Sunglasses collection of knowledge(3)
Article publié le 05/04/2013
6, sunglasses syndrome

Summer wearing Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses up more people, some glasses put on a photo chronic lens wear all day long in the eye. And some young people in the pursuit of fashionable sunglasses as an ornament, regardless of the occasion, eye separated from the mirror, with the passage of time will make the vision loss, blurred vision, severe headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and not a long time as will produce symptoms. Medical experts called the symptoms "sunglasses syndrome". This disease is reflected in a variety of discomfort, such as early numbness and tingling in parts of the eye near the nose around, respiratory symptoms become more pronounced, much like the common cold, people feel like little bugs crawling on the face go, vaginal numbness, home teeth discomfort, local blood circulation caused by inflammation of the skin, eye soreness, vision loss.

Anatomy and physiology that has a small hole in the bottom of the eye, called the infra-orbital for-amen, this hole has an important nerve branches, infra-orbital nerve of the germinal nerve. It is distributed in the gape the eye fissure between the skin and nose, head of sensory function. Innervations area of discomfort due to the weight and the lens ring focal point of sunglasses infra-orbital nerve compression, it will lead to more in sunglasses after 2-3 weeks.

Prevention of sunglasses syndrome, one should choose the right and rational use of sunglasses. Do not select the framework Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses. Such frames are imported, the design is based on the face of foreigners, and the majority of our adult double pupil distance less than the distance of the optical center of the imported glasses, wearing eye glasses will greatly increase the regulatory function the burden of damage eyesight. The production is very rough, the street stalls sold cheap sunglasses lenses of varying thickness, the color is not uniform, the optical performance is poor, wear easily cause headache, eye pain, fatigue and discomfort, often wear sunglasses that bad, can easily lead to decreased vision. Secondly, as far as possible do not wear large sunglasses. Must be worn to shorten the time wearing glasses, pick a mirror on both sides of the nose with the palm of your hand along the Orbital massage 10-20, sunglasses syndrome, they should stop wearing.

Seven, four do not wear sunglasses

Summer is the world of sunglasses, fashion, beauty, radiation protection, these features let people like to wear sunglasses, but the experts pointed out that the choice of sunglasses to be careful, not only concerned with the design, but ignored the sunglasses itself quality problems.

The following four failed sunglasses do not wear:

1, anti-ultraviolet functions unworthy of the name sunglasses. Good lenses that can be blocked more than 99% of ultraviolet rays. Poor wearing UV sunglasses, eyes like objects seen in the dark, the pupil will become large residual UV but a substantial injection of eyes, eyes hurt.

2, after wearing the sunglasses, the traffic signal will be generated to identify obstacles; can easily cause a traffic accident.

3, Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, that used to shade the sun mirror, light-colored mirror for decoration and special mirror used to prevent snow blindness or waterproof plane radiation. If there is no identification of product categories, the consumer at the time of purchase can not correctly identify the purpose of the sunglasses, affect the results.

4, the fight against performance does not meet the requirements Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Lens easily broken by external shocks and the eyes of the debris will form a fatal injury.
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Sunglasses knowledge book (2)
Article publié le 04/04/2013
Four, use common sense

Sunglasses worn undue risk of eye diseases, cloudy and indoors there is no need to wear sunglasses. There are people who don't, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the evening, in movies, television, and also in the evening wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, the burden of which will inevitably increase the eyes adjust, causing eye muscle tension and fatigue, enabling the visually impaired, blurring of vision, severe dizziness and other symptoms may occur. Visual system development is not yet perfect in infants, children, and so should not be wearing sunglasses. In addition to glass sunglasses, other Sunglasses lens material abrasion resistance is not high, users should always note the sunglasses case, when clarity effects when worn, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Five methods, selection of sunglasses

And face shape, color, working environment, match the dress,

After two, wearing not dizzy watching objects more clearly and

Third, effectively preventing UV rays,

Four, good sunglasses with matching mirror box, lens cloth, hang tags, and so on.

Myopia with matching sunglasses

Sales of sunglasses on the market today, mostly flat, and myopia of the how to choose sunglasses, senior optician has the following recommendations:

A contact lens is used with Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses. Wearing contact lenses for good vision correction and you are free to choose sunglasses.

Second is to use the sunglasses clip, clip out of myopia, simple and inexpensive, but clips don't have much choice of styles, colors, due to the appearance.

C is the use of resin tinted lens, made of Sun glasses for myopia. But the blinkers are not suitable for indoor use, the need to keep separate ordinary glasses for myopia.

Four are used to color lenses. Germany Division of CAI, France Sailor and the Japan Tag Hewer resins or glass photo chronic lenses, has better color and reliable optical performance, and a pair of glasses on both indoor and outdoor, is very convenient, but the more expensive lens.

Five are equipped with a pair of mirrors, that is, there were a pair of glasses and sunglasses mirror ring fits perfectly, by the magnet fixed to the frame on the frames, while aesthetics clip greatly, but the increased weight of the glasses.

5 programmed consumers according to their own choice.

If you have a habit of wearing contact lenses, you can tell most people buy sunglasses no degrees directly without the habit of wearing contact lenses; you need to individually configure the degree of lens.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses can be equipped with a number of degrees.
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Jewelry culture
Article publié le 04/04/2013
Novel is king; this is the jewelry sector following the standards of luxury, another keyword. Which ethnic jewelry for its unique ethnic crafts and design, to attract the attention of countless consumers, especially Changsha industry, amber, coral,, Aquila three treasures prices in recent years soared price, the value of the collection has greatly exceeded ornamental value. Tiffany outlet jewelry industry is highly competitive, but ethnic jewelry for its unique design and cultural connotations, still win consumers.

