Did you wear sunglasses
Article publié le 15/07/2013
Slight Heat over, went to the hottest time of the year.

Open air car, the human body is comfortable, can still suffer eye. Outside the car strong sunlight glare affecting the vision did not say, over time, but also easy to make eye fatigue. So, prepare a suitable Chanel Sunglasses, avoid glare on the eyes, is necessary.

Wear lenses while driving, the selection is quite an art.

Best car wearing a polarize

By car it is best to wear polarized sunglasses. Because polarized sunglasses for UV blocking rate is very high, the eyes look bright even if a long time, but also fatigue. Meanwhile, it has no ordinary sunglasses filter out stray light, glare effect.

Remember when many families will use the blinds do? Sun light beam is adjusted to the same direction after entering the room, soft but not dazzling.

Polarized Sunglasses plays a similar role. "Effectively eliminate glare from all directions." Glasses Stadium Road store manager Yaqui Fang said.

Some car manufacturers have launched in recent years, the original sunglasses, it is this anti-UV, and anti-glare polarizes.

Need to be reminded that, if driving with a head-up display of some of the models, wearing polarized sunglasses, polarized light may be because "too place" and affect the normal reading display information or even see.

Tens of dollars is difficult to buy authentic polarize

Owners of small yellow two weeks ago after Fang Road, it takes 20 Yuan from the hands of itinerant vendors bought a Cheap Chanel Sunglasses, and stall boldly to ensure that there is anti-glare function. A few days ago, he put it out, you can not drive far out on the feeling of dizziness, had hastened to take off.

Determine whether the quality of a pair of sunglasses clearance, price is not the only criteria, but how many points can explain the problem. Ridiculously low prices, May in itself is difficult to guarantee the quality, not to mention that polarize.

"Generally speaking, the price is much lower than 100 Yuan, the basic will not be authentic polarize." Yuri Fang said.

In addition to price factors, the regular anti-UV sunglasses are marked on the packaging UV level (UV). UVA (ultraviolet wavelengths can be filtered in 320-420 NM), UVB (275-320 NM wavelength filter) and UV400 (filter wavelengths less than 400 NM), there is ultraviolet resistant.

"Wear polarize car look front windshield colorful rainbow appears below, what is the problem of car glass, membrane problems, or too poor to buy sunglasses?"

Owners Chang Kan this doubt, Yuri Fang can give explanation: In this case, most cars glass no problem, foil also true. Even wearing the big polarization in value ten thousand Chanel Aviator Sunglasses, front windshield glass still some places sometimes seemed spent. "This is a normal phenomenon. Domestic windshield appears relatively frequently, imported a little better."
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Quality requirements for frame glasses
Article publié le 02/07/2013
1 frame: To comply with "GB / T 14214 Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses Frames Standard"

2 glasses: To meet the "GB10810 standard glasses."

3 assembly precision requirements: optical center position error

3.1 glasses equipped with positioning accuracy of the circumference of the optical center of the radius of the probability of error of 0.5mm, rotation angle deviation of ± 3 °.

3.2 glasses equipped with optical center horizontal deviation (template horizontal symmetry tolerance) 2mm.

3.3 glasses equipped with optical center vertical difference between 1mm (less than 8.00D 0.5MM).

4 glasses equipped with right and left lenses vertex tolerance shall not be greater than the absolute value of the difference between 0.12D.

5 firmness requirements:

5.1 equipped Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lenses and lens ring, lens shape around the same.

5.2 equipped with optical lens assembly, no loose pieces ring gap <0.1 mm (Metal Full Rim Frame lock pick no significant gaps between blocks).

5.3 equipped with optical lens assembly, the lens frame by minimum pressure (stress detected).

6. Appearance requirements

6.1 equipped with optical assembly is completed the overall appearance of smooth lines to be processed, neat, symmetrical. No parts damaged, chipping lenses, frames twisted, surface damage.

About 6.2 glasses equipped with color lens material (side view), the surface reflection color, basically the same.

Cutting surface roughness of 6.3 should be less than 0.2.

7 - Safety requirements

7.1 There should be loaded into the glasses overall sharp protrusions and burrs.

7.2 perforated shelf protruding nail head should be kept short and should install protective cap.

7.3 Non-Full Frame-rimmed glasses, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses safety lens edge thickness should be greater than 2 mm.

7.4 glasses sharp edges should be chambered.

8. Shaping requirements

8.1 General requirements symmetrical, flat, open and close freely.
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You can also control the quality of glasses
Article publié le 02/07/2013
Factors influencing the quality of glasses are more complex, while consumption factors those themselves are more likely to be ignored. In fact, consumers understand some basics of optometrist, can maximize the positive role play to their subjective initiative, so as to tie in with the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses stores to ensure the smooth progress of optical quality, reduce as much as possible and avoid quality issues arise.

