Computer love eye blindness prevention do not overlook
Article publié le 23/05/2013
Visual fatigue can cause blindness? Although there is a direct link between the two has not been proven, but prolonged eye fatigue is bound to affect vision, which in turn increases the risk of other eye opportunities. So we must work some time to wear sunglasses while Ray Ban Outlet rest.

Recently, a man named "computer terminal type eye," the new eye concern, i.e. long before the computer study, work, causing eye fatigue, redness, drying and other symptoms. The disease in the young group with considerable morbidity should cause alarm.

"Computer savvy" who work, can be more winks, so with lubricating tears moisten the surface of the eye, or timed drop some anti-fatigue eye drops relieve pain; staring at a computer screen to see the one hour break for a while, and try to distance, let your eyes get proper rest. In addition, the proposed option can tilt, swivel and has contrast, brightness adjustment function computer monitors; computer best adjustable seat; refer to the relevant information to minimize turning your head, neck times to avoid eye frequently adjust the focus, leading to fatigue .

Reduce eyestrain eat Danish

Studies have found that vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin C will help relieve a variety of eye fatigue. Mushrooms, vegetables, dried beans, wheat germ, etc. are very good food for the eye. In addition, some minerals to alleviate eye fatigue also play a role, such as zinc, selenium and so on. These relatively better wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses.

The eye is no small matter to see a doctor as soon as possible

(A) Require urgent patients to illness: this eye treatment needed sooner the better, or even "every second counts." Include: ocular chemical burns, vision suddenly reduced ocular trauma.

(2) Need to seek treatment as soon as possible the situation: Discover blurred vision, diploma, eye pain, red eyes, eye persistent discomfort and other circumstances, to be as soon as possible (within 1-2 days) to see an ophthalmologist.

Eye examination accompanies your life

(1) Birth to three months: preterm children or cat's eye, bull's-eye, drooping eyelids, and they should seek treatment as soon as possible after birth.

(2) From three months to one year old: found squint, tears in their eyes, those requirements Mimi eye clinic.

(3) one-year-old to three years old: ask the doctor to do a simple eye and visual inspection.

(4) From three to five years old: visual acuity (uncorrected visual acuity of 0.6 or more to be considered normal).

(5)-Year-old former: visual acuity and check for refractive error or Barbarizes, myopically.

(6) six to twenty-five: every six months should wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses do a visual inspection.

(7) 25-to-45: an annual measure of visual acuity and funds examination.

(8) 45 or more: check every six months in order intramuscular pressure and funds.
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Friendly reminder: Science of contact lenses
Article publié le 14/05/2013
Contact lenses for myopia have been no stranger to today have been worn for a long time. But so far, everybody to the correct way to wear Ray Ban Outlet glasses hanging did not fully grasp.

It is learned that, not long ago, the Loma Company commissioned a professional survey to include 8, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing City conducted a survey of consumers over more than 1000 contact lenses. Surveys found that many people in the process of contact lens wear and care exist in conventional mistakes:

Misunderstanding: before the glasses do not check

Investigation revealed that in myopic glasses in 48% not in eyes, 49% of people for more than a year before to make an eye examination. Experts point out that, buy contact lenses to a regular hospital, optical shops, by a professional eye examination, professional eye examination can be found in a timely manner of the wearer to eye potential illnesses, filter out inappropriate contraindications patients wearing contact lenses.

Misconceptions II: lens care lens care solution is a bubble

In lens care, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses users survey that 13% take off when contact lenses does not rinse or rub the lens. Rubbing can be removed more visibly attached to the lens of the lipids and proteins, maintaining good air permeability function of the lens. Although currently the many care solution that rub, but not mean take off your glasses directly into solution in the mirror box, but with care power washed, then shaking and soaking into the mirror box, thus completing the nursing process.

Myth three: ignore lens life

Found that 37% over lens to guide users when they use the term. Life of the lens should strictly comply with the manufacturer's instructions using the term. If you exceed the lifespan, breakage of the lens may appear more difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, while sediment on the lens, which affected eye health.

Myth four: small height does not have to pick mirror

The survey also revealed, 37% consumers will be wearing goggles siesta; 19% will wear goggles for the night. This is the mistake serious damage to the eye health, contact lenses materials (except marked "continuous wear contact lenses") of oxygen cannot meet the basic needs of sleep state of corneal oxygen. Mirror for the night or NAP will lead to corneal hypoxia, resulting in varying degrees of corneal damage, and can also cause the lens surface wet fall, there will even be adhesion risk of corneal lenses.

In our traditional ideas, if not a grain of sand in the eyes, but now we can fit into the lens in the eye. Capacity into the lens at the same time, we should recognize it in scientific and reasonable and be able to achieve the right wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, this can allow our eyes to see the world more clearly, or our eyes healthy.
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Eye love eye tips (UV posts)(2)
Article publié le 14/05/2013
In temperate regions and on the surface of the sea, the eyes receive about 70 percent of UVB rays and 35% UVA rays. In this case, the cornea and the lens can absorb all of the UVB rays, only 2% of the UVA irradiation onto the retina. Wearing a pair of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses will be less.

6000 meters altitude at the equator (Kilimanjaro), the situation is very different from. Thinnest atmosphere here, the eyes received UVB and UVA rays far more than the radiation received in Vancouver.

