Laser vision of what more help after recovery
Article publié le 27/06/2013
TCM says kidney can support projects, here is several nay raising projects tea, in fact, eating is secondary, and the most important thing is to have a good rest! Laser corrective eye surgery will be done after particularly vulnerable to fatigue, so after you have to wear Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses pay attention to rest!

Mug bean barley soup

Green beans can be detoxification, diuretic swelling, barley can Jain pixie light I, workers often need to stay up late or agitated, dry mouth, constipation, acne, in addition to eat more vegetables fruits and add water, but the bean barley soup eaten as a snack, for refreshing Chuff very helpful.

Tofu Miss Soup

Miss is made from fermented soybeans, after study confirms Miss contains a special enzyme, can be excreted radiation within the body, therefore had received chemotherapy for cancer patients, or long-term use of computer people should Regular consumption. Soy itself contains many natural antioxidants that prevent aging, and soy contains falcon with estrogen similar to natural substances, for women, can be used as a good alternative to hormone; For vegetarians is also a good source of protein.

Green tea

Green tea is best known in recent years, the health drinks because it contains potent antioxidants catching and vitamin C, not only can eliminate free radicals, but also to the secretion of adrenal cortex against intense pressure hormones, of course, a small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system, boost the spirit. Best to avoid drinking during the day affect sleep. As evening wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses are not the same.

Wolf-berry tea

Wolf-berry is rich in β-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, with Began, kidney, eyesight role, because itself has a sweet taste, whether it is tea or eat snacks like raisins, when family of computer eye soreness, fatigue, vision problems have deepened great help.

Chrysanthemum tea

Liver eyesight role, some people will simply add wolf-berry chrysanthemum hot drink together, or chrysanthemum tea with honey is very helpful both in liver quiz stagnation.

Must Mengzi tea

Must Mengzi heat, eyesight, make up brain, the town of liver, the beneficial role of bones, if constipation can also be at dinner after dinner drink, very effective for the treatment of constipation?

Encomium tea

Role of encomium unfolds with blood and strong bones and muscles, often sedentary, low back pain is very helpful for both men and women can drink, if women can also be taken at the end of the period. Following a rainy day, we generally do not wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses.
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With an eye over how to choose healthy food
Article publié le 26/06/2013
The eyes are the visual organs; it can through the Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses receive light stimulation, so that the body can perceive an objective image of the object, color and movement. The main part of the eye is the eye; the eye is able to see objects because the eye cornea, aqueous humor, lens and vitreous transparent interstitial four parts of the external light turns image on the retina with the rules.

Stimulation of the retina can feel the light, because it contains two kinds of light-sensitive cells, which cone cells and rod cells under the action of light, photoreceptor cells occurs within a series of chemical changes, through which light energy into chemical changes can electricity, causing nerve impulses transmitted to the optic nerve and produce visual.

Medical eye of the object will be the ability to identify the fine shape, the minimum distance between two points that distinguish the ability is called vision.

Vision loss caused by a variety of reasons, they are:

① types of refractive errors, including hypertrophy, myopia, astigmatism;

② lens opacity, namely cataract;

③ corneal opacity;

④ vitreous capacities and bleeding; This is without wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses results.

⑤ optic nerve disorders, such as: optic atrophy. Optic neuritis, retro Bulgur neuritis, chronic glaucoma and toxic myopically;

⑥ cycle blindness, occasionally in severe uremia, retinal arteriosclerosis, mostly temporary;

⑦ choroid or retinal tumors and retinal detachment;

⑧ acute glaucoma;

⑨ acute critic;

⑩ eyeball internal bleeding. Among them, the most common myopia, myopia caused by many reasons, the learning environment is not good, reading and writing posture is not correct, reading time is too long, and physical weakness, anemia, endocrine disorders, fatigue, not wearing Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses and so and myopia about. Improve visual function is achieved by the above-mentioned aspects of health foods that cause myopia physiological mechanisms play a role in regulating and improving.
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Eye: forever bright eye exercises
Article publié le 26/06/2013
The eyes are the most important part, thin skin around the eyes in particular, require the most attentive care. Instead of using a variety of expensive eye cream, it is better to start from the basic eye movement, is the key to keeping eyes bright. Japan's famous beauty home Mocha Yoko created a set of simple eye contact action, which can relieve eye fatigue, but also the skin around the eye can exercise every day rest while wearing Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses exercises several times, is the best care for the eyes.

