Sunglasses feature analysis
Article publié le 07/06/2013
Sunglasses lenses to make are determined by staining. We want the users to have a correct understanding of it. Maybe you used Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses just want to reduce the strong sunlight, but did you know that in addition to the denial of strong light, you may also need additional protection we what?

Eyes, visible light are only a small part of the Sun's rays. We knew in high school physics class, radiation wavelength small gamma-ray, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible and infrared light, then there is a very wide range consisting of the long radio waves. Visible light, managed to keep the human eye can receive, so that humans can smooth surfaces reflect visible light, and see through objects such as trees, rocks, animals, etc.

Deciding factor is that anything that would cause harm to the human radiation must be absorbed by the body will cause injury. There is no absorption, it will not cause harm. For instance, radio waves can penetrate the human body, will not be absorbed by the human body, it would not cause any apparent harm. The other hand, the x-rays will be absorbed by some organizations, it is dangerous, but would need to lead as protective as well as involving them.

There are two kinds of rays, we under normal exposure to the eyes may cause some problems, they are the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). Both the rays are not visible until your eye skin felt some light while hot, be able to feel the presence of infrared. Same UV feel, we have to wait until it caused some harm will find that such as skin tanning or sunburn. On the physiology of these two different kinds of injuries resulting from radiation, ultraviolet (UV) damage is cumulative, and infrared (IR) is not.

Let us test the light will cause harm to your eyes. Ultraviolet (UV) was mostly absorbed by the cornea, some is absorbed by the water crystals, some may reach the retina. (Some research indicates that retinal oracular degeneration and the absorption of ultraviolet rays). Therefore, in accordance with rule: absorption = impact on any squeal occur mainly in the cornea and lens, can cause corneal surface injuries, their situation is more serious than other sun damage. This phenomenon sometimes appeared under the fluorescent lights don't have a long time reading Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, UV and neglect will also be reflected into the eye of the paper through, causing a painful experience.

Under prolonged exposure to UV can cause cataract lens development. Infra-red light (hot) was partly absorbed by the cornea. Absorbed by the lens, but some reach the retina. There is evidence that IR will be burned on the retina tissue. This is like watching an Eclipse of the Sun. When visible light is strongly when a lot of infra-red eyes and focused on the retina. As the length of time and brightness may be, such a situation may cause sunburn of the momentum, resulting in permanent loss of vision.

Before you think Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses may think that it is a popular product. But if you are going to spend the day visiting the seaside, one thing is you have to pay attention: strong sunlight on the beach. For example, if you do not have some glare protection would result in retinal photoreceptor pigments to lighten; as a result, you may be poor in night vision. This phenomenon, particularly in older people must bear in mind that protection even more must be done, because the ability to recover Visual sensitivity to light began to decrease after the age of about 40.
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Eye glasses pregnant Mommy love cheats(3)
Article publié le 06/06/2013
Invisible Cheap Ray Bans pregnancy wears Ray Ban Outlet glasses to be cautious

Contact lenses many issues during pregnancy. About 30% of pregnant women have to wear contact lenses problems, which the most important is:

? Wear contact lenses when dry, foreign body sensation (particularly hard contact lenses).

? Contact lens surface oil extent that increase (primarily mucus accumulation).

? Vision becomes clear.

? Wearing time shorter than usual and so on.

These problems with the tear layer changes during pregnancy, lack of eye surface moist, corneal thickness and curvature of a great relationship. So how do you avoid such injuries? Try the following practices:

? Choose from comfortable contact Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses.

? Properly clean contact lenses

? Pregnancy is not suitable for laser surgery to correct myopia

The doctor told, is not suitable for pregnant women often wear contact lenses, you should at least stop wearing three months of pregnancy, postpartum 6-8 weeks (preferably three months) and then re-wear. For non-pregnant women should not wear contact lenses, lens cleaning and maintenance should strictly do the work, or simply use daily disposable Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses, used to throw on the eye the most healthy. However, as long as the slightest discomfort or to treatment as soon as possible to find an ophthalmologist Never hold delay mentality in order to avoid irreparable regret.
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Eye glasses pregnant Mommy love cheats
Article publié le 06/06/2013
When childbirth would go all out for eye damage? Used to wear stealth Ray Ban Outlet Sun glasses can wear during pregnancy? …… Myopic mothers, if you would have the same concerns?

Many women wear contact lenses-all have had this experience: during pregnancy, the original perfect for wearing contact lenses, can become difficult to wear, and often feel uncomfortable and unable to wear for a long time, if not. Why has this changed?

We know that the human eye normally has a layer of tear film, covering the cornea (the transparent parts before black eyes) and conjunctiva (transparent parts before the whites); the tear film from the inside is divided into mucking layer, water and grease layer:

Mucking layer: the innermost, secreted by the conjunctiva Goblet cells, primary corneal epithelial cells by philippic becomes hydrophobic; water liquid level can be evenly distributed across the surface of the eyeball.

Water: in the middle-tier, by the lachrymal gland and accessory lachrymal gland secretion, comprise the bulk of the tear film, the main function to provide the smooth surface of the eyeball, supply oxygen, bactericidal effect of corneal epithelial cells and removal of metabolic products.

Oil: in the surface layer, secretion by the bohemian glands of the eyelid, the main function is to slow water evaporation of the liquid layer of surface tension and increase the tear film.