UV reflective Examples:

1, the ultraviolet rays reflected by the grass is 1%

2, the ultraviolet rays reflected by the Sand 10%

3, the ultraviolet rays reflected by the surface of 20%

4, the ultraviolet rays reflected by the snow 80%

Now, we can understand why in the mountains or snow Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses must be wrapped around.

What impact of UV rays on your eyes?

UV radiation is not particularly strong or is not a particularly long time; the eyes know how to protect themselves. Under normal circumstances, the cornea and the lens can absorb all of the UVB and 98% UVA; drunkenness and other abnormal circumstances; the eyes may be affected by the serious injury.


Strong winter in the sun, should not wear any sunglasses. Keratin is a very common and very painful. However, this is only a temporary disease, is also very easy to treat.

2, compared with temperate countries, the tropical countries hypertrophy age of onset is usually earlier, cataracts but also as early as 10 years. Typically, people in tropical countries know very little about these knowledge, or simply do not understand. And they do not have the economic ability to buy quality Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses. Therefore, eye injury is inevitable.
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Sunglasses for maintenance of common sense
Article publié le 13/05/2013
Thousands of pick selected sunglasses are very delicate, lack of proper maintenance of precious glasses also shorter life span! Do you protect your sunglasses? If the lens has stain, grease or fingerprints, and special fittings available in a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper remove dust or dirt on the lens. After the wipe, should also often use lens cleaner to clean. Never use nail polish to remove the mark on the lens. On the lens when there is gravel, rinse, and then with Ray Ban Outlet glasses dedicated dry cloth or paper. Following several small experience, and hope to all of us:


1. Take off glasses, hands mirror leg, took off outside the front, side with takeoff glasses with one hand easily deformed, loose phenomenon.

2. wipe mirrors wrapped cloth when not in use, lenses facing up and placed in special bags, beware of lenses and frames is scratched by hard objects.

3. Frame or lens contaminated dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, cleaning with a mild detergent, such as warm water, and then dry with a soft cloth.

4. Prohibition of prolonged wet soaked in water and placed in a fixed position, sun exposure is prohibited under current, metal edge for a long time.

5. Your Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, folding mirrors on the left foot first.

6. Optical distortion, sagging, when used, will impact lens sharpness, Super sales free adjustment.

7. Plate sunglasses use over time may be slightly deformed, this is normal. Practice adjustments to sales shop.

8. Color photographic mirrors do not hold for a long time in place of strong sunshine, otherwise it will shorten the time change color effect, but if a color photographic fade will not change because of the long-term wear polarizing effect, please rest assured that use.


To put sunglasses on the dashboard when driving position is not correct, in the hot weather, sunglasses, throw in the car on the dashboard, sunglasses may heat distortion, especially framed sunglasses almost all of the plates is not heat-resistant.

Sunglasses at the top is not correct, it's easy to pull a bad link. Glasses you should be careful to remove, to glasses folded when placed and on the mirror. In order to save a lot of people will not put glasses box glasses is in a bag or Pocket, it's easy to make Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses lens is scratched by edges, such as keys or Combs, be alert.
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Sunglasses interpretation of knowledge
Article publié le 13/05/2013
Sunglasses are one way to prevent the strong sunlight and ultraviolet damage to eye irritation and eye care products. Reduction of glare stimulus, depending on the clarity without distortion, ultraviolet, to insure color recognition, accurate identification of traffic signal, should be the basic function of sunglasses. If these features are flaws, ranging from Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses to play role will be generated consciously not fit symptoms such as dizziness, eye and acid expansion, sometimes slow to react, and the color illusions and walk as the inequality symptoms even traffic accidents. Choosing sunglasses don't just focus on style rather than its intrinsic quality.

Popular gradient sunglasses on the market today, usually darker in the upper part of the lens, the lower part is lighter. Gradually color Sun mirror lenses are is by dynamic dyeing and into, due to production in the of consistency more hard control, the batch Shijiazhuang color and gradient of differences than monochrome lenses differences large, if Sun mirror production factory ignored this aspects of control, extremely easy make products around eye of color and through rate not consistent, except effect beautiful outside also will increased around eye of different regulation, serious Si will produced depending on fatigue.

Key indicators

1. Deviation of vertex. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses of nominal top Coke degrees value should for 0.00D, lenses manufacturing Si of deviation or lenses and mirror frame of Assembly inconsistent, are has may produce top Coke degrees of deviation (that with or are or negative of top Coke degrees), if beyond must range, is wearing who may will is depending on property deformation, serious of is will effect wearing who of vision health.

2. The Prism. Sunglasses-Prism should be 0.00 δ if lens with Prism, you will move depending on the coke, if you exceed allowed range, can cause of binocular vision cannot be one, or the imbalance between high and low, adding to the wearer's eye and optic nerve disorder control, can also lead to disorders of neural regulation of serious or Arabists.

3. The light transmittance. Characterization sunglasses feature light transmittance project is an important indicator of my existing product standards by this function are divided into 3 categories: visor mirrors, tinted sunglasses and a special purpose sunglasses while GB10810.3 transmission specification and methods of measurement in the standard be broken down into 4 categories. Different categories, sunglasses use completely different.

4. Average transmittance of UV. Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses ultraviolet rays through the case, through the smaller, anti-UV capability, the stronger.
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