Computer eye preferred
Article publié le 30/10/2013
Eye Dry eye astringent eye discomfort troubles are many office workers, especially computer users because the computer radiation look, vision was obviously less access to Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses computers than people a lot worse. The widespread use of computers for everyone to work, study and life has brought numerous conveniences while significantly also brought a lot of damage, and this damage healthy vision in the eye is particularly evident. Long face of the computer (a computer generated excessive electromagnetic radiation) to give people the visual system caused unimaginable consequences. Scientific data show that computer users suffer vision loss, and even significantly higher risk of cataracts. The wonders of chrysanthemum tea, obviously become computer user’s eye drink of choice.

Computer eye, chrysanthemum tea is good Ray Ban Outlet results. Chrysanthemums, traditional Chinese medicines, chrysanthemum INDICUM and home respectively, chrysanthemum liver eyesight, chrysanthemum INDICUM sweet-bitter flavor, slightly cold, wind, making the antibiotic, has a good effect on eye strain. Material records for chrysanthemum tea "sweet, slightly cold, has the effect of wind, warm and soothing liver for improving eyesight". Modern medicine is also very well documented chrysanthemums to treat eyestrain; blurred vision has a good effect.

How computer users eye, chrysanthemum tea to escorting. Long front of the computer office workers, the imbalance of positive and negative ions indoor environment, it is easy to autonomic nervous system disorders. The chrysanthemum tea on anger Wang, dry eyes caused by overuse has excellent astringent eye treatment.

There are a lot of office workers like to drink chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum tea because maintenance does good for the eyes , a cup of chrysanthemum tea , not just the rich chrysanthemum tea can be refreshing ( relaxation, relieve headaches ) , when you tired eyes with chrysanthemum tea hot smoked , the eyes will immediately feel very comfortable.

Daily cup of chrysanthemum tea can make your long face of the computer eyestrain symptoms gradually disappeared; 2 to 3 times a day chrysanthemum tea, visual acuity for the eyes also has some help. The Cheap Ray Bans magical effect of chrysanthemum tea, to computer users brought the gospel. And chrysanthemum tea brewing is very simple and convenient, unlike other eye protection measures to facilitate the realization eye better.
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Easily remove dark circles?
Article publié le 27/10/2013
As life social pressure of constantly increased, overtime stayed up is often of things, men well, especially women friends, overtime for they for is disaster, skin changed poor, and body changed weak, and Outlook all changed has, which most obvious of is black circles increased, woman old of 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses signs is eye first old, to let women compatriots forever youth, we how effective of removed Black circles does?

Method Ray Ban Outlet one: choose a juicy Apple, cut into thin slices, put on the eyes, for 15 minutes.

Method two: with gauze dipped in yogurt, deposited on the eyes, for 10 minutes.

Method three: potatoes, peeled, cut into 2 cm thick slices, external eyes, 5 minutes each time.

Method four: eggs cooked, shelled, wrapped with a small towel, close your eyes, and with the egg massage around the eyes, accelerate blood circulation.

Method five: wash face, naturally dried, around the eyes, apply honey massage for a few minutes. Wait for 10 minutes and let it absorb, and then washed with water, naturally dried, painted it cream and eye cream.

In addition to these methods, we can also adjust the diet to improve removal of dark circles, in the daily diet, we would like to increase the amount of high quality protein intake, guarantee more than 90 grams a Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses day, eat high quality protein-rich meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc. Usually eat more foods containing vitamins a and e, like carrots, butter, liver, Sesame, peanuts, etc.

As a woman, must be focused on this face, no dark circles, accompanied by a pair of contact lenses or the beauty of eyes, you were found at a glance in the crowd, let you send out a lot of charm.
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Pregnant mom how to protect my eyes?
Article publié le 27/10/2013
As we all know, contact lenses and beauty pupil population in 8090 is now an important sign, male friends and female friends like to wear, especially female friends, almost every beauty staffing a female friend, some people during pregnancy is also equipped for beauty wear contact lenses, ah, this is Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses utterly wrong, pregnant mothers during pregnancy are not wearing contact lenses.

So how pregnant mothers should protect their eyes? We look at the spectacle as the passenger network expert analysis:

1 endocrine changes during pregnancy, can make the pregnant mother mild corneal edema. If you wear contact lenses at this time, more emphasis on the cornea of oxygen, making it less sensitive, prone to corneal injury. And during pregnancy , due to hormones, easier to tear the moisture evaporates , and prone to edema, tears are not enough to protect the eyes , so the glasses prone to redness, foreign body sensation of fatigue and other symptoms . If this time pregnant mothers still wearing contact lenses eyes will feel uncomfortable, but also can lead to retinal lesions. Therefore, pregnant mothers during pregnancy must not wear contact lenses.

2 pregnant mother during the pregnancy of less eye makeup. During pregnancy, the pregnant mother will accelerate blood circulation , often make Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale the pregnant mother will easily long roots of the lashes some white dots , which is blocked because the eyelashes gland causes , so pregnant mothers or as little as possible of eye makeup .

3 Pregnant mothers should make the appropriate outdoor sports, the sun, is conducive to calcium absorption, as the cells of the fetus and the development of the cornea is also good.

4 we can not use the eye drops. Eye drops and ointment, most of them are anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs or hormone-containing eye drops. The main ingredient is generally phenomenological, but phenomenological had severe bone marrow suppression, pregnant mother’s newborns Ray Ban Outlet after use may cause serious adverse reactions; it is recommended that pregnant mothers should not use.

5 can not be prolonged use of computers. Long sedentary can cause pelvic blood retention sluggish, so pregnant mothers weekly contact with the computer time not more than 20 hours , keeping in mind the level of the seat with the computer , but also pay attention to eye health, the distance between eyes and the screen should maintained at 50 cm or more.

