Proper care of contact lenses twelve strokes(2)
Article publié le 25/07/2013
4, different brands of contact lenses, can not be used interchangeably

Because each plant species composition of different potions can not be mixed or free replacement, in order to avoid chemical reaction, injury Chanel Sunglasses lenses. In fact, so far, ophthalmologists are considered, and not any kind of contact lens solution is absolutely any side effects. Heat disinfection residual chemical medicine does not cause side effects, but easy to reduce heating lens life; multipurpose solution is simple and convenient, dual strongest bactericidal oxygen systems, but both the cleaning function is poor. Traditional Yoshiko, rinse, soaks separately syrup method, although cumbersome, but it is currently considered safer ophthalmologist cleaning and maintenance procedures.

5, weekly re-utilized

Protein adsorption on the lenses, like falling accumulate into a thick wall, easy to scratch the cornea. Depressurization enzyme tablets can break down the protein structure, to maintain the lens surface clean. So far, the market is still not any kind of disinfectant, can completely replace the work week to the protein. In addition, protein enzyme tablets are not soaking the longer the better the effect, it is best not to soak more than 12 hours because of the decomposition of proteins by re-infiltration lenses, firmly adsorbed, then more difficult to clean.

6, potions also use period

Potion after unpacking, preferably used up or discarded within 4 months to get a new, avoid medicine gone bad. Saline after unpacking, because no preservatives, life is best not more than one month.

7, contact lens wearers before rushing saline

Contact lens solution, mostly because of chemical agents, worn directly on the eye easily because irritation, it is best to use saline water will clean and longer wear.

8, invisible Chanel Aviator Sunglasses not long-term immersion in syrup

Long soak, potions lose disinfection capacity reduction as ordinary water; have become the breeding ground for bacteria. Usually two days to replace a new soaking, but some syrup can be kept closed one week, depending on the medicine itself, depending on the composition. Be sure to re-sterilize before wearing clean again.

9, six months time to send original warranty

Opticians usually is put together all the glasses clean, easy to danger of infection. As long as people will do a good job cleaning and maintenance routine, weekly fixed to the protein, only six returned to the original contact lens company to do maintenance once.

10, two oxygen disinfection systems must be used during and after

De-oxygenate disinfection systems due to the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide with the general trauma with the same), must use platinum ring or in pieces before and will not cause eye burns. However, platinum ring with a neutralizing effect will decrease the frequency of use, we advise you get a new medicine at the same time replace the platinum ring. In addition, the high water content of abandoned or contact lenses should not use double oxygen disinfection system, the lens will be deformed.

11, red eyes, the best first remove contact lenses

As long as eye redness, photo-phobia, tearing and discomfort situations, the best immediately remove contact lenses, contact lenses and went to the doctors with a check to see where the problem is. Contact lenses cornea usually more fragile family, most of the people is blurred when dragging to seek treatment and then vision has been subjected to considerable damage.

12, regular replacement contact lenses Storage Box

Recommendations should be washed every day, save the box and place the lens cleaning basket. In addition, the doctor also suggested that a week with hot water burns neutral detergent cleaning, dry; six months or so for a preservation box and Chanel Sunglasses Women lenses basket.
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Proper care of contact lenses twelve strokes
Article publié le 25/07/2013
Contact lens care or long-term care is not the right way, there will be bacteria and viruses attached to it, therefore, invisible Chanel Sunglasses improper care can easily lead to eye infections.

Contact lens care is particularly important for preventing eye infections. Experts said contact lenses, contact lenses, although direct contact with the cornea, but it does not necessarily mean that infects, the key lies in whether the appropriate contact lens care, especially to our own type of contact lens wear and care solution features a correct understanding. In general, the soft contact lenses than those without foreign body sensation, moisture content with a high degree of comfort, not easy to fall off with the lens shift is more convenient for the family of lenses, but because of its close to the cornea, compared to hard contact lenses is also relatively high risk of infection in contact lens care should pay more attention.

Many contact lens market prides itself on high water content, so that consumers often think they can alleviate dry eyes troubled, contact lenses experts point out that this is actually a myth buy contact lenses because such lenses would be more easy to make dry eyes It will normally be sucked like a sponge tears to maintain its shape as well as humidity, blocking the normal exchange of tears, wear a long time more likely to cause corneal water shortages, water scarcity once corneal hypoxia, a better chance of bacterial infection can invade, So do not recommend the original dry eye problems people have used.

However, Chanel Sunglasses 2013 experts also point out that even if you choose the most suitable contact lens material, there are still many contact lens wearers either lazy or to save money, often the "daily disposable throw the week, month, week throwing throw "to use, this error approach is to let yourself into a serious eye infection crisis, even with the risk of blindness. In short, to prevent eye infection problem, contact lens care methods must appropriately.

