Sunglasses in addition to vision correction is a decorative
Article publié le 28/03/2013
Sunglasses, is a staple for many short-sighted people. Previously, sunglasses often give the impression of a serious old-fashioned. However, with the development of sunglasses replacement materials and technology, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses in the field of fashion break one day. Sunglasses, style, material, technology is simply a wide variety, in addition to the basic functions of vision correction, but also decorates your eyes.

I do not myopic, but I wear sunglasses.

Miss Yuan has been protected well, read vision not myopic proud. But recently, she DAI I frame sunglasses. "One day, wearing sunglasses friend found himself wearing a sunglasses very significant temperament." Miss Yuan said, got it, she immediately ran to the sunglasses shop with a plain mirror, the degree is zero, but the lens radiation functions, the most important is that the frame is now popular sheet black frame, especially good-looking clothes with a little neutral style.

"I do not myopic, but I wear sunglasses," has become the living conditions of people like Miss Yuan. Major sunglasses shop reflects that in recent years, not myopia sunglasses, they come equipped with more and more guests, some people simply wearing a frame, some people choose not degrees, but the plain mirror radiation or ultraviolet resistant lenses, some even coupled with several pairs of sunglasses to match different clothes styling. The sunglasses are becoming the same shape as a single product like bags, jewelry.

Material Color frame closely follow the trend

When the TV magazine, the streets filled with people wearing black-rimmed sunglasses, black-rimmed sunglasses also fashion? The day before yesterday, the reporter went to the Oasis sunglasses store, general manager CSU Cuffing briefed reporters show the market the latest and most fashionable sunglasses frame.

It is learned that, Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses frame material divided into plates and metal. Plate frame is more popular in the past few years; the black-rimmed sunglasses became a fashion plate weatherman. However, now plate frame another new trend, quaint, retro trend of wind direction plate frame style, have appeared imitation bamboo, wood plate frame, light gray, khaki plate frame is also very popular with fashion up to the people to welcome rough shape, a tremendous volume or retro into a circular frame have become the mainstream of the plate frame.

The plate frame popular at the same time, the metal frame also not lose positions. The metal frame always gives a more stable impression plate frame full of tricks; the metal frame is not law-abiding. Oasis sunglasses shop windows; you can see the exquisite beauty of the metal frame as much as plate frame colors mostly bright colors of pink, red, yellow, purple, the mirror legs big fuss, hollow, carved inlaid panels...

Diamond cutting edge lens pattern

In addition to a wide variety in the frame, the lens manufacturers have developed a number of tricks. Popular frame diamond lenses inlay from the drill to near the top left or top right of the back of the head, in each lens inserts a row of four or five diamond is popular lenses diamond cost from tens to hundreds of dollars. The cutting edge of the lens, a change in the years of old-fashioned look, an emerging called "the stereo cutting edge" technology, the edge of the lens can be whittled Angular polygon geometry, According to shopping guide Miss reflect, the "three-dimensional cutting edge "lenses very popular with young people's favorite.

Different from the ordinary single focus lenses, progressive multiform lenses CSU showed reporters a very special, this lens has multiple focal points, a gradual transition, both to help to look too far, but also the correction of myopia, the myopia of the original The older crowd start ideal for function often drive young people relax culinary muscle, relieve eye fatigue.

Color film beauty pupil, eyes more beautiful

Stealth sunglasses, is a special member of the family of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. In recent years, transparent invisible sunglasses began color, these stealth sunglasses beautify pupil, known as the "US-pupil", but also because of its wide variety of colors is called color film.

Market color film beauty Hirohito common colors are black, amber, blue, silver gray, red, green and other colors, which the black and amber popular, black pupil allows eyes, change in the visual, more natural amber. There is a beauty pupil with flash, CSU said many guests marriage specially to go with a US-pupil with a flash of black sunglasses, so makeup especially God, is particularly photogenic.

It is worth noting that the color film pupil of the United States because of technological reasons, generally, than most transparent invisible Cheap Oakleys sunglasses should be thick, easy to increase the wear and tear on the cornea, so the purchase is necessary to pay special attention to be careful. Shop some unknown origin cheap color film; some as long as three to four dollars a CSU particularly cautioned that such quality, long-term wear, but off the beauty of color film the pupil will seriously damage the cornea, seriously, even corneal inflammation. Buy color film beauty pupil, be sure to choose the origin clear formal brand.
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The Crystal Bracelet scientific wearing law
Article publié le 28/03/2013
Seven law of large satellite of Health Law Palace, Crystal is basically divided into two categories: the radioactive crystal and attract crystal.

