Features sunglasses
Article publié le 09/04/2013
Stained glass constitutes sunglasses. We hope you it have a correct understanding. You may use Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses just want to be used to reduce the strong sunlight, but you know that the addition to the denial of light, you will also need its protection do we do?

Eyes visible light is only a small part of the sun's rays. In high school physics class, we know that radiation by the small wavelength gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible and infrared, and then range of a wide range of long radio waves. Visible light is a clever human eye can receive, such as: trees, rocks, animals and see that humans can successfully reflect visible light through the surface of the object.

From the sun's rays will cause the physiology of injury. The decisive factor is that any rays can cause damage to the human body absorption will cause injury. Not absorbed, it will not cause harm. For example, the radio wave can penetrate the human body, not be absorbed by the body and therefore does not cause any apparent harm. On the other hand, X-ray will be some organizations absorption, therefore is a risk, it must lead as protection and absorb them.

There are two kinds of rays, we normally do not wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses at its next exposure may cause some eye problems, they are ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). Two rays are not visible until the skin of your eyes feels some slight burning to be able to feel the presence of the infrared. The same UV feeling also has to wait until some harm would have found, such as: a tan or sunburn. Both in the physiological the rays damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) damage is accumulated; infrared (IR) is not.

Let's examine these light your eyes will cause harm. Most of the ultraviolet (UV) by the cornea absorbed, some will be absorbed by the lens, some reaching the retina. (Part of the study pointed out that the oracular degradation and absorption of ultraviolet light). Therefore, according to the rules: absorption = affect any of the major squeal occur in the cornea, then is the lens, can cause damage of the corneal surface, the situation is more serious than the other sunburn. This phenomenon is sometimes read in a long time under the fluorescent lights, and ignore the UV will enter the eye through the reflection of the paper, resulting in a very painful experience.

Under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light will result in the development of the crystal body cataract phenomenon. The infrared light (heat) is absorbed by the corneal. There is evidence that the infrared rays will burn the tissue on the retina. This situation is like watching the eclipse of the sun. Intense visible light is a lot of infrared light still gets in your eyes and focus on the retina. Depending on the duration of luminosity, such circumstances may cause the momentum sunburn, thus resulting in permanent loss of vision.

The views of the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses before you may think that it is a popular product. But if you wish to go to the beach to spend the day is that you must pay attention to: the seaside strong sunlight. For example, if you do not have some protection for the light, will result in the light-sensitive pigment in the retina fades, so, in the night vision may become poor. This phenomenon is especially older people must be noted that even have to do more protection, because the restore vision about the ability to light sensitivity began to decrease after the age of 40.
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Tell you how simple clean Tiffany jewelry
Article publié le 09/04/2013
Sterling Silver ring for a long time not wearing black. Found a special way, they can not go to Tiffany outlet jewelry store clean, he can let it changes back to its original look.

Here is a way to clean sterling silver jewelry, contribute:

1, 50C warm water, phosphoric acid 200 ml 1000 ml, concentrated laundry detergent 30 g, liquid people wash ultrasonic cleaning tank for 100 seconds, then rinse clear water. Household cleaning: cleaning fluid man, silver jewelry in a container were emitted after soaking for 10 minutes, then use the toothbrush wash, and then floating water 10 minutes.

2, and learn to make color-silver oxide can restore the light. With a silver cloth can be had. Polished surface gap-free, with silver sparkle cleaning can be had.

Silver jewelry care:

1, wearing silver jewelry Tiffany and co outlet without at the same time other precious metal jeweler to wear to avoid collision deformation or scratches. Even if it is not the same as loading, long, silver is oxidized to color, whether it is still no electroplating plating! So love silver friends need to learn how to maintain the silver extended glow time.

2 avoid contact with sterling silver jewelry vapor and chemical products; avoid wearing swim, especially going to the sea.

3 after you wear the sterling silver jewelry a day, clean it with a cotton cloth, on a jewelry box or bag and sealed.

