Jewelry fashion this winter new
Article publié le 25/03/2013
In recent years, silver to a mystical tension leading the fashion trend, jewelry counters also have sprung up back into the markets. This reporter recently visited the market, silver was no longer in people's impression of pure old sterling silver Tiffany outlet jewelry, it is joined on the form, varieties and technology a lot of fashion elements, but also in increasing sales. Of course, if you want to perfectly manage it, is to find a suitable style and the other is keeping pace with fashion trends.

Discovered by reporters in an interview that many people have many questions regarding the purchase of silver, and choose later how to maintain silver jewelry is also a headache. So, the reporter interviewed several experts, asking them to the reader friend’s weapon.

Silver style rich and varied

Silver followed the fashion, didn't cause any trouble in the past compared to the jewelry is quite different, and the type, shape and style is very rich and varied, with many fashion elements.

Reporter at the RT-Mart sees many jewelry Shoppe, the jewelry sold variety, including necklaces, bracelets, foot chains, bracelets, rings, brooches, studs, earrings, pendants, pendant shape most people only overwhelming.

"Compared with the expensive jewelry commodities such as gold, Platinum, silver prices are relatively cheaper, is a large part of the population to have access to consumer goods, which is one reason why silver sold.” Tiffany jewelry Shoppe owner Huang said that silver commodity prices are not expensive, is sold with a one hundred or two hundred dollars of goods, and consumers are young people.

"Gold is too expensive, not our students ' families can afford, or jewelry more affordable, and style is nice. "Being selected ring Miss LI told reporters.

Buy silver to look for flag

Silver goods are different from the high cost of gold jewelry, but a distinction between true and false, where consumers tend to worry when, afraid to buy fakes, OK, how to buy it?

Huang said, "when consumers buy jewelry, be aware that silver does not have an associated certificate, manufacturers such as symbols and models, only be assured through testing organization detect silver purchase. "Huang also told reporters that the silver content is essential to have accurate stamp marking, consumers should be aware of when testing on silver jewelry is marked with" S925 "," S990 "stamp.

"In addition, Tiffany and co outlet of silver electroplating technology on fabrication process and had a considerable impact on silver prices.” Huang says," a high-grade silver work is fairly sophisticated, can be comparable to works of gold jewelry. Comply with the standards of the finely crafted silver jewelry workers than ordinary process of more than 70%. For example, a normal process of silver costs dozens of Yuan, and a working stress of high-grade silver prices even higher to reach hundreds of dollars; low jewelry is cheaper, 100%~150% less than the high-end jewelry. Infer, one of dozens of silver can only be the worst production technology, above is also not up to standard I'm afraid of, it looks very rough. Instead, a price hundreds of dollars of high-grade silver, should fully meet the above criteria, otherwise is misleading. ”

Coup against silver black

"Last year I bought a sterling silver necklace, has worn for nearly a year, now the color a bit dark, gloss, also as before, do?” Miss Zhao told reporters to ask for help. Reporters interviewed jewelry expert Went, she said, took off after the silver, to wipe the surface gently with a cotton cloth to remove sweat and dirt after it is kept in a sealed bag, avoid contact with air. She suggests that when bathing; washing clothes or sports, try not to wear silver jewelry, so as not to color black or impact deformation and fracture. "Normally use perfume or Hairspray friends, be especially careful not to touch the silver jewelry, it can easily lead to reduced gloss of jewelry. Also, when you are wearing the Cheap Tiffany jewelry, it is best not to stack of jewelry and other precious metals put together, so as not to cause deformation or scratches because of a collision. "Went says," new sterling silver jewelry, the jewelry surface coated with a thin layer of transparent Nail Polish, and then every 10 days and then once, this will slow down the speed of oxidation of silver jewelry. If you want to get rid of Nail Polish, with bananas and water immersion, and again rinse wash on it. ”
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The Snake "transhipment" jewelry sale
Article publié le 23/03/2013
Chinese snake, reporter recently found in the street of Changchun City, Jilin province, some lucky pendant, and “transshipment" jewelry starting hot. Businesses, not only can these Tiffany outlet jewelry "plots, and Vanes", and even "anti-p".

"This is," Vanes "bracelet, wear it two, good luck for other people's feelings and harmony.” The morning of 9th air defense shopping center, Chongqing Road, Changchun, a jewelry shop owner introduced him to a lady selling" Vanes "bracelet.

