Spectacle frames, how to maintain it?
Article publié le 19/04/2013
No matter where you are, urban or rural, we are easy to find a lot of people wear glasses. Most of them glasses, myopia according to understand we are not wearing glasses; a lot of young people starting to decorate frame Ray Ban Outlet glasses. (Recommended reading: eye care, you what methods)

To say that glasses have become a fashion trend, and some people even not worthy lenses, put directly picture frame. Glasses have the apparatus is not just a treatment of myopia, has now become the means to match more and loved by young people.

Selecting glasses probably because not used to contact lenses, but believe most of the people are for the trend, in order to shape matching. All know contact lenses to be changed daily care solution, is to wash your hands before each wearing lenses rub cleaning and a series of complicated matter, so does select glasses do not need care now?

Answer of course is no, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, and the framework does not have lens so effeminate, but for better wear and longer wearing glasses also require attention to maintenance, cause unnecessary damage and increase the life span. Actually then should how maintain our eyeglass frames.

First of all is to make difference for spectacle frames of different material maintenance

Plate frames is mainly not to long time exposure, try to avoid long soaking in hot water, so easily lead to deformation of sheet metal spectacle frames to fade.

Metal spectacle frames because the material class may cause skin irritation, corrosion or human sweat or other liquid, so metal spectacle frames to avoid in dark, damp environments, you need to keep the frames dry and clean. So always wipe.

Many people do not want to clean the frames, is to get the optical shop for ultrasonic cleaning, in fact some spectacle frames of natural materials such as sea turtle not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, easily lead to rupture of spectacle frames.

Followed by good spectacle frames worn used

Habit hands picked wearing Cheap Ray Bans glasses box of good habits, can effective avoid glasses box deformation and break; glasses box cannot free dropped, best is put in specifically of glasses box inside, some people will eye frame readily are in table sofa, local, not note on met ground or is pressure to glasses box led to frame deformation lenses fragmentation; often cleaning glasses box and glasses tablets, some people eye lenses dirty has on just found a update tissue for wipe, such both not health also easy wear lenses, Damaged lens coated lens clarity was also affected, good habits you should wear lenses, dust, rinse with water and then dry with special glasses cloth, or spectacle frames, such as dry and finally to note that regular cleaning of glasses at the dead end of nose pads, glasses screws.
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What color sunglasses better?
Article publié le 19/04/2013
The sunglasses are a summer essential things, whether you are doing, you can sunglasses to give yourself with them so that they look more fashion and trend. In the selection of sunglasses, we found that the color of the sunglasses is also varied. (Recommended reading: the polarized sunglasses classification)

There will be a different feeling, of course, DAI Sunglasses So in the end what color sunglasses is the best?

Experts said that Blue-ray is the most hurt the eyes, yellow, and brown. Scorching sun, sun burns, in order to protect the delicate eye colorful Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses "debut". But recently, according to Reuters, the American Academy of Ophthalmology experts suggested that the summer when buying sunglasses blue lenses do not choose, because it can damage the eye health.

Under the Columbia University Medical Center, professor of ophthalmology Janet Dr. Sparrow said, young or old, the vast majority of people should not wear blue sunglasses. Dr. Sparrow is studying the human eye contact with the Blue-ray of the sun's rays, whether caused by oracular degeneration; this degenerative eye disease is the main cause of blindness in the elderly. She believes that grow older, some retinal cells photosensitive compounds will be more and more, and the wavelength of the Blue-ray part of the spectrum can activate these compounds promote the release of harmful free radicals, as damage to the retina cells oxidation process, threaten the health of the eye.

In this regard, Susan University, Shanghai Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, Professor Zhou Ran-Yuan also said that the blue Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses really eye health damage. This is because, on the one hand, the wavelength of blue light is very short, the smallest range of vision of the human eye in a blue light to see things that are not clear; on the other hand, the blue color that is closest to the ultraviolet-like UV optic easy on the eyes causing damage. Many optic nerve diseases in clinical practice are shown with blue light. Professor Ran-Yuan Zhou stressed that In addition to the blue lens glasses, popular in the market with a blue stripe color contact lenses will also endanger eye health, the choice should be cautious.

