darker skin color heavier frame. For example: color than white can choose soft pink, tortoise shell color or gold and silver box, darker complexion, you can choose red, black or tortoise shell color.

Three, according to the hairstyle options:

If you have bangs, the upper edge of the frame to avoid contact with your hair. If you are a curly hair, note picture frame not too large to avoid the box edge contact with the hair.

In the summer, the heat often gives due Nan Xian irritable feeling of exhaustion. Because psychological influence, glasses if not wearing Chanel Sunglasses Sale, can give you extra baggage. Therefore, pay attention to eye-catching without glare glasses summer. For instance, such as pink and gray stripe dress, with red novelty of frames, add a bookish at the same time, giving idle pleasant temperament. In winter, the warm red scarf and black hair contrast, if the frame and then put the same color against the background, you're popular with the manifestation of personality.

Whether your primary purpose for glasses, please remember that the use of the place, the purpose of use, personal temperament, hairstyle, skin color, as well as the popular judgment there will be differences. If we blindly pursue fashion, I am afraid the loss of personal style, because a perfect eyeglass frames can bring out your personal best side, if it is not comfortable to wear, but the price is too high, then there will suffer flu will cause sympathy.

Fashion tips to buy glasses

1, harmonized type: Glasses unified one kind of color and clothing color shades. If the garment is red tones, the glasses on the choice of approaching red color; costume is white tone, glasses on the choice of nearly white color.

2, Contrast type: Glasses color and clothing color in stark contrast. Colors are cool colors such as clothing, glasses on the choice of warm colors, or both opposite. Such as clothing color is red, blue glasses to select; costume is purple, yellow glasses to select.

3, dotted types: with eye-catching color embellishment fashion Chanel Aviator Sunglasses large, bulky clothing colors, act as a "little green leaves red" effect.
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Prevention of myopia six errors
Article publié le 29/07/2013
In the "universal fear of myopia," in the case, the market appeared in numerous "therapeutic true pseudo myopia" approach, deviated from the rational, scientific control of the track. Recently, the Heir long kiang Provincial Youth Chanel Sunglasses lecture, parents concerned about the current status of student myopia done objectively analyzed and summed up the following 6:00 myopia prevention misunderstanding.

Myth one: the child is still small = pseudo myopia

Myopic parents hear their children often blurted out: "is false or true?" In fact, only a juvenile myopia pseudo myopia in a very small percentage (less than 3%), it is only a "short-sighted" phenomenon is essentially not myopia. For example: a 5-year-old boy, vision only 0.6, was diagnosed with "150 vacation myopia", after a year of treatment, take off the glasses, visual acuity recovered to 1.0, the parents called "pseudo-myopia has been good." In fact, after an objective medical optometry, the child is 100 degrees of hypertrophy, myopia is simply not. Therefore, age is not a criterion defining true and false myopia, vision problems, is sure to go to a regular hospital for medical optometry.

Myth: Early = myopia glasses

Some parents have the "sooner wear Chanel Sunglasses 2013, after the degree will be higher," the old concept of unfounded refusal corrective glasses for their children. In fact, this understanding even more than a misunderstanding of "pseudo-myopia perspective" a greater impact. Should be based on the results of optometry, combining vision requirements, eye position, eye muscle movement, whether the general terms of myopically consider prescription. Before the glasses, the first thing is to accept optometry, only clear the refractive state of the eye, in order to give an appropriate correction.

Myth: Harmful eyes dilated optometry

Indeed dilated and will not cause injury to the eyes, dilated pupils after a few days to return to normal. Youth need mid-rise optometry, eye drops that the culinary muscle paralysis, mid-rise, regulatory role in the elimination of the case optometry. Cyclopedia refraction only avoids excessive regulation of culinary muscle, but also to avoid spasm caused by pseudo-myopia. Especially young children or pupils dilated optometry, but also help to get an objective indicators, so that more accurate optometry degree.

Myth: various therapies can cure myopia

Parents are afraid their kids to wear Chanel Aviator Sunglasses. Therefore, once their children suffering from myopia, many parents will blindly use various methods to help children treatment. For example, students are now popular progressive lens; in the prevention of myopia development application effect is still in the research stage and, more importantly, the experience with these glasses need professional refraction, including phobia measurement, monocular papillary distance measurements, etc. If it did not do a comprehensive examination of the progressive lens fitting, but will increase the burden on the eyes, further damaging the visual function. Many media advertising hype "can only take off glasses to wear at night," the "myopic corrective lenses," In principle, all belong to narratology lens category, such glasses must be performed by qualified optometrists practicing after a detailed The topography examination and accurate optometry and carefully considered, in order to develop a scientific prescription, far from anyone can easily operate.
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Known whether anti-fatigue glasses fly
Article publié le 29/07/2013
Say a lot about eye care in the Eye Day, an eye specialist for everyone to clear up doubts, anti-fatigue Chanel Sunglasses is enough to fly?

