Frame selection
Article publié le 25/05/2013
"The decisions you need glasses frame material was"

Ray Ban Outlet glasses frame materials are made from common metal alloy, high nickel alloy metal frame, metal frame, lightweight titanium or titanium alloy injection molding plastics, sheet plastic, carbon and metal-plastic hybrid aircraft. These frames have different characteristics of different materials: metal hip new, cheap, high-nickel alloy metal frames with high elastic, but allergic to some people's skin is easy to produce; titanium and carbon frame is light but expensive; injection molded racks are cheap and fresh; plates are resistant to warping but more expensive.

"Decision frame style"

Cheap Ray Bans glasses frame of style range, form vary, from overall to points has full box, and half box and no box three class, shape has pear shaped, and drops shaped, and oval, and egg shaped, and rectangular short square that polygon,, select mirror frame style Si can and themselves of face tie Hour by produced of Visual effect is comfortable for principles, dang enjoy gradient more focus mirror Si, should not be selection drops shaped or partial square mirror frame.

"The quality of frames"

For quality frames, general consumers can observe the coating finish, finish of the solder parts, frame symmetrical, nose, straight appearance. In General, better quality, frame rate is also relatively high, if Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses frames are brands of clothing, then prices are often higher.
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Nearsighted glasses tips
Article publié le 25/05/2013
Short sight a true, false,-. Because of their strong regulation, prone to false myopia, a few adults in false myopia may also occur. False, when attention to the work more evenly and eye health eye, insisting on doing eye exercises, combined with drug therapy, do not need to wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Although to achieve a 4.00D, or mirror, only adheres to the eye a few days without rest to recover. Only true myopia was wearing corrective glasses to improve vision.

Myopia is without or with less regulation, regulated less than a collection, after when wearing corrective glasses, whether viewed from near and far to use regulator, and adjust the relationship between collection and separately to be returned to normal or near normal joint used. Some myopic patients since the past without adjustment, after wearing corrective glasses, abrupt adjustment and regulation and the new normal or near-normal relations collection, often don't fit even eye fatigue.

Myopia correction, in principle, to achieve the best visual acuity minimum diopter gave prescription. For example: a 1.25D, one 1.50D, one 1.75D, can make the vision correction of 1.5, when a 1.25D to give. Because diopter myopia often feel deep Cheap Ray Bans diopter lens than light lenses seem clear. If negligence is easily corrected salvation, salvation is commonly adjusted compensate, resulting into a human myopia hypertrophy, inevitable mulch-adjustable, so that over-regulation, the relationship is less than a collection of collections larger than inverted, causing eye fatigue, lack even can contribute to the development of myopia.

Myopia 12. 00D can be completely correct, 12. 25D~ 14. 00D can reduce, as appropriate, 10. 25D 14. 25D~ 16. 00D where appropriate, down 0. 25D~0. 5 d, 16. 25D~ 110. 00D where appropriate, down 10. 50~ 11. 00D, 110. ROOD more the discretion to reduce 11. 00D 12. 00D。 According to patients tolerance capacity points 2~3 times given prescription, every time apart 3-6 months, last once given full correction prescription Si, should please patients eyes with see vision table, in not effect patients with far vision of requirements Xian, eyes while minus appropriate diopter, such both can exercise biliary muscle of regulation features, and can make regulation features and collection relationship gradually change to normal relationship, to reached adaptation. Children under 15 years old, its tolerance and resiliency are strong, could be considered.

General principles are: mild myopia can be fully corrected at once. Moderate myopia can reduce it, two corrections, General map lenses for the lowest degrees to achieve the best visual acuity, prevent excessive correction. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for the first time to reduce the number of adults, reduced to wearing a head not heave out, easy to walk as well. When wearing a full correction of high myopia lenses, as appropriate to reduce one-third, persons over the age of 45 as close to subtract the old number, featuring two exclusive mirrors.
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Choose frames according to face
Article publié le 24/05/2013
Now, the frame is a part of fashion and no longer just a medical apparatus. Wear Ray Ban Outlet glasses is to frame can play a decorative role, to cover weaknesses, highlighting the advantages.

According facial skeleton structure mainly determined by the geometry of the face shape can be divided into six categories: square, rectangular, round, inverted heart-shaped and oval. The classification is not absolute, concrete face shape and each of these may vary, but for the analysis of face shape, select the appropriate frames helpful, highlighting the advantages, disadvantages cover, giving the feeling of symmetry and balance. For example, a square face shape wear circular frames can eliminate the feeling of too obvious edges and corners, the same round face, square frame will add a sense of edges. Such as bars plump people wearing clothes will look slim, wearing the clothes bar will be fatter. Face more round than straight hair also tends to increase the sense of contour, rarely hot curls. Choose frames plus a basic principle is the width of the frame width basically consistent with the temporal side, the frame is too wide would be too cumbersome, and will increase the lens aberrations.

To analyze each face in turn below:

1) Square

Square face is relatively short, the more prominent jaw line and angular. We need to note that two features of a square face: square, short. A circular frame, in particular a circular bottom edges of the frame can be reduced feeling too obvious. Pull the "long" Face it, there are two ways: 1. This method is the most important: Choose height smaller frames, Cheap Ray Bans frame height is too large to account for the majority of face, and people feel this face shorter: (2) If possible, select temples - the higher position of the frame, the face will look longer.

2) Long

As rectangular and square in the face of this face shape jaw edges also significantly, unlike the long face. We still need to ease the edges and corners of the frame with a round, but more needed to shorten the face shape. In contrast with the aforementioned square face shape: Choose height greater foot mirror location in the middle of the frame, so that the frame will be able to take the appropriate part of the face.

