You know you ski sport glasses with glasses
Article publié le 14/06/2013
Alpine ski goggles into the mirror, jumping mirror, Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses, from music mirror and so on. As the snow reflected sunlight is very powerful, with sliding in the cold stimulation of the eyes large, so you need ski goggles to protect the eyes of skiers.

Ski goggles should have the following features: first, to prevent the cold stimulation of the eyes; secondly, to prevent the UV on the eye burns; Third, since the mirror does not fog; fourth, after a fall ski goggles should not face harm.

According to the above requirements, you should try to choose the fully enclosed ski goggles, this ski goggles mirror similar in appearance, but do not put your nose buckle included. Frame made of soft plastic, can be close to the face to prevent air intake. Coated with anti-fog mirror from the hospital UV coating colored material, this material is very soft, hard twist and deform without fracture, in order to ensure that the mirror does not on the face by the impact damage. Also useful in the upper edge of the outer frame made of breathable foam vents to the facial skin hot exhaust scattered outside mirror, the mirror to ensure a good visual effects.

With the development of science and technology, skiing lenses also developed by a single bunk, never frost to frost, suitable for all weather conditions.

It should be noted that wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses skiers should choose the frame a little thick ski goggles for myopia can all hooded. Do people with poor eyesight ski wear contact lenses, contact lenses if after a fall off, possibility of looking back almost nonexistent.

You can judge the merits of sports glasses from both the quality and aesthetic look. Aesthetics with individual factors, then there is a certain quality standard. Mainly refers to the quality of sports glasses lens quality. Currently the world's universal standard for the U.S. Food and Drug Health Inspection Service standards.

One, according to the F . D . A standard lens transmittance in the protection, while Emily above to filter out the sun's ultraviolet rays, while 100% UV filtering, you should stick "UV a 400PROTCT10N" label, so check the lens The Up labels is very important.

Second, the lens does not have optical lenses have a "degree." Generally more than 15% if the diaper when worn will have the feeling of dizziness.

Third, the lens must have a high strength and impact resistance test by. Generally, sports glasses using a PC chip (commonly known as the space film) is not broken do not crack impact resistance.

Spring and autumn, choose lighter lenses, frame color and prudent exercise Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses; winter to brilliant color selection frame number. Winter frame shape slightly larger selection of sports glasses for wind.
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Not the blind pursuit of small frame
Article publié le 14/06/2013
Now more and more people like to wear a small frame Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, especially students with corrective glasses. With small frame glasses for some people, indeed beautiful, lightweight, but it also its drawbacks. Formerly blind pursuit of large frames, correction, frame the geometric center is larger than the pupil margin, equipped with glasses are often substandard, even if achieved by optical Center offset optical Center coincides with the center of the pupil, also because the frame is too large, resulting in glasses is too heavy, and nose and ears. Big frame correction now, people don't have much, and consumers thanks to the guidance of correct theory of quality improvement in this regard. Today, large frame glasses have decreased, and small frame glasses are gradually increasing, and there are trends in the wearing the smaller, then the frame is too small, OK?

As vision correction with glasses (myopia) has three main roles: one is used for vision correction, by wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses bring the vision to normal or near normal; the second is to protect the eye, the eye from injury, in particular certain harmful rays such as UV damage to the eyes; three are worn to be attractive, lighter in weight and wearing comfort. Through the correction of glasses to what end? I consider it necessary to make the patient's vision, sense of form, sense of space, vision, light sensitivity, color vision and other Visual functions to get the best play. Because the frame was too small, many harmful UV light does not pass directly into the eye of the lens. Everyone should know that now more and more why cataract patients, mainly that severely damaged the ozone layer of the atmosphere, ultraviolet light caused by too much gets in your eyes. At the same time, because the frame was too small, and must make clear vision in patients with relatively smaller, vision gets smaller, it could affect the normal function of comprehensive development, in particular children and adolescents.

In order to better protect our Innocent eyes – eyes, I recommend that consumers not to choose too small a frame, if the refraction of the eye is too high, in order to reduce the weight of the glasses, choose ultra thin glass or Plexiglas. I believe that as long as the consumer combined with their own face, optometrist professionals under the guidance will be able to enjoy a pair of moderate size, beautiful, comfortable and Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses frame.
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Rimless glasses fitted with several experiences
Article publié le 13/06/2013
Frames mirrors there are no frame limit vision and wide, beautiful, light weight, popular spectacles of all ages. Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses without the box after wearing it for some time, the ointment revealed--drilling screws are loose, wearing mirror service to always append--screws; stores also suffered intangible losses--the quality and prestige of the affected. In fact, this is a good question to solve, equipped with more attention on several points, can eliminate some misfortune.

1, the down side is attention.

Frames mirrors usually have two types, one is the outer face, namely metal mirror beam, mirror leg holes in the front surface of the lens; the other is photogenic, namely metal mirror beam, mirror leg holes on the back surface of the lens. Grinding forming of lenses in pour side Si to has focuses on, regardless of is outside photogenic also is within photogenic, first with Mark pen points good hit hole points bit, pour side Si, as long as will lenses and mirror frame, and mirror leg elbow full contact side more pour some to, range not over metal cover parts, other parts pour side Si, gently mill off some, to lenses edge not sharp for principles, not pour side too heavy, or will produced interference reflection light and effect beautiful.

2, when drilling pay attention.

