Classification of eyeglass frames to understand
Article publié le 29/06/2013
A qualified Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses frames inseparable from the production of choice, but also inseparable from the proper assembly and calibration with paper frame from the introduction of the material, the type of spectacle frames start frames metrics are discussed, the choice of frames, and the final assembly of the glasses are discussed with the school.

Eyeglass frame material

Spectacle frames made materials can be divided into two categories: metal materials and non-metallic materials.

First, the metal material

1. Gold: This is a gold metal, its good ductility, almost no oxidation discoloration. Because pure gold (24K) is very soft, so use gold as eyeglass frames, they generally want to add silver, steel or other metals to increase strength and toughness. This gold alloy is also known as open (k) of gold, such as 18K, 14K, 12K, 10K and so on. The so-called open (K) gold, in gold and gold alloy refers to other metals in proportion to the number of open, i.e. the weight of gold expressed in multiples of twenty fourth, 24K pure gold, 18K gold content of 75%, and 12K gold content 50%. Now, open gold metal frame normally used for surface treatment material.

2 Platinum: This is a white metal, heavy and expensive, has a purity of 95% and their market contract gold.

Three copper alloys:

a. zinc white copper (copper-nickel-zinc alloy): a containing Cn64, Ni18, Zn18 ternary alloys, because processing (cutting, plating performance) good, can be used for processing Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses frames for all parts.

B. brass: a containing Cn63-65%, balance of Zn binary alloy, color yellow, the cutting processing is easy, the nose can be used for the core; the disadvantage is easy to change.

C. copper-nickel-zinc-tin alloy: a containing Cn62, Ni23, Zn13, Sn2 quaternary alloys. Since the elastic, electroplating properties, corrosion resistance, it can be used for processing small edge wire and printed symbol.

d. Bronze: a Can, Son alloy, Son-containing different proportions according to, and I into different alloys. As excellent flexibility, suitable for edge wire material, the disadvantage is poor corrosion resistance, processing difficulties, the price expensive school.

E. nickel-copper alloy: a Ni67, Cn28, Fe2, Mn1, Si2 alloys, corrosion resistance, poor flexibility, suitable for frames circle the body.

4. Stainless steel: a containing Fe, Cr, Ni alloys, good corrosion resistance, high elasticity, is used for the side supports and screws.

5 Aluminum: Aluminum is quite soft, and more generally of aluminum alloy. Aluminum light texture, good corrosion resistance, certain hardness, but also easily dyed various colors is a kind of promising materials.

6 Titanium: also known as space materials, is a light weight, excellent corrosion resistance lam. Has high hardness and elasticity, is now widely used in metal frame and surface treatment materials and Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Frame base material.
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Contact lens care don't forget "hidden" zones(2)
Article publié le 29/06/2013
"In fact, in our country, equipped with contact lenses is not very standardized, generally on the roadside Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses store can buy while in Europe and other developed countries, to buy contact lenses like buying prescription drugs, must be in be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. "Ophthalmologist said.

Regular replacement contact lenses, it seems that businesses often cry of the word, but it seems that many users are businesses in order to increase sales, but the trick, so often ignore it. As everyone knows, the human tear fluid contains large amounts of protein, contact lens wear after a certain time, it will tear the ingredients to form deposits on the lens, is the most common protein deposition film form. Soft lens material is an aqueous polymer, such as high water on the market today, ionization lenses, these lenses worn five hours (or less time), that is able to measure the protein uptake, measured after a few days of Lysol the amount of enzyme up to 1000mg. Usually the protein extracted from the lens is not denatured, if wear due to heat or ultra-long protein denigration occurs, the lens will become rough and blurred, resulting in decreased oxygen permeability lenses, corneal hypoxia, causing eye allergies and inflammation.

Young men in many smaller cities, sharing glasses are common. In particular some of the male students in the school, because rarely worn, but when used in playing other sports, I often take a long time without replacement. In fact, the lens is valid from the date of opening began, whether or everyday wear, all should require periodic replacement.