4, sterling silver jewelry has been oxidized to black, with soft hair brush stick toothpaste, cleaning: hand rubbing SOAP or detergents cleaning: clean-scrubbed with silver sparkle could not be processed: sterling silver jewelry after washing wipe dry with a cotton cloth.

5, avoids contacting acid and alkali and other chemicals.

6, sprayed with perfume, hair products after wearing jewelry

7, shower should remove jewelry, avoid contact with body wash SOAP supplies

8, sleep, take down decorations, and avoid wearing the night, winding the hair on top of the ornament

9, the human body perspiration will eat into silver jewelry, summer wear best with clean water after cleaning, and dry

10, sterling silver, soft, and should be treated with caution, avoid rubbing hard jewelry.

11, after every wear, jewelry, wipe clean with a soft cloth.

12, the Tiffany jewelry store in a dark place saved in the box.
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Teach you the day-to-day management of the Tiffany jewelry shop
Article publié le 08/04/2013
Joined Tiffany Silver jewelry teaches you a few enrollment shops management problems that require attention

As a novice, open jewelry stores need to pay attention to what? How to manage jewelry store? Tiffany outlet jewelry joined we teach you a few tricks to be aware of.

Insufficient supply, an acute shortage of

Shelf following empty, some even appeared 5-6 row are is empty of; this situation, main appeared in several just join of joined commercial, eager to recovered investment, unwilling to fill cargo; Dang storefront appeared this situation, let guest feel this shop to changed hands closed 's, therefore didn't guest dared to purchase upscale jewelry, "shop if shut 's, I buy of things bed’s do", upscale jewelry, to in open shop a months Hour, only will real moving up; looked only on you of shop produced trust, only will purchase you shop in the of upscale jewelry;

Expelled quickly slow jewelry

Some jewelry shop, looks cargo is foot, also is rich, but a carefully professional of people seems, fast consumption jewelry insufficient, slow speed consumption jewelry better, slow speed jewelry accounted for's fast jewelry of location, this is a hidden stock; as we this jewelry shop, guest price usually in 20-30 Shijiazhuang, jewelry in 20-30 Yuan Shijiazhuang, is belonging to fast consumer goods; but some jewelry shop, several primary of product group 20-30 Yuan of jewelry rarely, even didn't, very typical of hidden stock;

Great management complex

A Tiffany and co outlet jewelry store, if it does not focus on single management, opened after the hot performance will continue to fall; jewelry stores, and the second months of performance of the first half of the month, it is because they don't have big single management, because neither of them big orders!

Popular item lacking

Part product with popularity, part product with luck in making big money, this is jewelry shop operation law, both integral, we in increased guest price of efforts Shirr, we also not forge’s, we also is to has several popularity of product; usually for, 10 Yuan following man gas, 20-30 do sales, 50 Yuan above do luck in making big money; 5. Storefront "field" insufficient any objects are has since has of "field".

Scientists proved that the earth rotates around the Sun, when the Sun disappears all of a sudden, the Earth also rotates around the Sun where the original departed only after eight minutes, then say the Sun has disappeared, but it also exists for about eight minutes, of the earth around the Sun, "" in the rotation instead of rotating around the Sun.

Also said that even if your shop moved out of la for ten consecutive days, there are few customers coming to your store the original "location" to "buy" Tiffany jewelry but is more unpleasant, some shops and not move out, customers walked by rarely entering!

How to add a shop? Music, lighting, service, VIP card, which will increase the shop's "field", is also worthy of note, is continuous, not intermittent, such as after the break, rebuild, restart; hence the music could not stop, light does not complete, insist, the card has been issued.
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The functional use of sunglasses
Article publié le 08/04/2013
Function of double-lens sunglasses

Select Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses myopia lens issues to consider. Either myopic glasses plus a Sun lens double frame, the benefit is simple, the problems are heavier lenses, and double lens seems cumbersome, strenuous exercise easier when shifting or shedding. Also can be equipped with a pair of sunglasses with myopia, the advantage is more lightweight, attractive, easily fixed, the problems are such glasses of good quality are generally more expensive. Ono optical networks also have to sell all kinds of myopic sunglasses, if you are having trouble buying sun glasses for myopia may contact persuasive to guide and assist you.

