Genuine silver identification method
Article publié le 31/03/2013
Now Tiffany outlet jewelry market fish hybrid, both chaff, some merchants to sell fake, inferior filling quality, low to sell, and consumers because they do not understand professional, many people are just cheap are often deceived not only suffer economic losses, or even physical harm.

Tiffany Silver jewelry brand Fang Limousine, head of the Department told Inhuman that can in fact identify silver jewelry are some simple methods to consumers:

ID: national identity management for gold and silver jewelry provides: "each piece of jewelry of gold and silver should have identified" material, name, and the gold, the silver content and brand name, such as "S925", "S990" means the silver content and 92.5% respectively, consumers should carefully choose the unmarked silver jewelry. For example, AGF is a Tiffany Silver jewelry brand identity;

Color, appearance, Tiffany and co outlet jewelry is slightly yellowish surface of fine silver, bright metallic luster of strong and soft, judgment is S925 sterling silver content over; long time black, imitation will not be blackened;

Listen to sounds, standard silver jeweler after landing sounds boring, don't bounce; for brass, his voice high and sharp; rhyme sound anxious but shorter;

Weigh weight, silver density is 10.53 / cc. than platinum, gold, to hand weigh no fall feel, but other than imitation silver metal weight;

Production process, formal brand products should be a fine appearance. Surface defect-free, soft and bright, beautiful rule set with smooth non-scratch clothing, do not prick the hand, no loose; jewelry patterns and exquisite, clear, smooth lines and no SUMI; sand evenly bright no scrub surface particle;

Brand certificate and product quality inspection data, generic brand products will be certified by the province, city, famous brand certificate, test report and quality products;

After-sales service, real brand products will have good after-sales service, such as Tiffany jewelry to consumers committed to lifelong maintenance, repairs, indicated confidence in the product quality and sincere and responsible attitude to customers.
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Diamond jewelry recognition and praise
Article publié le 30/03/2013
"The new Council, creating a winning future" has been a Tiffany outlet Ye Karen was respected, President of Diamond's words; he believed that in order to win the future, initiatives of the new Council is inevitable.

Ye Karen President according to their years of retail experience, investing more than 3 million, leading the elite team after more than two years research and development launched the "inseparable" series of diamond ornaments, the appearance of the products with unique advantages and effective marketing tool, get the customers ' recognition and praise, launched quickly becoming jewelry industry thriving.

"Inseparable" drill ornaments is divided into Butterfly shadow followed, and intimate lover, and happiness bloom, and almonds, and flying together five large series, each paragraph series are has its unique of ring asked styling, like intimate lover series drill ornaments, that to "intimate lover" songs for design inspiration sources, used pierced design, let looked regardless of is from products of positive also is side are can see "romantic of heart shaped", this for meaning lover between of heart matched. This side pierced design, light reflected from diamond side of the counter-top, reveals the diamonds shine. Smooth round beads channel set techniques, simple and without losing the taste, let customers get in the hands of an elegant show. "Inseparable" diamond jeweler each series represent different in mind for love, to draw attention to the pursuit of true love, true love.

"Inseparable" diamond jeweler Franchise Sales Department official told the author, since the product was released, sales shot up, and franchisee to rave reviews. In addition to superior appearance, Star endorsements series Tiffany and co outlet diamond jeweler, highlight of national patent and it has to be said. As we all know, celebrity endorsements and jeweler brand is not uncommon, and endorsements "series of diamond ornaments" are unheard of. "Always together" series of diamond jeweler invited Moody sound, ran Jing two stars Mrs. Endorsements, is intended to wish all lovers rain, to grow old together, as representative of his undying love for. "Always together" series of diamond jeweler wall there are proprietary marks and rings with authenticity card, every product on the certificate "S-EUNOR" exclusive codes, customers can query on the inspection site, to distinguish the authenticity.

It is learn that the meeting "always together" series of diamond jeweler recruitment conditions of merchant can become a dealer of the product.

As "inseparable" series of diamond dealers can enjoy "zero joining fees" and "free terminal application planning programmed" enjoy "Tiffany jewelry", exclusive market advantage of exclusive innovations.
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The midsummer wonderful mirror highlight fashion taste
Article publié le 30/03/2013
The advent of the summer, the hot sunlight clamoring spreading ballast with sunglasses became essential in the package. Do not despise this small objects, under the eye of the functions in the shade, it also reveals the wearer's fashion taste, fashion trends, but followed the trend of clothing T stage change every quarter. Take a look at the wonderful Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses this summer where it!

