What is anti-radiation lens
Article publié le 12/06/2013
Anti-radiation lenses are coated on both sides of the spectacle lens can be radiation resistant metal compound can form a barrier on the surface of the lens, can be 100% of the reflected electromagnetic wave, plus nine of the original mulch-layer film is not reflective, anti-spent coating, stain resistant, waterproof coating, so that the lens does not produce static electricity and can be waterproof, stain, make
Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses lenses stay clean, not easy to have dust and dirt.

Anti-radiation lenses for eye protection functions:

Modern social life and work, can not avoid contact with computers, televisions and other electrical appliances, and a wide variety of electrical waves are generated, there is some damage to the human body, especially the eyes, on the one hand directly damage the eyes, on the other can easily cause eye fatigue resulting in decreased vision. Radiation Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses erected outside the lens in the eye line of defense, cut off from all kinds of electromagnetic radiation injury to the eye.

Anti-radiation lens Appearance:

The modern age anti-radiates the lens to have the blue color membrane, the green membrane, the decadent membrane, the purple membrane and so on.

Anti-radiation lens identification:

Now the regular Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses stores have professional equipment to identify whether the lens anti-radiation. Principle is the lens surface is coated with a metal compound may be conductive, so the current through the lenses have a weak anti-radiation function.
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Visual fatigue can cause stomach discomfort
Article publié le 11/06/2013
Miss Ming Fanny, who lives in the age of 30, to work along the haunch road, commuting, the time spent on the road adds up to more than 3 hours. To kill monotony of time along the way, Miss Ming every time you get in the car, or buy a newspaper magazine, or playing games. However, half a year, Miss Ming finds his vision has fallen, to a hospital optometry, Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses degrees and 100 degrees. Even worse is that due to countersink in the car game, again looking down work, Miss Ming finds his cervical spine problems, aches and sometimes have a terrible nausea, nausea, and headache. To the hospital for examination, gastrointestinal found no problem. The doctor told her; actually, she had all these symptoms and is caused by fatigue.

Hospital Chief Physician Lain Na noted that every entrance examination for senior high school entrance examination, and Eve appear depending on the fatigue of students would soar, their symptoms were mostly dominated by eye irritation, but some patients with severe, systemic symptoms can also occur. He said, depending on fatigue often appeared in excessive with eye yahoo, including some local and body of does not apply, as eye and orbital around of does not apply or pain sense, deserves Department of acid expansion sense, and fear light, and tears, and depending on property heavy shadow,, by eyes rest while, does not apply sense on will disappeared; serious of depending on fatigue even will caused nausea, and vomiting, and Vertigo, and complexion pale, and chest boring, and neck muscle tension, and shoulder sore, body symptoms, and often spirit stumbles, and SI sleep, and memory decrease, and insomnia, spirit symptoms. This frail, as well as more patients are particularly prone to disease. "It should be said; prone to fatigue is also a manifestation of physical health.”

Not suitable glasses eyes more vulnerable to fatigue

Lain Na said that because visual fatigue for many reasons, in addition to inappropriate eye, didn't have a Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, a certain eye diseases and systemic diseases are likely to become factors of Visual fatigue induced by.

Some long time, of time looking at Flash or dull, bright objects such as computer screens, such as, newspaper, magazine, or look at moving Visual target for a long time, such as on a bumpy road, and can cause visual fatigue. In addition, some have refractive eye itself occurs myopia, hypertrophy, astigmatism, or two degrees too far from, in this case, refuses to wear glasses or to wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses are prone to fatigue. Lain Na pointed out that, in this case, the body image projected onto the retina, which itself is a blur, but the brain will issue a directive requiring eye's ability to mobilize all can be mobilized, like automatic camera and keeps "to adjust the focal length." In order to see more clearly, eye culinary muscle, muscles around the eyes continually adjust naturally tired more easily than usual. Under normal circumstances, extra ocular muscle and eye muscles are balanced once the unbalanced situation, internal and external muscle contractions are not consistent, then, his eyes while looking at a Cup, the resulting biased images of each other, even tails, in the State of the visual clutter, the eyes are prone to fatigue.
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Meaning of coated lenses
Article publié le 11/06/2013
Either resin or glass lenses of its own transmission rate of only 91%, and will be part of the light is reflected back on both surfaces of the lens. The reflected light transmittance of the lens can reduce the interference image is formed in the retina to affect image quality and affect the appearance of the wearer. Such as Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses lenses appearance vortex obvious, photographic reflectors, see the wearer's eyes and so on. The coated lens is the use of optical thin film and vacuum technology, coated with a certain thickness of a single layer or mulch-layer optical film, so that the lens to get some new, originally did not have the excellent performance of the lens in order to improve the ability to reflect light, play increase or decrease the action of light through the lens to the light transmittance of 98%.