3) Heart

Heart-shaped face is also called inverted triangle face, characterized by a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and narrow jaw tip. This face shape appearance and uneven bottom, the upper than the lower part of the large and prominent, you need to wear the appearance of the frame opposite, i.e. wider at the bottom so as to increase the width of the lower half of the face. Temples also help improve the position of the lower results.

4) Inverted heart-shaped

Inverted heart face also feels uneven, narrow forehead, the more down wider, so the lower jaw wide and more prominent. This face shape is relatively rare, the frame selection principle contrast with heart-shaped face, and you need to temples on high, narrow at the bottom of the frame.

5) Round

Round face and a square face shape exactly the opposite, it frames a basic principle of selection with a square face exactly the opposite; angular frame the more obvious need to improve the sense of contour face shape, but also need to use a square face "lengthening" the principle that the use of - lower height, mirror foot position higher Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses frames.

6) egg-shaped

Called ideal face shape oval face, the skeleton is not particularly prominent; there are no obvious disadvantages to cover. But this "ideal" face shape will be derived from the lack shape, the necessary changes to the application of the principle of "lengthening" or "shortening" the face shape.
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Introduction to various goggles
Article publié le 24/05/2013
Avoid radiation damage to the eyes; the most effective and most common method is to wear protective glasses. The so-called protective weary Ray Ban Outlet is a kind of filter can be changed through the light intensity and spectrum. The glasses divided into two categories, one for absorption, and one for reflection, the former used most.

The glasses can absorb certain wavelengths of light, and let the other wavelengths of light through, so have shown a certain color, the color is rendered through the light color. Such lenses are manufactured in the general formula optical glass added a portion of the metal oxides, such as iron, cobalt, chromium, strontium, nickel, and some rare earth metal oxides such as manganese and neodymium. These metal oxides in the glass can a band of light for selective absorption of electromagnetic waves, such as iron oxide absorbs ultraviolet energy. With this glass lens can reduce the amount of certain wavelengths through the lens, to reduce or prevent ocular injury. Different colors of protective lenses can absorb different colors of light based, respectively, the following types of protective weary profile.

An absorption-type filter

1, Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses

Visible light transmittance of about 20% of ultraviolet and infrared absorption is better. There is light green, light gray, weak tea, and other colors, shading and snow work used to make protective weary. Where light gray lenses with minimal impact on the color identification; shallow tea glasses so look dark blue sky, so by reducing the green; pale green lenses by reducing the red light.

2, Gas welding goggles

This lens is mainly used for coloring iron oxide, cobalt oxide, yellow green, to absorb all wavelengths less 500urn, visible light transmittance of less than 1%, by only a small amount of infrared rays. The glasses designed for use when welding gas welding operation.

3, welding goggles

Welding produces UV light, short term exposure of the eyeball cornea and conjunctiva caused by tissue damage (to 28nm light the most critical). Strong infra-red very easily cause lens opacity. Welding goggles can be a very good stop over infrared and ultraviolet rays. This lens is based on optical glass, cobalt and chromium oxide, iron oxide, oxidation stains, also by adding a certain amount of cerium oxide to increase absorption of ultraviolet light. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses look is green or yellow-green. All intercept ultraviolet, infrared transmittance < 5%, visible light transmittance of about 0. 1%.
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Tell children how to protect eyes(2)
Article publié le 23/05/2013
Screen scanning frequency should be greater than 60 times per second, if the scanning frequency is too slow will cause the screen to flicker, and further cause eye irritation.

Proposed improvements: Adjust the computer screen contrast and brightness, so that scanning frequency to maintain more than 60 times per second frequency.

2: Adjust the eye position

Most people normally wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses reading about depression angle of 40 °. Generally look into a computer screen is an unnatural angle, so easily lead to fatigue, eye pain, and even headaches.

Suggested improvements: seat height should be adjusted and the angle of the computer screen, allowing the screen center under the eyes between 7 ° -10 °.

3: Avoid reflective

In the light part to see clearly and comfortably principle. And the need to pay attention to lighting, fluorescent, sunlight, reflective surfaces and shiny body caused by reflective light, but should pay attention to the screen position to see any light reflection prevail.
In general, the interior light should be 3 times the screen brightness.

4: Optional Computer Glasses

Suggested improvements: Average frame mirror users should prepare a special computer glasses, you can see the computer in accordance with the usual distance, and please ophthalmologists provide special prescription. Lens color is light red rose’s material in multilayer better.

5: contact lens wearers

Invisible Cheap Ray Bans glasses consumers as a result of the environmental impact likely to cause eye dryness and discomfort usually should pay attention to wink or point with comfortable solution to keep the eyes moist.

Dry air-conditioned room work, the eyes often easy to feel dry and comfortable solution should be in the eyes feel dry before being used timing point.

Suggested improvements: Dot with comfortable solution can improve dry eyes, consumers should regularly point with comfortable solution for 3-4 hours or in the dry conditions before they occur, such as watching a computer, reading before the point of use, or increased during the drying occurs comfortable solution point of frequency, at least one day with a comfortable solution should develop points early, middle and late each time habits.

6: vision care formulas

A, Blink: more than blink

For a long time staring at a computer, it will reduce eye blinking, causing dry eyes, so should be more normal blinking eyes, keep the eyes moist.
Two, Breathe: Take a deep breath

Attentively at the computer screen for a long time often leads to temporarily stop breathing, keep breathing smoothly and to relax the body and spirit.

Three, Breaks: Closed

Each work should look at or read 10 minutes 10 seconds away; wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses can relax your eyes. Each work or reading one hour, you should rest for 5 minutes, you can do some eye movement, let the eye rest. Every 2-3 hours in relation to work or read up a cup of tea Move it!
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