Contact lens care twelve strokes

1, we must hand scrub the lens

As if it has not been generally dirty clothes first scrub, direct shame washing machine, is unable to remove stubborn dirt same reason, contact lenses must be handled scrub more than 30 seconds in order to achieve the cleaning effect. Study reported that by the hand scrub the lens is more effective than any machine on the lenses to remove impurities and sediment. Moreover, the running water or the boiling water does not have the clean disinfection, not available cleans the contact lenses.

2, each 1-year replacement contact lenses

Then the perfect way of cleaning and maintenance, there will still be little residual microorganisms on the lenses. Even though infrequently used, the lens material after 1-2 years later, naturally become old, you should discard the new ones, to prevent eye injury. Of course, all kinds of disposable contact lenses have been greatly shortened life cycle, use more secure.

3, the lens can not be saved on the physiological saline physiological saline without sterilization, used to save Chanel Aviator Sunglasses lenses, easy to breed bacteria that cause eye infections.
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How can parents find their children in their daily lives the vision there is a problem
Article publié le 23/07/2013
Eye disease is a common disease in the elderly, common senile cataracts, oracular degeneration, Chanel Sunglasses, eye, retinal detachment and so on.

Zhang Eye Hospital, director of introduction, senile cataracts and age have a relationship, young people will not be this disease, but with age, everyone is different extent this disease, but the rapid development of the human eye would have a year or two powerful, slow development may be extended to more than 10 20 years, with everyone's physique.

But generally after a simple cataract surgery, visual acuity is ideal. Presbyopia is also generated with age, most people in the 40-45 year-old will begin to appear a certain degree of "Presbyopia."

As the eyes of the body vital organs and human blood are closely related. Traditional Chinese medicine theory there is "head was blood can view", "eye off the gas by unidentified", "derived from the liver by the blood of vision" and other phrases. Accordingly, the Chinese spirit of the principles of dialectical therapy, taken with a nourishing Sing method, yin and yang yin yang way to fill symptomatic treatment, can improve vision and prevent lesions.

① with meddler, Ruiz Ran meat, cicadas spend the 5-10 g (one serving) drink soup can be conditioning organs, quiz and blood, increasing head out.

② daily to boiling meddler, Cassia 10 grams behalf of the tea, nourishing the liver and kidney, Liver eyesight; also be used mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves 15 grams Jungian, first hot smoked eyes, the temperature dropped and then wash with liquid, should be 1-2 times a week.

③ daily wake up after sleeping, lying down or sitting with eyes closed, the middle finger of both hands at the temple, the ring finger on fish waist hole, finger aligned Hangzhou point, the appropriate rhythmic pressure when pressed slightly rotating movements. Each about 5 minutes, make eye muscle fatigue solutions, eyes bright.

In everyday life, available Chanel Aviator Sunglasses protect the eyes:

① Xi mesh method: usually pay attention to eye health, writing, reading newspaper, using the computer a continuous time should not exceed 40 minutes. Every 40 minutes after proper rest or eyes closed a few minutes, insist on doing eye exercises to eliminate eye disease labor. Should not be watching TV color and intensity should be adjusted to soft and comfortable. While avoiding direct sunlight, UV radiation, eye wears sunglasses when the sun is strong.

② Yen mesh method:

There is usually a blink of an idle on the use of opening and closing to muscle excitability, and up and down to rotate the eye, can improve muscle blood circulation. Meanwhile the daily morning and evening with Chanel Sunglasses Women overlooking a green plant tape, pause for a moment and then sight gradually move from far to near, can improve visual function, regulate muscle.

③ hot method:

Daily wash with warm water before going to sleep, the first towel soaked in hot water, hot ironing in the frontal and orbital position, his head thrown back, eyes closed light, until the temperature drops face to improve eye blood circulation.
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Children need to know before visual acuity knowledge
Article publié le 23/07/2013
How can parents find their children in their daily lives the vision there is a problem

If you find that the child has the following performance, you need to bring the child to the hospital for examination Chanel Sunglasses, to diagnose whether shortsighted to avoid delays in treatment.

1 often squinting to see things;

(2) Frequent blinking;

3. Often rubbed my eyes;

4. Often tilted his head to look at;

17,879 frown;

6 often pull his eyes;

7 often squint to see things;

8 when the eyes see things stick with something very close to, and occasionally for no reason wrestling.

To properly understand the child's vision

Child's vision should reach how much is normal? Was not going to do as adults reach 1.0? Actually not the case, three years after the child is still in the critical period of visual development, visual acuity improved in the year to consolidate and perfect. In other words, we can not use the adult visual standard to measure preschool children.

Well, this age child's vision standard is how much? According to the 2011 Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology experts announced a new revised diagnostic criteria of myopically in children 3 years old ≥ 0.5,4 ~ 5 years old ≥ ≥ 0.6,6 ~ 7 0.7, below these standards is an exception vision.

