Eyewear production, measurement and how to choose frames(2)
Article publié le 04/06/2013
(2) The box method

Measurement of the box frame has been for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and recognized by all its Member States. As its name suggests, law is drawn in the box and lens (lens chamber) tangent to the circumscribed rectangle (box), for the corresponding frames are concerned, the circumscribed rectangle is also tangent to the Groove within the frame. Box of width equal to the width of frame mirror, referred to Ray Ban Outlet is also equal to the width of the lens.

Distance between the left and right boxes known as lens spacing (DBL), or width of the nose. Parallel to the top and bottom of the box as the center of the middle horizontal line (HCL), is a horizontal dividing line lens, equivalent to the baseline in the baseline method. Distance between the top line and bottom line of the box for the height of the frame. Two squares geometric center distance (GCD), also known as frame Center distance. Method of representation of the box for the 54-17,54mm mirror ring size, 17mm nose size.

(3) The required minimum diameter of the lens formula: D = (F-PD) R Where, D represents the minimum required diameter of the lens formula; PD represents IPD; R represents the maximum diameter of the lens ring; F represents the geometric center of the frame. The left leg is usually marked on the frame size, such as 54-17 or 54,17 words; which 54 represents the horizontal distance lens ring, 17 on behalf of the nose width in millimeters (mm), the sum of the two numbers is equal to the mirror frame from the geometric center, is required in order to accurately measure.
For example: are the left and right eye diaper myopic -3 . 25DS, interplanetary distance (PD) of 63 mm, measured from the geometric center of the frame (F) is 72 mm, the maximum diameter measuring frame (R) is 54 mm, the lens seek minimum diameter required for the formula (D). Solution: D = (F-PD) R, D = (72-63) 54 = 9 54 = 63 minimum required diameter of 18mm Lens 63 mm.

In addition, losses should edging, the lens edge thickness is not the same, the loss is not the same, the need to leave some allowance (e.g., 2 mm) so obtained is necessary to increase the lens diameter 2 mm. Find examples in the lens diameter 63 mm should be 65 mm, 63 mm made to ensure the horizontal distance optical center, in line with the IPD. Of course, according to refraction, optical center to allow a certain amount of level of tolerance, according to GBl3511-1999 equipped with optical quality standards, 3.25 D level of tolerance of the optical center is 4 mm.

2, other measurements

Mentioned above is about the measure of the frame geometry, which can calculate the lens size, shift the mind, etc., we introduce the following Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses and glasses on the measurement method.

(A) Total measurement temples

A) The total length mirror legs

Screw Leg length mirror and the mirror leg from the intersection of the horizontal axis, starting at the temples along the axis of the amount to the mirror legs trailing.

2) Mirror legs bend point total length

Mirror foot long curved point screw and temples are the intersection of the horizontal axis and the center of curvature (mirror foot bend axis) in length.

3) Frame Width

Dispensing triangular frame width is the distance between the inner substrate.

4) Tilt angle

Frames frame surface inclination angle is the angle the line of sight, is an important parameter, not only affects the appearance of wearing glasses, but also affect the wear function.

5) The outer angle mirror legs

Mirror legs and feet outside mirror angle is the angle between the surface box frames, the standard is 95 degrees.

6) Measuring nose

A. Positive angles (front view)

Positive angle frames and nose contact with lens ring parallel lines and the angle between the noses vertical.

B. horizontal (top-down view)

Horizontal angle is the frame with nose ring contacts and the lens parallel lines and the angle between the vertical noses.

Attachment: baseline measurement and comparison measurement box

According to the above definition of various metrics, Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses frame measurements obtained using these two different measurement results, the box method measured mirror ring size is often larger nose is shorter, unless the frame shape completely symmetrical. For example, two frame sizes are mirror ring 56, but the sheet-shaped base method to be larger than the box method, because the frame along the baseline measurement, the frame under the base line may prominent, and therefore block France marks when the lens is larger than the baseline method. And the geometric center of the box method appears eccentric, but actually just in the center of the box, but the base line bias.
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Principles of hyperopia glasses
Article publié le 04/06/2013
There hypertrophy patients with mild and moderate who, during adolescence because strong regulation, rare vision loss and visual fatigue symptoms. With age or declining health, with the ability to regulate Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses will decline; to a certain extent there will be visual fatigue, and some even near and far visual acuity loss. What exactly was given the degree of hypertrophy correction, which should take everyone's age, vision, and symptoms, adjust power, the balance of extra ocular muscle strength, physical fitness, mental health, habits and occupation.

