Main parameters of plastic lenses and terminology(2)
Article publié le 30/05/2013
8, the anti-radiation properties: the lens by vapor deposition of a metal conductive material, so that a certain degree by the insulator into an electrical conductor, shielding of electromagnetic radiation. In recent years, anti-radiation lens coated lenses seems to have become the mainstream. Real life, we can use a millimeter radiation resistance of the lens to do a simple test. We can hit the highest millimeter electrical barrier, typically 10KΩ, the measured resistance value higher, Ray Ban Outlet radiation shielding lens worse.

9, specific gravity: the density of a material. The smaller the proportion of materials, we can produce more light lenses. Today, more and more light lenses favored by customers.

10, polarized: Polarized lenses can protect people from the harm reflected light can enhance the visual contrast outdoors, especially when driving, polarized lenses to decrease glare. We can see that most of the stain sunglasses polarized lenses are used.

11, other physical indicators: flame retardant, yellow index, anti-depression, such as discoloration.

We care about the quality of the lens while the lens design is also very concerned about. We not only require an optional optical quality, but also want to buy glasses unique design, add your own charm. Lens design mainly in the following aspects:

1), spherical lenses: the traditional spherical lenses inevitably exist in optically spherical aberration visual defects, rather than spherical lens base curve flatter, lighter weight, looks more natural and beautiful. In the case of high refraction, the glasses can be reduced distortion, for the high degree vision consumers select a non-spherical lens may be more appropriate.

2), asymmetric design: It is mainly for the special requirements of customers. In order to make a more comfortable binocular vision, the lens wearer may require looking at near objects and distant objects the same clear, which the lens design made a lot of requirements. Progressive film is short for progressive multiform lenses, progressive piece fitting must provide two of the prescriptions, then, designers use the lens up and down the width of the upper part of the lens is designed with far luminosity, under the lens designed to be used in nearly half of luminosity between the upper and lower part is designed as part of a continuous increase of light. Progressive film making from distance to near consumers can have a clear vision.

3), hard and soft design: the lens designer, define a new progressive film, usually there are two ways: ① in a short, rapidly progressive design, but this will accumulate a large number of the lens periphery distortion, forming rigid design. ② in a long, slow progressive design, the distortion spread throughout Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses, soft design form.

4), a variety of designs: single design of the lens, eye problems to deal with multiple somewhat beyond their grasp, such as presbyopia and myopia occur simultaneously. After many design of the lens can be adapted to different customer needs. To meet the different requirements of the wearer's vision to ensure that every customer can be worn comfortably.

5), polarized lenses: Polarized lenses designed to protect people from the harm of reflected light can enhance outdoor visual contrast. Especially when driving, polarized lenses can protect the wearer's eyes. Also, most of the stain polarized lenses are used in sunglasses.

6), multiform design: bifocal, progressive lens design Sancho and have one thing in common, namely the use of a small-scale works. However, the above three in the division of the spherical lens is somewhat different.

Bifocal lenses required mainly for hypertrophy, classic bifocal lens design, so the wearer can simultaneously view far and near, wide field of vision. It is for a long time at the near point workers have better effects, such as architects, accountants, artists and so on.

Trifocals lenses mainly for those who need a person in the distance vision, such as a computer or cash register often work in front of people.

Progressive multiform refractive lenses used to replace gradually progressive change in the degree of instantaneous way, this one design avoids "image jump" phenomenon. For example, in the supermarket, you can easily through progressive multiform lenses, carefully inspected the hands of the shopping list, but also can easily find on the shelf product that you want. But wearing progressive lenses multiform Cheap Ray Bans initial needs some training.
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What is ultra thin glasses and lenses?
Article publié le 30/05/2013
1, what are the glasses

So-called glasses, is worn on the person's head on the forehead and eyes, use to beautify a face, vision correction, eye protection tools. Ray Ban Outlet glasses (except contact lenses) are made up of lenses and frames.

2, glasses

Glasses that are essential for protecting eyes also can be used as an ornament of beauty.

