Caring eyes enjoy the light
Article publié le 19/07/2013
Blurred vision caused by diabetes, myopia, cataract patients ...... high to centenarians, small babies a few months, is likely to be a victim of eye diseases. It is understood that in recent years, with the increase of various eye diseases, to Chanel Sunglasses Hospital patients also increased year by year, the hospital has advanced equipment and sophisticated technical team for the majority of eye patients relieve the pain.

Diabetes blurred vision to the hospital as soon as possible

"Start an eye could see something, then suddenly what can not see." In Hospital inpatient, five from the new County Town of Mr. Zoo Lao pointing just finished vasectomy said his wife Laotian , his wife children with diabetes, the disease slowly serious, the vision has become increasingly worse, one eye already see, the other eye could see something. I have never thought that, a few days ago, the only one to catch the eyes suddenly visible.

After vasectomy, Laotian eyes see again the next day. Mr. Zoo Lao very happy, "This vision is much better than before surgery, and can see the words, but also does not wear Cheap Chanel Sunglasses".

Hospital Ophthalmology Fan Admonishing introduced Laotian diabetes has been heavier, eyes can not see because of complications caused by diabetes. In recent years, complications from diabetes cause of diabetes mellifluous osteopathy patients more and more.

Two months ago, 40-year-old Wang diabetic patients to the hospital eye clinic, when she was an eye can not see, the other eye sight is better. After hospitalization, the doctor for her eyes had a laser treatment, Wang suddenly self-discharge. Two months later, Wang's totally blind, had once again come to the hospital eye clinic. Fan Admonishing said: "If we had timely medical treatment according to the treatment plan, the eye does not appear the situation now."

Fan Admonishing said that many patients initially not see the eyes, do not care, do not come to the hospital for treatment, mostly two are invisible to come to the hospital for treatment, the disease is usually more serious this time, only surgical treatment, wearing Chanel Aviator Sunglasses useless.

According to reports, due to technical difficulties, demanding, for patients with doctors vasectomy surgery requires at least there are hundreds of relevant experience to be able to smooth implementation of this surgery. In the Hospital, only in 2012 year, we conducted more than 180 Taiwan vasectomies, so far this year, an average of more than 20 units per month to carry out surgery, clinical experience is very rich.
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Summer UV eye injury
Article publié le 19/07/2013
Summer sun glare, either goes to the beach, go hiking or go swimming, will inevitably reflect sunlight and damage to the eyes. In addition to swimming prone to viral conjunctivitis outside the summer sun's ultraviolet rays will damage the cornea, causing vision weakened. The author summarizes several wearing Chanel Sunglasses Summer UV on the eye injury prevention countermeasures.

Vigilance reflected light damage to the eyes

It is widely believed, when ultraviolet rays are strongest when the midday sun in the head, but in fact, for the eyes, from spring to autumn, 9 am and 2-3 pm is the strongest ultraviolet rays, eye injury when the largest . According to the survey research shows that the greatest impact on the eye when the strongest wave UV is the angle between the sun and the ground was 40 degrees, at which point exactly 9 am and 2-3 pm, when.

Summer UV will hurt corneal cells, reducing vision

Ultraviolet summer will not only damage the skin, and causing skin photo aging damage to the eyes can not be underestimated. Once a long time a lot of contact with ultraviolet light, the eyes will be acute symptoms such as conjunctiva hypermedia, corneal cell injury, eye pain can also occur. Chronic symptoms appeared peculation or conjunctiva cells appear abnormal growth, wing-like membrane covering the eyeball piece, or even appear whitish crystalline lens and thus suffer from cataracts.

Wing-shaped sheet membrane appeared in more than 30 years of age, accompanied by the risk of blindness. Outset eyes congestion, sand gray eyes intense foreign body sensation, and then there will be astigmatism, surgery may be abnormal growth through conjunctiva cells removed. The peculation although no risk of blindness, but the children are susceptible, once suffering, it is hard to eliminate, the need to use antibiotics for treatment.

Prevent UV damage; the chosen Chanel Sunglasses Women are important

Want against UV damage, choose a UV sunglasses can weaken very important, but need to be noted that UV is not always from the front into the eyes, the eyes may also be from a variety of angles into the side. Into the eyes, after corneal refractive UV may be concentrated to the point, then ultraviolet UV eye damage may be just with the eyes 20 times.

Therefore, should also wear sunglasses when broad-brimmed hat, or optional rack ears at the wider, more like goggles as sunglasses, so as to more fully prevent ultraviolet light from all angles into the eyes, eye and corneal damage.

