Polarized sunglasses have what effect?
Article publié le 13/11/2013
In life we divides into the UV irradiation glasses sunglasses and polarize, Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses is our common acquaintance, used to keep out sunshine and ultraviolet (UV) light colored glasses, in nature, in addition to the sunlight and ultraviolet, reflected light can also through other Angle reflection of no specification, is commonly known as the "glare" of our life. All are not dazzling glare, refers to the light, is generally affect the visual light. The role of polarize is filter out the glare of sunglasses.

What is polarized? Polarization is a kind of function actually, not natural light in the initial polarization, it spread in all directions, but when its in a smooth, flat, such as water, snow, beach, the road surface reflection, light is broken into the vertical and horizontal wave. Vertical direction of the light is a useful light level in the direction of the light is bad for our eyes glare, polarized lens is to use colored silicon crystal coating arrangement in vertical direction, like the shutter will parallel light cover, so that glare don't into our eyes.

Then the polarized sunglasses with ordinary sunglasses what's the difference?

Ordinary 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses features: a qualified Sunglasses have the function of the shade, or reduce the dazzling light intensity, as long as there is a color of the object have this function, even if it is only a colored plastic, so no in this world colorless Sunglasses. Theory, isolate the ultraviolet ray to prevent ultraviolet ray, as long as it is an object can reduce the ultraviolet (UV) light, but do well there's a difference, good sunglasses with the lens surface membrane layer and add anti UV lens material particles (a) and sunscreen to further absorb ultraviolet light and then prevent ultraviolet ray into the pupil (because ultraviolet ray is the biggest external factors of cataract). There are hierarchical and sunscreen, sunglasses are made UV400, that is against the UV wavelength maximum (the biggest ultraviolet radiation to human body harm);

The function of polarized Sunglasses: with Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet + function of polarized light. Polarization, is to filter out glare, this from the Angle of the light emission to distinguish, glare, not all refers to the dazzling light, refers to the influence of visual light, harmless and harmful ultraviolet light is no relationship! Night lamps are harsh, it is light, not glare, looking directly at the sun at noon, it's light is not glare; When they go fishing, can't see fish float, because water reflex disorderly light, there will be any Angle that is glare, summer car or drive to see the road was a vast expanse of whiteness is glare, but to see when we get close to the road, it is because we changed the Angle, less glare nature, so to see!
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Polarized sunglasses have what effect?(2)
Article publié le 13/11/2013
Summer has just rained, the leaves are full of light, the sun because the leaves look not clear, and that is also a glare! Is more popular, "that thing can't see it clearly, because it's reflective"! So polarize use shutters principle, let the eyes can see down the shutters in the direction of the need to see the light, to filter out the squalid every Angle of the light, this can let vision clear, for example, when you see an object, next to a man take a mirror reflecting sunlight into your eyes, you may use hand to block out the light (of course this beam of light can't and you want to see objects in the same point of view, or you can not see the object), so you can see the object you want to see!

Because polarization Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses effect is very good, so the price is not cheap in the market, the general Wuhan, good will to thousands of Yuan, some illegal businessmen in order to obtain profits began to buy counterfeit polarize, in order to let everyone not cheated, so true and false of polarized sunglasses how to distinguish?

1. The polarization test card. The simplest method is to use polarization test card glasses to test whether there is polarization effect, general polarized glasses box will be accompanied by polarization test card, if it is not polarized test card can try the following method.

2. Screen test method. Combining periscope principle of polarized light and screen display principle, when by rotating the polarization of 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses watching screen, the screen will appear black screen phenomenon, which is composed of a single direction, and the polarize filter screen of light. And because the display screen can be seen everywhere, this also is to identify the most viable method of polarize.

Through the expert introduction of polarized sunglasses, everyone not unfamiliar, the polarized sunglasses should be in the summer if you want to better protect our glasses should choose a good pair of polarized sunglasses, polarized sunglasses representative products are: ray ban polarized sunglasses, one of the world's best-selling sunglasses brand is given priority to with optical glass lenses shading effect is extremely strong. Tyrannosaurus polarized lenses to add unique polarizing film, make the wearer to wear safety and view more clearly. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet USES the high quality of polarized lens is fishing, skiing, and riding essentials. Polarized sunglasses brand, of course, there are a lot of kinds, and you can choose according to their own eyes the reality of a pair of suits own polarized sunglasses.
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Types of lenses
Article publié le 11/11/2013
Light white film
Transmittance (transmittance) is higher, depending on the material clear and bright, cheap and suitable for students and those who long desk in the room wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Since the refractive index of limited degree than 5.00D, the lens is thicker.

