Features sunglasses
Article publié le 12/04/2013
Sunglasses is a necessity of modern life pretending to be cool Shoshoni In addition to these effects, of course, it is more important to be able to protect our eyes, the experts tell us:

Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses can prevent glare. When the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the iris shrinks to limit state, then people need to squint. If the light is still too much, for example, snow reflects sunlight, will be on the retinal damage. Quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% into eyes light in order to avoid injury. Sunglasses prevent glare irradiation. Certain surfaces, such as water, can reflect a lot of light, and the highlights will disrupt the line of sight or hidden objects. Quality polarized sunglasses can utilize technology to completely eliminate such glare. Sunglasses can eliminate the light of a specific frequency. Certain frequency of light will blur the line of sight, and some other frequencies of light can enhance the contrast. For the sunglasses choice correct color, enable it to obtain a better effect under the specific environment.

In addition to the above, some of the basic features of modern science and technology so Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses given the more advanced features, here let the glasses experts introduce you to several lenses:

Functional use of polarized lenses sunglasses

The driver, fishing enthusiasts choose the best polarized lenses sunglasses, polarized lenses can eliminate to the road, the glare of the lights as well as the surface of the water, depending on the material clearly without interference. Outdoor sports, it is best to choose a variety of outdoor sports dedicated sports sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are generally polarized lenses to eliminate interference to improve the ability to look at things, the same time frame materials and styles designed for sports wear more lightweight.

Functional use of color lenses sunglasses

Often in both environments of indoor and outdoor access; you can choose Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses photo chronic lenses. Lenses will produce changes in a different light in indoor light intensity, not the lens color is light and the ability of lens opacity. Outdoor light intensity when the lenses become darker in color, lens shading ability. They are able to apply to both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.
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The driver's sunglasses(2)
Article publié le 11/04/2013
Drivers choose glasses to choose can see the palm

A lot of people assume that, the darker the better the function of UV protection. In fact, the sunglasses UV filter function only with the plated film, color is not the darker the better. Especially on the other hand, long-distance driver, wearing sunglasses color is too deep, the eyes more tired from strong sunlight into the dark tunnel light procedure more dangerous. Hon Ping said in the room, wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses can see his palm is the mid-range depth.

Polarized lenses are really good, but tens of dollars more dangerous cheap mirror

Staff said polarizes for the driver. So, this argument makes sense?

In fact, polarize the most suitable for fishing, skiing or water sports wear blocked a strong reflection. When driving is generally difficult to encounter strong direct light, but also can wear polarize.

Wearing polarize is sure to buy good quality optical lenses. Dozens of cheap goods, car does not wear. "The reason why the driver can not wear cheap poor quality polarize, because those are acrylic plastic lens, plus only block after the color intensity of light, do not block UV rays, but also to see things through the car glass will deform more easily lead to accidents.

Do not try Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses myopia driver wearing a mirror of a no degree

Some drivers with mild myopia, like wearing no prescription sunglasses, so that the eyes but easy fatigue, vision will decline.

Experts suggest that myopia driver wearing sunglasses, best with prescription sunglasses lenses or glasses clip: customize an appropriate and normal wear glasses sunglasses clip, have the same shading with normal polarize the effect of blocking the effect of ultraviolet radiation is also very good.

"Or lifted up out of the tunnel to start another down into the tunnel, it is convenient." Said Hon Ping if you do not like the clip, there is a brightness color glasses: the ordinary glasses indoors, go out to encounter light, with the increase in brightness and darken, this sunglasses is also very convenient. "Color glasses under UV discoloration, do not change color according to the light shade car ultraviolet is not large, the glasses will not become deep, out of the tunnel there will not be a problem."

Summer, a lot of the beauty of the girls choose different colors sunglasses with clothes. "Pink, purple lenses to change the color spectrum, the car should not be worn." Many beautiful colored sunglasses, they should not be driving.

The experts say that in fact, a variety of colors Cheap Ray Bans glasses suitable areas are very particular about:

Brown, yellow lenses can increase the brightness, more suitable for this foggy city in Chongqing. Jungian air good perspective, the car is not necessary to wear such sunglasses; on the contrary will produce glare discomfort.
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How much money the 3D glasses
Article publié le 11/04/2013
Since c where up under a cannon and Red shah, 3D movie on has been is cinema of hot, to has better of vision Sang of impact, 3D glasses also has many people began concern has, because to see had 3D movie of people are know, each once see are to cross Sang 100 of deposit, so 3D glasses what how many money a Deputy does? loco glasses life told everyone cinema of 3D Ray Ban Outlet glasses is not quality best, most has guarantee of, to know 3D glasses how many money, You have to know how they classified.