Early childhood hypertrophy, can be ignored?

Eyes and other organs, there is a developmental process, in childhood, it may also see things. So there is a saying, that when a small child not worry too much bad eyes, grow up naturally good.

For this argument, Eye Center Optometry Department Ni Hailing said: "This view is wrong, when small children are the most low hypertrophy, becoming more and face up to 8-10 years old and if 3-6 years period found in the high hypertrophy, you need to pay attention, is likely to exist myopically, optical correction and training need for timely treatment.”

Ni Doctors said the child's vision has a developmental process, if the child admission examination, found vision problems, parents can not relax our vigilance, Chanel Aviator Sunglasses should be used to do a vision screening to avoid missing.

"Juvenile myopia younger age is currently the general case, there are statistics, the domestic primary and secondary myopia about 50%, high school and university level it reached 80%, if the primary stage alone out statistics, about 30% of the Myopic children, so do not ignore the child's short-sightedness. "Ni said the doctor.

Such as the past two years because of the popularity of the iPod and smart phones, more and more parents to send their children to coax these electronic products as a tool to become one of the factors interfering myopia in children.

"So before the national guard Planning Commission issued the" children's eye vision care technical specification ", the first requirement that children continue looking at the time should not exceed 30 minutes each time, the operating time of all kinds of electronic video products should not exceed 20 minutes per day, the cumulative Time does not recommend more than one hour, two children try to avoid the operation of a variety of electronic video products.” I said the doctor.

Fatigue can prevent myopia glasses do?

Popularization of computers makes the eye become increasingly frequent, and many people, apart from work, will the computer as an entertainment tool. Some anti-fatigue glasses have emerged, but this spectacle helpful?

"I personally think it is just the concept of speculation, as are many ways to help the eyes relax, no need to wear this Chanel Sunglasses Women. Wearing the glasses and if hopes to indulge themselves for a long time with the eyes, but also unscientific." Shijiazhuang Provincial Hospital director Dr. Live Sonya Plait said for a long time with the eye is a major factor in fatigue, if you feel eye soreness; it means eye fatigue, and need to relax.

As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Live recommend everyone to be eye exercises, that is, apart eyes closed and eyes open, you can also turn the eye, counter-clockwise 60 times, 60 times clockwise, then move the eyeball in multiple directions.
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Never computer optometry glasses superstition(2)
Article publié le 27/07/2013
Material is very important to choose the right glasses

It can be said that all steps are for optometry with a suitable Chanel Sunglasses, how to choose their own eyes material it? Currently on the market mainstream frame material is metal and plate, for adults, according to the preferences choose their own frames, but for minors, it is best to choose a lighter frames, such as titanium frames and plate frames. "Lens selection can be based on their economic situation as well as myopia is selected, students can choose PC lens, this lens is relatively light, impact resistance." LI Kan, as in optical shop, a clerk, a progressive mulch- focus lenses also worthy choice, this lens can slow the growth of myopia. Reporters learned that this progressive multiform lenses a price of more than $ 600.

I believe that many people think that after they have finished with glasses regard everything is, unless glasses lost or damaged, no longer patronize optical shops. "In fact, this is not correct, with less than six months after completion glasses should go to hospital for eye glasses shop or review, especially students should regularly test vision." Merge Wei said. It is understood that the general optometry optical shops do not incur the cost of hospital optometry fees not high.

A lot of people would choose to wear for aesthetic beauty pupil or transparent contact lenses. "Customers in the choice of contact lenses, we will advise, do not wear a long time, it is best to wear with glasses alternately." Merge Wei told reporters before a customer on a regular basis to replace contact lenses, but I've never seen him buy care solution, and later learned that he would not come off after wearing so much damage to the eyes.

Since contact lenses are attached to the eyeball on the most vulnerable, so be sure to pick a reputable brand; do not buy for the sake of cheap inferior products. Wear Chanel Aviator Sunglasses If you feel dry eyes, remember you can only point to wear contact lenses or artificial tears eye drops dedicated. Contact lenses according to the instructions on the time of periodic replacement, preservation boxes have regular maintenance and replacement.