Buy is the color of sunglasses it is safe to do? Professor Ran-Yuan Zhou, yellow or brown sunglasses is the best. He explained that the yellow light has a medium wavelength, resulting in the photoreceptor cells of the human eye is most sensitive to yellow, nature scenery looks more clear. And yellow sunglasses can filter blue light, to reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye, can effectively protect eye health. In addition to yellow or brown lenses, black lenses are also a good choice, because it can reduce the contact with all the colors of light.

Finally, Professor Ran-Yuan Zhou remind consumers of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses on the market quite a mixed bag, a lot of the quality of glasses do not cross the border. He stressed that a good pair of sunglasses should block off UV rather than visible light fades. So, Choice of sunglasses to choose UV protection, anti-UV index is usually between 96% -98%; secondly, should not choose the color is too deep, the transmittance of the lens can be severely degraded to the human eye dilated pupil in the dark, the same amount of UV but a substantial injection, and eye damage.
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Sunglasses to choose how to do?
Article publié le 18/04/2013
Sunglasses have become a trendy, whether child, middle-aged, wearing sunglasses, sunglasses not only against ultraviolet radiation, and make people more beautiful. Consumers don't just know to wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, but also know how to choose sunglasses. How do we correct choice suitable for my sunglasses? (Recommended reading: nursing glasses and needs to pay attention to what)

Correct selection of sunglasses primary function's type of sunglasses and you want to know.

Sunglasses is a kind of effect to avoid intense sunlight lead to eye injury of eye care products, with increasing levels of all substances, sunglasses and cosmetic or personal style and unique jewelry. Thus it is not just limited to the functions of Sun.

Current Sunglasses tints by usefulness can often be divided into visor mirrors, Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses and a unique use three types of sunglasses. So-called visor mirrors, meaning the ordinary livelihood the most generally used in sunglasses. People in outdoor activities, unique are in the summer, many people choose to sun visor mirror to relieve tired eyes adjust formation damage or glare effects. Tint sunglasses to block the effects of sunlight than the visor mirrors, color rich, suitable for various dress application deployment, have very strong decoration effect. Unique use of sunglasses has a strong function of blocking the Sun and often used for Beach, ski, climbing the outdoor sunlight is more intense and its UV-resistant function approach have a high demand. Not the same crowd, according to not the same love and not as useful to the selection of sunglasses, but the base is to be able to guarantee the safety of the wearer and the basic principles of visual disability by injury to start.

Brothers of the preparatory acquisition of sunglasses, pay attention to the following several points, the correct selection of sunglasses:

1. The intention to know I buy Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses different kinds of sunglasses has a different application of the occasion and the crowd. Buy sunglasses Chief's intention to conclude that I buy is for shade to enjoy costume play decoration effect, in addition to shading can have a UV function needs, on the safety function of the lens has no unique requirements, as long as the clear intention, contact style and put it on my face again in action, competence-production made it a suitable pair of sunglasses.
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What kind of sunglasses to pass?
Article publié le 18/04/2013
Glasses, only superficial understanding of many of my friends, not to mention sunglasses Most people do not wear so many of my friends are confused, in the end what sunglasses is good, how to distinguish.

The very beginning wondered Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses how to distinguish between good and bad, but a couple of days ago to find some information, hope you can help. (Recommended reading: "The selection of sunglasses should pay attention to what issues")

Wear sunglasses, as part of the sunlight is filtered out, although the eyes do not always amused, but also enlarged the pupil. If sunglasses failed, can not filter out a large number of UV doubles directly into the eyes, damage the cornea of the eye, the retina and the lens, greatly increasing the chances of suffering from cataract.

Therefore, the sunglasses are not casually will be able to wear Oh; unqualified sunglasses eyes will bring some harm.

1, objects distort distortion, resulting in the phenomenon of visual chaos.

2, dizziness, headache, or nausea, insomnia appears.

