Selected swim goggles
Article publié le 18/06/2013
First, to explain goggles there are several different classification methods:

One is plain and myopia of the points. This distinction Needless to say we all know, generally choose this Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses when there two same degree and two different degrees of the points. Divisions of because the two different number of degree processing process working procedure increase price corresponding high somewhat. When selected, if not exactly the right degree is best to lower a file.

The second is the game with the ordinary mirror of the points. The main difference is the size of the frame. Ordinary mirror normal circumstances relatively easy to use, the game mirrors the boxes smaller, if long time have an impact on the eye wear. It is best to use Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

The third is UV and non-UV of the points. The difference is that it is coating. If you added a UV coating is, without a non-UV coating. In the ordinary circumstances, evening is easiest to use does not add the coating. Because added coating evening visual effect bad somewhat.

These three distinctions are likely to occur in your choice of goggles on that section. So when you must find a good selection. I swim at night or day trips. If the night tour with a non-UV; Secondly I want to do long trips, the best choice if you want a long swim wide common type of Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses frame, if the game with a narrow selection of the frame; Finally, according to their own visual conditions choose whether the degree of myopia and myopic. If it is myopia, only the non-UV, but wide, narrow frame has, that is normal or mirror the game has.
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Raiders invisible sunglasses for summer wear
Article publié le 17/06/2013
Summary: the way people get information rely primarily on close reading, such as books, computers, television, radiation, pollution, stimulation of the various reflective materials at any time threaten the health of eyes, causes many of these health problems. The way people get information rely primarily on close reading, such as books, computers, television, radiation, pollution, stimulation of the various reflective materials at any time threaten the health of eyes, caused these health problems of a variety of reasons, among them, invisible Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses care solution is often the easiest part was ignored by consumers.


Without damaging the eye of "ecological environment"

Recently more than one to more than 600 contact lens wearer for the targets of the survey results showed that: there are quite a lot of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses wearer invisible and even higher-quality white-collar workers and college students, a general lack of eye-sight sense. 86% of respondents did not know "had a strong disinfectant effect of multifunctional care solution may result in corneal epithelial cell damage", 16% of respondents still mistakes include disinfection function as selecting care solution only.

Professor Zhou Sequin reminded everyone of the Tongue hospital, consumers not only at the level of attention to eye health, should pay even more attention to the importance of eye love eye. Good function of the contact lens care solution should be sought to sterilization while, without damaging the eye of "ecological environment".

Corneal epithelium is protection from infection of the cornea "wall". Since the vast majority of bacteria and fungi cannot penetrate the intact corneal health, corneal epithelial cells is the equivalent barrier against bacterial and fungal invasion. If violation of corneal epithelial cells (such as multipurpose contact lens care solution using acute dentifrices), the natural protective barrier could not perform its defense capabilities.

Although the function of the contact lens care solution to disinfect stealth Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, but it has almost no role of microorganisms in the eyes. Multipurpose care solution with strong disinfection capabilities has proved to be a relatively high toxicity, and may result in corneal epithelial cell damage. Therefore, on the issue of preventing various types of eye infections, optional all-around reaches the State food and Drug Administration (SODA) sterilized without damaging the integrity of the epithelial cells of the cornea while the standard multipurpose care solution.
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Some problems of reading glasses optometry
Article publié le 17/06/2013
At present, the correction of presbyopia is still wearing old glasses, borrowed power of convex lens in lieu of regulation, which used to work closer, moved to a distance of. But for now, many elderly people in wearing reading glasses when it randomly to the Mall and shop bought a pair are either in hospitals or blades audition wearing glasses shop, some even a family sharing a pair of reading glasses or reading glasses with others, thus the number of people wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses after the eye swelling headache fatigue symptoms, reading did not last, and so on. So enjoy reading glasses for the elderly should be accurate optometry, optometry should pay attention to the following issues:

1, reading glasses the eyes of older persons should first conduct a comprehensive inspection, including far Visual acuity, myopia, and refractive quality, funds, especially to observe the presence of cataract, glaucoma, and retinal diseases. Far vision in 1 above and near vision lower, only needs correction see near vision, if is because-patient has cataract hypertrophy force declined, correction Si near vision scale must to measurement of far vision for standard, as a bit cataract patients eyes vision for 0.6, no flex light not are, for its distribution reading glasses Si near vision to correction to 0.6 for good, such can prevent had straightening. If you have Rainbow Eyelash inflammation should be treated first, glaucoma, retinal diseases, to be in a stable condition and optometrist again.

