Preferred business jewelry Tiffany
Article publié le 02/04/2013
Tiffany outlet known interior brands tap, a few "pure" bear head, making it one of the most influential people in the jewelry industry. As far as sources of origin of traditional culture, the most savant-grade, the most well-known brand synonymous with the jewelry, the most auspicious of love. With operating based on auspicious culture, Tiffany joined the partnership interest is always in the first place, allow investors to see this platform, successfully realize their dreams.

Since West jewelry on the market, soon will become the most inclusive of accessories. Decorate a calmly, upgrading a beautiful, Shirr chi ' EH despite. Antis ornaments of various colors, however, in great demand in the market. Tiffany, insist on jeweler brand of the Decade's highest peak, to the bustle of the city, in the most beautiful "Tibet".

Tiffany and co outlet accessories brand is highly respected, absorbs the customers ' heads.

First, the product model is novel, does not rest on its laurels, even in the streets away from the tourist area in business can also earned high praise. Various appearance accessories mix is the creativity of new ideas. Not only that, product price ranges widely, up to a dozen, up to thousands of dollars of luxury goods, as adapted to the crowd, pass will be lucky to everyone,

Second, the recycling is not merely the profit. Tens of thousands of platform that started out, is owned by the jewelry sector accounting for the lead jewelry brand mixer, the most abundant groups of customers, as well as a wide range of communication channels. Accompanying West jewelry business, Tiffany will be operational by early brand royalty, returned in full. Exchange of auspicious blessing at the same time, gain a share in the profits and achieve win-win results.

Currently covers more than more than 300 stores, Tiffany jewelry is still walking uphill, extension of the propitious context to the profound at the same time, more innovation, imagination of the future, beyond the vision!
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Sunglasses knowledge classes explained
Article publié le 02/04/2013
Selection of sunglasses

Groups of people, according to different tastes and a different use to select sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to protect the safety of the wearer and vision set out fundamental principles that do not damage. Reduction of glare stimulus, depending on the clarity without distortion, ultraviolet, to insure color recognition, accurate identification of traffic signal, should be the basic functionality of Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. If the above function is defective, light is lost sunglasses, heavy eyes dizziness, acid expansion occurs consciously or adapts to the symptoms, sometimes producing slowly, differentiation and inequality of color illusion and walking symptoms and cause traffic accidents. Choosing sunglasses don't just focus on style rather than its intrinsic quality.

What color sunglasses good

⑴ Gray: gray lens can balance on any of the color spectrum absorption, so watch the scenery is dimmed, but will not have a noticeable color difference, showing real natural feeling.

⑵ tinted lenses: filter out a lot of Blue-ray, you can improve contrast and clarity of vision, severe air pollution or wear better under foggy conditions. Can block the smooth, shiny surface reflect light, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses can still see the subtleties, is ideal for pilots?

⑶ Green lenses: absorb light at the same time, maximizing the reach of green eyes, so was feeling cool and comfortable, suitable for use of eye fatigue.

Gray lenses ⑷ Blue: similar with grey lenses, with neutral lenses, but the darker, higher visible light absorption rate.

⑸ Mercury mirror: mirror coating of the lens surface using high density. Such a lens of more income reflects visible light absorption for outdoor sports.

⑹ Yellow Lens: strictly speaking, such lenses do not belong to the Sun, since it’s hardly reduces the visible, however, in a fog and dusk, yellow lens improves contrast, provided a more accurate Visual, also known as night-vision goggles. Some young people wearing yellow lenses "sunglasses" as a decorative use.

⑺ Light blue, light pink, and so lenses: lenses also do more decorative than practical.

⑻ dark green lens: absorb heat, brought cool feeling, but low light transmission and clarity, suitable for Sun wear, inappropriate to wear while driving.

