After laser surgery considerations
Article publié le 24/06/2013
Postoperative medication: General will give eye drops or oral medication, must be in accordance with physician instructions to wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses.


Oral Medicine: two days, three times a day, three meals a day on a full stomach;

Eye drops: seven days, four times a day, three meals a day and before going to bed (two);

A mild steroid eye drops-b antibiotic eye drops.

Artificial tears: be sure to always use more than once, for about two weeks to a month.

Consultation hours: Please follow the doctor's orders, wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses back to the clinic on a regular basis (usually after surgery the next day, after one week, one month and three months after the time).


Within a week of the surgery, please wear protective goggles while out or your own sunglasses;

Within two weeks of the operation, to wear eye protection while sleeping, washing the face, shampoo without SOAP and water should be noted when entering the eye, not eye makeup; best to avoid vigorous exercise.

Within four weeks after the surgery, do not swim, do not rub eyes, apart from doctors directions, do not use other eye drops while avoiding shave moisturizer, Hairspray kind of shaping and spraying water ... , And so on.

Prior to post-operative Visual acuity does not recover fully, and avoid driving at night, this by its own decision.

If you have any discomfort after surgery, please wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses and hospital as soon as possible, and immediately back to the diagnostic check.
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Data required to service provided
Article publié le 24/06/2013
Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses with the required data: spherical power / SPH, astigmatism / CYL, astigmatism axial / AXIS, IPD / PD (there must have axial astigmatism, not only the degree of astigmatism and IPD can)

Standard eye degree format (example) - Note: You must be written sequentially left right

R (right): -500/125 * 180 (spherical power SPH / CYL * astigmatism axial AXIS)

L (left): -450/175 * 175 (spherical power SPH / CYL * astigmatism axial AXIS)

(Note: If you have astigmatism, there must be axial)

PD: 62 (IPD)

◎ Please nearest to the optometrist specialty hospitals, eye clinics, optician optometrist measured by the degree, and remember to obtain prescriptions.

◎ before optometry maintain adequate sleep and normal daily routine.

◎ eyes inflamed or use any eye solution or syrup who temporarily not optometry.

◎ If wearing contact lenses, please remove it before 30 minutes before optometry stealth Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

If you have the following situation occurs, please be sure to do further examination:

One in a dark environment, you often can not see clearly and bump into things;

(2) The ability to watch the distant landscape significantly worse;

3 do not see a double image or images;

4 feeling of light-sensitive than before, uncomfortable;

5 The image is blurred and accompanied by halo or rainbow projection;

6. easy to feel tired.

Regardless of whether you have the above characteristics, it is recommended that you have at least once a year Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses checks.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure and some may affect the eyes and vision of the disease but also to pay attention to more than ordinary circumstances.
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For astigmatism contact lenses fitting
Article publié le 23/06/2013
A ball of light recessive Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses for astigmatism correction

1, the spherical lens in the above-3.00DS corneal astigmatism-1.00DC or less, the light with a ball lens correction; because the ball surfaces within the optical lens have the same radius of the meridian, and the two main meridian corneal astigmatism different curvature, there must be a space to be filled with tears, forming - tear lens, make up the differences of the meridian of the cornea. Central thickness and elastic contact lenses correct astigmatism effect is good, and sometimes even can correct astigmatism 2.00DC.

2, for corneal astigmatism> 1.00DC and astigmatism <1/4 degree spherical, astigmatism can be 1/2 plus mirrors the ball, and then converted into contact lenses give wearers.

Namely: total DS = DS (formerly optometry ball luminosity) +1 / 2DC (formerly optometry astigmatism luminosity)

Example: The original optometry as:-8.00DS-2.00DC × 180 °
Then: Total DS = (-8.00) + (-1.00) = -9.00, translated into the contact lens prescription-8.00DS.

3, for corneal astigmatism> 1/4 spherical degree, for example: optometry as:-4.00DS-2.00DC × 180 is applied special soft contact lenses to correct astigmatism.

(Note: The ball of light invisible Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses can correct astigmatism, crystal soft contact lenses astigmatism required)

Second, astigmatism contact lens fitting

A, astigmatism soft contact lens design features: axial remained relatively stable - up and down movement may have a certain degree, but can not have a significant axial rotation, the comparison of different design methods design types thicker heavier type cutting edge up-down thinning type (gravity Stabilization Act) (truncate France) (Dynamic Stability Act) under the prism lens design principle of design, that is below the cut to the next part of the lens, the lens of the corresponding portion of the upper and lower side thicker heavier, with the lack of gravity prevents side portion fixed to the lower eyelid gradually thinning, the upper edge of the lower eyelid muscles rotate the lens to achieve the purpose of preventing rotational force of the advantages of the lens fixed axial astigmatism can be maintained at a relatively comfortable to wear lenses, no foreign body sensation; lens fixed position relative stability can move around with the eye, but can not rotate; average thickness reduction, high oxygen permeability is worldwide patented design flaws eye movements, the lens does not turn the eyelid with a significant foreign body moved; lower than the heavy, lower eyelid obvious foreign body sensation (TV Astigmatism lenses using the up and down thinning type)