"Invisible" zone of three: hypertension were careful to wear contact lenses

According to eye experts, the initial use of contact lenses, unaccustomed, often there will be some early symptoms such as foreign body sensation, redness, irritation and tearing tear secretion increased, these are a normal phenomenon. However, after fully adapt contact lenses, again tearing, eye pain, they should be timely analysis of the reasons is because the dust caused by foreign objects entering the eye, or the eye itself, inflammation, injury, or scars on the lens, or pollution .

If you belong to the eye itself, as well as eye pain and other symptoms, you should immediately stop wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, and went to the hospital for medical examination. Note also that dryness is the most common long-term wear contact lenses feel. Long wearing glasses operate your computer or in the presence of air-conditioning room, the lens surface is particularly vulnerable to dry. Experts advise consumers: then can subconsciously more winks, prompting tears wetting lenses, lens care solution can also be re-flushed or placed in nursing fluid infiltration little longer wear or use resetting drops. But if the use of these methods can not relieve dryness, and even continue to increase, we must go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis if there is less tear secretion, dry eye condition, then by the doctors to decide whether to continue to use contact lenses.

In addition, after a certain time when the lens wear, the lenses will appear on different depth of the scars, the eyes will produce severe irritation, damage to the corneal surface, while bacteria and other microbes most likely to grow in the wound breakage. So experts emphasized: Once the wounds, contact lenses should stop using it immediately.

Severe dry eye syndrome, severe tracheotomy, eyelid closure insufficiency, acute and chronic, acute and chronic inflammation or other conjunctiva infection, and serious lens or vitreous body turbidity is not suitable for wearing contact lenses. In addition, eye specialist or special reminder: taboo users not only those patients with eye diseases. Suffering from acute and chronic sinusitis and severe diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen diseases, are using a corticosteroid drug, pregnancy and in patients with mental illness and other eye doctors think patients should not wear eyeglasses are also not suitable for wearing contact lenses.

Meanwhile, wearing stealth Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses on the environment have higher requirements: dust and smoke in the heavily polluted environment, or acid, alkali and volatile chemicals such as working environment is not suitable to wear.
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How about early detection of myopia?(2)
Article publié le 28/06/2013
Prevent the occurrence of myopia

The key is to reduce myopia prevention. Prevention of myopia is no reliable shortcuts, the key lies in developmental age period to cultivate good habits of wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses and the establishment of qualified environmental conditions. Specific measures have become commonplace, summarized in the following points:

1 To maintain adequate reading distance: reading distance should be maintained at 40 cm above the children now (especially in the later had some myopia) are accustomed to see things up close, when the distance is less than 30 cm, the eye is necessary to use 4D These adjustments can easily cause spasm of myopia to provide "convenience." Reading and writing posture is also very important, be sure to keep sitting, lying position and walking prohibits reading. Therefore, the production of school desks and chairs should meet the requirements.

2 moderate reading time: Continuing close reading consecutive time not more than 50 minutes, depending on age should also be given in the middle of a short break, wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses to the distant gaze. Arrangements for homework to be uniform do not focus.

3. Adequate light: learning to read can not dim the illumination can not be too strong and show off dazzling, school classrooms average daylight factor of not less than 1:6, the desktop than 50 lox minimum illumination lower grades than higher grades, for some specialized classrooms have higher requirements. Home lighting light should come from the left front, do not direct the eye to produce a uniform matte light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs as well.

4 targets to be clear: the font size and reading material degree of clear mission to meet the standards, the quality of the school board is mainly to maintain non-reflective black, chalk and blackboard board Sassafras will not be grayed out.

(5) Establish control agencies, put on Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses do regular inspection and timely guidance to correct. Prevention management approach adopted binning can learn.
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Contact lens care solution three know
Article publié le 28/06/2013
Sold on the market, the same solution components choose to focus on several points:

First, do not believe that antivirus better care solution, the better, is the best of all bacteria are killed. Good stealth Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses solution should be sought to sterilization while, do not damage the eyes of "ecological environment", the eye of the flora balance, as this may cause damage of corneal epithelial cells.