The first step: eliminate eye swelling

A gently close your eyes for three seconds.

2 make an effort to close the eye three seconds slightly. Must feel come into sight the periphery muscle to make an effort.

Three times the force of close your eyes. The power is not concentrated face, eye area just concentrated force.

State 4 for 3 5 seconds

5 to restore natural expression

Step two: prevention of wrinkles around the eyes

A gently close your eyes for three seconds.

2. Eyebrow Lift 5 seconds. Have a sense of eyebrows with some force, some driven by the upper eyelid movement, wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses with closed eyes.

3. for 2 of the state for five seconds, to focus consciousness.

4. To restore the natural expression.

The third step: the prevention of upper eyelid laxity

1. The Eyes eyebrow toward the queen 5 seconds.

2. State for 1 5 seconds.

3 Awareness concentrated under eyelids, lower eyelids forced open my eyes from bottom to top.

4. Maintains 3 condition 5 seconds.

5. To restore the natural state.

Step Four: Prevention drooping upper eyelid and lower eyelid laxity

A thumb and forefinger gently by pinching brow, with the other hand ring finger massage two eyes eye tail part of the transverse massage, not up and down. Massage for 5 seconds.

Two fingers down his eyes, pinched brow, and eyes firmly closed for 5 seconds. Awareness has been the face of the center, to the nose direction of force.

3. To restore the natural expression.

Step Five: prevention of lower eyelid laxity

An elongated lower part of the nose, chin stretched as much as possible, so that the eyes to the mountains, as in the expression.

2 to maintain a state of close your eyes, the eyes of the state remains unchanged, the lower jaw recovered.

3. To restore the natural expression.

Part VI: Prevention crows feet eyes

1. Pulls as far as possible the eye tall and slender. Wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses looks into the distance gesture in the direction from bottom to top, the entire stretch of the eye. Do not use your eyebrows and cheek muscles, but rather around the eye pressure.

2. Remains one of the states for five seconds

3. Restore the natural look.
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Kid blink frequently should be alert to inflammatory stimuli
Article publié le 25/06/2013
Blink allows normal tear film distributed in the surface of the eye, the cornea has a protective, avoiding the eye surface is dry, to prevent dust damage and other effects in normal wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses cases per minute blink 15 to 20 times, if too frequent Blink is a pathological phenomenon. Because the child frequent blinking common reasons are:

First, the inflammation is the most common cause of this may be bacteria, viruses, and other infections caused by Chlamydia, such as conjunctivitis, dermatitis, etc., as well as outside in addition to increased blinking eye redness, itching, increased secretions, tears and other symptoms. Bacterial inflammation caused by frequent blinking of treatment, available streptomycin eye drops or 0.1% cramping eye drops, eye 3 to 6 times a day, antibiotics such as erythrocyte ointment painted eyes, 1 night. In severe cases, can increase the number of eye drops to once every 1 to 2 hours. If the inflammation is caused by a virus, use of acyclovir or Deafen eye drops, eye once every 1 to 2 hours. Serious need systemic drug treatment.

Second, congenital entropic and trichina some of the children because of congenital eyelid (medically known as eyelid) inverted, so that the surface of the eye lashes lodging, stimulating the cornea cause tears. This situation can be found attentive parents. Treatment, the light can be averted eyelid gently to its normal position, attached with adhesive tape on the skin traction in the local fixed, as the children's physical development, Entries is expected to heal. Severe cases need surgical correction.

