Wearing invisible, carefully dry eye
Article publié le 22/07/2013
Amy let more and more people choose to wear invisible Chanel Sunglasses, even a lot of work requirements sighted people must wear invisible, contact lens wear for a long time, however, glasses easy to dry, if not handled properly, can easily lead to eye damage, corneal inflammation.

Eye Hospital Dishing CS director speaks about every ten contact lens wearers, there will be two appear dry eye symptoms. "Soft contact lenses with a water effect will absorb the corneal surface tears, lack of tears when the wearer, with long wears Cheap Chanel Sunglasses, easy to make eyes appear dry discomfort." Physician noted that the market some moisture contact lenses content is high, but the higher water content lenses, absorbent they stronger, so that the situation will become more severe dry eye.

On the other hand, in the interior of the person handling the paperwork, since a long time in air-conditioned environment, the eyes easily be drained of water, coupled with prolonged computer work looking to reduce the number of blinks, but also prone to cause dry eye situation. Physician reminders, prolonged use of computers can cause computer vision syndrome, one symptom is jealous, eye fatigue and dryness, and therefore instruments are required to pay extra attention.

Dry eyes should appear how to care for it? This requires moisturizing the eyes.

Given the beauty of nature, many cosmetic advertising stressed skin moisturizer, by contrast, is more important moisturizing eye. To make eye moisturizer, should not "stare", might frequent blinking eyes. Using the computer more than two hours, it should be to the distant view, while activity shoulders and neck. Note conditioning not blowing too long, you should use the room humidifier to increase humidity in the air also helps to keep the eyes moist. Proper little artificial tears, if it can not be alleviated, then you need to go to a professional Chanel Aviator Sunglasses hospital by a doctor for your treatment plan.
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Teach you buy the right sunglasses
Article publié le 21/07/2013
Sunglasses fashion, beauty, radiation protection, these features allow people prefer to wear Chanel Sunglasses, but the experts pointed out, time to choose sunglasses doubly careful, not only concerned with the design, but ignored sunglasses itself quality problems.

The following four failed sunglasses never worn:

1, anti-ultraviolet function fabled Chanel Aviator Sunglasses. Good sunglasses polarized lenses can block 99% of UV rays. Poor wear UV protection sunglasses, his eyes as if seen in the dark matter, and then the pupil becomes large, but will be a lot of residual ultraviolet injection in the eye, the eyes hurt.

2, perspective rate unqualified sunglasses. Wear, you will generate traffic signal recognition barriers, can easily cause accidents.

3. Unlabeled category logo sunglasses. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely for sun shading mirror for decorative light microscopy and used to prevent snow blindness or waterproof plane radiation special glasses.

4, the fight against performance does not meet the requirements of sunglasses. Subjected to external shocks lens easily broken, the fragments will form the human eye fatal injuries.

Experts also remind consumers to buy Cheap Chanel Sunglasses should try to choose high-quality polarized glasses.
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Wear glasses and care
Article publié le 21/07/2013
How to wear glasses

1, adolescents suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with Chanel Sunglasses are sure to go to the hospital to check visual acuity, cyclopedia refraction, and measure the distance between the two pupils. Cyclopedia refraction is to eliminate the impact of regulation and its components caused by the pseudo-myopia, and application of drugs to the eye's culinary muscle is completely paralyzed, in the case of mid-rise optometry carried out. Measuring the distance between the two pupils is to determine both sides of the glasses lens optical center distance between the two must be consistent, otherwise prism effect may occur, the interference of visual function after wearing glasses dizzy, depending on the distortion, eye soreness, fatigue and so on.

2 choose glasses frames to fully meet the requirements of optical lenses and frames inclination and so on. Big eyes to choose a large frame, eyes small selection of some of the smaller frame, fat round face suitable for wearing thick frame, lanky frame for round face, flat round face should choose a slightly narrower bottom square frame.

3, the lens should be based on age, occupation, frequently engage in activities wearer's preferences and other factors to choose from. Glass lenses, high hardness, not prone to scratches, but is easy to shatter. Due to the nature of work or other reasons make glasses easily stained with dust, causing the lenses to scratch, the best selection of glass lenses. Resin lenses, light weight, not easy to be broke, but lower hardness, prone to scratches. If you are not satisfied with the lens thickness or appearance, you can choose thin lenses or spherical lenses. If you regularly engage in outdoor activities or travel, photo chronic lens is a good choice.

How to wear a framework Chanel Aviator Sunglasses

1, the glasses can not with others. Because the degree of lens glasses, two distance between the optical center of the lens, mirror leg length, the height of nose pads are personalized, so you can not take someone Else's mess wearing glasses.