Second, don't assume much care solution called "rubbing" feature can really work. This nursing surface disinfection liquid can only complete glasses, and many hidden tear proteins the bacteria is killed off, so no matter how you rub, or gently rub back and forth in the same direction on both sides of the lens cleaning clean for 10 seconds or more. In addition, in order to prevent mold, contact lenses should also be in accordance with the proper lens cleaning procedures to reduce contamination of the lens. Before you wash and save your lenses with care solution, rinsing each on opposite sides of the lens for at least 5 seconds.

Third, many people believe that invisible Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses higher moisture, looked the more humid, but high water lenses in order to keep its own inherent moisture, will compete for limited water and cornea, easier than low water content lens causing dry eyes. High water lenses more tear protein adsorption, so the average service life is very short, so high water lenses on the market, is almost completely abandoned.

In addition, many eye doctors recommend using a solution containing turbine formula, as present in the tissues of the eye, tears of turbine and other body tissues (including bone, heart and brain), with antioxidant function, can ensure normal corneal tissue growth, and to effectively penetrate the cell surface, serve to strengthen the role of repair cells. By inhibiting the human body useful protein Lysol oxidation in tear and degeneration, and regulates the moisture content of the epithelial cells, reduce the occurrence of protein penetration, to maintain eye "ecological balance", so as to effectively reduce the invisible Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses worn by itchy eyes and even eyes stinging from happening.
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Do not contact lens keratitis-the eye health articles
Article publié le 27/06/2013
In fact, there are no men favors, not the most important. Aesthetics and convenience, is invisible swept the world Ray Ban Outletsunglasses important factor. Eyes are the window to the soul, the heart so soft, it's not soft window can do? Since so soft, we should take care of. Therefore, put the lens into the eye, no joke.

You choose the right contact lenses yet?

We used contact lenses, can be divided into three categories. These three lenses each have their own advantages, but also have various disadvantages inevitably. Only by understanding the characteristics of these three types of contact lenses in order to choose the most suitable for their own paragraph.

A rigid contact lenses (HCL), made of a high-purity plastic (PMMA), foreign body sensation when wearing glasses initially strong, normally takes 2 - 3 weeks to get the basic adaptation. Hypertrophy, myopia and astigmatism correction to some extent to good effect, use of care is simple, convenient, low cost, strong and durable, be used for 3 - 4 years or longer. Smaller than the cornea, a diameter of about 8.0 - 9.5mm, in order to make the patient comfortable wear, tear exchange to ensure the smooth progress, the need to make some effort in terms of design.

2 soft contacts Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses (SCL), the material is a hydrophobic synthetic polymer, based on the amount of water is divided into low water content (30%), the water (30% to 60%), high water (60%). High water content makes the lens soft, flexible, oxygen permeability is good, originally used when no obvious foreign body sensation. However, because it is a hydrous soft material, easily contaminated or moldy, it must be strictly sterilized. In addition, compared with rigid contact lenses, astigmatism correction of its poor, need to use a special tonic lenses, the age of 1 - 1.5 years. Wear comfort is the greatest characteristics. Lens larger (12.5 - 14.5 mm), comprehensive coverage of live cornea, dirt and dust entering the eye is not easy, not easy to shift, fall off, very suitable to wear when participating in sports activities.

3 permeability rigid contact lenses (RGP CL), with generally rigid contact lenses all the strengths (good optics, easy to use, etc.), but also has air permeability of the cornea less impact than ordinary hard lens material is soft, but using life is short, 2 - 3 years, some of the material is easy to tear adhesion proteins and other objects, in addition to daily routine cleaning, the need to deal with other special lotion. Initially it easier to adapt to wearing glasses, only 1 - 2 weeks. Average daily using a 12 - 16 hours, you can also take a long time under continuous wear. Picking mirror appears blurred vision, fog, as less easily used in conjunction with ordinary glasses, but also this Cheap Ray Bans lenses great strengths.
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