2 Indications: rule astigmatism, Cheap Ray Bans degree rotating lens stabilization, lens rotation angle <± 20 degrees. "
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Selection and application of telescope
Article publié le 23/06/2013
You want to purchase telescopes for astronomical observation, in addition to knowing the performance of the telescope, to targeted purchase your own telescope, a choice and Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses is used, pay attention to the following issues.

1, the eyepieces should buy senior

Buy a telescope eyepiece should be equipped with 2-3. Universal telescope eyepiece is normally provided by a combination of two lenses Huygens eyepiece or it’s modified. That the use of very high objective lens, the observation is not very satisfactory. So, buy the eyepiece when, in the range of economic conditions permit, should be possible to buy the high level of the eyepiece.

The focal length of the eyepiece, 4mm, 6mm,, 7mm, 9mm,, 12.5mm,, 20mm,, 30mm, and other various models. In General, have lower circulating ratio, rate, and high rate of three types. Small-diameter telescope, should select low rate 20-40 times, 50-80 times magnification options, selection of high-rate 100-150 times.

2, Finder has a larger-diameter should be chosen for good

Small telescope magnification 5-12 times are generally finding satellite device, the actual field of view angle is 6-14 degrees. Star is good or bad for performance, greatly influences the telescope observation capacity. Diameter should be as large as some of the Finder, with 30-50mm as well. In addition, to the Finder, and cross have played a very important role. Buy telescope, you should carefully check whether finder scope cross-hairs attached devices.

3 to select, solid and sturdy tripod

Telescope optical performance is high, without a good supporting instrument tripod, its value will be greatly diminished. Just think, a little bit of wind on shaky legs how can play a good instrument performance. Because the telescope's field of vision is very small, especially when a high rate, with a little bit of vibration, would run out of sight of the image, so it is difficult to see the observation object. So, choose Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses at the same time you want to select a firm and sturdy tripod.

4, the Equator ceremonies, and latitude and longitude

Telescope bearing bracket-longitude and the Equator ceremony stand in two types. Tube can be turned horizontally and vertically-bracket called latitude and longitude. Tube around the polar axis (right ascension axis) rotation, while orbiting perpendicular to the polar axis (declination axis) rotation of the stand is called the Equator ceremonies, and their different talents.

Jingle bracket than the Equatorial ceremony strut has a simple structure, light, mobile and smart, tube to bottom and turning around freely, even if the person is not familiar with also makes it easy to use this water. A little trouble is, in order to track out of the view of the stars. Must continually make equipment from top to bottom and move around. To the observer, probably won't feel so free.

Advantages of the Equator ceremonies are. It can track the stars into view, because Cheap Ray Bans tube to rotate around the polar axis. And you can also install the stars in the night sky are like shooting the camera.

To the polar axis is on the Polaris. Even unskilled people, the operation will not be too difficult.
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Different constellations of glasses(2)
Article publié le 18/06/2013
And in the daily maintenance of the system selection, soil baby to use any kind of maintenance system, you can follow the instructions on the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses use the correct procedure is indeed done, but do not save money and buy cheap because of defective products.

Water signs elegant water signs - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, they are compassionate in their daily lives, they are very particular about the taste, and do not love the pursuit of brand-name only needs to choose their own things, to enjoy a leisurely life and warm. For the health conscious, comfortable, elegant water signs, because the permeability rate of disposable contact lenses, contact lenses more than the traditional high, why not choose it. In addition, the proposal should be ready to pay other spare contact lenses; you do not have to worry about dropping or losing the lens, can not maintain a beautiful and elegant image.

Radiant fire sign fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, self-confident, though often due to impatience and anger, but never hold a grudge, temper to go fast too fast. However, they limited express individuality, it is also often careless or easy to lose patience, a good move for such a popular children, engaged in a variety of outdoor activities, be sure to pay more with a ~ two spare disposable lenses, to prepare for Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses damaged or lost use, in addition, we must remember that in the outdoors with the sun glasses to prevent eye from UV damage;, especially during water activity, it is best to abandon the lens to avoid chemicals in water or brine deterioration caused by contact lenses or by bacterial infection.

Also, because they are the most trouble, so suitable for a simple maintenance method must be the first priority, in stealth Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, maintenance is not a good pair of three bottles of oxygen or the maintenance of the traditional system, which will make them restless children lose control, so you can use various functions in a mulch-effect maintenance solution.
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