Light colored sunglasses are good for health
Article publié le 28/05/2013
Outdoors in the summer wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses is also a kind of protection for the eyes. But eye experts emphasized that, be sure to wear sunglasses for qualified. A qualifying pair of sunglasses must block ultraviolet rays through, for different colors of traffic signals with good resolution, belong to the flat light and regular Sun glasses mirror, refraction in strictly controlled in 0.008 degrees Celsius.

Eye expert said, in the clinic, and she often wears sunglasses, tears, light affect patients. Most of them are stronghold sunglasses, and contrary to medical claims on light hues. In fact, the color of brown eyes, pale green, and so is useful.

Wearing color had deep of glasses will make eyes is darkroom environment, people of eyes in dark of environment Xian pupil will automatically expanded, pupil long-term expanded easy raised glaucoma, illness; inferior Sun mirror also will caused more UV through into eyes, easy caused sunlight sexual keratin, and corneal endothermic injury, and eye oracular color, disease; color more deep of glasses make eyes on color of tell capacity reduced, easy appeared color confusion, caused traffic accident.

Summer should wear sunglasses outdoors, but not all cases are suitable. In the absence of sunlight in cool, you can take the sunglasses off; let your eyes rest in natural light.

How to buy sunglasses

When you buy Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, lenses, it is important to note product hang tags, colors and UV index. Each formal qualified product through quality testing to prove that, at the time of purchase should allow businesses to produce the relevant proof. Sunglasses on the dog tag is the product of "identity," and indicates the origin of the glasses, also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether you purchase glasses is a sunglasses or a light microscope, is material of Plexiglas or something else ... ... This should not be ignored.

For UV protection would do well to purchase a light gray, light green, blue grey these real shading effects lens sunglasses, because they are relatively soft colors, does not change color when you look at nature. Sunglasses, UV index is an important standard to filter out UV rays effects. Currently the vast majority of sunglasses the UV index between 96-98%, dark lenses better than light lenses.

How to wear sunglasses

1. Normal, if not like mountaineers or people with special needs, preferably not long wearing sunglasses.

2. the average person now wears sunglasses, in addition to the protection function, also consider decorating function, but we cannot for a moment forget the beautiful one's own health.

3. Many people not picking sunglasses also from outdoor to indoor, it is bad practice, interior light intensity; there is no need to wear sunglasses.

4. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses cannot be worn for a long time, like eye fatigue, or continuous wearing in 30 minutes, it is best to take them off the eye for a change.

5. Crowd of over 40 years of age and of crowds has glaucoma are not suitable for wearing sunglasses.
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Maintenance of glasses
Article publié le 27/05/2013
Pick 1, glasses

Along the cheeks with both hands, hold the elbow parallel direction on both sides picked. If single-handed pick will break the wearing Ray Ban Outlet frame about balance, and cause deformation.

2, folding frame should start at the left

Most of the pictures are from left elbow started folding design, so if you pack the right elbow, it is easy to cause deformation of the frame.

3, the rotation method

If it is a temporary place glasses, set of glasses convex upward. If the convex glasses placed upside down, it will wear flowers lenses.

4, clean the lens

Exclusive use of cleaning wipe the lens cleaner is careful to wipe the mirror on one side of the hand holding the frame edges, gently wipe the lens. Avoid damage to frames or lenses strain too hard.

5, when a lens stained ash or dirt

Dry wipe easily spent grinding lenses, recommended rinse again with a tissue after you suck the moisture with special glasses cloth wipe dry. When the lens is dirty, suggested low levels of neutral detergent to clean, wipe dry and then rinse with clear water.

6, please use the glasses case

Do not wear Cheap Ray Bans glasses, spectacles cloth wrapped into a glasses case. Save time-avoid and repellent, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair gel, medicines and other corrosive contact, otherwise it would cause deterioration of lenses, mirrors, deterioration, discoloration.

7, glasses deformation

Frame deformation would burden the nose or ears, lenses are easy to lose. Plastic adjustment is recommended regularly at specialty stores.

8, does not use in steroid use

Strong impact has broken plastic lenses possible, easily lead to injury of eye and face, steroid use is not recommended.