3D glasses are mainly three categories, one being the red-blue red-green 3D glasses, one being polarized 3D glasses, there is also a polarized 3D glasses, the lens and production principle is a little difference. Through in this category will be able to know how much money the 3D glasses, polarized light polarization is more expensive; the red-blue red-green 3D glasses are cheap.

I keep saying is that LCD is your Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses, automatic control left and right eye light effect. Polarization and polarization are expensive; many of the red-blue red-green 3D glasses are cheap and, of course, are priced at hundreds of, fundamental for the import of high quality.

Buy 3D glasses, in addition to know how much money the 3D glasses 3D glasses and care about how much money other than what's you buy the 3D glasses do? This use 3D glasses can also tell you how much, 3D glasses for 3D games generally cost up to hundreds of thousands of per cent, because of the high scientific and technological content, configuration of computers also have very good, watch 3D movies without such stress, can see dozens of the hundreds of. So the friend wanted to know how much money the 3D glasses to figure out what I want Cheap Ray Bans glasses.
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Jewelry stores how to solve many goods
Article publié le 10/04/2013
Before the holiday, the off-season, the end of the assessment ...... is often more goods periods. More goods, their task completed, to seize the dealer's capital, the wishes of the storage resources reached the stage sales targets to achieve. However, Tiffany outlet more goods after that?

The face of channel inventory per unit time more times, let the dealer digested by smashing price, R & D center? Fight on to try any promotional grooming? I believe that few people willing to face such a situation.

Gastric motility is not enough, you can find domineering. But the digestion of the channels is not looking for what?

Integration of channel chain, early dredge

More goods, zoom and auto-eighth feelings to twelve, mostly lying on the market support programs in the plan describe how generous and drawbacks, path promotional packaging so that dealers white pick up a bargain like. The hanging heart Tasha thinks you can sing a song according dancing, sit back and relax.

This is a portrayal of the many sales colleagues. But I will say, the heart quiz loose too early on channel inventory too late, is the emergence of a variety of goods squeal is an important reason. For us, the general pressure of the goods, such as a lump in the throat, to speak out, tying up the funds are not withdrawn from circulation early on pins and needles, but at least is simmering in the chest, although not as good as the dealer earlier not premeditated and processing sooner or later will stir up a bunch of trouble.

How early do to handle it? In advance to do is to clear the channel chain, Tiffany and co outlet pressure goods piecemeal evacuation down the channels smoother.

To mobilize dealer distribution awareness and enthusiasm

Up and down under attack, although many dealers feel more and more living space grim, and there is no lack of confusion, but it is difficult to realize and improve their depth network, to develop into a strong dealer to have the depth distribution and distribution capabilities, it is a way out.

In this case, we obviously want the dealer aware of their future prospects: either improve distribution capabilities continue to eat this bowl of rice, or "take a back seat in terms of logistics and distribution services eat rice penetration out, or up and down, or directly be eliminated in order to improve the sense of urgency for dealers to enhance distribution capabilities, allowing more goods to digest benefit from dealer distribution capabilities.

Of course, this is more "incites wind", to be more effective, it is through distribution of talent for dealer training, to Tiffany jewelry Association sales support, create perfect distribution outlets Award blank effectiveness of regional development Award measures ignition. "
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Sunglasses tips and Q & A
Article publié le 10/04/2013
Sunglasses like a long time, and understand a little common sense, and now do a few small Q, so loving Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses enthusiasts can share.

A lot of crush just started wearing sunglasses, often due to the lack of its own momentum, it is easy to sunglasses to cover past, becomes lined mirror, not mirror lining. Colored glasses, how to make color-rimmed sunglasses set off me instead of me lining it?

Colored glasses, but all the glasses inside the most fashionable, most pick one. The corresponding proportions in the selected color glasses should be more lively type, bold casual choice of clothing, such as abstract printing, modern several, polka dots and so can.

Many men wearing Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, accompanied a beauty, is often misunderstood as "thugs" or "bodyguards," How can is unlike a bodyguard it?

In fact, because to the sunglasses itself give people a sense of distance, usually wearing dark sunglasses when Do not wear too formal color is too dark clothes, if a black suit with sunglasses, not mixed triad is shooting The Matrix.

Third, to lighter shades sunglasses, how to match clothes?

Beige, champagne gold, Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses is wilder colors, especially in the summer, wear light-colored lens sunglasses can let others have a cool feeling. Cowboys and relatively small woman shape basically taboo.
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