Sunglasses should be careful of glaucoma
Article publié le 14/04/2013
Sun glasses glaucoma to be careful in the intense summer sun, we all like coupled with sunglasses to block the sunlight. Over time, the sunglasses style more and more in line with people's minds about the stylish look, the best-selling sunglasses can be said to be a natural thing. Its position in the fashion industry also will be high. (Recommended reading: the drivers sun glasses to be safe not to tide)

The experts tell you, the glaucoma friends had better pay attention, because sunglasses are not suitable for glaucoma friends. This year's sunglasses in addition to oversize continue to cover his face, but also with a strong wave of Sicily, from the jewelry full sense of the crystal ornaments futuristic metal frame, all under the sun, strong visual sense of movement.

Need heat of the summer sun is not only the skin, and eyes. According to reports, the UV wavelength can be divided into three categories: the first category, UV-C (280nm) can be absorbed by the ozone layer; basically it does no harm to the human body. The second class of UV-B (320-280nm) easily led to dermatitis and skin cancer. This caused by UV radiation damage, common foreign body sensation, pain, photo-phobia, elephantiasis, tearing, the corneal epithelium operation and corneal sensitivity decreased. The third category, UV-A (380-320nm) UVA, it is absorbed by the lens of the eye to produce photochemical reactions, the protein penetration cloudy early formation of cataract. Therefore, the following types of friends best not to wear the Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses!

Glaucoma patients do not wear sunglasses

Lit, safe and sound, one to wear sunglasses eyes swollen, even intermittent temporary blindness. Glaucoma patient’s chaos sun glasses may be such a problem. In this regard, the experts also said that people wear sunglasses or in dimly lit places, the pupil will enlarge. At this point, patients with angle-closure glaucoma due to angle closure lead to increased intramuscular pressure, eye swelling and temporary blindness; when the light is bright, mitosis, IOP decreased, eyes and return to normal. Therefore, it is the Glaucoma is best not to wear sunglasses.

Low-quality sunglasses eye injury

Sunglasses using different ways (such as polarized light, color, coating, etc.) play a role in blocking ultraviolet rays, but not the only colored sunglasses to sunscreen, transparent glasses can also add film increased UV protection. The disadvantage is that it can not resist to UV light irradiation. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses selection and improper wear, will cause damage to the eyes. For example, in the street selected poor quality sunglasses that block ultraviolet, wear the descendants pupil will expand, UV but will not wear sunglasses than easier access to the eyes, causing injury. Secondly, the poor quality sunglasses lenses are generally pitting, bright road is not good, curvature imbalance and other issues, wear this Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses because blurred vision, to see things uneven.

UV cataract patients

Studies have shown that drying 1 hour a day of Sun, risk of cataract increases 10% in a year, outdoor workers risk of cataract is generally 3 times. When eyes met bright lights when you are unobstructed and UV light will go directly to the pupil, thus causing harm to your eyes. Prolonged exposure to strong ultraviolet light environment will indeed become cataract risk factors.

Stylish sunglasses Dress to play it cool, but it is not anyone can wear, if glaucoma friends to be careful, oh!
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What sunglasses and polarized lenses have different
Article publié le 14/04/2013
Displayed in different styles of sunglasses, optical shops, most of which are anti-UV sunglasses, but there is a polarizing microscope. Sunglasses, familiar products, UV-good help, customers often ask how to buy that kind of mirrors good? Actually, if you normally wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses will be able to meet our needs, but if you were a driver, and good of the best polarized lenses. In addition to Sun and UV, light work of uneven ' tunnel, the water in the premises nothing happens when you diffuse the light, commonly known as "glare". Glare causes eye discomfort taking tired of yet and affect clearly polarized lenses sunglasses is the ability to effectively filter out glare.