Lens functions speaking; adjust the amount of light entering the eye, increased Visual acuity, eye protection safety and clinical effect of treatment of eye disease. Rabies in children caused by refractive errors and refractive patients accompanied by headache, after wearing glasses can be treated. Function of spectacle frames, unless its Lens Kit constitutes glasses put it in people's eyes up to a support role, it also has a beauty and ornament.

Emphasizes the modern pop, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses selection should take into account the individual's face shape, occupations, age, color, and more, make the lenses and overall harmony of temperament.

Lighter, thinner and more comfortable glasses, since glasses come out are glasses workers and customers ' efforts to pursue the goal.

Super thin lenses are lenses made with high refractive index material, under the same degree of refractive index, the higher its lenses are thinner. High refractive index material can be obtained by decreasing the curvature of the lens thinner concave mirror the same edge or center of thin convex lens.

Glass material is by joining heavy metal containing lead oxide, increasing density and improves the refractive index of the material; refractive index and specific gravity were positively correlated. Refractive index increase the weight of the lens also increased significantly. But under the same degree, the refractive index of glass than plastic lenses of refractive index higher.

Resin material is by altering the molecular structure of materials to improve the refractive index, as the refractive index increases, Cheap Ray Bans lens weight does not necessarily increase, some even less.
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Choosing sunglasses
Article publié le 29/05/2013
Summer sun glare, people always thinks of wearing sunglasses, in addition to sunscreen, but seems to have become handsome. According to newspaper reports said that the role of UV sunglasses and eye protection. Will UV on the eye harmful? Whether Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses to protect the eyes function?

Sunlight contains ultraviolet. The amount of UV light is harmless; excessive ultraviolet radiation, in addition to damage the skin, but also can cause eye damage. These injuries include; eyelid skin cancer, conjunctiva ytterbium, keratin, cataracts, oracular degeneration and retinitis.

Sunglasses shall be equipped with UV-resistant lenses will it be prevent UV damage functions of the eye. Sunglasses with color alone do not prevent UV damage.

How to prevent UV damage?

Prevent UV damage, in addition to umbrellas, wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen outside, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes but also to reduce UV damage of the weapon.

Over the past decade research has shown that prolonged work in the sun without proper eye protection (such as fishermen, farmers), will produce a wide range of eye diseases.

So ophthalmologist suggested a long period of exposure to the sun, particularly those living at high altitudes or near the equator of the people, should be worn to absorb ultraviolet Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses?

Sunglasses selected by first considering the lens material, color, size, and then consider the frame material, the size. The following offer some suggestions for your reference.

Lens Material:

1. Lens UV protection is the most important, absolutely the best UV protection. Lens flares reflection without distorting the image.

2 rough although not damage the eye's lens structure, but any flaws contained in the lens may distort the image, leaving the eyes work aggravate and cause blinking, tears, and even mild headache, dizziness.

3 shall be optical glass lens lenses or plastic lenses, and is subject to a shock-absorbing function, can withstand moderate degree of accidental impact without crushing.

4 special "light-sensitive lens" can automatically adjust the amount of light (dark outdoors, indoors the lens lighter), but the price is expensive.

5 plastic lenses preparation of Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lighter, but its surface is relatively soft, so vulnerable to wear and tear than glass lenses.
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How to choose glasses and inspection glasses
Article publié le 29/05/2013
Generally not professional people, for selection and acceptance of glasses a little confused, how to select Ray Ban Outlet glasses, glasses are eligible for acceptance, understanding and recognition from the following areas:

First, the frame material

Frame according to its material can be divided into three broad categories, such as metals, non-metals and natural materials. At present, the materials used to frame copper alloys, nickel alloys, titanium and precious metals in three main categories; of non-metal material mainly uses synthetic resin used to manufacture frames for raw materials. Natural materials used to make eyeglass frames with special wood, animal horns and tortoiseshell materials.