The plating layer mainly subs cultural, multilayer anti-reflection coating, fouling film.

The film's main role is to:
1) Add Durand: increase the lens surface hardness, making it more resistant to wear.

2) Anti-reflection coating: increase the lens transmittance of visible light and UV radiation performance.

3) anti-fouling membranes: Due anti-reflection coating technology needs, the greater the gap between membrane molecules, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lens surface is easy to filth, and stain-resistant membrane material molecular particles is small, the gap between small molecules, so that the lens surface is more smooth, adding water, fog, dust and so on pollution prevention and other functions.

Therefore lens coating after main advantages are:

Coating the surface of lenses can reduce the reflected light, visual clear, reduce the secular reflection light, increasing the light transmittance, but also solve the eyeglasses photographic light of the problem, but also to increase beauty. Coated glasses can prevent the ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray damage to eyesight. Coating wear glasses fatigue. On the screen before the staff's vision can be protected.

If an ordinary lens can see very clearly, you do not add film, if you want to add, you can add and subtract resin lens reflective film, you can also add the aura mater, and the glass lens is generally plus or minus reflective film.

Appearing on the market today coated lenses, are generally carried treated multilayer film, it has a variety of functions. See note at the time of purchase Cheap Ray Bans lens for details.
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Who should not wear sunglasses and lenses numbers mean
Article publié le 10/06/2013
Glaucoma patients: because of its water circulation, increased intramuscular pressure, optic atrophy, Visual field defects, leading to vision loss. If you wear sunglasses because light reduction, dilated pupils, increased water circulation in the eye, so that already has very high intramuscular pressure increased further, not only gets worse, increase the patient's pain, and may even cause blindness.

Retinitis patients: patients wearing Ray Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses exacerbate optic nerve conduction disorders, bad for rehabilitation.

Color blindness in patients with: full color blind wear sunglasses and not serious. Full color blindness are extremely rare, the vast majority is partial color blindness, its lack of discrimination of colors. If such patients wearing sunglasses makes color discrimination more difficult.

Patients with night blindness: the elderly suffering from night blindness, because of insufficient long-term intake of vitamin a, involved in the dark reaction in the body as the yellow Ade Hyde was not effective complement to, under the Dim light, patient's vision be affected and is not suitable for wearing sunglasses.

They represent Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses optical refractive index of the lens, the lens Center thickness under the same conditions, same degree lenses of the same material, high refractive index of more thin than the low refractive index of the lens edge; the higher the number, the lens thinner, higher prices.

An important parameter of the refractive index of the lens is a lens; plastic lenses generally have numbers such as 1.49, 1.56, 1.61, and 1.67. 1.49 lenses on the market today have been rare, and variety is not much, mainly is the predominance of older people to buy reading glasses. Within 500 degrees of myopia are usually selected for 1.56 refractive is better, this lens range features numerous, and the price is just right. If the people at more than 500 degrees of myopia to the need to take into account the thickness problem, so when buying a lens choice refractive index spherical or 1.56 1.61 refractive index of the lens is good.

Now there's Cheap Ray Bans, 1.71 resin lens.
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What is a spherical lenses
Article publié le 10/06/2013
Spherical lenses can be thought of as on the basis of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses with spherical lenses, optimally adjust the components of a sphere the Prism processing, making the lens more light, aberration is smaller.

Traditional spherical lenses and spherical lens comparison:

Traditional spherical lenses, lens not only thicker but lens distortion, deformation phenomena to see things happening around, known as aberrations. Observation through a spherical lens wearer, also apparently found his face deformation. Spherical lens Center thickness of lens and not only reduced edge thickness, thinner lens, eliminating all round aberration, to wear natural sight. Compared with conventional spherical lens, spherical lens surface on the front of the complex, is from the center of the lens has been bending the curve to the edge of the lens. Double spherical lenses, edges of the front surface of the lens in the lens gradually become flat; and for reducing non-spherical surface towards the edge of the lens become steeper. Not curved at the edges of the lens, to minimize poor image, image is very natural.

Refractive lenses in spherical design can make a high refractive index lens, flat and thin appearance, edges of the lens aberration to a minimum, make it view wider. Likewise -5.00DS, spherical lens is lighter than spherical lenses 26%. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lens surface is relatively flat, the outside world regardless of distance, are very natural and not deformed, will not feel tired for a long time.

Suitable for wearing non-spherical lens groups:

1, people wearing glasses for the first time;

2, persons of contact lenses and glasses worn interchangeably;

3, height, number of nearsighted persons;

4, height, number of members of the astigmatic;

5, for images that require higher requirements required people with Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses;

6 persons and, on the edge of vision requirements, such as drivers;

7, for natural persons and eyesight requirements, such as drawing designers;

8, members of the intensive use of the eyes for a long time, such as a computer operator;
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