Eye love eye tips (contact lens article)2
Article publié le 11/05/2013
4) In patients with glaucoma, chronic cystitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, hyperthyroidism and other diseases

If equipped with stealth Ray Ban Outlet glasses, the eyes are in the inflammation, to wait until the inflammation disappeared after wearing.

5) Patients with fever

Fever eyes of local resistance decreased tear secretion, B. subtitles will multiply the metabolic products of bacteria deposited between the cornea and lens, resulting in lower oxygen permeability of contact lenses, corneal normal metabolism is disturbed, causing bacteria corneal ulcer.

6) Cycling, long-distance tourists

Long-distance cycling, air convection accelerated moisture reduction of soft contact lenses, lens gradually dry and hardens, the eyes will feel discomfort, over time, and the hardened lenses will damage the cornea, causing eye pain or bacterial infection.

7) In the elderly

To 40 years of age, the eye tissue will be more obvious degenerative changes. Ocular resistance to decline, especially in the eye ability to tolerate hypoxia decreased, then put on a thin layer of the surface of the eye lens, the eye will lead to lack of oxygen, and thus prone to corneal infections, ulcers and other complications. 40 to 60-year-old middle-aged man can wear contact lenses a short time, 60 years of age or older is best not to wear the invisible Cheap Ray Bans glasses, otherwise easily lead to serious complications cause permanent visual impairment.

8), women's menstrual period

Women during menstruation and menstrual to a few days ago, intramuscular pressure often than usual, around the eye is also easier to congestion, especially gonorrheal women even more If you wear contact lenses, eye would have a negative affected.

9) Pregnant women

Women during pregnancy hormone secretion occurs a change, so that the body of water has changed, some swelling of the eyelids, cornea thickening, especially the last three months of pregnancy, corneal water and thicken more obvious, with the normal Optional contact lenses do not coincide, causing eye irritation. Pregnant women with gestational edema disease in particular, cannot wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Therefore, do not to look good and fashionable, while the cost of damaging their eyes as it is too heavy.
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Eye love eye tips (sunglasses review) 3
Article publié le 11/05/2013
8) Tinted lens

Gray: so that you can identify the true color; common neutral color; generally is applicable does not increase contrast; suitable for wearing when you play golf, ride a bike or running.

Green: enables you to identify the true color common neutral color; generally apply; contrast in low light conditions are not strong in bright lighting conditions can reduce eye fatigue.

Brown: more suitable for use in less sunny weather; deepening contrast; suitable for glare under the environment of sports such as skiing, fishing or sailing.

AMBER: stop Btu-ray; on cloudy, foggy cases can increase the brightness; see the color yellow or orange; contrast strong, minimize eye fatigue; ideal for athletes, pilots, skiers wear.

Yellow: light in darker conditions with good visual depth and contrast; standard ski goggles is cloudy weather; suitable for target shooting wear.

Scarlet: with Dim lighting situations with good depth of vision; and strong contrast of blue and green background; ideal for skiers, athletes wear.

Sunglasses, use common sense

1) Normally, 8-40% light can penetrate the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Most people choose 15-25% sunglasses. Outdoors, most photometric glasses in this range, but by different suppliers of glasses optical penetration rate are not the same. Photometric glasses can penetrate deeper color 12% (outdoor) and 75% (indoor) light. Color lighter brands can penetrate the 35% (outdoor) and 85% (indoor) light. In order to find suitable glasses color depth and shading, the user should try several brands.

2) Discolored glasses suitable for everyday use, but it do not apply to glare under the environment of sports such as boating or skiing. Sunglasses shading and color depth cannot be used as criteria for measuring UV protection. They are usually colorless, and even transparent lens, can block the ultraviolet light after treatment.

3) Cover the lens shade and brightness varies. For mild to moderate shade of sunglasses suitable for everyday wear. In bright lighting conditions, or outdoor activities should cover select luminosity strong Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses.

4) Cover luminosity gradient separations lenses from top to bottom or from the top to the Middle at the top followed by reduction. When people look at the sky it can protect the eyes from glare injured, while also clearly see the following scene. Top and bottom double gradient lenses are darker, lighter in the middle. They can effectively reflect the water or snow glare, we recommend that drivers do not use the sunglasses, because they make the dashboard becomes blurred.

5) Prescription sunglasses can be tailored according to their own needs. In addition to adding chemicals that absorb UV light, a Sunglasses lens dyeing material could be added in the production process. Apart from staining material, the manufacturer also develops chemicals to filter light, specific parts of the absorption spectrum. They use a combination of dye and filter material, develop Sunglasses dye for specific sports, such as golf.

6) Dyeing lenses with different light filters. Most dyeing lenses can block the 70-90% rays. Partial dyeing lenses can only filter specific wavelength of visible light, and not filter other wavelengths of light. Therefore, different dye could deepen the color or change color, effect on the ratio. Some colors, such as pink, blue or purple purely decorative, filtering the light effect is very poor. Best way to choose a tinted lens was armed with Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, outstretched arm, to determine its color on a white background.
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Eye love eye tips (sunglasses review)
Article publié le 10/05/2013
Your sunglasses are really stylish and suitable for you? Effective good sunglasses can block UV rays and glare and Sun lens color shades have UV resistance are not much help. Many countries provide for sunglasses the UV absorption rate. In addition, such as Polaroid, reflection coating and dyeing and so on, can all make sunglasses better reduce glare, anti-reflective, foggy and cloudy days increases contrast of objects, make the vision clear. When you buy Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, not only the pursuit of beauty, also want to reduce the brightness, the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light and glare of the eye injury.