So as a consumer, eyeglasses, and what are the quality factors is that you can control it?
First, select frame

Select the frame, and PD are the primary factors considered in each frame on the elbow of mark, 52-14, digital, this refers to microscopic size and nose size, two figures add up, should be equal to your interplanetary distance. In General, both of these figures are greater than your pupil distance, when this requires optical shops in lens processing, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lens centers move according to standards set by the State, but due to the lens size limit, so frames are generally too large, too big, move the Center is not in place. Especially for consumers deeper degree, frame after lenses look thick, glasses, nose not only repression, it is very beautiful. Select frame, in addition to pupil distance, also taking into account the person's face shape, skin color, frame material and other factors, people with skin allergies, you should choose the plate rack, plastic rack, brushed or punch.

Of course, as consumers, after all, it is not possible to choose to frame a comprehensive knowledge of and, therefore, should accept reasonable guidance and recommended opticians store personnel.

B selecting lenses

Lenses are a core part of glasses. Currently market Sang using of glasses tablets all is optical lenses, besides, some lenses also has super thin, and increased through, and anti-UV, and anti-impact, features, super thin plating film lenses, tree ester lenses, are is currently market Sang comparison popular of Cheap Ray Bans Sun mirror lenses, looked can according to themselves of degrees, using of places, select meet themselves needs of lenses, regardless of you select what lenses, are to note view about lenses of packaging bag, bag Sang should has is standard requirements of Chinese identifies (as factory name , Addresses, telephones, vertex, etc) or else it will have some quality problems.
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Advantages and disadvantages of plastic lenses
Article publié le 01/07/2013
First, benefits:

1. Light weight.

2. harder: in case of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses lens crushed and debris not only less and less sharp, can minimize eye and facial injuries, which is on the market, billed as "safety lenses".

3. It can be dyed resin lenses easy to dye, can be paired with dress, popular moderate.

4. Trip UV: almost completely interrupting ultraviolet of wavelength 350mm, the effect is better than glass lenses.

5. Fog is strong: Plexiglas heat conductivity lower than the glass, not easy to fuzzy unknown phenomena caused by steam, hot water, even if fuzzy will soon subside.

6. to prevent dents: high low volume substances easy to create dents and spots on the glass, but when you meet Plexiglas, will automatically pop open, does not cause any traces on the surface of the lens.

7. Resin Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lens surface reflection is lower than ordinary glass, less glare.

8. Resin dual-lens no chromatic aberration, which is constructed from resin with double optical lenses whole, less so than fusion glass twin light color shade.

9. Plexiglas light transmission rate of up to 92%, 2% per cent higher than that of ordinary glass.

10. Plexiglas fighting a wide range of chemicals and solvents, almost all household solvents and chemicals to it will not affect or prejudice.

Second, the disadvantages:

1. Easy bruising: poor plastic lenses scratch-resistant than glass lenses, but could be dealt with through-hardened to improve, but the effect is limited.

2. Thickness of glass thickness: beauty is human nature, too thick lenses very unsightly, thick with the arduous path. Although greatly improved recently, but still thick glass lenses are many.

3. In framing is easy to deform: this is due to density of plastic Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lens glasses because of the low.

4. heat-resistance: Although the resins for some setting material, but once coated with multilayer film, multilayer film surface cracking phenomenon caused by high temperature.
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Maintenance of resin and film lenses
Article publié le 01/07/2013
After the resin coating on the surface of the lens, clarity and is important for eye protection blocks harmful UV rays and other functionality is greatly improved, especially for Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, due to regular wear and activities in an outdoor, coated lenses on the eye are the benefits of a normal lens cannot be compared. However, if you do not use and maintenance, the lens coating is corrosion of the surface scratches, with deeper, functionality and clarity gradually reduced, will affect the wearing effect. Therefore, maintenance of resin and film lenses should pay special attention to:

A, and plating film resin lenses except should avoid classified touch high temperature outside, also should avoid acid class range hood, erosion, as in everyday life in the best not wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses mirror Cook, especially ventilation bad range hood large Shirr; while also cannot wearing (with) mirror into (near) hot shower environment, usually temporary placed Shirr should will lenses convex-oriented Sang, carry carrying Shirr should will glasses into box within, not just into pocket in the or bag in the, as very easy make film layer scrapes;

Second, plated diaphragm to stain more easily, and difficult to clean, wipe with ordinary cloth, often just because fibers more stiff, could soon make the lens surface mesh scars. Most simple suitable of method is cold water washing: will glasses with tap water rushed pour Hour, hand holding with frame edge or pinch with beam Department, with another a only hand clean of thumb and index finger stained Sang in the alkaline SOAP or wash clean fine, posted with lenses on both sides gently rubbing wash, then with water rushed NET, again with cotton mass towel or tissue sucking water copies to (rubbing wash of efforts should soft moderate, due to some staff skin more rough or hand, and mirror stained has more rough dust grain is not rushed NET, too strongly also will mill hurt lenses) such lenses can easy wash have is clean and security. Usually in inconvenient to wash or when the lens is not very dirty, should use only the special dry lens cloth or lens paper wipe moderately. Proper use and maintenance, Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lenses when in good condition, keep your eyes in the best "protection".
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