The Tiffany outlet radioactivity Crystal is a high-frequency crystal, it can attract radiation energy to fight some of the magnetic field, for example, about the cause of the Phantom, in charge of the money Emetine and the backbone of the health-related crystal are considered radioactive Crystal, should be worn on the right hand. As for absorb sexual Crystal is a low frequency, the role of to absorb condensation some energy, for example, of love with the pink crystal and obsidian are of such a non-block should be worn on the left hand.

A hand up wearing three diamond natural crystal energy is best, but the general crystal accessories have been crafted, cutting power than the original stone weakened, the role will not big, but wearing the number also should not be more than one only wearing three is the limit. In addition, the radioactivity should be worn on the right hand crystal worn on the left hand, or should wear worn on the right hand, left hand to absorb Crystal will disrupt the magnetic fields affect the fortune.

Crystal wearing before purification

Whether first-hand or second-hand crystal have been a lot of people hand, good disturbances of the magnetic field, best buried in coarse salt before wearing heap one night, and purify it. In addition, due to frequent different places, it is easy to absorb poor temperament, long spar will affect the energy and the receiver, so each to wear to a month, on the crystal axis (i.e. Crystal the original Stone / parent want crystal any class of crystal was) side purification; crystal axis, can be used if there is no the tinfoil wrap, wrapped in plastic wrap and put it into the natural soil, the use of natural gas purification, or distilled water to dip one night, this will help to make the crystal more energy. Hand to touch the crystal, natural Tiffany and co outlet usually crystal temperature than artificial crystal cool more.

Swimming bath can wear Crystal?

A: to wear, but it is best not to wear. Why do I say, you can wear that it crystal does not have any effect on bath oil will not hurt the crystal, because the crystal reflects neither occurred with acid or alkali, not with the general chemical like It occurs be reflected, it is only a high temperature under the condition with fluorine reflect. But why say it is best not to wear it, because the movement of the process will produce collisions pulled crystal is fragile, if not careful line to pull off that trouble.

2, why crystals is regularly cleaning?

A: The first crystal weekdays absorb the negative energy of the body, it is like a trash can, there is always full when timing it release is necessary. The release will bring more luck. The Tiffany jewelry surface over time there will be dirt adhesion, cleaning it is essential. Third, the role of psychological suggestion, purification, pure the only practical, psychological, and believe it will be more Reiko. And I personally think that the purified crystal is easier to communicate with the master, and easier to play its unique strength.

3, why only wear the left hand?

A: crystal mysterious power of the human body, and I said the best to wear a necklace, because of its contact with the human body more sense, many foreign crystal therapy experts suggest that if you do. Crystal Bracelet Why wear left mulch (such as obsidian like dark except crystals), China has been left into the right way of saying (abroad similar argument), crystal worn on the left hand, the left hand will absorb the power of crystal (or It can be said that the crystal is also absorbing the external magnetic field), and the magnetic field of the right hand sucked release out. That right hand Can you wear it, if you do not believe in the power of the crystal, only think of it as a kind of decoration, of course.

Could the same time more than wearing several crystal stone?

A: Yes, but note with. I'm talking about here with not saying that with to which dress like aesthetic, but from the crystal the mayonnaise field energy perspective. For example, garnet red hair crystal, citrine, raised quartz, citrine with like. A principle which is to pay attention to, that is your body; do not conflict with each other. For example, poor physical fitness wears Obsidian, Tiger Eye can be, but is not suitable for wearing huge energy titanium crystal; this combination was not good enough. Suppose, for example, has always been nodding to reeling wasn’t Bob ding angina people (mostly women) wearing laps comfortable all to stone, white mist pyramid Crystal, the specter of crystal are very good, but are able to change the status of dizzy, this When joined Tiger Eye is not suitable because it is easy to generate impulse. The people most in need of dizziness, sedation, transparent Phantom White Crystal deserved! In short, want to get rich with citrine, Cheap Tiffany jewelry, Emetine, the crystal of the same class, sleepy good sleep with garnet, white ghost, rose quartz, obsidian and the like. Do not all of a sudden what function of the crystal are wearing, it is easy to produce the disorder.
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Shining traditional craft market
Article publié le 26/03/2013
Silversmith for Xuzhou, protection of the face lost manual and artistic and cultural heritage is their great glory. For the Li Shenyang a 41-year-old, silver production is spread so far and Chan Chen Size a spiritual.