Polarized lenses sunglasses feature uses

Driver, anglers the best choice Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses polarized lenses, polarized lenses eliminate glare of pavement, lighting and water, depending on when clearly without interference. Outdoor sports and all kinds of outdoor sports special sport sunglasses is a good choice. Sport sunglasses with polarized lenses, can eliminate interference to improve capacity, while its lighter frame material and style design suited to wear during exercise.

Color changing lenses sunglasses feature uses

Regular indoor and outdoor access for the people in the two environments, you can choose Cheap Oakley Sunglasses color lenses. Photo chronic lenses under different lighting changes, light intensity in the room is small, lens color is light, glass light transmission capacity enhancement. Outdoor light intensity when larger lenses darken, lens shading increased capacity. So I could apply to both indoor and outdoor illumination environment.
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Tiffany Tibetan ornaments collection
Article publié le 05/04/2013
Tiffany Tibetan jewelry has always been considered ethnic jewelry industry stars, once makeup debut set off a hot debate. The urban human suffered a Tiffany outlet Tibetan jewelry new wind. Stage of ethnic jewelry Tibetan jewelry Tiffany champion, businesses last straw, have appeared from the deep sea, with great fanfare to make a small fortune. The wide variety of Tiffany the Tibetan jewelry squandering fans eyes, light Tibetan people really understand it very well, how to pick a good ethnic jewelry?

Learn Tibetan jewelry from Tiffany Tibetan ornaments said. Tibetan silver is a name, is actually an alloy, and said in Tibetan, Tibetan silver is actually copper-nickel alloy. Tibetan silver is a copper-nickel alloy (copper-nickel alloy) Blair said, traditionally Tibetan silver 30 percent of the silver and 70 percent of the copper. Silver content is too low, so now the market has not seen the alternative to completely copper-nickel alloy. Tibetan silver avoid the alkaline corrosion took silver and other metals inside, over time evolved into a process.

Including other ethnic jewelry, each has its good and bad points; Tiffany Tibetan jewelry swept the market now. Businesses optimistic about the prospects, have invested heavily, there are many small traders under the banner of the name brand, Tillie money. This has resulted in the situation of ethnic jewelry industry was mixed. How to identify the authenticity of ethnic jewelry has become an important step in the selection of links.

Filed Tiffany and co outlet Tibetan silver inlaid stone jewelry, many people are considered to be from Tibet, which is actually called "Tibetan silver" misleading. In fact, Tibetan silver is high purity silver, which mixed with other metals, relatively high hardness, can engrave intricate patterns, and thus the Middle East, India, Nepal and other handmade jewelry Tibetan silver. Fact, it is not difficult to distinguish between true and false Tibetan silver in the purchase of jewelry Tibetan silver crafted. Tibetan silver jewelry engraving pattern really fine and clear, shiny silver reflective. Fake Tibetan silver jewelry carving patterns appear fuzzy, the silver reflective glossy dark, almost invisible.

Original ethnic jewelry stone in Tibet are natural; however, the market will always be many imitations, to make a simple resolution, just look at the surface of the original stone. Really a stone appear transparent crystal, good gloss; imitation stone seemed bleak, plain color light, there is no sense of permeability. Ethnic jewelry deeper identification methods, it is more complex, the feel, weight, magnetic field, content, and many other research in order to identify the pros and cons of the original stone jewelry.

The purchase of goods, perhaps to keep their eyes open, bewares fooled. You can go to a regular store to buy Tiffany jewelry, the selection of the most exquisite ethnic jewelry, the most beautiful national culture heritage.
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