It is understood that has less than half of the splitter is needed to ride a bike purchase customers. Splitter has a lot of class on the market shining, color to dark gray and green Chu, General brand has a stylish white and light yellow tint. In its bid, advised 160 to 280 Yuan on the market there, upscale to be around 3,000 Yuan. How to identify real pseudo-such a precious commodity? (Recommended reading: myopic sunglasses purchase)

1, "resolution of polarized lenses, and which match is briefly: polarized lenses a vertical stack the two pieces aside, Cheap Ray Bans lens will render does not light as implicit. Light lenses specially designed the rationale is just let flat light lenses, are two lens vertically stacked light set for major sectors are blocked. When they are purchased, just such a Curt, can know the real pseudo-and immediately broke down. ”

2, "at the light of the General will tell all distinguished Board, looked at with the naked eye with black stripes, however on with polarized lenses looking at will be looked at to your track to black and white to the naked eye! Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses! "

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Genuine sunglasses to protect the eyes
Article publié le 13/04/2013
Select authentic sunglasses protect the eyes, we buy sunglasses in addition to be cool, is to protect our eyes, the summer UV rays so much, we see things will be very bright in the Sun, this time Sun glasses on, protects the eye first hero. But we found sunglasses on the market today are always flawed, and there are reports that sunglasses are inferior products. So by the way, remind you to buy Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses to go to a regular store.

Wearing sunglasses is a good way to protect the eye from UV damage. However, not all sunglasses are able to achieve the objective of protecting the eyes. Available optical networks on issues of general interest of consumers, well-meaning reminders are as follows:

1, how to choose sunglasses?

In accordance with the requirements of the international standard, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses is listed as personal eye protection products category, wearing sunglasses in the summer, the main function is to block the glare of the sun. However, the international standard sunglasses again subdivided into "fashion mirror" and "general purpose with a mirror. Standard "fashion mirror" the quality requirements are relatively low. Because "fashion mirror" main outstanding style, the wearer focus is decorative, rather than protection function. Standard "general purpose mirror" the quality requirements are more stringent, including UV protection, as well as the index of refraction and prism requirements. Consumers should be made clear in the choice of sunglasses, to buy their own goals. Of course, if a pair of sunglasses is a decorative function, but also protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation hazards better, but the price may be high. At present, China has not yet issued a "sunglasses" national standards, so there are no Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses to make a reasonable classification and labeling requirements. (Recommended reading: What are the benefits of gradient mirror?)

2, different color sunglasses what is the difference?

Dark sunglasses can effectively block the glare, its transmission in the visible light region may only 10%~30%, and light colored sunglasses ranges generally in the region of visible light transmittance for 40%~80% (ordinary clear lenses in the region of visible light transmittance up to 90%~99%). Sunglasses to block the ultraviolet capabilities of different colors should be the same, not because the shading makes the difference.

How to choose sunglasses 3, myopia?

In General, the sunglasses are flat, that is, no degrees. Myopia or hypertrophy, consumers can request optical shop for with diaper glasses. Or according to their preferences, choose a tinted lens to achieve the objective of effectively blocking the Sun. Another way is too directly purchase sets of mirrors (colored), carried out directly in glasses, can also solve the problem.
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The choice of sunglasses
Article publié le 13/04/2013
The choice of sunglasses, sunglasses present many styles of glasses, in addition to block the sun's harmful UV functional role, more importantly, with increased luster to our appearance to remind you, with sunglasses mostly select styles However, in fact, according to the material and performance point of view, lenses that are mainly two categories, that is, reflection and absorption. (Recommended reading: What is the difference between the polarizer and sunglasses?)

