Experts teach you how to choose sunglasses(2)
Article publié le 22/04/2013
Recently, some studies have found, because the Btu-ray of sunlight entering the eye will hurt people's eyes, and blue lenses cannot filter out blue light in the solar spectrum, so best not to choose the choice of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses Blue color chip.

In general, the lens darker the shading effect is the stronger, but does not indicate the stronger the ability of UV, UV protection sunglasses and lens materials, processes, and other factors. Lens color is generally at medium depth, simple self-test method is to wear too deep mirror lens, and otherwise it is difficult to identify the color of traffic lights.

Myopia sunglasses selection

How to choose sunglasses myopia? Wearing glasses plus a layer of sunglasses, or myopia with a pair of sunglasses?

The myopia chooses sunglasses need to consider the diopter glasses. You said these two methods can be. The benefits of wearing glasses plus a layer of sunglasses is simple, heavier lenses, double lenses seem cumbersome, strenuous exercise is easy to shift or fall off. With a pair of sunglasses myopia, the benefit is relatively lightweight, attractive, easy to fix, the disadvantage is that the glasses of good quality generally more expensive.

Myopia without compromising security, directly wear the Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses?

In patients with low or moderate myopia can wear without compromising security, without refraction, the sun glasses. High myopia (above 600 degrees) still need to wear sunglasses with diopter in patients with secure. Of course, of cheap sunglasses who cannot wear, since such damage to eyes sunglasses?

Sunglasses the choice of materials what are the requirements?

Select lens material should be based on age, occupation, and often engaged in activities, preferences, factors to select. Glass lenses, high hardness, not prone to scratches, but is easy to shatter. Easy to make glasses due to the nature of the work or other reasons stained with dust, causing the lens scratches, the best choice for glass lenses.

Resin lens is light weight, not easy to be broke, but lower hardness, prone to scratches. Because most children naughty fun, eye injuries due to broken lens things often happen, so children is best to choose a resin sheet. Also, photometric lens is a good choice.

Children under 6 years old should not wear sunglasses for a long time

Children can wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses. The child's eyes is delicate, easy to light damage, in this sense, children need to wear sunglasses, but it is important to note that children under the age of 6 are not suitable for long time wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses for a long time because of their visual function and development did not reach adult levels, may form myopically. Therefore, the correct way is the child to wear when the sun is strong, remove the time when the sun becomes weak.
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Eye must do you have sunglasses(2)
Article publié le 21/04/2013
Who is not suitable to wear sunglasses: glaucoma patients? After wearing sunglasses, into the eye of the visible reduction in pupil will naturally large, resulting in anterior chamber angle narrow, resulting in poor water drainage, a long, easy to induce acute closed-angle glaucoma. Patients may experience redness, eye pain, headaches, vision declined sharply, even accompanied by systemic symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Therefore glaucoma patient or the suspicion contracts glaucoma the human wears Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses.

There are many on the market specializes in the production of children's sunglasses, to protect the light cultured eyes and eyesight of the white children do have a role. But yellow children under 6 years of age, Visual function is not yet mature, wearing sunglasses, long, retinal oracular area cannot be effectively stimulated, will affect the further development of vision, even visually. Children under 6 years of age should not be wearing sunglasses.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses choices are learned, poor choices easier to cause damage to the eye, in selecting sunglasses, should pay attention to what issues?

Block UV rays: the lenses will be put up on an oval-shaped label, above the words ANTI-UV, proved to be the true meaning of sunglasses. Best 100% ANTI-UV choice of sunglasses. At the same time, there will be 0-4 number on the label represents the index block UV rays. Summer sunglasses, products selection index for at least 3.

Spectacle frame shape: the best selection of slightly larger frames, glasses and sunglasses of the legs slightly wider so that you can stand in the light reflected from the surrounding. Sunglasses spectacle frame blocking the eyebrows as well.

Lens color: lens color choice should be given after watching the surrounding environment of color distortion, object edge clear, can effectively identify the principle of different colored lights. Choose a Brown lens in myopic eyes are more comfortable hypertrophy better green lenses; grey lenses on any spectral balance absorption, so watch the scenery is dimmed, but will not have a noticeable color difference, for everyone to wear. If the color is gradient lenses, to look darker part is able to block eye. If you go to a place where the sun is strong, it is best not to wear gradient Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses.
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Sunglasses lens color is not the same
Article publié le 21/04/2013
Sunglasses lens color is not the same. Sunglasses summer is indispensable for the life and choice of sunglasses is also particular about, due to the different color sunglasses, selected according to light intensity. Shades of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses lenses should also be different. (Recommended reading: Optometrists teaches you how to treat contact lens)

1, holiday time, grey and green is better

Sunglasses lenses are basically designed to break plastic material made from dyed. In this case, Sunglasses lenses should be visible through the 30% line, in gray and green is the best, because they are relatively soft colors, when looking at scenery outside will not change color, but also to protect against ultraviolet radiation to ensure clarity for the best State, through external objects color changes are minimal.

2, while driving, the most suitable for wearing brown sunglasses

Tinted lenses may absorb light purple, cyan, 100% can hardly absorb ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth, shiny surface reflects light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part is ideal for drivers. So, for driving a family will be without professional driving sunglasses.