In short, the eyes are relatively sensitive organ, easily during pregnancy due to physiological changes and the emergence of various discomforts. Therefore , in addition to time for general check-ups , the pregnant mother preferably every 2 to 3 months to check visual acuity, from pregnancy until after delivery period , in order to detect ocular abnormalities and timely treatment , as well as pay attention to is equipped wearing contact lenses for pregnant mothers during pregnancy should be replaced glasses with contact lenses .
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Diet control of myopia
Article publié le 18/10/2013
Chinese medicine believes that the causes of myopia liver and kidney deficiency, blood loss. Therefore, in addition to the short-sighted friends outside of a balanced diet, but also through a number of liver or kidney, benefit quiz and blood to be therapeutic and prevention.

Nutritional Supplements

For the prevention of myopia, in addition to supplying rich in protein and vitamins outside the categories of food are indispensable:

First, eat calcium-rich food. Calcium deficiency is caused by poor visual development and a major cause of myopia. Calcium foods: milk, soy, fish, animal bones, animal liver, egg yolk, green vegetables rich in vitamin D, and so on.

Second, eat Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men foods containing chromium. Chromium plays in the eye during development to maintain osmotic balance, about 50,200 micrograms of chromium per day for children. Chromium-containing foods: cereals, meat, dairy, and egg yolk.

Too difficult to increase the frequency and intensity enhance the facial muscles and eye muscle strength and avoid myopia. Such foods are: carrots, fruits, cabbage, animal bones, beans and so on.

Prevention of myopia food

1. Elderberry

Elderberry is a kidney eyesight strong medicine, the ancients had considered to be a people often students do not make the old medicine, Chinese medicine; it can enhance liver and kidney function, increased body fluids. For Consumption, back pain, knee pain, dizziness, headache and other symptoms.

2. Parsley

Although a variety of vegetables, parsley “supporting role”, but experts introduce its health and medicinal value can not Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses be ignored. Substances contained in parsley, can play a heat of the table, the role of prevention and treatment of hives and itching. Studies have data to show that , because parsley contains vitamins, it 's clear heat function, improve vision, reduce eye diseases have a very significant role , therefore , recommended that people eat parsley point to facilitate the heat of the table to improve vision .

3. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum treatment of dry eyes, fatigue, blurred vision, have a good effect, China has always been able to conserve the eye daisy know. Therefore, in addition to smear the eyes , you normally may often soak some chrysanthemum tea to drink on a daily drink 34 cups of chrysanthemum Ray Ban Outlet tea , not only make eye fatigue symptoms, but also help to restore vision .
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Adolescents playing computer how to protect eyes
Article publié le 18/10/2013
Colorful, informative computer game lets kids have fun at the same time, unknowingly also pose potential hazards, which for eye injury is the most serious and obvious.

Children play video products for a long time, is frequent blinking of eyes affected shallow performance, this is a symptom of eye fatigue, can be eliminated, but if further development into a customary blink frequently and change their effort. Children's vision Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women to reach adult levels after age 8 and child childish eyes ultimate developmental stability, you need to 18-20 years later. So parents try not to give children access to electronic products, if you want to play with, and limited time, not more than half an hour at a time.

How to let the kids enjoy electronic products when the joy of, and protect the eyes? Mai dirge optometry ophthalmologist told parents ware in small details,

1, pay attention to develop good health habits: a computer keyboard being more difficult to clear, so there are many bacteria will hide in the cracks, kid tap process, easily bring germs on hands in contact with eyes, these organisms to easy transmission through hand-eye, so the baby over her computer be sure to wash your hands to prevent communicable diseases.

2, and note keep skin clean: should often keep face and hand of skin clean, because computer screen surface exists with large electrostatic, its agglomeration of dust can go shot to operation who face and hand of skin bare Department, as not note clean, time long has, easy occurred ugly of spot rash, and pigment calm, serious who even will caused skin lesions, effects beauty and physical and mental health. So, the screen must be clean and adjust brightness and color contrast to the comfortable degree, display screen position to moderate, the light must come from both sides, rather than coming from behind before.

3, pay attention to nutritional supplements: computer operator working in front of the screen for a long time, Rhodesian is consumed on the retina; Rhodesian consists of vitamin a synthesis. Therefore, Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses computer operators should eat more carrots, dates, oranges, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu and milk, eggs, liver, lean meat and other food to supplement the men were full of vitamin a and protein. Usually drank some more tea, make do with whatever is available in tea contain tea poly-phones and other active substances, absorbs and antagonistic effects of radioactive substances, the genetic gene of known function of the human body, as well as a certain degree of protection.

4, pay attention to the correct position: operation posture should be correct and comfortable. Computers should be installed in the screen center location and operator's chest level, 40-50 cm eyes and the screen distance should be in, it is best to use the chairs height can be adjusted. During the operation, often blink or turn a blind eye to rest for a while, in order to regulate and improve vision and prevent vision loss.

5, the attention of the indoor environment: computer room light are just right, not too bright or too dark, avoid direct light exposure on a fluorescent screen to produce the interference of light. Periodically clean indoor dust and microbes that clean temperature is best with a damp cloth or MOP, decontamination of air filters, adjust the air flow, transform the fresh air. If it is Ray Ban Outlet a home computer, also follows closely a melodious, and the use of protective screens, with the greatest possible reduction of electronic-spoke the harm to the human body.

6 note and rest: generally speaking, after 1 hour in a row should rest for about 10 minutes. Best to outdoor activities and limbs and torso, taking a walk, doing the Sett, active rest, or head indoors to do eye exercises and activities (many people complain about cervical pain, activities would be helpful in the head).
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