Can not wear sunglasses
Article publié le 17/04/2013
Summer, we all like to wear sunglasses to fashion their appearance in order to extra points, and the second is to the sun, radiation. These features are the direct reason for selling sunglasses. However, experts advise you in the choice of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, we must be extra careful, not just focus on style. There are a lot of quality problems we have to concern. (Recommended reading: wear glasses ten)

In general, brand sunglasses, you can rest assured to buy, but if not brand sunglasses, we need to be aware of the following four failed sunglasses do not wear:

1, anti-ultraviolet function unworthy of the name sunglasses. Good sunglasses lens, blocking more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, identification UV400 lenses are 100% (99.99%) for blocking ultraviolet rays. Wearing UV sunglasses, his eyes as if seen in the dark matter, the pupil will become large, but a large number of residual UV into the eyes, the eyes hurt. Usually best to go to the store to buy or purchase or flagship store to buy, be sure not to buy small stall on the visibility of a higher professional shop, those sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays, but the lenses work is not in place, that is substandard, do not buy cheap, low-quality sunglasses eye will cause varying degrees of damage.

2,transmittance unqualified Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses. Wear sunglasses, will produce the traffic signal recognition obstacles, and can easily result in a traffic accident. All sunglasses, including professional driving mirror, sport mirrors, fishing, mirror, simple method of identifying: sunglasses can be placed in front, seen through the lens of distant goals, such as window frames or door frames, then glasses up and down to move back and forth the goal should not swing and wavy deformation.

3, Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely for the sun visor mirror, used for decorative light microscopy and special mirror used to prevent snow blindness or waterproofing plane radiation. If there is no identification of product categories, the consumer at the time of purchase can not correctly identify the purpose of the sunglasses, affect the results.

4, the fight against performance does not meet the requirements of sunglasses. Lens easily broken by external shocks, the eyes of the debris be formed fatal injuries. The frame material is also very important, the general sheet, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium. The different demand sunglasses requirements are not the same, specially designed for sports polarized mirror movement, polarized driving lens, polarized fishing mirror, clear and sunglasses at the time of purchase, ask for professional use.

Finally, experts remind consumers, good after-sales service also buy the premise of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, buy sunglasses, but also asked of the Sing Gee Dania sunglasses quality assurance and warranty length of time, all sunglasses provide three months replacement, one year warranty service.
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Sunglasses and polarized light microscopy(2)
Article publié le 16/04/2013
Polarized lenses are according to light of polarization principle manufacturing, to filter except sunlight in the most of UV. can full barrier due to scattering, flex-or fold, reflection, various factors caused of glare light, while for engaged in strong light activities of people for, polarizing Sun mirror can impede UV of against, let eyes easily tired, reached real of protection features, see objects also more clear stereo. What called polarizing Sun mirror, polarizing Sun mirror is divided into three species, line polarizing, oval polarizing and round polarizing. Polarizing Ray Ban Outlet Sunglasses is a favorite of anglers, it has a filtering effect of the polarized light, is perfect for fishing, fish eyes are not tired. What Polarized Sunglasses and drivers wearing polarized lenses are more suitable for improved driver's eye fatigue; give drivers a clearer viewing experience.

It is understood that has less than half of the splitter is needed to ride a bike purchase customers. Splitter has a lot of class on the market shining, color to dark gray and green Chi, General brand has a stylish white and light yellow tint. In its bid, advised 160 to 280 Yuan on the market there, upscale to be around 3,000 Yuan. How to identify real pseudo-such a precious commodity?

1, "resolution of polarized lenses, and which match is briefly: lay two vertical stacks of Cheap Ray Bans polarized lenses, the lens will render does not light like implicit. Light lenses specially designed the rationale is just let flat light lenses, are two lens vertically stacked light set for major sectors are blocked. When they are purchased, just such a Curt, can know the real pseudo-and immediately broke down. ”

2, "at the light of the General will tell all distinguished Board, looked at with the naked eye with black stripes, however on with polarized lenses looking at will be looked at to your track to black and white to the naked eye! "

These are the "Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses polarized lenses and what the difference is between" information. Warm prompt you: If you want to know more about this information, click on the Web sites contact customer service.
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How a guys face to buy sunglasses
Article publié le 16/04/2013
Importance of sunglasses for the modern man, just as rivers of people that most hand weapons in the Amazon. But if face and glasses shape indiscriminately mix, like Yang appearance took a large axe, what is wrong. Ray Ban Outlet Sun glasses into a seasonal must-have items, protection of eyes and personality. How to choose a right for own sunglasses, is that many men friends puzzle. And below we look at how a guys face to buy sunglasses, get decent sunglasses for extra points. (Recommended reading: myopic patients need long-term wearing of glasses)

Men's sunglasses Ray-Ban designed the popular, on the situation on the market. Toad classic in particular is a favorite of many of my friends; this is because the face and exquisite design in such a low profile match very well. Of course, this is just a basic standard, specific selection of sunglasses; you can try on, more intuitive to see the best results. However, sunglasses on the choice of a lot of people will do, often have a friend also choose sunglasses that do not suit them. In General, both the men's and the women's sunglasses, sunglasses of choice and face shape has a lot to do next I'll look at tricks face with sunglasses what is the choice between!