Prior to the hospital, do not forget two important preparatory works

The first thing: To determine the child has learned to see "E" shaped eye chart or graph, and say "E" in the direction or seeing objects. Now most of the hospital or with the "e" shape Visual acuity chart, if the kids don't know how to answer the doctor, by parents in the home with the Chanel Aviator Sunglasses model for kids.

Step two: patiently explain to your child to the hospital eye and stomach pain go to the hospital is the same, the parents do not get too excited, not to reveal the meaning of blaming the child, so that the children develop resistance on visual acuity, psychological terror. You know the parents who have children afraid of rebuke and blindly memorizing the eye chart, the result Mom and Dad did not know the child was shortsighted.

Child to the hospital eye specific process

Go to the hospital and the doctor will give the child to do what check it? Doctor will understand the child vision conditions and eye health, eye exclude organic disease. If the doctor found that children with refractive errors, it will recommend checking the refractive state of the child, that optometry. At this time, parents will encounter a new problem - dilated.

Dilated how the matter

Speaking dilated, which happens to be the most worried about the parents, it sounds very scary. In fact, if the dilation is how to understand the heart of the concerns will be eliminated. First, the child is only in vision or refractive abnormalities were dilated when needed, not all children have a dilated eye examination to the hospital; secondly, to get the child to be accurate mid rise optometry degree of common methods of refractive errors.

What about why kids need Mid-rise optometry? Because younger children, eyes adjust better, in case of not Mid-rate, optometry degrees of hypertrophy or myopia on the high side, thus affecting the accuracy of Optometry. Children less than 10 years old, doctors recommended best Satyriasis optometry (hypertrophy children in particular), billiard muscle fully relaxed through the Chanel Sunglasses 2013 in order to accurately found number of diapers. Which 6~7sui the following general children need atropine eye ointment or eye drops 3 days or so, over 8 years old kids would use fast encyclopedic (n-way eye water or tropic glut-amine water) 3 times.
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Protective eyewear has a knack
Article publié le 22/07/2013
Scorching summer, people worried about tanning, sun umbrella propped beginning, cast sunscreen, ready firepower against enemy - UV rays. But in the hot summer just is not enough to shelter the skin, our eyes also need protection.

Eyelids, eyebrows is God's gift to us, they are like the "sun protection devices" to protect our eyes. In addition, many people choose to wear in the summer Chanel Sunglasses, sunglasses can absorb ultraviolet light due to direct exposure to sunlight does. Can not rely on these is not enough, experts have given three suggestions to help us to protect eye health through diet.

Shenyang thoroughly cooked tomatoes, orange carrots, dark green lettuce, and deep raspberry pink and golden yellow lemon. When we see such a beautiful picture, we often say that this is really "eye candy." The food is not only colorful fancy to glamorous; they can also be brought to our eyes the rich nutrition.

Suggest a, eat green and yellow fruits and vegetables

Yellow-green fruits and vegetables can filter the blue light. Lute in and Xanthippe belongs to a large family of complex pigment adenoids member. These two colors to food supplies brought beautiful yellow-green color, such as green spinach, bright green peas and yellow corn.

In addition, once these two pigments enter the body, they are in the back of the eye's light-sensitive tissue accumulation, these organizations by filtering blue light on the eye protection. Another source of lute in and carotene has romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli, avocado, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, kiwi, etc.

Suggested two, eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals - as part of the normal metabolic processes in the body in the natural form of highly reactive molecules. As long as four weeks there is a lot of antioxidants can effectively neutralize the formation of free radicals. Which is more than wearing a Cheap Chanel Sunglasses better?

Inhibition of free radicals on the eyes is particularly important, because the eye's lens has a high content of vitamin C, which acts as antioxidants play a protective effect on the eye, which is why we are a large intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables causes. Experts remind us that simply increasing the daily menu, tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruits, kiwi, berries and broccoli, you can increase the amount of vitamin C intake.

Recommendation III, eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A

Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A are also beneficial to the eyes. We may already know that carrots beneficial for the eyes - but may not know why. As another carotene full carrot, β-carotene, which the body converted into vitamin A and vitamin A on the eye, is vital function normally. And β-carotene or less dark orange vegetable produce reasons: winter squash, sweet potatoes, melons, apricots, peaches and papaya.

Comes to eye health, increase the color is the key. Carrot and cherry without processing, which itself is a good snack that lets you enjoy delicious side to side eye make horse slaughter. Tomato juice, mixed vegetable juice and whole fruit (such as citrus) squeezed fruit juices, their role in the protection of our eyes than wearing Chanel Aviator Sunglasses is good.

Tips: Now a lot of people like to tune in the morning cup of soy protein shakes, shakes it in to add some strawberries and kiwi fruit, can increase the vitamin content of the original ecology. Blueberries contain antioxidants - anthologists, frolic acid, vitamin A and C, of great benefit to the eyes, and raspberries have many elements needed eye health, so we can eat these food items, or we can eat with blueberries and raspberries ingredients.
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