Impact of pregnancy on the eyes

Pregnancy will affect the quantity and quality of the tear film, about 80% pregnant women in late pregnancy tear secretion is reduced (mainly inadequate secretion of water liquid layer). And conjunctiva Goblet cells decrease under the influence of hormones during pregnancy, leads to reduced secretion of mucking layer, allows even distribution of tear film damage. Eyelid edema during pregnancy can lead to inflammation of the eyelid, undermine the secretion of oils, more evaporation makes water liquid in the tear film layer. Therefore, reduction of tear film quantity and quality of unstable and tends to "dry eye" symptoms that affect the wearing of contact lenses Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

During pregnancy, maternal it will be a lot of changes to provide the fetus of an appropriate environment for growth. These changes in body functions will also cause physiological effects to the eyes.

Average weight gain during pregnancy is about 11 per kg, and the body has stored about 6.5 liters of water. As a cornea containing 70% of water, so it is a former part of the eyeball part most affected by pregnancy moisture increases,Wear Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses.
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Natural remedies to help you take off your glasses
Article publié le 05/06/2013
Those of us who wear glasses should thank one person, while the vast majority of people wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses does not know him--Germany scientists Hermosillo (1821-1894), he made a theoretical explanation of Visual refractive, making possible the correction of myopia, hypertrophy, and help us solve a big problem. But today it was Hermosillo didn't notice, or didn't get a chance to study the problem, without optical correction of Visual refractive, say goodbye to glasses.

30-40 's of the last century, a Bates method popular in the West, a man named C.A. Hacker teacher Bates method in the treatment of myopia of 2,180 students, of which 75% people are uninterrupted and lasting progress has been made, 45% of these guys can totally take off your glasses. His theory would not say more, briefly explain the Bates method.

1, Palm massage: eyes and palms covered my eyes, completely blocking the light, let your eyes feel warm, comfortable feeling, remained five minutes three to five times a day. After some time you can take Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

2, a ruler game: starting from 15 cm square of myopia gradually lengthened eventually using the meter scale beside it. Hypertrophy is the reverse. Position the ruler edge up in between the eyes, a ruler on the nose, below the other side against the forehead. Hold a ruler under a ruler into a straight line, scaling vertically with the eyes. Then if the eyes focusing distance, ruler of the double images look like a tunnel with two edges, and the two edges of the same clarity. Divert attention to recover when the edge of the tunnel crossing.

3 blink: after Palm massage, every ten seconds frequency of blink 2-4 blink dozens of times.

4 breathe: observe spontaneous breathing, if you find when you focus on something inhibiting breathing, attention to restore normal breathing.

5, eyes shifting campaign: target move from clear not clear, move the eyeballs shifting campaign.

It is part of the Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, mainly for myopia.
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Eyewear production, measurement and how to choose frames(4)
Article publié le 05/06/2013
Frame function selected factors to consider two aspects:

(1) The control function of the lens frame

Choose Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses holder, it should take into account the interaction of the lens: the larger frame size, frame larger effective diameter, the greater the required minimum lens blank, cutting edges of the lens corresponding to the corresponding thicker, heavier . Therefore highly lenses and spherical lens that require small size, symmetrical, round or square frames, and a long frame is inappropriate meridian. The gradient mirror is necessary to have a suitable height of the frame, from the pupil center position to the bottom of the groove circle mirror vertical distance of at least 22 mm.
For a single optical lenses, especially non-spherical lens, select the frames should enable the wearer flat when viewed from a horizontal line in the center of the visual axis can be passed over. If the horizontal line passing through the point and the center distance and ante version 1 mm corresponds to 2 degrees to maintain the relationship, when wearing optical center should be located in the center horizontal line.

For highly astigmatic lenses, mirrors need to be considered the highest degree meridian direction. And +6.00 / -4.00 * 90 lenses will have to choose relatively wide and highly shallower frames.

(2) Wear purpose

Select the frame to consider when wearing glasses purposes. Some frames may be suitable for everyday wear, but for people, who have special requirements, may not be appropriate; while some frames are only suitable for certain environments wear.

3, wearing comfort

Also need to choose the right frame considered Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses wearing comfort. Factors affecting wearing comfort including frames and weight of the glasses, which depends not only on the weight frame materials, but also by the size of frames and lenses, thickness. Also frames fit case will affect wearing comfort, need to properly select, adjust the frames. Frame importance of wearing comfort can not be ignored, complaining of discomfort frames wear glasses people do not complain about vision problems than fewer people.

Four, considering

Frame aesthetics, functionality and spectacles frames and other frames selection criteria feeling often there is a conflict between, then you need to know which side is most important, and sometimes even several pairs of frames needed to solve different conflicts.

Of course, in addition to the above, but also on the quality of the frame itself, there is a certain understanding.
(A) Look at the surface: to select the surface clear, shiny, unblemished disease, scratches, bumps, corrosion, spelling and other problems mirror legs.

(2) See "ID": In addition to the regular manufacturers printed in the frame on the number, size, also printed on the grades.

(3) see modeling: the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses temple opened, flat, look in the mirror body and legs are angled mirror tilt frame is the same size, each part is symmetrical frame, metal frame with spring legs whether the same flexibility, various components working fine.
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