9, do not use spent grinding lenses

Is not recommended to use the scratches, stains, cracks and other lenses, otherwise they will be in light-colored led to see things clearly, causing vision loss.

10 do not look directly at the Sun mirror

Lens color difference between the shade, and do not look directly at the Sun or intense light, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.

11, completely used to wear glasses to read the stuff after the drive and operate

The prism lens, just purchased glasses are difficult to grasp the sense of distance, not yet fully used before please do not drive and operate.

12, not at high temperatures (above 60C) long-term placement

High temperatures can easily lead to deformation or surface of the lens membrane layers are prone to cracks, do not put it in the cab front Windows exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

13, if the lenses get wet, please dry immediately

If natural, scale becomes a stain is difficult to wipe clean and we see things clearly.

14, wash sweat stain marks, cosmetics and dry

Sweat stain when Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses attached, juice, erupting agent (gum), cosmetics and so on, please immediately wash wipe. Not processed in a timely manner can cause stripping.
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Classification of the lens(2)
Article publié le 27/05/2013
5, trifocals lenses

For those who need vision in the distance a person [usually about from 18 inches to six feet], as far and near in general, the focus of the lens using three meet these needs, a computer or cash register those people who work, For this a vision in the distance with special needs, such lenses can satisfy his vision needs work.

These Ray Ban Outlet lens correction effect is also included multiple ranges, each one is different in different distances between the lens and the boundary is not obvious, the dividing line between these multiform lenses, you may need to close the place, before they can see or touch by hand can feel, but when the user is converted by near too far, the eye will still be a sudden change greatly felt.

6, progressive multiform lenses

A part of the diopter is not a very clear line, progressive multiform lenses used to replace gradually progressive refractive instantly change the way the degree that this one design avoids "image jump" phenomenon, as when you use bifocals or Sancho lenses, if you attempt to enter from far or from near to distant objects to observe Guy images will jump phenomenon, for example, in a supermarket, where you can easily through progressive multiform lenses, carefully look at your shopping list, but also can easily find on the shelf product that you want, first of all, wearing progressive multiform lenses require some initial training and Cheap Ray Bans adjusted to fit the frame header contains information on how to remain at an appropriate location to adapt to different target distances.

7, due to occupational required / special glasses

If necessary in order to work or hobby, you need to work in the near-point height above eye level, when using such lenses can be located near the top of glasses, it will be useful. With the normal of the bifocal lens is the same, the only difference is that the near bottom of the lens is reversed. This one glasses need professional people to understand your point of work nearly the exact distance and angle, as well as wear them must get professional guidance and assistance to get used to such a spectacle.

8, hybrid lenses

In the same piece with two lenses in spectacles, at the bottom, as a standard dual-lens, another piece is on top, for special purposes. For example, when a painter to paint the walls and ceilings, when the above design of double light Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses, you can have the painters see clearly the results of its work. Some of the myopia of sunglasses is now adopting complex lens designs.
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Measurement of the lens(2)
Article publié le 26/05/2013
LSWF of determines, find frame or meet the frame shape of has cutting lenses of Geometry Center, in baseline law in the that form points; measured collection Center to frame or lenses edge maximum distance; the distance of twice times that for minimum is not cutting Ray Ban Outlet lenses of diameter; in measured situation or lenses of baseline length; please minimum is not cutting lenses diameter and baseline length of poor, that for LSWF. The geometric center of the lens (m) maximum distance to the edge of the lens is 29mm, so 58mm that it’s required minimum diameter of the lens.

LSWF, will select the appropriate size of the raw footage cut when the lens needs to move, are particularly important. If one can purchase in each frame that the LSWF mirror frame, will enable us to cut the need to move the lens can make it easier to identify the required raw footage before the minimum specifications.

(D) The thickness of the lens: the lens thickness calipers available (thickness caliper) is measured.

Position the lens between JAWS j, the pointer p will move along the circular facet at a distance d, which indicates the lens thickness measurement, scale accurate to 0.1mm.

By the principle of similar triangles can be: distance d = the thickness of the lens scoop/CJ

Calipers are usually short and long arm design for 4:1, CP/CJ is 4, the thickness of the lens is d/4mm, the arc scale can determine.

