Sunglasses brand - Ray Ban
Article publié le 16/11/2013
Sunglasses brand in the market today is quite a mixed bag, some year’s old brand, while others are just out of the new beat. For our consumers, naturally, is like some of the older brands, reputation good sunglasses brand. However, one thing we have to realize: not necessarily one hundred percent good old brand. Because as market competition intensifies, some latecomers will more complete, more able to protect the eyes safety Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. But anyway, we are currently selling sunglasses brand in the country or have a rough idea of.


From brand creation date, Ray-Ban has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. Support this result is the Ray-Ban consistently high quality and elegant design. Busch & Loan optical technology innovation, making high-quality lenses Ray-Ban sunglasses has become one of the biggest selling points. Ray-Ban glasses to glass -based, strong shading effect, one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays. Now use the polarizing film technology makes the light to reduce the damage to the eyes of many. Ray Ban frame design and manufacturing is also good, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear. Ray-Ban glasses

over the years, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet growing range, and the formation of traditional, modern and future series of three styles. In addition , according to the different consumer objects , Ray-Ban sunglasses are divided into gentleman, lady , sports three types: type stable noble gentleman ; lady type casual elegant ; sport is full of sunshine .

Brand slogan

Timeless design, simple style and high quality style, Ray-Ban will undoubtedly become the brand through nearly 70 years after the important element is still enduring.

Material Features

Ray Ban Sunglasses was founded in the 1930s, the U.S. Air Force and prepared specially for high-altitude shelter violent light.

So Ray-Ban lenses are high-quality optical glass, gives you a number of exceptional advantages.

Extraordinary anti- ultraviolet function

Ray-Ban lens 100% UV protection features, full compliance with U.S. ANSIZ80.3, European EN1836 and Australia AS 1067 quality assurance standards.

Very visual clarity

Through precision manufacturing and polishing process, Ray-Ban lenses there is no deviation, does not lead to eye fatigue when worn Ray-Ban

Lens color will not fade, ensuring lasting for years.

In fact, I think describes a 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses, look at their brand slogan , and then understand their material, as well as security features would be sufficient. I hope this article will be helpful to you.
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How to better care for sunglasses
Article publié le 15/11/2013
With the arrival of summer, sunglasses have become an indispensable tool for our trip, not only block the sun can give us, but also to reflect the individual's temperament. However, using a process of sunglasses , it is also to note that many aspects of Ray Ban Outlet this will cause unnecessary damage sunglasses , such lens wear , scratches and the like problems, so that maintenance is also very important sunglasses , so we should pay attention to the maintenance of normal sunglasses . Here is share with you how to maintain sunglasses.

Daily life, it should be noted sunglasses clean work , if necessary, we can use the professional cleaner or rinse the net with a clean paper towel gently press suck up water droplets dry up , it is best not to remove the lens by hand or nail stain . Special Note: Using polarized lenses glasses can not use ultrasonic cleaning; otherwise it will destroy the polarizing effect;

Avoid placing hot sunglasses. 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses will be placed at a high temperature, the temperature is too high sunglasses may be deformed, especially plastic frame sunglasses almost no heat. Sunglasses will damage the overall appearance.

Also note that lenses do not hit a hard object, do not hand grease smear lenses, the lens with a clean cloth wipes, reducing lens wear.

Sunglasses should avoid contact with the chemical constituents of items. For example, like perfumes and insecticides containing the chemical composition of the class of things, to avoid the lens, frames produce chemical etching, in order to achieve better protection sunglasses role;

When the glasses are not applicable, as the glasses into the glasses case, use glasses cloth wrapped the glasses, lenses do not put down, into the box to avoid unnecessary damage to glasses, remember to intensive care oh.

When we travel habits in the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet hanging in the head, this is very true; this will lead to a bad pull hook. Do not wear should be carefully removed and placed in boxes folded glasses and mirror up to avoid the lens facing down.
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Precautions to buy polarized sunglasses
Article publié le 15/11/2013
Bring a pair of sunglasses in the summer , that is beautiful and stylish , more good eye protection , we must choose the tangle is plain mirror or polarize , Fang is here to share with you next buy polarized Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses knowledge . The market price from tens of dollars to a thousand dollars for a variety of polarized sunglasses price, always produce difficult to choose the confusion, in the end how to buy polarized sunglasses? For this problem, from five to introduce polarized sunglasses Selection Considerations

Primary consideration is the quality polarized sunglasses

The primary function of polarized sunglasses are UV and polarizing filters , a good polarized sunglasses lenses can block 90% of UV penetration , select with "UV400" best polarized sunglasses block UV light logo ; if not wearing UV-blocking and a polarizing filter function inferior polarized sunglasses , such as dark sunglasses , with dim light entering the eye , the pupil of the eye becomes large, the increase in ultraviolet rays entering the eye to increase the damage to the human eye .

Will there be long-term wear discomfort

Genuine comfortable to wear polarized sunglasses too ; if , after wearing discomfort , dizziness, headaches , dry eyes, tingling feeling bad , then please hurry off ; belong to poor or imitations of sunglasses in general will lead to dizziness, headache generally poor quality of the lens at the time of manufacture without technical and functional at all, the lens material is also very poor , poor choice of polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes , but will harm soar .