Metal regression

Metal rimmed sunglasses have always been used as the male models, although occasionally have style suitable for women, but one of the few. Summer, a wide range of metal materials attack the female market, say that it is a consequence of the impact of the "neutral trend" in fashion trends. Metal frames with a capable yet elegant qualities of women, its fine the narrow look exquisite on women in the workplace embellishment, independent charming magnanimity and hidden. Of course, the big lenses not followed the male models in style, but with a small round or prelate lens embodies soft, or a conventional plate frame to match the metal mirror legs to complete the transition between the old and the new trend, people can slowly accept.

Radius of retro

Square or round square trend from T stage this summer retro frame distributing soft breath, the front is based, to a large rectangular or square round visual mirror foot slender and simple. In the sixties and seventies of the last century, the women of Hollywood almost everyone hobble around such a Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses Apart from its hidden features, hair bands is the style popular one of the reasons. Shape this summer tend to be square, hot round or oval in previous years also been transformed into the closer to the square, it may be too tough to take into account the square, many brands are choosing a square round this more moderate style, after all, female lines or soft, a little more likely to be accepted.

Brightly painted

Summer color has always been assertive, to see if the T stage Painful skirt Banshee; summer color has always been colorful and rich, who has not been immune from clothing to accessories. Brilliant pink, sapphire blue, red, light purple ...... palette-like scene color is applied to sunglasses this summer, or single-mindedness, or color with a hit, but it can not be denied, no matter how naughty the use of color, do not feel dazzling in sparkling summer stage, under the bright sun, the more intense the color the more we can highlight the personal style and personality.

Wind Baku

Summer Dior Home that a resembles goggles Cheap Oakley Sunglasses perhaps a little thunder down the audience, but the maverick style is a bit Moorish, so big they have to put on the goggles style women stand it does not like the goggles so shocked, but not female style charming enchanting; abandoned it will do to send artificial Instead rare Casual and chic. Of course, with its decision not multicolored descended the skirt, while a cowboy bunt, the macho is suitable for it Baku gesture.
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Select sunglasses cool over summer
Article publié le 29/03/2013
After the summer, Sun already stings the man can't keep my eyes open eyes in the heat of the Sun, wear sunglasses are eyes, good way to Sun, but what about how to buy the right sunglasses?

★ Buy sunglasses to target

Since the summer, reporters found in a province the size of the optical shop, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses brand range, prices ranged from hundreds of dollars to dozens of Yuan. An optical shop staff said by use of sunglasses can generally be divided into the visor mirror, tinted sunglasses and sunglasses for special purposes into three categories. Consumers to buy sunglasses, first determine whether your purchase is for the purpose of shading, or for decorative? In addition to Sun, UV feature request? Identify purpose only; you can purchase a proper pair of sunglasses. For part public because covet cheap and in stands Sang purchase some inferior Sun mirror of phenomenon, glasses shop staff said, inferior Sun mirror will with high of diaper, vision normal of people wear this Sun mirror, equivalent to wearing has a Deputy myopia or hypertrophy mirror, vision will by is large effect, and some inferior Sun mirror large through UV, not only up not to protection eyes of purpose, instead will due to effective to block has visible Hour make UV of irradiation extra obviously. Consumers in the purchase of sunglasses to note that regular factory production of Sunglasses lenses or on the packaging, "100% UV" and "UV400", "ultraviolet" logo.

★ Myopia to buy sunglasses, there are 4 options

Do a joint venture accounting comes to an optical shop, Miss CHAN wanted to purchase a proper pair of sunglasses, but found glasses shops in sunglasses were mostly flat, this choice for the myopic Miss narrowed a lot. In this regard, the optical shop staff said myopia in the purchase of sunglasses, there are 4 options: 1. use sunglasses clip or cover mirrors. This is a relatively simple method of traditional, sunglasses by clamping or through the magnet adsorption method outside of the original glasses and a pair of flat sunglasses. But the disadvantage is also apparent: attach less lens choice of styles, colors, and poor aesthetics, easy to fall off. 2. Equipped with a pair of sunglasses. Now some brands of sunglasses with degrees of myopia or hypertrophy, matching the sunglasses when outdoors for you. Advantages are a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen and vision correction feature. Drawback is that the general going out to take two pairs of glasses is too much trouble.