(E) The lens diopter and axis: there are three methods that you can choose.

Meters 1, lenses (spherical) are:

According to the approximate formula for vertical in the sixth chapter, diopter is derived from:

F=s×2000(n-1)/y2 (16-1)

2000-(n-1)/y2 to the table is a constant. If the distance between two fixed probe the table is 20mm, lens shooting fold measurement rate of 1.523, this constant is:


(16-1): F=10.46xs

If Active Probe in the Middle when the measurements less than fixed-line measuring needle 1mm,Cheap Ray Bans lens measuring gauge reading will F=10.46x1=+10.46D; s 0.5mm higher, dial reading will be +5.23D. If the intermediate activities grow two stationary measuring-pins wiring the following measuring needle, the pointer will turn in the opposite direction, a negative reading. Lens meters can measure range ± 20.00D.

Approximate dip formula has been able to note lens meters principle, but in fact, lens meters scale calibration for the accurate dip formula. Styli are compressed when the intermediate activities 1mm, corrected scale practical as +10.37D instead of +10.46D.

Measuring ball mirror readings Si, will measure table measuring needle vertical placed Yule is measuring lenses concave, dang three root measuring needle are contact mirror Si, read out surface pointer indicates of readings, again measuring convex came another a readings, two number added of algebra and, that for lenses readings, absolute large of readings where-or + mark that said the lenses is negative lens or are lens.

When measuring lens, lens clockwise Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, one side (usually convex) pointer indicates that the readings are subject to change, the surface is the astigmatism. On the difference between the maximum and minimum scale readings for astigmatism, the radial direction is the minimum scale columns under axial. Measurement error of measurement, 6.00D lens 0.1D, 6.00D 0.25D. But measuring needle worn or when the probe is not perpendicular to the mirror, has a larger error. Should be taken to properly measure and standard flat-screen direct zero on a regular basis.
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Frame optional learning(2)
Article publié le 26/05/2013
1, watch popular styles

As consumer demand for personalized, Ray Ban Outlet glasses fashion features more and more people pay attention. Also, refer to the corresponding models to determine what materials to buy frames will be targeted.

2, the color depth of view

The glasses flat on the front, in the same light intensity were observed whether the color depth of the temples difference, and sometimes the mistakes due process, there will be around temples color asymmetry.

3, the process point of view details

The quality assurance process is the frame, while a process is sophisticated frame is often reflected in the details.

(1) Near the weld metal frames should pay more attention to see whether the cracks. Since the thermal effect during welding of the material stress structural change, or Weld, material fatigue, etc. make it prone to fracture when the force.

(2) Whether the formation of two mirror legs. The frame flat on a table, look at the contact point without floating. If there is one side higher than the case, it is necessary professional knowledge required to adjust the mirror legs, reaching about balance vertically symmetrical effect.

(3) To pay attention to both sides of the frame Stipples are symmetrical, fixed degree is safe.

(4) On the metal frame, available fingernails look to see the paint will not have scratches. On the plastic sheet Cheap Ray Bans frames, carefully observe whether the plastic particles on its surface, rough.

(5) To open and close the mirror legs, feeling elasticity. Generally considered tighter, the better view is wrong, and that means that the screw lubrication is not enough, is likely to cause damage to the temple, too loose is not good, it may screw not tightened due.
4, the material point of view true and false

Look trademarks identified material authenticity. Identify counterfeit frames are one of the best ways is to see frames, there is no logo, trademark is in compliance with trademark laws.

Look in the mirror on the legs or nose GP marked distinction between the professional level plating. Plating process is more complex, demanding, a rare metal plated each have a special recipe and a set of plating equipment, there may be a range of plating: gold, silver, chrome, nickel, copper, and titanium. Currently on the market are the most common titanium frames.

Meanwhile, there are provisions Frame Material: Because those manufacturers cannot use frames in contact with skin irritation and adverse material production frames. Whether metallic or non-metallic colors need to go through treatment, only frames on the market a variety of colors. Therefore, we buy Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, once found will be more weird smell in mind.
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