Choose to focus on watching the frame polarized sunglasses protective function

Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet protection functions in addition to UV , to avoid glare , glare filters and other basic functions, the most polarized sports sunglasses frames are attached to the surface curvature design, outdoor sports can effectively prevent wind and foreign objects on the eyes , another hard polarized lenses extent and degree of flexibility of the frame material should be considered whether they would harm the human body .

Selected depending on the material to be polarized sunglasses true nature

Polarized sunglasses color selection should be based on the color of the surrounding environment without distortion, sharp edges of objects, which can effectively identify the different color lights principle. Lens color to gray, brown, green is good, because these color lenses for infrared, ultraviolet absorption better, you can improve the visual contrast and clarity , or more serious air pollution in case of wear best effects fog .

Polarized sunglasses on the identification of good or bad quality

Usually , there will be regular optical shop testing 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses UV resistance sized instrument by instrument testing, you can know whether the target glasses in your hands . In addition, the test of good or bad quality sunglasses is easy : You can send money detector pen or UV Detector line, through the observation of Yuan on UV sunglasses logo design , if poor quality sunglasses , UV unobstructed , you can still clearly see ultraviolet flag pattern on the Yuan , on the contrary , such as quality, you will not see .
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Buy authentic ray-ban sunglasses
Article publié le 14/11/2013
Sunglasses are now in the role of the people's life has is not only a sunshade function of eye-care products, more often he was endowed with beauty dress up fashion sheet is tasted, fashion personality. With the improvement of people life taste, people pay more attention to some fashion design classic, well-made sunglasses brand. Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses with classical design, concise style, timeless style and excellent quality, complete the function of the block harmful light to become the best sunglasses brands, won numerous fashionable personage, the high grade personage to celebrities.

Ray-ban sunglasses is the classic of classics, has the attention of people, the fans all over the world. Ray-ban's official website just for ray-ban glasses products have the effect of an introduction propaganda and promotion, not directly involved in sales, so consumers in ray-ban website is can't buy ray-ban glasses.

2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses in some traditional store had dirty all the glasses website have sales in a timely manner. The traditional optical shop with glasses website sales price gap is very big still. As is known to all, the traditional optical shop is profiteering industry, and glasses website online store had break the traditional optical shop of profiteering, insist on low profits, a wide range of the operating principles of sales, so the ray-ban sunglasses price selling much cheaper than the entity shop online, some even only about half of the entity shop selling price, and online ray-ban sunglasses varieties more complete, more choice, believe that will make you gain more satisfactory shopping experience.

Perhaps some people worry that the question of whether glasses website authentic, actually want to choose the big glasses of the formal professional website, authenticity is guaranteed. Usually these professional regular glasses website general merchants with each big glasses have stable relations of cooperation, can through the brand manufacturer directly supply, reliable supply way is absolutely normal. And these are regular glasses website to earn credibility, no guarantee quality products quality goods is no long-term development prospects. No geographical and time limit and glasses website, brand variety, style complete, 24 hours a day to buy. Compared with the entity store had to buy Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet is much more convenient.
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Pay attention to matters of sunglasses purchase?
Article publié le 14/11/2013
Torching summer, the sun began to strengthen; the ultraviolet ray also will increase, for a variety of sunglasses to pair up. Various department stores in order to attract the attention of consumers, to launch all kinds of style, brand and price is different, the consumer is dazzling, so should pay attention to when buying sunglasses?

Good sunglasses can block the strong light and UV irradiation, the inferior sunglasses can cause unclear vision, object shape, eye fatigue, can even lead to cataracts, and so in this remind the broad masses of friends in a to pay attention to when choosing sunglasses. We wear sunglasses not only should have the function of decoration, more important is to protect the eye health, in our life a lot of people buy sunglasses only considering the style, color, very few people will consider the role of the lens. What problem should note to buy Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses? Today we please to see the guest glasses nets expert to introduce for us.

1, whether the lens with UV protection function: UV protection is the main purpose of wearing sunglasses, we also is the prime function of sunglasses, if wear the inferior sunglasses can't block ultraviolet light, into the eyes of ultraviolet rays more than when not wearing sunglasses, are more likely to lead to eye damage, after a long time can cause cataracts, there will be a sore eyes, corneal edema, corneal epithelium fall off wait for a symptom. General regular sunglasses are UV protection function, we can use instrument to inspect whether there is this function.

2, to choose what color of the lens: the lens color can affect the shading effect, should be depending on the required activities. Blue, green, grey sunglasses, such as observation of the object are not too tending to appear larger partial color phenomenon. So, don't hope to find to wear Sunglasses with is worn Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet in different two things awkward phenomenon, can consider the above a few kinds of color. Generally mirror the deeper the color shading effect is stronger, but that doesn't mean she UV protection ability is strong.

3, the design of the lens: this should choose according to individual face, general advice is: small eyes a select some picture frame sunglasses, big eyes to choose a big picture frame sunglasses, round face fat people wear bulky frame sunglasses, slender face for circular frame sunglasses, circular face up and down the appropriate chooses narrow rectangular frame sunglasses.

The experts remind you: it is best not to wear for a long time 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses, where the light is dark and don't wear Sunglasses, between the ages of 40 and older people and people with glaucoma also had better not to wear Sunglasses, in order to the health of our glasses these note you still need to focus on, we can't for a moment of beauty and health behind.
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