3,Consumption vision and cause eye fatigue.

4,can not filter harmful rays, resulting in damage to the eyes.

Currently on the market Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses quality is uneven, what kind of sunglasses to be qualified?

1, objects distort distortion caused as phenomena.

2, the lens must have a sufficient amount of area to prevent frames flanking the penetration of the light source.

3, there must be an accurate optical lenses, non-distorted scene through the lens.

4, facial color ratio between the two lenses must be uniform, not more than 5% error.

5,The texture is good, wear lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic.

6, bears the impact, is no breakable.
7 can not have a prism effect, or dizziness.

8 facial modified.

Qualified Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses probably because of the difference of the brand, material, packaging, style, color and publicity a far cry from the price, there are twenty or thirty dollars sunglasses, but the quality is often not guaranteed. Therefore, we still recommend to the good reputation of glasses shops or Optical Network to purchase, at least in terms of quality inspection, sanitation inspection to get a better guarantee.
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Refractive error how to buy sunglasses
Article publié le 17/04/2013
Refractive errors in order to protect patients with eyes, best buy can block UV-A and UV-b sunglasses 98%. Some high value products, such as polycarbonate, glass, plastics (CR-39) 100% lenses can block ultraviolet rays. There is concern that Mid-rise with Sun glasses, if it won't cause eye problems? The answer is no. In fact, Sun glasses the dilatation of the pupil's level and comparable to stand in the shadows. Currently most sunglasses are the flat light lenses, so the eye for people with myopia or hypertrophy, would like to choose a suitable pair of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses are not so simple. (Recommended reading: soft contact lenses and astigmatism lenses)

Equipped with a pair of sunglasses, now some brands of sunglasses with degrees of myopia or hypertrophy, matching the sunglasses when outdoors for you. Its advantages are a pair of sunglasses, Sun protection and correction of myopia or hypertrophy features, more natural. Disadvantage is generally required when out with two glasses, changing back and forth, too much trouble. So, how do people eye myopia or hypertrophy matching sunglasses?

Sunglasses clip or a set of mirrors that is relatively simple and easy method of traditional, sunglasses is by adsorption of clamping or magnet, outside of the original glasses and a pair of flat sunglasses. Its advantages are simple, convenient, inexpensive, handling and ease of use. Disadvantage is the additional lens styles to choose from, few colors, and poor aesthetics, not too strong, easy to fall off. There is one of the most important disadvantage is the increased weight of the glasses, nose and cheeks of oppression, can easily cause syndrome of sunglasses. Performance for the eyes or facial region between the skin symptoms such as numbness, sensory and insensitive, breathing nasal discomfort feeling, like a cold, some still call a bug crawl on the face, eyes, acid expansion, and so on.

Photo chronic glasses that color-changing lenses increases as light intensity changes in shading, light is strong where lenses become darker in color, in places with low light lens colors are lighter. Advantages are to solve the degrees of myopia or hypertrophy disadvantage of not suitable for indoor wear sunglasses, a pair of glasses can be both indoor and outdoor, is very convenient. Drawback is that the lenses are more expensive, and choice is relatively small.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses contact lenses contact lenses for normal people, wearing contact lenses first, then choose your favorite flat sunglasses, is also a good choice. Advantages of this are freedom to choose high, full and most people buy sunglasses makes no difference. Disadvantage is the need to be aware of contact lens cleaning and maintenance, suffering from eye diseases, such as dermatitis, Chlamydia tracheotomy is, and so do not wear contact lenses are not suitable for this approach.

Need to remind everyone that, anti-UV is the primary function of sunglasses, sunglasses lenses or regular factory production package "100% UV" and "UV400", "ultraviolet" logo. Inferior sunglasses if wear does not block the ultraviolet, causes Mid-rise, in eyes of ultraviolet light than when they are not wearing sunglasses, and the number is more likely to lead to eye damage. Formal detection of optical shops are generally Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses UV equipment can detect your choice is correct. And street-side stalls, hawker of spectacles often does not meet the quality standards, it is best not to buy.
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