⑼ Blue: Beach fun to wear Cheap Oakley Sunglasses lens, can effectively filter the water and sky blue reflection of light blue. Drive blue lens should be avoided because it will enable us to distinguish clearly the colors of traffic signals.
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Comparison of different material of Sunglass lenses
Article publié le 01/04/2013
Sunglasses lens contrast - optional - experience papers: an overview of different materials such as glass, resin, and Ray Ban Outlet the sunglasses lenses compares the knowledge.

Different material for sunglasses lenses comparative

Natural materials:

The most commonly used piece of crystal, quartz mine pondering. The main component is SiO2, SiO2 99.99% pure crystal contains.


Colorless: SiO2 purity. Brown: obviously due to the presence of other elements in different colors, can reduce the transmittance of visible light, photo-phobia by wearing comfortable, so keep eyes said.

Advantages: material hardness, easy to wear.

Disadvantages: not completely absorbed shortwave ultraviolet light. Material density is uneven, stripes and bubble contains impurities, cause birefringence phenomenon, thus affect vision. Rare is hard to find, the price is expensive.


For glass making Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses lenses are optical glass, particularly stringent quality requirements.

: Refractive index, dispersion, transmittance. The main ingredient is SiO2, followed B2O3 and P2O5.

Advantages: hardness, than Crystal poor. Incorporation of various oxides can be colored, to reduce glare stimulation also can absorb the harmful rays of ultraviolet, infrared, etc. (the production of optical glass lenses that have a history of 300 years).

Disadvantages: heavy weight, the specific gravity is double that of the resin material. With the increase of the refractive index, specific gravity is significantly increased, resulting in uncomfortable to wear.
Poor impact resistance, mechanical damage is likely to cause damage to the glasses. Therefore less secure, over the past century, people have been looking for a better alternative.


The resin material for the production of sunglasses lenses must be homogeneous, transparent and not easily deformed. Currently there are the following types:

Poly methyl ethylated:

Advantages: light weight, is 1/2 of the glass. Good impact, safety.

Drawbacks: it is a thermoplastic material, solubility at 75C, heated easy to deform, resulting in diaper change. Enough surface hardness, poor wear resistance.

Propylene carbonates acetic acid, also known as ally glycol acid ester, trade name: Colombia resin, which is a petroleum extract. Refractive index is 1.4985, number of Abby 1.4985, specific gravity 1.32.

Advantages: light weight, safe, good impact resistance, anti-UV, and all blocking ultraviolet rays can be less than 350mm. Easy to stain, modern molding process for mass production.

Disadvantages: poor wear resistance, low refractive index lenses that look thicker.

PC, polycarbonate, it is by the carbonic acid may be crooked part of and not easy to move the phenylalanine A polymerization. Molecular weight 20000-38000, 25 c tests under the condition of refractive index of 1.586. In lenses made such materials as the "space".

Advantages: light, 57% lighter than the conventional glass flakes, safety, its impact resistance is 60 times that of the glass, of a thickness of 2.5cm when do bulletproof glass. Thin, Cheap Oakley Sunglasses of the refractive index of 1.6 CR-39 is equal to the thickness of the lens.
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Silver maintenance update method
Article publié le 01/04/2013
Comparison of silver and gold and diamond jewelry is a late high of jewelry. Silver yellow with long easy today, Chi Key silver Tiffany outlet jewelry teaches you how to clean and maintenance.

1, silver is the best maintenance methods to wear every day, because body fat can make natural soft luster.

2 do not wear jewelry while wearing other precious metal jeweler, in order to avoid collision deformation or scratches.

3, maintain silver dry, don't wear a swim, and keep away from the hot springs and the water. When not available cotton cloth or tissue paper gently wipes the surface to remove moisture and dirt, be placed in sealed bags or boxes, avoid contact with air.

4, if you find that Tiffany and co outlet jewelry showing signs of yellowing, the simplest method used tooth paste add water light surface. Or small brush to clean silver jewelry with jewels of the slit, and then gently rub it with a silver cloth surface, beautiful decorated back right away. (If you use silver to restore about eight or nine silver statuses, stop to use wipe the silver breast and wash the silver water, because they all have a certain degree of corrosion, silver jewelry after using these products and it becomes easier to turn yellow. In addition, the silver fabric with silver maintenance component, not washed)

5, silver yellow seriously, with silver wash water soaking time should not be too long, generally a few seconds, remove with water immediately after cleaning, and then sucked dry with paper.