Children under 7 years old, there are three. OOD about hypertrophy, is a normal physiological hypertrophy, with age, the eye axis is also accompanied by the development of the whole body gradually grow; hypertrophy was gradually reduced, and even developed to face, generally do not corrected. Hypertrophy is relatively high and there is Arabic’s, myopically should be corrected as soon as possible and often wearing glasses. Optometry examination must be in full paralysis of the culinary muscle with atropine, so adjust the disappearance of conditions. Internal Arabic’s should be done fully corrected, adhere to regular wear, must not be interrupted, leaving the collection to relax relaxed regulation. Children who can not recognize the vision chart, you can check the results of objective refraction minus 1. Make such a correction, the glasses are difficult to be accepted by children, wearing glasses should be preceded by atropine culinary muscle paralysis, wearing a medication every other day before the best times also maintain one week. So that it does not happen the culinary muscle spasm, and gradually adapt. After wearing glasses every 1 to 3 weeks later a second, visual acuity improved in order to observe its extent and degree of Arabic’s change the situation. If Arabic’s disappeared Arabic’s should be able to control and maintain a good binocular vision function in the case, lower diaper.

There were isotropic and decreased vision; although not high hypertrophy can just add mirrors to improve vision, but also can improve eyesight should definitely be given degree of hypertrophy correction. In short, the principle should be visual acuity improved to give the lowest degree of corrective lenses, to try to use regulation, thereby strengthening the collection of the eye, reducing mild to moderate hypertrophy. Bilateral myopically without Arabic’s, as fully corrected visual acuity difference of only 1 to 2 lines, can be implemented without cover; beyond three lines, all lines should be covered, or not fully covered.

Children should wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses 1 year optometry examination. If diaper reduces, replace the lens, so as not to be due to excessive hypertrophy artificial myopia. We have many years of children Arabic’s optometry inspection found that generally children isotropic patients, after wearing corrective lenses a year, and then atropine culinary muscle paralysis optometry, refraction has not decreased, but increased somewhat 0.25D ~ 0.50D, indicating that children hypertrophy due regulating force rich, not wearing corrective glasses ago, in order to obtain better vision over regulation, resulting in culinary muscle spasm, although continuous with atropine seven days, the regulation of culinary muscle force completely disappeared, through the rational use of corrective spectacles adjust quite a long time, in order to force the culinary muscle tension relaxed. School-age children and adolescents are subject to significant visual fatigue symptoms, such as chronic conjunctiva hypermedia, eye pain, headache, eye itching, eyelid spasms, Robyn, tired of learning or decreased vision, even if hypertrophy in 3.00D or less, also should be given to correction, normal vision, could wear while reading.

If normal distance vision, reading or doing other close work with symptoms should be given correction; usually not wearing glasses only for reading, doing close work wear; as far as there are symptoms, you need to always wearing glasses; principle to achieve the best vision of the highest diaper to give. Recessive hypertrophy part without correction, neurasthenia, poor health, regulation is weak or around the age of 35 who is reading the discretion to recessive hypertrophy correction is also 1/4 to 1/2.

Hypertrophy higher, except for children and adolescents due to tolerance and adaptability, can be used as a one-time correction, the other patient (not wearing low degree Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses who), due to the beginning of a corrective spectacles, right things like the magnification, the image distortion caused by spherical aberration and chromatic dispersion caused discomfort is unacceptable and should give the points, the initial height of its lens can stand corrected, let it adapt and then deepened.
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Glasses and makeup
Article publié le 03/06/2013
Metal material box and half a box of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses a perfect interpretation of the knowledge and temperament. Thin frame looks a bit gentle and delicate.

Under coarse box plates, regardless of style, color choice, highly decorated and stylish pet is most revealing personality!

Transparent, elegant rimless eye color to stylish design attracts owners of current. Most critical is, keep the face a four-week clearance, but it also set aside more decorated space, so as long as the match proper, both makeup and clothing colors or the style, to coordinate integration!

Judging from your eyebrow color, try to choose the frame color similar to have a sense of harmony! On the eyebrow, you want works with Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses frames on the edge, generally rendered somewhat parallel feeling! If the MM is thick eyebrow, wear plate rough box mirror, box sides will cover the eyebrows, eyebrow color should be strengthened, so as to highlight the brows.