Of course, in addition to UV rays in summer, swimming is also to be noted that the prevention of viral conjunctivitis, once a serious condition may also hurt the corneal cells and exacerbate the pain. After a swim Rinse the eyes can not achieve good preventive effect, therefore, swimming wears Chanel Aviator Sunglasses are also important.
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Someone else's glasses untouchable!
Article publié le 17/07/2013
Shacks include myopia, hypertrophy and astigmatism. Myopia can be divided into simple myopic, compound myopic astigmatism, mixed astigmatism, and other circumstances. Thus, the refractive status of each person is not identical to the doctor or optometrist to according to their refractive status, subjective refraction (not dilated optometry) objective refraction (cyclopedia refraction), and then retest the mirror wearing glasses tablets, to test out a suitable Chanel Sunglasses.

If you just borrow someone Else's glasses to wear, because the number of different luminosity dare, which parallel light rays entering the eye, the focus does not fall on the retina, there is something to see. Even sometimes can barely see, but also can not be sustained over time will feel eye pain, eye swelling, discomfort. Not only not improve visual acuity, but will make myopia.

It is said that the two of us, like refraction, can borrow each Chanel Aviator Sunglasses it? Do not quite fit, because although two glasses, like myopia, but also consider everyone's papillary distance (two glasses slice distance), because the spectacle lens optical center (the central part of the lens) is the largest part of the refractive power, papillary distance is not the same, the distance between the optical center of the lens two eyes are not the same, likewise inappropriate to wear to go, a long time, there will be symptoms of visual fatigue.

Therefore, it is nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, make sure you go to the hospital or have experienced mid-rise optometry optometrist optometry, with right glasses and often wear, do not blindly by wearing someone Else's Chanel Sunglasses Women.
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Pair nice glasses
Article publié le 17/07/2013
A common classification according to the shape of the frame

1 Full Rim Frame: Full frame is more commonly used Chanel Sunglasses frame type, is characterized by strong, easy to shape, can cover a portion of the lens thickness.

2 Half Rim Frame: Half Frame is a very fine nylon yarn as part of the rim of the lens with a special grinding to grind the lower edge of the lower edge in a narrow ditch, ditch the nylon filament embedded form bottomless box design, characterized by light weight, gives a sense of light and chic, but also more secure.

3 rimless frames: Frames no lens ring, only the metal nose and metal temples, lenses and nose bridge and temples are directly connected by a screw fastening, generally on the lenses punch. No frame more compact than ordinary frames, chic, but generally somewhat less intensity compared with the full frame.

4 eyebrows frame: eyebrows frame and semi-rimless frames like Chanel Aviator Sunglasses, only a half block similar eyebrow ring wire, with a very fine nylon yarn for the next part of the frame edge, more fashionable styles.

5 Combination Frame: Combination frames at the front frame has two sets of lenses, one group may be on the turn, usually indoor and outdoor dual-use.

6 folding frame: Frame can be folded to four fold or 60%, mostly for reading mirror.

Second, the common frame Material

1 plastic frames: Its characteristics are: light weight, easy to allergies, more by the elderly, children's favorite, is now also the fashion crowd as Chanel Sunglasses Women or decorative mirror choice.

Currently plastic frames are mostly made of resin Larry acetate frame, namely the use of laminated plastic production, a thin layer of one color on another layer of thick plastic paste made of plastic, thick material more transparent (or transmittance) of the pigment, there is also produced three or more layers of plastic.
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Children wearing glasses myopia four recommendations
Article publié le 15/07/2013
From the eyes of normal development process, on 10 to 13 years old is the formation of myopia peak risk period for a child in the best eyes checked once every six months, according to the results, treatment decisions. So how to give children with Vice appropriate Chanel Sunglasses do? Ophthalmologist made four recommendations.

A child needs glasses cyclopedia refraction. Children see the blackboard, but not necessarily true myopia, pseudo myopia may be. Mid-rise optometry for children is to determine the true and false myopia key.

2, the lens safety is most important. Currently, the market used glasses glass sheet and the resin sheet has two kinds. Sheet glass degree of hardness quite is high, wear-resisting, but easy to burst, the price is low. Resin sheet has a light, non-friable, high security features, but the surface is easy to produce scratches. Usually children with Chanel Aviator Sunglasses resin sheet are better.

3. Mirror holder comfortable artistic proper attention to both. Frame with sheet metal frame and metal frame and other species. Plate frame lighter, pastel colors, are generally no nose pads, the child will not feel pressure nose. Metal frame for easy repair, nose and face can adjust the distance between the lenses, but easily deformed. Glasses for children, parents should also take into account the psychological needs of the child beauty. Children are generally selected plate frame majority.

4, the glasses must be equipped with accurate. Eye examination, standardized medical optometry, precision grinding lenses is fitting a qualified basic process of glasses. But in reality common to prescription glasses and inconsistent, astigmatic axis deviation, vertical deviation, papillary distance does not match the other phenomena, which will affect the children's vision correction.

Optician or hospital should choose a professional optical shop; Chanel Sunglasses Women in the delivery of comprehensive testing should be carried out before use, to prevent adverse consequences for children's eyes. In addition, children to develop good habits with the eyes, the most simple way is to reduce the burden on students' vision, increase in outdoor activity time, shorten close eye.
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