Seen, this less than two square meters of shop, hang all kinds of bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants and other jewelry. Is different from other jewelry stores, this owner are different pendants for jewelry note callous "function": lucky, transshipment, illnesses, Vanes, anti-quarrel, accident prevention, and so on, is all available.

After a series of exchanges, concluding that young lady to 45 Yuan price buy one, "Vanes" bracelet. Reporters later picked up the bracelet, shopkeepers enthusiastically introducing fine again, "Vanes", wear it two, good luck for other people's feelings and harmony, but also anti-"p".

Shopkeepers, who runs the Tiffany jewelry with some kind of "functional", jewelry prices between dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Since 2013, these ornaments are particularly welcome.

Reporters found that in this shop is not far away, another shops also sell "transshipment" jewelry. And in Changchun downtown commercial lots, such "transit" ornaments are dazzling, selling hot.

In this regard, the experts said, the so-called "trans" capabilities though business promotions, a gimmick, but the sale also reflects people facing all kinds of pressure and irritation, hopes the psychological change in the New Year.

Jilin University of finance and economics, Dr Wang Hue, Director of the Institute of psychology and behavior are considered, people loved these Cheap Tiffany jewelry, is trying to meet the aspirations of future life, but others said nothing wrong. But she also said that to understand these ornaments can only play the role of a self-suggestion and achieve the desires or needs through their own efforts.
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White frame sunglasses
Article publié le 23/03/2013
Sunglasses in the decades-long trend of changes, popular in the 70’s of the last century large-frame sunglasses are appraised as "Star perfect style". Big framed sunglasses fashion in the spring and summer of 2013 on behalf of retro repeat, differences are more emphasized the sunglasses the round shank of the fluid lines. White frame sunglasses meet strong summer fashion trend can be illusionists of all ages, in the spring and summer in Europe, street beat star photo, can easily see the white box Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, and 13 if you want to twist out of one of the most popular model in spring and summer, white frame sunglasses are good choices.

White frame sunglasses more easily than other style put stars fan, even if wearing a very common, white sunglasses can also bring out the magic, no matter what hair style face, with emphasis on spectacle is that it. So, are respected and that common people buzz, even if they do not buy expensive brand-name, or you can create your own stylish, simple, casual dress summer mood. Classic white sunglasses, especially Hepburn around the scarf wearing sunglasses model, did feel a kind of enigmatic charm.

If to choose a Queen fashion, Audrey Hepburn should first be elected. From the starting of the Roman holiday, 1953, Audrey Hepburn movie almost every speech, will bring a new wave of pop. Even in this day to watch these old films, Hepburn's dress is gorgeous. In her fashion Trump, summarizes the main nine, Audrey Hepburn was the seven weapons An Upside-Down World, become the fashion world's most glittering female star.

The first weapon: elegant flower skirt

When shooting movies of Sabrina, Hepburn and France met dress designer Given, Given and Hepburn and jointly create a fashion myth-"Audrey Hepburn style". Tablets in the kHz itself wearing of that pieces elegant large spent long skirt plus a Ray Ban Outlet Sun mirror, a layer cicada's wings yarn from waist straight Xian and Xian, coat, and skirt body and skirt swing are embroidery with 18th century style of flower figure ornaments, drag to part of skirt swing constitute has oval graphics, chrome with black cicada's wings yarn pleated ornaments, silk mass of lined, waist using hook eye buckle tight, this pieces clothes is let Hepburn stunning. Audrey Hepburn in given designed the classic low chest princess dress is pretty lively.

The second weapon: cocktail dress

The breakfast in the black dress has become a symbol of those days popular. In fact, this form of black silk made, sleeveless cocktail dresses are fashion one of the immortal classic. Round neck, waist part through the waistband roles slightly increase, to stretch out skirts decorated with fold belt, is with a fast line of evening wear.

The third weapon: Silk scarves

"Evening of Love" performed together with jail Cooper, Audrey Hepburn in the film woven scarves of different methods, subtly transform out of thousands of grace.

Fourth weapons: round frame sunglasses

The classic round frame Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, known as the "mystery" sunglasses. Name comes from jiali•gelante and Audrey Hepburn starred in the film the mystery of mysteries. Around the scarf, wearing sunglasses in the movie Hepburn, did feel a kind of enigmatic charm. The Tiffany of the breakfast and the Charade she brings her sunglasses. But the two images I have seen many models to imitate. I think it is a very classic.