Third, children with ADD refers to certain parts of a child's body sudden, involuntary contraction of movement, such as blinking, wrinkled forehead, crooked mouth, shrug, etc., inattention and hyperactivity behavior change. Some of the children while making funny noises, and even curse, swearing, etc., this medicine called hyperactive child with Toilette syndrome. Based mainly on behavior modification therapy, parents need to help children with a doctor timely reminder of self-control, but it can not be too impatient, do not scold scolding the child, but need to gradually induce, persuade patience wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Fourth, eye fatigue, eye fatigue, such as winking, including refractive errors, especially hypertrophy, myopia, astigmatism caused by uncorrected visual fatigue caused by eye. This is a protective reflex, through continuous curvature of the eye blink can be adjusted, so that the visual clarity. This situation should be appropriate arrangements for the child's school life, should tell their children reading books and watching TV, computer time not too long, push their children to do eye exercises, if necessary, optometry glasses.

Fifth, nervous blink as disposable orbicular is muscle nerve fibers are stimulated frequently caused by contraction. Neurotic agents may also be used such as vitamin B1, B12, insane and other drugs.

Sixth, the habit of winking children because there have been some one of the leading causes of frequent blinking of history, through treatment, after removing the cause, still retains the habit of frequent blinking. Other children usually do not pay attention because, like imitating other people blink, resulting in a habit of frequent blinking. Parents should be alert to help children self-control.

In short, the reason causing the child more frequent blinking, the treatment is different; need experienced medical diagnosis and treatment. Once the parents found the child frequent blinking, you should consult a doctor wearing Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses to avoid exacerbation. As long as the timely detection and treatment, general treatment effects are better.
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Improve your eyesight with glasses says goodbye!
Article publié le 25/06/2013
A palm massage

Close your eyes and rest of this simple method is the foundation of the Bates Method. Dr. Bates This method is called "hand massage." Gently close your eyes, hands covering eyes, blocking any possible effects on the eye and the light pressure - palm gently on the lower part of the bone, fingers covering his forehead. Applications usually chosen when the palm massage sitting state, elbows should fulcrum can be placed on the table in front of a laptop or a thick mat. Then put on Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses.

Keeping a few minutes with eyes closed state. After practice and error you can find the most suitable for your time; generally more appropriate time for five minutes, four minutes is the shortest of the bottom line.

Such hand massage is continuously repeated 3 to 5 times, and to practice it as a daily basis.

Hand massage can be scattered without any fixed period of time to practice. Just a few minutes, it can help you keep an eye on spirits and mind relaxed.

2, eye Tanning: Let the sun Eyes

Eye solarium that is simply closed eyelids enjoy the sun. In this way, the retina will become increasingly adapt gradually increase the light, until the eye under normal light conditions can work efficiently. Warmth of the sun and the sun's rays as props for the treatment of eye health and relax your eyes also has a profound beneficial effect.

Please close your eyes and enjoy the beginning of the sun for half a minute, with the palm of your hand and gently massage until completely dissipated within view images, repeat 2 or 3 times. 2nd solarium times to add a little bit more time, and many times repeated an action every time a few weeks or a few months after reaching the maximum sunbathing repeated 20 times.

You can do according to their needs 2 or 3 times a day eye sunbathing. Putting on Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Nothing case of the sun, can be used instead of artificial light. Using common household light bulb type, or 100 watts silver mirror reflector spotlight.

The lamp placed at eye level with the height, select the appropriate distance, every once sunbathing closer than the last few inches of the lamp away until light irradiation on the eyelid and the sun roughly the same.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, when you sunbathe when, slowly swing your head, so that light can be evenly dispersed to each retina cells.

Like a hand massage as the eye can also be arbitrarily fragmented sunbathing time, as long as conditions permit and you have a few minutes to spare.

Tanning eye for daylight hours is particularly visual exercises. We should also give an opportunity to practice at night, especially if you often wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses in dim light work. Occasionally, you can try to turn on the light switch in the evening time delayed half an hour or longer.
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