2, presbyopia correction must first correct and adequate correction of the previous refractive, plus a certain amount of balls mirrors that basis, making it available with clear and comfortable vision. Enjoy mirror principles for original has hypertrophy who reading glasses of degrees for hypertrophy of degrees plus near with of degrees, has myopia who if presbyopia degrees and myopia degrees equal see near not needs wearing mirror, as ranging reading glasses of degrees for myopia of degrees and near with degrees of and, has height astigmatism who, due to see near Si two eye corneal outside Rotary, caused astigmatism axis of change, so be consider near with mirror Si astigmatism degrees of difference, in enjoy mirror Si should again test near with astigmatism degrees and axis bit. Also, optometry Si cannot only consider enjoy mirror who of economic situation or figure convenient conducive to select into mirror (currently glasses market reading glasses into mirror although price low but Hirohito from partial large, some depending on axis and optical Center inconsistent) and pursuit two eye enjoy equal diaper of glasses, should according to each only eye of presbyopia degree for inspection enjoy, even two eye diaper difference 0.25D, also should in enjoy mirror in the reflected out, such to make its wearing Sang real for of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

3, presbyopia correction must pay attention to the age and degree of regulation of the dispensing, age of the adjustment a little closer the different degrees of regulation are different, but also noted that the type of occupation of the glasses, eye habits and working distance, distance in optometry at the close of work pay special attention to, especially when the two eyes optometry to maintain the same distance. Also to note to enjoy reading glasses not should simple pursuit myopia force of clear degree, and should is wearing with comfortable, left has appropriate of regulation reserves, while adjustment good pupil distance, because reading glasses is with Cheap Ray Bans lenses help regulation, but read Si two eye within straight muscle still be shrink for convergence, such easy appeared depending on fatigue, so can appropriate through shortened (convex lens) or extended (concave lens) pupil distance to made basement to within of Prism effect, to effective prevent depending on fatigue.
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Frame textures(2)
Article publié le 15/06/2013
7) of aluminum-magnesium alloy frame: aluminum-magnesium alloy frame with titanium alloy frame lightweight characteristics, and the price is significantly lower than the titanium alloy frame; surface treatment of aluminum-magnesium alloy frame color than ordinary metal frame color, the color is fresh, people wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses back with sparkle, refreshed.

8) Pure titanium: other materials can't match light; Titanium is a super light-weight metal, elasticity, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

9) Open Gold: gold alloy material frame, since pure gold is soft, add silver, steel or other metals to increase strength and toughness. In General, the opening gold can be used as a surface treatment of metal materials.

10) Platinum: Platinum is a white metal, is heavy and expensive quality, purity of 95%.

2, non-metallic

Plastic materials: mainly acetate fibers Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses frames, different according to the production process, divided into plate rack, plastic rack.

1) Sheet metal frame, frames with cellulose acetate plates cutting and characteristics are not easy to burn, light, no discoloration due to external irradiation, easy deformation, beautiful and durable.

2) Injection molding, extrusion injection molding machine for cellulose particles.

3) Memory plastic frame: good flexibility, light weight, different from the ordinary plate rack, plastic rack and metal frames, arbitrary reverse, pull and not deformed, external forces can automatically return to the original shape when you get frustrated.

3, natural materials

Used for making Cheap Ray Bans Sun glasses with special wood, natural materials such as animal horns and tortoiseshell materials.
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Swimsuit purchase and maintenance
Article publié le 15/06/2013
If the water is not clean place to swim, water, bacteria can easily enter the eye; will have pink eye and other eye diseases. To prevent eye disease, need to wear swimming goggles for swimming. For people who are beginner swimmers, wearing Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses can also blinded to correct the problems in the water.

First, how to buy swimming goggles

1, the optical properties and medical standards

Most people in the matching eyeglasses or sunglasses orthopedic will, generally, to the center of carefully selected professional optician, glasses and more concern about the quality and brand. In fact, buy goggles should be more careful. Because water and air on the refractive index of the light is different, if uneven surface of the lens goggles in the water is like wearing a convex or concave lens, a long time can damage your eyes and affect vision.

2, comfort

Goggles should be designed to follow ergonomic principles, and effectively meet the human face, the head and around the eyes anatomy.

Current international popular goggles small because Westerners sunken eyes, small glasses fit into the eye socket, facial features are more suitable for Westerners. While Asians generally relatively flat face, wearing slightly larger goggles would be more comfortable, but the goggles are often not beautiful appearance.

3, timely and sex

Swimmers tend to have a similar embarrassing experience when smugly into the water, awaiting a fight with a friend level, they found that wearing nice goggles has been missing, or into a "necklace" linked to the neck or glasses leaking. In addition to the reasons for this result starting swimmer needs to improve the technology, the goggles themselves neat and smooth performance is also very important. The performance of the main decision is timely and goggles frame, whether the orbital goggles fit closely; nasal bridge length is appropriate; well as the flexibility and quality of the headband.

4, anti-fog performance

Because goggles surrounding water cooler, the air inside the goggles easily condenses into water on the inner wall, thus fog. So we still hope to be able to choose goggles when selecting an anti-fog performance as excellent Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Second, the use and maintenance of swimming goggles

Do not touch the lens with your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints, or let the grease from hands contaminated lenses. Since the inner contact with eyes goggle is part of the confined space, long wear easily lead to eye hypoxia. Therefore we advise you to use a half hour later, off goggles moment, your eyes replenish fresh air.

Goggles after each use dry cleaned with water and put goggles box. Use for some time, Cheap Ray Bans grease stains on the lens may condense available at this time neutral liquid detergent and rinse with water, then dry collection. Never goggles in sunlight or in a car trunk, radiators and other high-temperature environments. Because goggles mirror fogging agent due to high temperature or ultraviolet been ruined, fog shortened lifespan. Eye, nose bridge, headbands and other accessories as silicone or plastic raw materials, in order to avoid aging, but also should avoid high temperature environments.
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