2,off glasses with both hands. Stick with both hands off the glasses to avoid wearing glasses off with one hand due to uneven stress and deformation. Meanwhile, eyeglass frames should always check for loose screws and glasses deformation, if found loose screws or glasses deformed, it is timely to the optical shop repairs.

3, the lens from the eye 12 mm. Glasses distance between the two mirrors and mirror legs bending to the right, wearing Chanel Sunglasses Women not too tight or too loose. The distance glasses and eyelids generally require 12 mm, not too close or too far away. When worn, the eyes must be facing the lenses ' optical Center. If the deviation prism effect may be due to the emergence of visual distortion, dizziness, blurred vision, eye soreness, fatigue, etc., there will be a long time even squint.
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Optional myopia sunglasses
Article publié le 20/07/2013
In order to make clear imaging, glasses lenses will have some diapers. But under normal circumstances, sunglasses are plain, and will not harm your eyes. Myopia Chanel Sunglasses is these two together will have prescription lenses made through a special process for dyeing. Therefore, the choice of myopia sunglasses first thing to consider is the lens, it is best resin lenses. Followed by the color, too light filter effect is small, too deep affect vision. Suggested the use of gray, brown lenses, try them to see if there is no sense of vertigo, dialysis degrees Gabi Ago.

If you belong to low to moderate myopia, wearing sunglasses generally do not affect vision, you can choose yellow lenses, yellow lenses to increase the sensitivity of the visual cells. If you do not know what color is suitable, you can try to look in the mirror after wearing sunglasses, if they can see their pupil of the lens; standard color will be relatively few.

Colored glasses are not suitable for indoor wear, over time will increase on vision and eye health damage; it must then prepare a common myopia Chanel Aviator Sunglasses.

In addition, myopia sunglasses must go to the hospital or institution for professional optometry, must not just buy one. People often drive higher quality requirements of the lens, it feels to wear lightweight, clear, if there is headache, dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes, or not for a long time as the other symptoms, you should immediately stop wearing. You can also use sunglasses clip, clip it out of the myopia, simple and the cost is not high.

However, if more than 600 degrees of high myopia, vision correction already less than ideal, such as matched with a Chanel Sunglasses Women, set on a layer of dark eyes like fog yarn, to see things more difficult. Similarly, myopia and astigmatism corrected visual acuity less than 1.0, is also not wearing.
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Choose sunglasses practicality first look
Article publié le 20/07/2013
Summer is coming; Chanel Sunglasses can block harmful rays to some extent, the damage to the eye. And occasions for the different light sources, the lens will affect the color shading effect.

Experts said that many sunglasses in the tag will indicate 1, 2, 3 class, which refers sunglasses shades of color, the darker the higher the level, the more obvious the effect of blocking the sun. Faced with a wide variety of lens colors, brown is the best. Brown absorb any chromatography are uniform, have a good sense of color vision, color does not appear to see the scene, will darken, can clearly distinguish between colors. Brown can filter large number of blue, improve the visual contrast and clarity, even glare can also see details of objects in air pollution or foggy case wearing better.

"Invisible Chanel Bow Sunglasses as a direct contact with the cornea and medical devices, unlike other consumer goods, consumers not to buy contact lenses on the network." Recently held in Johnson College of Optometry 7 anniversary celebration hospital optometry medical officer pointed out that with the development of globalization, more and more consumers are double glasses and contact lenses users, but consumers are in contact lens wearers, there are still a lot of misunderstanding, for example, 50% of the existing Contacts wearers are still using long-period lenses, longer lenses use the accumulated sediment, the more likely cause conjunctivitis, eye redness or irritation, and other related problems. She also found that many young teenagers in pursuit of beauty through non-formal channels to purchase poor quality colored contact lenses. Consumers wearing contact lenses for the first time, you should go to a professional optometry center or optical shop glasses.

Experts, the current developments in the global contact lens market, there are two major trends: in line with "the shorter the more healthy" concept of the popularity of daily disposable contact lenses and a variety of contact lens products to meet different needs, such as astigmatism and color contact lenses . Contact lens market continues to mature, more and more consumers are using more healthy type of short-cycle replacement lenses,

In addition, blue-gray lenses and gray lenses, lens with a neutral, higher absorption rate of visible light; blue lenses and dark green lenses Chanel Aviator Sunglasses Do not wear while driving in the car; light blue, light pink and other decorative lenses than practical; yellow lenses can provide a more accurate video, it is also known as night-vision goggles; Mercury lens is suitable for outdoor sports people.
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