Alex tablets
The most notable feature is a two-color affect, that under incandescent pale purple, pale green in fluorescent blue, depending on the material softer.

Cleaner tablets
Lens was light pink, beauty, strong, depending on the material softer.

Color film
In the ultraviolet (outdoor) irradiation darken, usually discolored color brown, gray, gray tea, avoid ultraviolet light, the color gradually returned to the level before discoloration. For commute farther or frequently work outdoors people, with 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses is an ideal.

Ultra-thin films
Increase the refractive index of the lens for high myopia , the lens edge thickness than the average refractive index of the thin edge of the lens , so that from the appearance to appearance more , but also expanded the scope of the selection frame . Thus, patients with high myopia with thin lenses are better, while the low degree of patients is obvious advantages.

Coated tablets
Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet coated lenses for various optical lenses in the multilayer coating, whose role is to increase transparency, better UV protection, depending on the material clear and bright, and is currently still more upscale lenses.
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Sunglasses and a variety of colors and features
Article publié le 08/11/2013
Sunglass lens type and color of their characteristics:

(1) Gray film: gray lenses can be balanced against any absorption chromatography, so watch the scene will darken, but will not have obvious color, show the real natural feeling.

(2) Tinted lenses: filter out a lot of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and clarity, or punished in the foggy air pollution case wear better. Generally able to block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part is Cheap Ray Bans ideal for the driver.

(3) Green lenses: the absorption of light at the same time, maximize the green light to reach the eye, so it is cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for people to use.

(4) Blue-gray lenses: gray lenses with similar lens with Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses a neutral, but darker, visible light absorption rate higher.

(5) Mercury lens: the lens surface using high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb more into the reflection of visible light, suitable for outdoor sports people.

(6) Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, these lenses are not sunglasses, because it almost does not reduce visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses to increase contrast and provide a more accurate video, it is also known night-vision goggles.

(7) Light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same decorative than practical lenses.

(8) Dark green lenses: absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but low light transmission and clarity, suitable for sun and wear, not wear when driving.

(9) Blue lenses: blue sea beach fun can Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet be in sun lenses, can effectively filter out the blue sea and sky reflected light blue. Driving should avoid using blue lenses, because it will make us a confusion traffic signal colors.
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New glasses discomfort because (a)
Article publié le 08/11/2013
Glasses are a special commodity, which is based on the primary purpose of improving eyesight, requiring clear after wearing and comfortable. But in the course of glasses, there is often some customers reflect, after wearing new glasses uncomfortable, always feel awkward, uncomfortable, with the original feeling is not the same as wearing glasses. Detect new glasses various technical indicators, such as the refractive error, the optical center horizontal and vertical difference between the deviation, axial deviation, etc., are in line with requirements. If we allow customers to adapt to days or even weeks to go back, maybe some people can accept, while others adapt to customers even in the period of time, still can not accept such a spectacle, this is why?

This phenomenon occurred in the non- first glasses humans. Old glasses in the process also to serve them "transform" their eyes, so that the eye is more or less “is not normal." Some people have been very old with looks quite comfortable glasses thinks refused updated because they have tried to update it difficult to adapt to the new glasses. In fact, compare the old and new glasses will be able to find out the status of the various differences in the crux.

First, the optical center of the horizontal distance and the size of the deviation Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet IPD

Under normal conditions, pitch deviations from the interpupillary distance as small as you can, so assembling scientific, wearing comfort. If patients with previous glasses optical Center horizontal deviation is large, higher degrees. The new mirrors based on standard PD optical center locations, is likely to feel unwell, such as dizziness, bent, left eye does not Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet see, when this diaper more reaction more apparent.

Therefore, the customer glasses, eyeglasses should be measured horizontal distance optical center and the deviation of the IPD size; calculate the corresponding prism at the size of the pupil, Cheap Ray Bans as with reference to the new mirror. For instance, a patient's pupil distance is 63mm, the original mirror right and left lenses are -4.00, the optical distance of 75mm.
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