After has focus on edges, apply mutates mutants to the punch point there is a shift, and then points a drilling points, better to use a drill. External camera when drilling, from the appearance-oriented Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses, slightly tilted so that the nut flat inner surface of contact lenses. Installation hole slightly when adjusted to achieve tight with box, screws have not loosened, photogenic from the inner surface of the lens in position to punch out, Ban Live to tilt. Some customers prefer to use a frame beam and microscopic legs, and then use b-frames, a combination of loading. We know that the manufacturers to design each of the glasses are from a holistic perspective, combination of two mirrors to increase the difficulty loading. To guarantee combination Hour losing beauty, enjoy loaded in the should first consider mirror Lain Kong bit, to ensure left, and right tablets upper of symmetric, and balance, mirror leg hole bit determines Si, put around leg closure pinch tight, will pile head hit hole Department bent to lenses Sang (within photogenic in lenses Xian), found balance is correct Hour, with Mark pen dining hole bit (due Assistant tie), hit hole to. Composite glasses equipped with more often, you can help customers design unique chip-type according to personal interest, always is a pretty good idea when equipped, and customer specific requirements are met.

3. Attention.

Select a nose screw lengths should be shorter than the Cheap Ray Bans within the lens surface. Camera should not be at the outer surface of the lens and gasket, resin sheet, resilient, four screws and nut after installation, mirror leg closure, observe following closure balance adjustment, do not rush to tighten and fine-tune the balance, then fastening nuts. This frames mirror three years not loose effectiveness.
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Careless eye allergies
Article publié le 13/06/2013
An allergy is that we are very "familiar" but not necessarily "to consider in detail," a noun. With industrial development and population density of centralization, so allergens floating in the air increases, increasingly allergic patients also will increase, wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses also increased, so "allergic" to become a very common in modern society health problems.

The so-called "allergy" is against foreign substances in the body that produces a hypersensitivity reaction. Some people (that is, people with allergies) easy allergic to certain substances, and allergic reactions can occur is because the body's immune system against foreign substances at the same time, secrete large amounts of enzymes and toxic substances, although secretion is designed to fight against foreign matter, but how many can have hurt on their cell, in severe cases, even cause disease.

Causes of eye allergies

For eye irritation, one of the most common is "seasonal allergic conjunctivitis", as the name suggests, this disease is associated with the season, flowers in full bloom season, an increase in the amount of pollen in the air, patients have allergies due to pollen and thus lead to disease. Another "year-round allergic conjunctivitis" in addition to pollen allergens may be pathogenic, excreta, animal dander and hair and other material floating in the air can cause eye allergies. Clinically, patients ' eyes may itch, small eyes, red, edema of the eyelids swell slightly to have, the patient may also be merged "allergic rhinitis".

Ways to treat eye allergies

First, avoid contact with allergens: Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses reduce the chance of allergic reactions.

Second, with drugs for symptoms treatments:

Mostly for drug treatment of symptoms caused by allergic reaction to elimination, immune response natural healing. For drug use will vary because of the severity of the allergy and acute and chronic. For acute or severe eye allergies, use steroids (for example: Along eye Fluctuation/Flare) short-term treatment, better after switching to anti-histamine agent (for example, Along Paternal eye drops factory) and mast cell stabilizers (for example: Along Alamo company or Cisco) more moderate, such as drug treatment.

Third, hypnotherapy (such as desensitization therapy): the aim is for the immune system itself, to prevent an excessive reaction.

For patients wearing invisible Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, also proposes to stop wearing contact lenses during the allergy, avoid further eye irritation.
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Lens care twelve strokes(2)
Article publié le 12/06/2013
6. Syrup also uses the term
Potion after unpacking, it is best to used or discarded within 4 months to get a new, so syrup gone bad. Physiological saline solution after you unpacks, because it contains no preservatives, using the term best practice not to exceed 1 month.

7. Worn before the invisible Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, the first rush of physiological salt water

Because the contact lens solution for chemical agents, direct readily cause irritation in the eyes, it is best to rinse with physiological saline after wearing.

8. Contact lenses may not be a long soaking in syrup

Long soaking will make potions lost the ability to disinfect, restore normal water, but become a breeding ground for bacteria. Usually 2 days later to replace the new soaking liquid, some potions can be sealed for a week, as the ingredients of the potion itself may be required. Wear must be renewed before disinfection and cleaning again.

9. Send semi-annual warranty

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses line is usually all the glasses together to clean, there is danger of infection. When individuals make routine cleaning and maintenance work, removal of protein on a regular basis every week, only return contact lens company warranty of six months at a time.

10. Hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems must be neutralized before use

Hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide disinfection system by the use of 3% (just like General trauma with hydrogen peroxide), be sure to use platinum loop or neutralized before they do not cause eye burns. Platinum loop vary depending on the usage and effects of decreasing, when we advise you to get a new potion, while replacing the platinum ring. In addition, discarded lenses of high moisture content, it is inappropriate to apply hydrogen peroxide disinfection system, otherwise the lens distortion.

11. Eyes are red, it is best to remove contact lenses

As long as redness, photo-phobia, eye tears do not apply, it is best to immediately remove contact lenses and go to the ophthalmologist check with contact lenses, find out where we went wrong. Contact lenses cornea is usually weak, most of the people are dragged to the blurred vision when attending to, and then vision has been affected by injury.

12. Save the regular replacement of contact lenses box

Every day should rinse clean and save the boxes and placed baskets Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lenses. In addition, weekly use hot water and neutral detergent to clean, dry, and saved about half a year-for-a-box. Best not to put it in the bathroom, because moist easy mold.
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