Impact too glasses of quality elements

1) Flare

Surface or smooth surfaces reflect light better than depending on the needs of light 10 to 12 times. When driving or participating in sporting activities, glare causes eye pain and distractions, posed a danger. To determine whether your sunglasses block glare, consider wearing sunglasses stood before the mirror. If you can see your own eyes, indicating sunglasses depth is not sufficient to protect against glare.

2) Visible light

In fine weather, to make the eyes feeling comfortable, you should choose can block the 75%-90% visible light Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses. Able to absorb at least 75% visible light sunglasses can protect your eyes against blue light (belonging to Visual light category) injury. It is hard to watch a Btu-ray, usually squinting.

3) Visual effects

Sunglasses for your clear, comfortable vision should not be clamped in the head. But if sunglasses are loose, will affect the visual comfort. Mask or hide edge sunglasses can block an ordinary picture frame sides, top, and bottom of UV light, but they may also increase the optical distortion. To test visual effects, consider wearing sunglasses, and look at the vertical edges or straight (such as a door frame or floor tiles). Moving the head back and forth, eyes on the lens have passed through. If you find that straight lines appear bent, then lens flaws, Visual distortion.

4) Dye

Lens dyeing should be even, rather than different shades of the color into small pieces. If you use a gradient lenses, color from top to the bottom of the lens should be progressively lighter and uniform color. If you want to purchase a car with sunglasses, check the label to ensure that they meet the requirements of traffic signal recognition. Some Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses hide luminosity of color distortion will make road signs; in particular, have a special role to block the ultraviolet light sunglasses. Not to wear the sunglasses while driving.
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Eye eye tips (dry eye piece)
Article publié le 10/05/2013
Do you often have this situation: eye irritation, itching, dryness, a sense of grit, sometimes the morning but also because of excessive mucus blink, and so on. Then it is likely to suffer from "dry eye, dry eye syndrome, also known as dry keratin, refers to a variety of causes eye tear film pathological changes, the cornea and conjunctiva are not normal moist a series of eye symptoms. With the change of office equipment, the modernization of the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, as well as people's diet structure, more and more dry eye, age of onset from school children to the elderly have.

The cause of dry eye mainly to the following points

1) Wear contact lenses

2) Pay attention to eye health

The eyes blink reduction in the number of 3) work and study while driving

4) Air drying

5) Dust pollution

6) The use of sedative drugs

For these reasons will affect the function of the tear film, the cornea, conjunctiva lost moist and smooth, resulting in conjunctiva dryness, if left untreated, may cause corneal opacity, ulcers, and even blindness and other serious consequences.

How to prevent dry eye in everyday life? Overuse usually should pay attention to eye health, often more than the blink of an eye, wear more Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, can also be used to turn a blind eye, overlooking and eye exercises to alleviate eye fatigue, eat foods rich in vitamin A. If your eyes appear abnormal symptoms such as dryness, foreign body sensation should be timely to the hospital to check, do not self-medication, in order to avoid delaying the disease.

How to prevent dry eye, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1) Normal lifestyle, adequate sleep, does not stay up late;

2) a balanced diet, not a partial eclipse; eat more foods containing vitamin A, C, E of vegetables and fruits, eat less fried food;

3) Your eyes enough rest, avoid prolonged use of eyes, fatigue, pay attention to the number of blinks;

Note 4) wash the eyelids and eyelashes clean, hot towel can reduce fatigue and increase tear secretion;

5) Wearing stealth Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses time not too long, uncomfortable that should be removed;

6) Any eye irritation please finds the ophthalmologist treatment; do not buy own medicines long-term point.
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Uncover mysteries of photochromic glasses
Article publié le 09/05/2013
Many car drivers often wears a pair of dark glasses while driving, when driving a motor vehicle in the Sun or snow days, this pair of dark glasses to protect his eyes from the glare of the stimulus for a long time. However, when a car suddenly adopts towards the dark time, wearing black Ray Ban Outlet glasses becomes cumbersome. For a while, pick, it is so convenient. What a good way to lift the driver of this dilemma?

Photometric glasses will solve this problem. In the Sun, it is a pair of black sunglasses, thick black glasses and stopped pushing the eyes glow. In the soft light of the room, he has become like normal glasses, transparent colorless.

This special glass called "photometric" glass. In its manufacturing process, mixed into a light-sensitive material in advance, such as catching silver of silver and Australia (collectively referred to as silver halide), there is a small amount of copper oxide catalyst.

Spectacle lenses from no color to light gray, dark brown, dark glasses and change back to ordinary glasses are silver halide becomes magic. And imaging exposure of the photosensitive film is very similar to the process of change in the glass color glasses.

See silver halide light decomposed into many black silver particles uniformly distributed in the glass, the glass lens so dim, blocking the passage of light, which is Cheap Ray Bans glasses. However, on the photographic film, the silver atoms generated in the decomposition of the silver halide and halogen atoms, still tightly side by side. Back to a little darker place, in the promotion of the copper oxide catalyst, silver and re-halogen compounds to produce silver halide glass lenses become transparent.

Silver halide resides in the glass, the decomposition and recombination reactions repeatedly infinite. Photographic film and photographic paper can only be used once, color glasses, however, has been using it.

Color glasses with the intensity of light Darker that can absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays of the human eye, is indeed the glasses in the top grade. If the windows are replaced with photometric glass, sunny day, the sun shot less than a room; cloudy day or in the morning, evening, outdoor light is blocked, the interior is still with bright windows, which seems to fan hung up the automatic shades.

In some hotels, restaurants, the placement of the glazing. Window installed on the vehicle cab and loads of light photometric glass in direct sunlight, even Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses do not have to wear, the car has remained soft light to avoid bright sunlight and exposure, and everybody which is how happy ah!
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