In general, the degree of contact lenses spectacles lowers than the frame. In optometry result is 450 degrees of myopia, for example, contact lenses need to minus 25 degrees, 425 degrees just with it. It should be stressed that the gap between the two lenses on 400 degrees below has little effect and can be ignored, to be higher than 400 degrees plus or minus degrees.

Contact lenses and spectacles frames between, there are actually a conversion formula, namely glasses diaper lens diaper = ÷ (1-0.012 × glasses diaper), a diaper usually say equivalent to 100 degrees of myopia refraction is negative, hypertrophy refraction is positive. According to this formula, the correct translation of contact lenses. If there is no corresponding translated degree, you can choose the closest low degree. For example, 800 degrees by 75 degrees is 725 degrees, 725 degrees is not, and you should select 700 degrees, and so on.

Wearing Chanel Sunglasses Women, can easily cause dry eyes, then choose eye drops containing moisturizing nutrients, relieve dry eyes, astringent, itching, pain, swelling, and foreign body sensation and discomfort, but with the consent of the doctor must agree to before.
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Never computer optometry glasses superstition
Article publié le 27/07/2013
Computer optometry for reference only

"Now optometry really convenient, martial arts came out the result." In Hon Kong Road a Chanel Sunglasses store clerk under the guidance of Mr. Lou did a computer optometry, the whole process only took eight minutes. "Our equipment is very advanced, measured data through the computer is also more accurate, reducing errors in manual operation." Of a store clerk said to reporters.

Earlier media reports, several optical shops for computer optometry, finally resulting data difference can reach 100 degrees or more, showing computer optometry is not so accurate. "In general, we will first optometry customers to relax through the fog, as the muscle." Optical shop optometrist Merge Wei told reporters that the regular hospital will first mid-rise optometry, optician does not have the appropriate conditions, then through the fog view to achieve the same effect, so that the refraction results more accurate. It is understood that the fog, as the process takes about 30 minutes or so. "Subsequently, we have the first customers through integrated refract meter for computer optometry, optometry but computer data obtained only as a reference." Merge Wei said. It is understood that the computer will optometry data generally high myopia, hypertrophy low, not directly based on this data to wear glasses. After the data to get the computer optometry, optometrists will offer customers radioscopy. This requires an experienced optometrist optometry lens through a small hole through the observed reflections projected onto the retina, and according to its speed, intensity and direction of changes to determine who was seized is nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. "This step is a lot of optical shops are omitted, but for a child with glasses, when this step is very useful." Merge Wei said that as the child may be unable to accurately express their feelings, optometrists are able to make more accurate by checking judgment.

Radioscopy completed, will be the second review, carried out by manual inspection work to arrive at a suitable wear Chanel Sunglasses 2013 degrees. "Then we will offer customers trying on glasses in customer acuity of 0.6 to 0.7, astigmatism eye chart test if there is no astigmatism, then replaced the common eye chart, get fit customers through continuous commissioning spectacles." Merge Wei introduced say, get fit spectacles, you also need to adjust the red, green and binocular vision and binocular balance, followed by customer for more than 15 minutes and then try and make further adjustments, the final set of prescription glasses. "This is a relatively complete myopia optometry course; vulnerable, hypertrophy has some different methods such as vision." Merge Wei said.

The key to the new glasses optometry dizziness

I believe that many wear glasses, especially at the beginning people who wear glasses have this feeling, wearing glasses will then feel some dizziness, nausea, and severe deformation of the object will feel, uneven ground, eye irritation and so on. In this case, the majority of the glasses store clerk would say that this is normal wear over time will improve. "If there is severe discomfort, then it is surely eye glasses fitted with substandard or wrong, if consumers continue to wear, it may cause eye damage." An industry source said. Therefore, wearing new glasses, optometrist optical shop to make steps strictly in accordance with optometry, do not covet convenience, they hastily just for computer optometry, optometrist must let the glasses spectacles adjusted to feel comfortable. "It should be said that the initial person wearing Chanel Aviator Sunglasses some discomfort is normal." Merge Wei come up with a lens, said many people are wearing spherical lenses, this lens around the thick, central thin, wear after will feel smaller objects, pull away from, so there will have to adapt. Subsequently, Merge Wei come up with a non-spherical lens, the reporter saw this lens overall relatively flat, with spherical lenses while observing the black and white grid, you will find spherical lens to see through black and white lattice deformation amplitude is very small. "The higher the myopia, wearing spherical lens the better, then lower myopia, spherical lenses compared with spherical lenses advantage is not obvious." Merge Wei said. Reporters learned that, spherical lenses compared with spherical lenses are not too expensive, but now they are more and more accepted by consumers.
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