3. Contact lenses + Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses. Wearing contact lenses for normal people, selected their favorite flat after wearing contact lenses sunglasses, this is also a good choice. Strengths are the high degree of freedom of choice a lot. Disadvantage is the need to be aware of contact lens cleaning and maintenance, suffered from dermatitis, eye diseases, such as Chlamydia tracheotomy is cannot choose this method.

4. The use of color glasses. This color-changing lenses increase as light intensity changes in shading, light is strong where lenses become darker in color, in places with low light lens colors are lighter. Advantages are to solve the degrees of myopia or hypertrophy disadvantage of not suitable for indoor wear sunglasses, a pair of glasses can be both indoor and outdoor, is very convenient. Drawback is that the lenses are more expensive, and choice is relatively small.

"Tips" do you wear sunglasses?

For eye diseases in people, choose to wear sunglasses caution, such as cataract, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment patients, wearing sunglasses that would result in the disease as soon as possible. Patients with dermatitis easily scared, weeping, sunglasses to avoid strong light stimulation could be used. However, the following three types of patients not suitable for wearing sunglasses, otherwise it will aggravate existing eye diseases.

1, glaucoma patients: people with glaucoma need strong light, make the pupil smaller lower intramuscular pressure; after the glasses, light reduction, dilated pupils, eye's aqueous humor drains out, elevated intramuscular pressure easily, the eye pain.

2, people with color blindness: the most color blind patients for partial color blindness, lack of certain kinds of color discrimination.

3, night blindness patients: in the Dim light, patient's vision is affected, vision is not clear; it is not suitable to wear Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.
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Let the world discover the Pearl beauty
Article publié le 29/03/2013
Legends and religious culture in Western history, pearls have been considered to be a gift of the gods sent to earth sacred status. We can imagine: when the first human found from clam shells rounded crystal, sparkling pearl, very difficult for them to believe the true treasures actually from mediocre shellfish. Tiffany outlet pearl as a godsend, put it down, it’s to deduce many Equiangular stories and legendary.

Expensive for the 2012 top 500 most valuable brands "in the just-concluded International Jeweler Show, Tiffany pearl exhibition works attracted the attention of many Chinese and foreign, and not to whom to hang around. Especially Tiffany this year hit new series - "Clang Long:

The work of pearl medium perfect showing a shining with of colored to Millionaires scales light Shindig through high 99 rare the glossy pearl constitute the rain curtain bead curtain into Ojibwa Smart of posture, vivid ready Longhorn, fearless, art treasures constitute a very Oriental flavor with beads rain sky sway. Pearl elegant and warm color with delicate handmade Chinese dragon image complement each other; exquisite detail outlines the gorgeous charm but also highlight the wearer noble quiet beauty of temperament 9

9 Pearl Shining the Mohegan Zhao shows "Jujitsu" to still satisfactory, honorable and peaceful.

Tiffany for the occasion "Long Fang Chengdu Xian" series, "Bow Banknote" series, with the exhibition of rare Pierre also attracted countless appreciation.

"Fine" in the heart "Chan" in shape

A leisurely exquisite Tiffany and co outlet pearl jewelry to conquer the world, but few people know that these pearls of hard-won: Each pearl on each one of Zen Boa, accounted for only the total amount of produced pearls of 5

Jewelry grade pearl selection later 1:100, and then after the preferred order finally came to the hands of the designer. The designers will be full of emotion and imagination into every piece, so that they have a soul and the meaning of life. Hello from one attitude, just to ensure the enduring brilliance of Tiffany pearls and beautiful color.

Tiffany advent of each piece are radiant landscapes, from material selection, conceived design to production, all of the process have been carefully considered: Oriental's rich cultural heritage, and make every designer's wisdom inspiration rare selection of pearl and diamonds, color treasure, platinum and other materials through the superb craftsmanship and personalized design integration, to give the products to a diverse and unparalleled charm, only the achievements of the art treasures of the originality of the piece in front of us today .

During the exhibition, Tiffany jewelry exhibition held in the warm atmosphere of the Pearl show, a Hue Maya leisurely purpose Artwork by beautiful models show off the honored guests or appreciation or throbbing bursts Di Hun from time to time. Unique cultural and creative fashion Products, innovative and user-friendly jewelry design process, not only to the viewers impressed further interpretation Tiffany unique pearl culture, showing a new era of fashion luxury Oriental beauty.
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