Do not let your eyes shrink darker eye shadows range too large, in a simple sense of bright colored eye shadow to highlight the eyes are preferred. Frames glasses equipped with blue-green eye shadow are a good choice, highlighting the gentle fresh styling.

Lip color is depending on the frame color to decide (the lighter frame and match the lighter lipstick, frame in darker and vice avers). If is the sense of design and a sense of vision impact strong sheet of rough box Cheap Ray Bans glasses, lipstick and fresh pink matte lipstick subtle cosmetic lip best. While face shape, moon-shaped high nose and Chin prominent and who may deepest lip color; on the seeds, and his long and narrow width of people, lip color should be light.
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Glasses repair knowledge
Article publié le 03/06/2013
Glasses, because picking, cleaning, carrying and when placing the method, manner, location, and size of inappropriate, very susceptible to varying degrees of damage. If it is not repaired in time, Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses will feel uncomfortable when wearing beautiful, or even unusable. But repairs have a correct estimate.

1. Beyond repair. Badly damaged when there are no accessories and spare parts, not welded, not plated, you cannot fix.

2. Partial fix. If, after welding can be used, but the surface coating inevitable loss and discoloration. Sometimes after deformation correction can not completely eliminate traces of repair will leave traces (indentation, wear scar, etc.).

3. Fully repaired. Replacement screws, wire, nose care, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses, frames, and so on. Screws loose tighten and frame minor issues such as the restructuring of the deformation can be completely repaired.

4. After the repair, not only failed to fix, may further damage the glasses. No matter how good technology standard of repair personnel were able to avoid worse may become a reality. Sometimes glasses from the surface damage are not severe, and risk heavy, showed serious level only when the repairs: a fix bad. In order to reduce the risk, it is best to prevent glasses many times damage, deformation, protect glasses from a collision and extrusion, do not fix or repair non-professional personnel.

5. Prior to the professional repair, you may hear the repairman comments said: Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, deformed severely damaged, repair as possible may be damaged, not compensation, at your own risk. If you do not agree do not repair. Before protocols to avoid disputes, meet the requirements of industry association, and legitimate.
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Types and characteristics of the lenses
Article publié le 02/06/2013
Making optical Ray Ban Outlet lenses is a prerequisite: a. Constant refractive index lens materials; two. Lens processing can produce stress; three after adding functional treatment does not affect the optical properties; IV. Good workability.

The refractive lens of the light to be isotropic, the propagation of light in accordance with the law of refraction must, if subjected to external force or internal stress will produce uneven heating, thereby losing the isotropic nature of the incident light is generated when two Articles refracted ray, causing birefringence. Such lenses can not be used as optical lenses.

Types of lenses from the use of history can be divided into: natural crystal lenses; optical glass lenses; optical resin lenses. From the use of materials can be divided into: inorganic materials; organic materials.

1, the optical resin lenses

Is an organic material, the internal structure is a polymer chain, the coupling and a three-dimensional network structure, the molecular structure is relatively loose, the molecular chains to produce relative displacement between the space of light transmittance of 84% can be -90%.


A. Density Low: Due to the gap between the molecular chains, so the number of molecules per unit volume of less determines the resin Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses advantages: low specific gravity, light texture, is 1/3-1/2 glass lenses.

B. refractive index of the medium: Ordinary CR-39 ally glycol carbonate, a refractive index of 1.497-1.504, Shenyang glasses currently on the market the highest refractive index resin lenses Nikon Japan spherical refracting thin and hard coated rate of 1.67 resin lenses. Nikon Corporation of Japan will launch a 1.74 refractive index resin lenses.

C. lower than the glass surface hardness, easy to scratch hard objects, so the subject hardening process, the hardened material is silica, but the hardness must reach the hardness of the glass. So pay attention to the lens wearer needs maintenance.

D. flexible, because there are chains of organic molecules can produce displacement space reasons, the relative strength of glass 23-28 times. Determines the properties of the resin sheet another big - good impact resistance. Europe, USA, Japan, countries prohibit children under 16 to wear glass lenses.

E. Auxiliary function: can be added processed to obtain anti-harmful rays, discoloration and other functions.

F. Processing: excellent, you can travel all boxes, half-frame, rimless type of mulch-processing. Permeability can be dyed to Cheap Ray Bans lenses dyed personal favorite color.
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