"Until today, Tiffany outlet silver production at home of course is a craft can only be imparted to the boy's", said Li Shenyang.

Has excellent silver production from Kaila City, Xuzhou Province, Li Shenyang a craft, even better in the production of silver bracelet. Widely circulated this traditional craft in the Mia People living in Xuzhou province, every grand festival and celebration, the Hmong women dressed in costumes, wearing their own production of silver bracelets, silver wearing the biggest participate in family activity.

"I do not need to advance the paper draw a good pattern Lashing Yen told reporters at the same time, he will be silver wrapped around a pencil on top of, not long before, a lifelike butterfly carved on in his hands.

As a ninth generation descendant of home, Li Shenyang silver craftsmanship also been included in the list of China's intangible heritage. Today, fewer and fewer folk craftsmen their next generation heritage craft of objects. Lashing Yen told reporters that the past few years he has begun to try to impart to each one is willing to come to learn this technology.

"Most of the young people, especially boys, are willing to go to the city to work to support their families." Li Shenyang said: "to do so faster and also earn more money."

Xuzhou Folk artisan craft show recently held in Beijing, Li Shenyang and he Tiffany and co outlet silver craftsmanship has attracted wide attention. The young man named Wong Kai customer at the Convention with 200 Yuan to buy a pair of silver earrings, he marveled to reporters: "The decoration is not only special in their exquisite and chic, more importantly; they are truly pure handmade crafts.”

Attract visitor’s attention, as well as a 12-year-old little boy. The silver craft introduced to customers in his father, 12-year-old Li Chen and still focus on the silver being produced with their own hands. Lashing Yen told reporters that he began to learn from the 15-year-old production of silverware, his son from a 9-year-old to be small craftsmen.

Li Shenyang also proud to say, the Professor over 40 students, Li Chen learned the fastest and best. It is true that in recent years the 12-year-old little boy has repeatedly Xuzhou handicrafts making competition awards. Yet despite father Li Shenyang has repeatedly come to Beijing, the capital, for Lidia the smallest members of Li Chen, this is his first tour of the capital.

"In the past, I rarely taking a trip to join the exhibition or other commercial activities with children, I do not want to delay the course so that the middle of his school." Li Shenyang said: "This time I want to take him to Beijing to look at those excellent universities hope that this will inspire him to better learning.”

Li Shenyang a past life in the impoverished mountain regions of Xuzhou. Barren living environment and barren land forcing them to one in 2000 had to be moved out of the mountain of generations living.

"Tiffany jewelry business is also an important reason we moved out of the mountains," he said: "We are living in the past is very remote, and not many people can understand and recognize our silver products, more opportunity to our process to the outside world to go.”

In the 90s of the last century, the arts and crafts areas live in Li Shenyang very rare Hmong customs, silver is one of the indispensable decorations in weddings, funerals and festivals. Lashing Yen and his father for this had left his home for many years, into the various villages and houses to sell their produce, such as silver headdress, bracelet, silver horns, and other arts and crafts to the local Hmong women.

"My father and I often have to live in a large village of 500 people the previous year, or even years to complete all of the jewelry making in the production of construction period, we tend to live in the home of the local residents, is the live years "In those days, Lashing Yen and his father annual income is about 6,000 Yuan. The money to give them subsistence provides important protection.

Now with Lashing Yen and his older brother opened a jewelry-making workshop, now they received orders and customers from all over the country every day. Lashing Yen told reporters tenfold their income than ever before.

"My cousin recently in Taboo opened a shop to sell our products, because the fledgling business is not very ideal, but for the future, we have full confidence in" Li Shenyang the son of Li Chen said.

Chen Li each week and 16 year old sister now, receive counseling from the major teacher of art at home. The price per lesson is $ 50 / hour. Li Shenyang has its own planning: children's future, "early and long-term training will help them to enhance their skills and broaden their horizons in Cheap Tiffany jewelry art and design and I hope that one day the two children walked as China School of Fine Arts of professional institutions such learning. "
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Sunglasses, let the Sun full of affection
Article publié le 26/03/2013
The sun beats down in summer, sunglasses have become the favorite of consumers, and a variety of stylish skirts and hot pants, a variety of sunglasses was upstaged by trendy people out on the streets. But industry experts caution that sunglasses are not lightly worn, improper purchase instead of the Sun day, it will make the wearer slow to react, the color of illusion, walking as the symptoms of inequality, so when you select Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, cannot focus only on style, at the expense of its intrinsic quality.