6, for there is no plating on the surface of platinum for jewelry, best way is to wear every day. Daily wear will make the surface very bright silver, after a period of time, alternating black and yellow oxide on the surface.

7, surface plating of Platinum jewelry, be careful not to bump, scratch, damage the surface coating.

8, time to clean Silver: a, wash with toothpaste; B, wash with soda; C, with a silver cloth (note that silver does not Wash.); D, ultrasonic cleaning (professional repair jeweler, glasses). E, if it's soft necklace or pierced carved jewelry, jewelry cleaning solution soak for best.

9, if you want to make new buy Tiffany jewelry more light and to avoid its color, its surface is coated with a thin layer of transparent Nail Polish, after every ten days to paint it again. If we are to get rid of Nail Polish, bananas available water, water after cleaning
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Classic glasses
Article publié le 31/03/2013
Description: Ray Ban Outlet Aviator has always been the most classic and best clothing costume season new style which added some variations, the Aviator put on a black plastic frames, rich freshness not missing the classic feeling.

Glasses positioning today is no longer a pure vision correction aids, is used for self-expression, individuality, shaping a symbol of personal image. Accessories glasses toward the direction of the turning point, is derived from the still adhere to the handmade glasses British brand Oliver Goldsmith, in the fifties and sixties, this brand is the first glasses as fashion accessories, created the first sunglasses an alternative fashion brand to design glasses fashion show, and the first movie star and royal staff recognized eye-wear brand endorsement. In the mid-1980s, Big Brother, Giorgio Armani, the fashion industry was authorized after his name printed in the spectacle frame; glasses have become another fashion accessory.

Entering March, boutiques window has been replaced with a new season of spring and summer clothing, to show a spring. Tired of watching while the deep color, glad to see the colors of spring trend, among them are the glasses frame selection of vivid colors and blooming pattern; essential to match Spring Collection, more eyes and shape brought a burst of new shocks. In the over and the nostalgia glasses boom in, Ray Ban classic Wayfarer, mirror and pilots paragraph Aviator has been my favorite, who also has a Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses reflecting mirror Aviator sunglasses.

Ray Ban Aviator has always been the most classic and best clothing costume season new style which added some variations, the Aviator put black plastic frames, rich the freshness nor losing the classic feeling. Aviator soft spot for me, will find Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Hut in the only sunglasses store in Hon Kong, but also the introduction of the Vogue brand launched the red transparent Aviator plastic frame sunglasses, is another The Aviator the selection. Ray Ban new season brought infinite new ideas, such as the gold transparent plastic frames, red-lined black nostalgia flies mirror, even leopard pattern frames; fresh colors with classic Wayfarer, such as red, purple, blue lining white rice, to the feeling of surprise. Different colors of vinyl the rough frame glasses, can be used to 1980s style costume season hot spring and summer can be playing mix & match, highlight personal style.

Vinyl rough frames the trend is said to be led by the American Hollywood actress Chloe Seigneur; She chose this nerd-glass, it angular, even if it is put on the campus-style clothing or completely conservative design it also makes people cool. Review Given 2013 autumn and winter series, models wearing conservative female secretary in black, is wearing Vinyl thick frame glasses appearances; addition to balance dignified dress solemnity, adding to a sense of humor. In fact, these retro-type glasses never disappear from the market; nearly two years, a lot of brands also launched similar styles of frames. Season a color trend of the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses red plaid frames, mixing red, white and black tree-color plastic frames also joined the ranks; noble type of cell has always been to see the known Chloe Yoko trip the white, green tree-color pink the coarse plastic frames against equally colorful tone for this year's spring and summer kick off!
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