For 35% depth of 3, the Sun sunglasses

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses color depth is divided into 4 types, namely, 15%, and 50%. 15% of the depth of the shallow, suitable for indoor wear, especially for eyes a number of people, take off and put on the troubles can be avoided; 35% depth, suitable for use in outdoor sunlight; 50% depth of sunglasses, or beach wear in the hot sun and depth of 70% sunglasses are not commonly used in daily life, is generally used by Welders and other specialists.

4, outdoor sports, pick majors Polarized Sunglasses

When in sea or skiing and other outdoor sports, wearing sunglasses must block the glare of features, like the sunglasses polarized coating. In order to filter the sun shining on the water surface, land, or equal in the snow glare in the direction of the light, being added to the vertical direction of special coatings on the lenses can be messy external radiation light, scattered light, linear light wave filter water into soft, so that they do not cause harm to your eyes. Professional polarizing Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses for outdoor sports such as skiing or fishing in maritime activities, time use, but ordinary everyday life, especially while driving, does not apply, instead, it will let you see clearly.
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Sunglasses buying won't hurt your eyes(2)
Article publié le 20/04/2013
Some of my friends very like wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, regardless of any time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, even at dusk, watching movies, watching TV are wearing it, this will increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness will appear, not a long time as the other symptoms. These symptoms are caused by abuse sunglasses.

The reason why people like to wear sunglasses because it fashion, trends, radiation, optometrist pointed out that, when buying sunglasses, we must be very careful, not just care about how it looks, does not focus on sunglasses quality problems. We do not wear sunglasses of the following four failed:

1,A few UV sunglasses. Generally good quality Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses polarized lenses can be effective UV blocking more than 99%. Very Poor wearing UV sunglasses, to see things like in the evening to see things the same, this time the pupil will be larger, the rest of the ultraviolet into our glasses it will hurt our glasses.

2, after wearing it will become the traffic signal recognition obstacles, very easy to cause traffic accidents. This can not even wear sunglasses.

3,sunglasses identified, without category. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely for the sun visor mirror, used for decorative light microscopy and special glasses used to prevent snow blindness or waterproofing plane radiation.

4,fight bad performance sunglasses. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses external shocks when the lens is easily broken, these fragments impact our eyes will cause fatal injuries.
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How to distinguish between good or bad sunglasses?(2)
Article publié le 20/04/2013
Priced sunglasses, share ranking first is the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, annual exports of more than US $ 30 million. Its product feature: package the glasses printed on the bags, "Ray Ban"; lenses bearing the "UV-400" labels, or laser tag; dedicated security tag bar-code on clear, printed with "in accordance with United States F • D• A standard ", phone and address clearly.

The strong summer sun exposure, first human papillary constriction, eyes will unconsciously tits up, over time will produce visual fatigue, feel dizzy, and so does not apply. Secondly, the harmful UV sunlight directly on the eyes, if eyes are exposed to UV rays, or poor choice of sunglasses cannot effectively isolate ultraviolet and spasm, Sun will make youngsters dermatitis, decreased Visual acuity, deepen, aging skin around the eyes; the old, UV can cause oracular retinal lesions serious eye diseases such as cataracts. It is understood that the sunglasses lenses is good or bad has a decisive role, wear good quality sunglasses gives excellent protection to your eyes. Sunglasses lenses on the market today more or less polarized lenses, color lenses and photo chronic lenses of three. Lou Kayo said, sunglasses can be placed at the 40cm845cm the eyes, observation through the lens object if linear distortion or oscillation, stating that the distortion of the lens, and purchase; lenses can also be facing up to a fluorescent lamp, and gently turning, when there is discomfort and do not purchase. Grey, green, Brown's best; a dark brown, black, followed; the blue and purple the worst. Color should not be too shallow, because it could not withstand exposure to strong light. A good sunglasses should be marked "UV-400" and indicate the brand, size, site, etc. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses only wear under the hot sun, sunset, cloudy, rainy day, the room should not be wearing.

Inferior sunglasses against

According to reports, the medical role is to block the powerful UV sunglasses. Powerful UV damage to the eye it is obvious when it is absorbed by the surface of the eyeball cornea after early will increase density of lens and later will cause lens opacity and cataract. Year-round, the summer UV rays are the most intense, so people tend to wear sunglasses during the summer. Medical studies have shown that in the Tibetan plateau, high incidence of cataracts is because of its ultraviolet radiation because of the strong. Eye specialists noted that sunglasses can block UV rays, because it added a special coating on the lenses. After lens coating, barrier, absorb UV light, while also blocking a part of useful light, light transmission lens has declined. Good quality sunglasses, the ability to block UV rays is strong, but not much decline in light transmission, a less degree of effect objects, and lens coating has a certain degree of hardness, the surface is easy to wear. Contrary to low-quality sunglasses, lens transparency decrease and wearing Sun-glasses, eyes as if seen in a dark room, pupils will get larger, residual ultraviolet will mass into the eye, damage to the eyes. Eye doctor reminded the public that when buying sunglasses, go to the regular brand of optical shops and shop to buy. In addition, also note the blinkers will not necessarily block UV rays, only coated with UV-resistant film on the lenses can be used as Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses.
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