Summer sunglasses into the season
After the summer, sun glare, and often drive often want to buy a pair of sunglasses block glare of sunshine, learned that Mr. Chang often drive, optical shop staff is recommending him for a polarized sunglasses, light frame, light black lens, so comfortable when he opened up a lot.

Since entering the summer, sales of sunglasses into the season, many optical shop sunglasses as the summer to push commodity, all kinds of promotional activities around the sunglasses. It is understood that according to different uses of sunglasses can generally be divided into sun visor mirrors, tinted sunglasses, and special purpose sunglasses for three classes.

The so-called sun visor mirrors, as its name implies is the use of shade, people usually want to control pupil size in the Sun to regulate the luminous flux, when light intensity over regulating ability of the human eye, it will cause harm to the human eye. In outdoor places, especially many people wearing a sun visor mirror to block the Sun in the summer to reduce eye fatigue caused by regulation or the harm caused by strong light stimulation.

Light colored sunglasses, Sun block; it is not sun visor mirrors, but their rich colors, suitable for use with all kinds of costumes, very strong decorative effect. Light colored sunglasses because of their rich colors, various styles, favored by young people, fashion women added to be love.

Special-purpose Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses with strong blocking the sunlight feature, commonly used for Beach, ski, climbing, sunlight more strongly in the wild, their anti-UV index have higher requirements.

Select sunglasses should ensure that the vision is not affected by injury
Economic conditions are relatively well off people will choose to shop to buy sunglasses in most cases, however, the sunglasses in most optical shops in more than hundred, good brand, or even thousands of dollars, less people will choose to purchase some at the roadside stall to buy sunglasses, dozens of money can buy a good style. In this regard, the Hanna Boa ad glasses chain co optometrist Li Pyongyang believes that sunglasses wearing these quality assurances, not only serve the role of eye protection, but will to absorb more UV due to dilated pupils, eye injury.

Ophthalmologists Huang Zoning cautioned that fundamental principles of purchasing sunglasses is a must to protect the wearer's safety and vision from being damaged. He pointed out that when choosing sunglasses should note that can tell whether a sunglasses reduce glare of stimulation, depending on if it is clear whether deformation, UV, color recognition, insure accurate identification and traffic signals. If the above features are flaws, ranging from no sunglasses effect, acid can produce dizziness, eye swelling, discomfort, sometimes slow, uneven color illusion, walking and other symptoms, so when choosing sunglasses, cannot focus only on style, at the expense of its intrinsic quality, quality of the lens.

Need to be reminded of is that wearing Cheap Oakley Sunglasses in addition to strong light stimulation can be reduced, the eye comfortable outside, the main purpose is to prevent UV damage to the eyes, and lens color shades and with anti-ultraviolet functional are two different things. Consumers must choose indication of anti-UV features before buying lenses, sunglasses the UV index generally between 96%~98%.
Myopia selected sunglasses

Sunglasses on the market are mostly flat, then patients with myopia and how to choose sunglasses? Li Pyongyang to put forward the following recommendations:

Be used contact lenses and sunglasses. First select the vision correction contact lenses for good, and then you can choose favorite sunglasses; the second is the use of sunglasses clip, clip it on the outside of myopia, simple and inexpensive three dyeing of resin lenses, sunglasses made of myopia; four are used to color lenses.

Germany Alicia Division, and France according to depending on the road, and Japan Halo yaw of resin or glass color lenses, are has better of color effect and reliable of optical performance, and a Deputy glasses on can indoor outside balance, is convenient, but lenses of price more your; five is distribution a Deputy set mirror, that in framework glasses outside also has a Deputy and the mirror ring full anatomizes of Cheap Oakleys Sun mirror set mirror, by magnet fixed in framework mirror frame Sang, while beautiful sexual more clip tablets greatly changed, but increased has glasses of weight.
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Fashion, by analogy, harvest highlights
Article publié le 25/03/2013
Top brands leading the trend. According to some claims, fashion is a top, top fashion magazine, top designers according to their own taste preferences, combined with the information collected, to provide to a style, color, and design under the same style similar to the costumes, hold press conference. If this style is advanced customers who are early, you will wear it at the fashion occasion, thus affecting the aesthetic standards of the next sectors. At the same time, designers would also pursue other than top designers and fashion magazines the flames, shooting stars, models of luxury for a great, this style of dress from top custom market access General Department store, hypermarket, real popular.