Frame of ordinary metal alloy, high nickel alloys, light titanium or titanium alloy metal frame, plastic injection molding plastics, sheet plastic, carbon and metal-plastic hybrid aircraft. Sea turtle, mainly made from handbill shell, generally can do frame tortoiseshell needed hundreds of years, it is characterized by light weight and very durable, not allergies and bright, amber, gold, Asia yellow, gray color, brown color, spot color, reddish brown, dark spot dark cloud eight. Sea Turtle has been listed as a protected animal in the country, rarely used, made of tortoiseshell frames, even higher values.

1) Main copper alloy metal, monk of high NI-CR-Al alloys, alloys, and shape memory alloys, stainless steel, karat gold, Platinum, etc.

2) Mainly of plastic materials are cellulose acetate frames, different according to the production process, divided into plate rack, plastic rack.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses frames of these different materials have different characteristics: base metal frame new, inexpensive, high nickel alloy metal frames with high elastic, but for some skin prone to allergies; titanium and carbon materials are lighter but prices; injection molded racks are cheap and fresh; plates no distortion, but more expensive.

Identify fake frames

Counterfeit frame has one of the best ways is to look at identity; formal frame is the frame on the size, type, color, and the brand's logo. 54 16135,54 for the horizontal dimension of the mirror, said popular box metrics, 16 nose width 135 mirror leg length (along the elbow from bolt hole up to the end of the entire size), Center distance between the base of the frame can be calculated, such as 54+16=70 mm Center distance between the baseline of the previous example.

Regular imports of Cheap Ray Bans are also marked on the frame legs.
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How to choose the right frame
Article publié le 28/05/2013
1, frame size

If your degree is high, the lens is relatively thick, in such a case, in General optometry will recommend to you Ray Ban Outlet in smaller size frames, which can reduce high diopter improvement around the deformed distortions brought about by the plague. No matter what your diopters, oversize frame lens edge causes a distortion of the situation will become more evident, and its shape is also not suitable with the face to achieve a good mix.

2, frame shapes

According to the box, common frame types are full, half frames, no frames, eyebrows, and combined. Avoid wearing with the frame of your face is too similar to avoid facial lines are overly stressed. No frames easily work with any skin color, face shape.

Usually face shapes are round, oval shaped, square, triangle, and so on. Face shape determines the shape of the frame. Look at your face and see where relatively high, and relatively flat. When you select a frame, you should be based on the face of the other way around. For example, the face is round may not fit with round glasses. However, different styles of frames, you may wish to try it. Maybe you can find your surprise.

3, suitable for your skin tone

Frame color choices and no fixed rules to follow, people color fall into two broad categories: with orange tones of warm and cold tones of blue tones.

Typically, people it is best to choose the color of the complexion lighter Cheap Ray Bans and mirror frames, with darker, heavier frame select color, for example: skin color than white can choose a soft pink, sea turtle shell color of silver or gold box, a slightly darker skin color you can choose red, black or tortoiseshell shell color.

4, bring your hair

If you have bangs, frame edge to avoid contact with your hair, if you are a curly, note that frame not too big box edge contact with the hair.

5, against the age-

Older frames should not choose cool colors, sheet metal or plastic frame the choice of purple, red, metal frames can be made of gold, silver, titanium color; young vibrant, fashion, frames with no restrictions on children should use light colored frame.

6, fashion

Before considering whether a popular trend that fits your need for glasses. Picture frame material with its price, brand name of the definition

Arising out of the use of the site, individual temperament, hair style and color, as well as the popular judgment, there will be differences, if a single pursuit of pop, fear of loss of personal style. And a perfect pair of glasses box can bring out personal best simply ignored the sound of glasses in order to fashion pursuit, also affect the comfort of wearing.

7, you can also prepare a few glasses

Many people now have glasses "reserves". For example, you can choose two Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, a pair of daily use, traditional style could be a low profile; another Deputy at the party or weekend use, you can think how cool is cool. More conservative style is the shape with your face shape is thin and bright metal side frames to match. Specially designed for you to loud and vice, you can select a flat plastic frame, or oddly shaped, shiny Polish metal frame.
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