1, oval picture frames to maximize an oval face can be perfect, soft line against each other, very feminine. Exquisite Pearl inlaid metal interface on the frame, delicate and exquisite. Perfect if you have an oval face, advantage plays it out. The soft lines of the ellipse will highlight the outline of the face, not suitable for square face wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses.

2, picture frame corners do sleek sunglasses for square face shape wear, slightly softer line with arc can make your face was kind of bland. Bow decoration on each side with a rich young woman breath; melt the edges of square face edges and corners.

3, the oval face is considered the most photogenic face, but in everyday life, oval face tends to sour feeling, if you can be on the frame color, it will seem easy many. Metal rings as Cheap Ray Bans combination of frames and frame, add a decorative.
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Why not to wear blue sunglasses
Article publié le 15/04/2013
Consumers to choose sunglasses hours try to avoid the selection of blue sunglasses may be able to pick some black yellow sunglasses, this is how it happened? Why do not wear blue Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses? (Recommended reading: Color US-pupil Contacts FAQ damaged profiling)

Why do not wear blue sunglasses

Blue sunglasses indeed are formed on the well-being of the eye hazards. This is because, on the one hand, the wavelength of blue light is very short, the human eye in the smallest blue light horizon, to see things that are not clear; on the other hand, the blue color that is closest to the ultraviolet-the same with ultraviolet light, the optic nerve unlucky simple eye formation damage. Many optic nerve diseases in clinical practice are shown with blue light. In addition to the blue lens glasses, the current market popular with blue stripes colorful contact lenses will also harm the well-being of the eyes.

According to reports, the Columbia University the subordinate medical middle Ophthalmology Professor Janet Sparrow thought, regardless of men, women and children, the majority of people should not wear blue Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses added, followed by age, some retinal cells photosensitive compounds will increasingly the more, the Blue-ray in the sunlight activates retinal compounds promote the release of harmful free radicals.

Sparrow said: "we can see the light is white, but in fact this white light contains not the same color of light, like a rainbow of light is the same as some of Blue-ray wavelength spectrum can limit activate these compounds. Appearance much like one would endanger the process of oxidation of retinal cells. "

This is why not to wear blue Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses reason, consumers in the selection of sunglasses hours to pick up some yellow, amber or black lenses, do not pick the blue lenses to reduce the Blue-ray of sunlight entering the eye, prevent suffering from eye disease.
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What kind of sunglasses are qualified?
Article publié le 15/04/2013
What kind of sunglasses is qualified? Summer, when we all like to wear a sunglasses, this is not just the demand for fashion, is the protection of their own eyes, of a home will be able to see a lot of people are wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, it has also become a landscape. (Recommended reading: how to select the right glasses for young people)

Must pay attention to its quality when you buy sunglasses, sunglasses unqualified, but than do not wear more damage the eyes Oh! That in the end what kind of sunglasses to be qualified?

Wearing sunglasses, part of sunlight is filtered out, the eyes do not always amused, but at the same time the pupil will enlarge. If sunglasses failed, unable to filter out a large number of UV doubles directly into the eyes, damage to cornea of the eye, the retina and the lens, greatly increasing the chance of suffering from cataract.

Therefore, sunglasses are not casually will be able to wear Oh; unqualified Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses eyes will bring some harm.

1, objects distort distortion, resulting in the phenomenon of visual chaos.

2, dizziness, headache, or nausea, insomnia appears.

6,Consumption vision and cause eye fatigue.

4 can not filter harmful rays, resulting in damage to the eyes.

The sunglasses quality at present in the market selling is irregular, what sunglasses are actually qualified?

1, more than 90% can filter out harmful rays.

2, the lens must have a sufficient amount of area to prevent frames flanking the penetration of the light source.

3, there must be an accurate optical lenses, non-distorted scene through the lens.

4, facial color ratio between the two lenses must be uniform, not more than 5% error.

5, the texture is good, wear lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic.

6 can not have a prism effect, or dizziness.

7 facial modified.

Qualified sunglasses probably because of the difference of the brand, material, packaging, style, color and publicity a far cry from the price, there are twenty or thirty dollars Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, but the quality is often not guaranteed. Therefore, I suggest that you or to the reputation of a good optical shop or optical network to buy, at least in terms of quality inspection, sanitation inspection to get a better guarantee.
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