Fashion of conduction is also such a top performance in the fashion trend of the change on the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses on the drive. Because if you, will be able to filter the new trends in fashion some of the elements and the analogy, this harvesting belongs to the glasses hot spots and aspect of the product itself.

The most important aspect: soft yellow

T-star reflected signals are strongest and appear, in 2011, the soft and warm yellow are favored, are new ladies ' large-area soft uses a variety of different shades of yellow: pure yellow, Audiophile Armenian and light yellow are available, duckling, lemon, light lemon, butter yellow, beige ... ... Marisa Arrogate at the 60th Emmy Awards ceremony, new kinds of wearing yellow Greece style dress skirts; Nicole Richie to participate in Cartier "Love" bracelet at the new Conference, wearing a yellow flower pattern dress; Riana at the recent BET Awards ceremony, ushered in many a sweet yellow cake skirt praise ... ... Why 2011 yellow so favored? Yellow stands for young, cute, yellow has a warm feeling; yellow stands for, however, yellow band gives a longing for a better life ... ... United States the origin of the financial crisis that swept in every corner of the planet. So there is an urgent need for such a calm mind, the color of hope. Fashion is one such, led the mass fashion, yet responsive. In addition to the yellow, Orange, pink, soft peach color, purple, light purple, light blue, sky blue, and so has been sought after by many designers.

Other highlights: a variety of veneers framed

We saw earlier, Anna Sui and Chloe two frames apart from the spring/summer 2011 fashion color yellow, but also have another unity feature, that is: veneer.

Ray Ban Outlet a few new colors, frame size, frame shape is different, however are to be veneered frame design.

Other highlights of the second: Butterfly-shaped + dots

Still clearly remember, spring/summer 2012 knitwear Queen Sonia Erie Paris Show: sweet and sexy in white chiffon, lace, layer upon layer upon layer of looming lace, as well as the full mix of delicate butterfly-shaped white borders-encrusted sunglasses. Spring/summer 2012, butterfly-shaped to maximize by Mooching, Mooching models wearing be covered with Crystal Butterfly shape sunglasses, sunglasses edge by dots of varying sizes and decoration, interpretation of a piece of romantic pictures. Dot was played by Christian Dory’s design Director, John Gallivant to play: coffee small white dots on the background, the flowers on a black chiffon Leopard spots, Orange circles printed on the waist dress, big round black spots on the blue background and turmeric and purple and orange fresh distribution point pattern lining.

Valentino is the daring new designers Fascinate in a pile of bright lemon yellow, pink and purple chiffon and ruffles on, model mix of black and white polka dot trim Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, gradient Brown lenses and dot against, more glamorous atmosphere.

Other highlights of three: cool black lens

Spring and summer of 2012, John Gallivant for Dior, who had designed the classic men's style, is: crooked I wear the beret + cosmetic veneer of a square-shaped frame injection sun lenses. Although this season Dior girl not a beret, but cool sense of pure black lens, high bun, still a cool pair of neutral looks like. And that interesting has type of Bailey Cap this quarter is ran to has Armani girl head Hang: oblique wearing of black Bailey CAP, classic Lei Pang style of pure black lenses, match a has bright tablets and round Pearl decoration of sexy small black skirt, let people reminds Persian Cat under lyrics: she always suddenly hot suddenly cold suddenly near suddenly far, and she can immutable also can rapidly changing, and but she does not for you do any change......

And Lactose designer Christophe used for the soundtrack of his New Spring/Summer 2009 the 3rd series of Sporty, black veneer is Lactose white cool sunglasses, showing a picture of a vibrant and dynamic scene.

It is worth mentioning that, quarter the next quarter, whether clothes, packages or Cheap Oakleys sunglasses, Oakley was still a lot of people love brands, 2012 Oakley won the top-selling international brands of sunglasses again. This comes from the Oakley brand culture of long ago, but also to a designer Tom Ford unmatched creativity and marketing methods. Tom Ford promotes designers should respond to the real needs of people inside to form a unique style of their own, often with extreme and not through conventional means, which design ideas to express. Seem to be designed, Oakley is not sticking to the strange bit, which is always fashionable and not alternative, accurate trend step points, led the popular modern, sexy, charming.
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