Reflex film on a layer of silver and chromium-plated surface of the lens, since the reflective glare and harmful rays. Welcomed by the majority of people are based on absorption, optical glass, some metal oxides; or plastic lenses dyed a variety of colors, which play attenuation, absorption of the role of light. Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses color green, tea, gray, and blue, yellow, amber. The experts pointed out that, for most people, the best sunglasses color is gray and green. Gray for visual physiology of the eye, the scene is more fax, color (such as red, yellow, green is not easy to distinguish) the slightest, the most appropriate to be used for general outdoor activities. The rest of the colors have their own characteristics, such as brown, is a warm color that can help you see farther, see the outline of the scene, without the blue sky and water, used in aviation, marine and tourism mountaineering. Amber can see through the fog frost, high contrast and increase depth of field vision, clearer scene, should be the purpose of hunting, outing purposes. Motorists should not wear blue lenses, so as not to not tell the traffic signs on the road. Following the golden sun glasses on the market launched on concentrated under short and concentrated up and down, light in the middle of sunglasses, the former applies to driving, conducive to tourism climbing up the stairs; wear which applies to boating and fishing, the upper blocks sun, a lower light reflection on the water can be weakened.

If you want to know of lens color depth is appropriate and easy way: Watch the eyes in the mirror, looming on the horizon, it is appropriate to wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, in the case of a well-lit; if you can not see, the color is too deep.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses are generally plain. To identify the quality of lenses good and bad, can be armed with sunglasses up and down and move around in front of objects viewed through the lens meters away, if the base is good (plain); images were moving along and against the move, is a difference; images irregular movement is even worse for the poor quality of glasses. Need to pay attention to the style and how the face with the purchase of sunglasses. For example, the square face should not choose a square frame sunglasses, can be used on both sides of the slightly oblique, with a circular frame below. Round face should avoid wearing round sunglasses, should choose both ends of the tilt of the thumb to the tip of brow frame. “The oval face” not good has one's eyes tested and wears glasses two side upward unwrapping the mirror holders, selects dexterous and Lei Penguin suitably the sunglasses. Elliptic face being suitable has one's eyes tested and wear glasses the frame broad sunglasses, like this then has opens up the face, “the reduction” the face length feeling.
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Maintenance glasses
Article publié le 12/04/2013
Glasses are myopia things every day, in order to extend the life of the glasses, we should maintain it, not to mention a pair of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses is not very cheap, we should cherish, Here to talk about the glasses common Maintenance .

Tighten the screws: loose screw, please get glasses shops or personally tighten or mirror levy is easily broken or scratched out on the ground.

Keep clean: sweat or grease on the skin easy corrosive effect on the metal part of the frame, and daily cleaning glasses, glasses extend the life span helpful.

Correctly put off: Most of the glasses is the first base side mirror foot gently fold expansion, If first put off hard from the right, will lead to unbalanced frame itself, skew caused by the use of the right to wear your discomfort.

Properly taken wearing: wearing glasses with one hand to take, easy to make the frame deformation. Frames if the variant, should find the local eyeglasses master adjust the angle, do not make their own adjustments, so as not to break the lens, frame damage.

Avoid the sun: a long time on the sun exposure to light and heat break down easily fade due to frame.

Correct Spectacle: special cloth to dry the glasses with Ray Ban Outlet. The lenses do not touch a hard object, do not wipe the lens with your fingers, wipe with a clean lens cloth to reduce lens wear.

Proper storage: the front of the lens does not face down. When not in use, put the glasses in the box as much as possible, when glasses if you don't wear, eye with lots packed, into the mirror box to avoid damage.

The depth of color of the lens, anti-ultraviolet function will affect it?

Lens color depth is not equal to the effect of the UV filter. Opposite color lenses, such as myopia, they can block 100% UV. The depth of the lens affects only see things when the luminosity, and do not need to wear glasses or mirror too deep in the urban areas, if it is to go to the beach, hiking, skiing, you need to wear a dark mirror or mirror.

Poor quality sunglasses will because more harm it?

Eyes very bright light, the pupil will naturally shrink, to reduce the light entering by UV damage is also smaller; wearing poor quality glasses lens light weakened, but not filtering ultraviolet pupil due light weakened and expanded, so that more ultraviolet radiation into the eyes, causing injury.

Regardless of the day, night, indoor, outdoor wear Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses can completely resist damage?

If the eyes are long accustomed to the dim light, the pupil will naturally often expanded once took off his glasses, it will not withstand the glare of the stimulus, causing eye discomfort, but will damage the eyes.
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