Interview today an operating Changsha store, shop owner Mr. Wang mentioned you to make a living the ethnic jewelry industry for many years, have been doing in Tibet jewelry, less than twenty square meters of their stores, but considerable profits from. Display shelves I saw the delicate sections goods, amber, agate, Tibetan silver handicrafts, yak bone products ... Mr. Wang is careful to explain the deep culture behind each product, and speaks of Tiffany and co outlet the reason why the popular jewelry business mystery. Exquisite design of each product, and are hidden behind the great selling point, not only its own special effects for the body and mind, and some has also been given a symbol of good luck, when the re-sale, also equivalent to send a blessing.

Speaking of business, Mr. Wang said monthly earnings are relatively stable, the company every month to give New Arrivals and given a reasonable picking. Every kind of product are at the time of purchase by the proportion of good in the business when you do not experience the customer age difference, the equivalent of providing a wide range of consumer groups. And ethnic jewelry sales relatively high degree of sustainability, unlike other fashion products, in order to meet the trend of frequent replacement style, so do not prepare too much liquidity. Mr. Wang deliberately filed a Tiffany jewelry brand; I also left a very deep impression on the name. Into the Tiffany jewelry, take a good luck.
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Sunglasses collection of knowledge
Article publié le 03/04/2013
Introduction to, sunglasses

Sunglasses are a, to avoid strong sunlight caused the eye injury of eye care products, along with the improvement of people's material and cultural level, Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses and special beauty or reflect personal style jewelry.

Advantages and disadvantages of b, sunglasses

1, Advantages: decorative appearance,

2, block the eye defects

3, protection of eyes (contact lens wearer to prevent water evaporation)

4 protect eyesight (against harmful rays).

Disadvantages: poor quality lenses on the eye injury, in addition to this, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses is to protect mirrors, the shortcomings are still rare.

Classification of the three, sunglasses

By use of sunglasses can generally be divided into the visor mirror, tinted sunglasses and sunglasses for special purposes into three categories.

So-called visor mirrors, as the name suggests is for shading purposes, people usually adjust the pupil size when exposed to sunlight to regulate the luminous flux, when the light intensity is more than the human eye adjustment, and it will cause damage to human eyes. In outdoor activities, especially in the summer, many people use to sun visor mirrors to reduce eye fatigue caused by regulation or strong light stimulation resulting in injuries.

Light colored sunglasses on Sun block so much as the visor mirrors, but their rich colors, suitable for use with all kinds of clothes, has a strong decorative effects. Light colored sunglasses because of their rich colors, various styles, favored by young people, fashion women's insecurities about their love plus. Special purpose sunglasses with strong blocking sunlight feature, commonly used in the beach, skiing, mountain climbing and other more intense sunlight outdoors, indicators such as their anti-UV properties have higher requirements.

Groups of people, according to different tastes and a different use to select sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to protect the safety of the wearer and vision set out fundamental principles that do not damage. Reduction of glare stimulus, depending on the clarity without distortion, ultraviolet, to insure color recognition, accurate identification of traffic signal, should be the basic function of sunglasses. If these features are flaws, ranging from sunglasses to play the role, will be generated consciously not fit symptoms such as dizziness, eye and acid expansion, sometimes slow to react, debate-color illusion and walking as inequalities such as symptoms and cause traffic accidents. Choosing Cheap Oakley Sunglasses don't just focus on style rather than its intrinsic quality.
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Silver maintenance to keep up with
Article publié le 03/04/2013
Sterling silver jewelry is simple and elegant much loved and sought after consumers, some wearing silver jewelry yellowed Pan Black phenomenon after a period of time, and there are a lot of people wearing for many years still like new. Recently, we have always received such information. In fact, silver yellowed does not matter, the Tiffany outlet Silver Maintenance keep on.

Many people mistakenly believe that silver the yellowing is fake, in fact, the silver yellowed only we did not pay attention to maintenance, are oxidized. So, I'm here to remind you, in life, we must pay attention to maintenance, it is best not to do housework wearing silver jewelry, silver jewelry and cosmetics together, and do not put together other jewelry and precious metals. Especially goes to the seashore swimming time must pick.

The easiest maintenance is rubbed with a wiping cloth of silver when silver yellowing Pan Black, very serious silver with toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub. Blackened Tiffany and co outlet silver jewelry can also be placed the overnight strong tea bubble period of a long time, such as silver jewelry restitution, rinse with water. Or with edible acetic acid to clean blackened silver jewelry, silver jewelry restitution, rinse with water. Treatment of these methods are not restitution, you can buy a bottle of silver wash water, with the silver washing blisters 2-3 seconds, etc. It restitution can rinse with water used to wash silver water is not drained; the next times can continue to use. Jewelry joining the old silver shop Xiaoping reminds everyone to try not to use silver washing water, after the use of silver washing water will be sterling silver jewelry factory protective layer to wash off easier after oxidation discoloration.

In fact, Tiffany jewelry Silver Maintenance easily, as long as we usually cherish it, is maintained on a regular basis, it will be shining in front of everybody. Silver jewelry brand old silver shop Xiaoping to welcome friends love silver discusses the United States and the United States silver.
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