Fifth weapons: black

The Funny Face cannot be forgotten in clothing style is very simple and elegant; Audrey Hepburn wore black leggings, black turtle neck sweater, white socks and black shoes. This outfit is impressive. Many of her classic images were wearing black clothing group. This year Live • Taylor and Zhang Ziti also puts on a pair of black given, while young victims, individuals believe it is not worn out taste.

Sixth: the glove

The people who have watched her movie can discover that almost in each movie will take the glove. She is partial to model succinct long glove. Possibly is because are too thin, is not suitable the too complex glove. Such glove can her obviously lofty, natural and lithe.

The seventh weapon: hats

She likes all kinds of hats, especially the relatively wide brim and Cheap Oakleys sunglasses, Petite lovely her face said, highlighting the beautiful face. And "the Every Nepal's Breakfast" in the breakfast has the hat image in "Gentle and graceful girl" to imitate until now by the multitudinous models.
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Star sunglasses
Article publié le 22/03/2013
Sunglasses in the fashion crowd is referred to as "black", the nickname was quite literally. Hollywood trump card Stylist Rachel Zoe said: "there are no sunglasses, no street.” Indeed, for the stars, and function of sunglasses are infinite. In the hot summer, it ultimately, naturally Sun shades of light, but at the same time, it is also the most distinctive style Declaration, countless stars Suzann was confident that street the best reason, of course, is also a star avoiding paparazzi lens shield ... ... It can be said that Star makes sunglasses--such as Audrey Hepburn and black-framed sunglasses; sunglasses also makes a lot of stars--such as Nicole Richie, Poi she-not-do not wear sunglasses Street stars abound. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses naturally hope that, like a star with the common man, Fan Err simple props.

Mishap Barton's face a bit such mellow enough, so she's smart to choose a frog mirror to tighten up the outline of the lower half of the face. Blue frame in the summer it is very fresh, grow, and clothing color and very coordinated.

1. Mishap Barton from the beginning in the second half of last year is not erotic Fan Err to look at her with frog mirror mix of shiny dark chug’s boob tube top dress with style.

2. Anna Farris even pants hot models, is the hairstyle can't compliment.

3. Nicole Richie as long as there are streets now is basically holding their own treasure. She's clothing leisure flavor level is clear, sheet metal frame sunglasses than black frame sunglasses more suited to people like her so thin.

4. Eva Herzegovina are also considered "mature" supermodel, but Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses combine with gold pants style, still gorgeous and trendy.

Paris Hilton Chad Michael Murray select Super generous sunglasses, black and white lines to create contours of the sheet metal frame and sunglasses suddenly light a lot, white elbow less dull black. At the same time, sunglasses and clothes and necklaces unity in the black and white adjustment, plus Ukraine braids, full of retro taste.

1. Katie Holmes sunglasses the box, best pop is the colored lines on the picture frame.

2. Mary Kate Olsen for a witty style, this large black makes her face seem overwhelming.

3. Guardianship fill boxes in black into their street in the modeling of the atmosphere, holes in jeans and use were just right.

"Black" n advantage

1. secret sorrow, wore High all night last night, became a black eye after getting up; after a quarrel with her boyfriend in a storm of tears ... ... Imagine if there were no sunglasses, the woman wants to go out there, how others eyes?

2. Casual disdain of human eyes, Nashua Gemini woman make eyes while "black" somewhat turning meaning, however, as long as your lenses dark enough, you can in this little black behind the barrier, indiscriminately kill hate people with your eyes.

3. Pigment can face out over the age of 25, and Yuan Street courage was from "black".

4. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses never deceive, on the contrary, it allows more people to pay heed to his--striking are the stars wearing "black" in the first place.

Edit answer

How to get colored frames sunglasses against me? Instead I lined it?

Color glasses are all glasses in the most stylish, most single people. Clothing choices can also be bold, abstract prints, modern geometric patterns, polka dot, striped shirts, and so on, is very suitable for.

"Black", how can you not like a bodyguard?

Look at stars known, "black" per SE will give people a sense of distance, so avoid wearing too formal when you usually wear dark sunglasses, color is too dark clothes, such as wearing suits is not suitable for wearing dark sunglasses, that would make people think gang boss and his bodyguards were in the movie. Recommended female clothing details such as lace, bows can be used to reconcile the "black" tough and thick feeling. In addition, in black is a great way to hide flaws or the eye puffiness, eye problems, such as congestion, when there are these problems may wish to take advantage of.

The light-colored lenses Cheap Oakleys sunglasses market, how clothing with? Star Gwen Stephanie has its own clothing brand recommended interview beige, champagne gold sunglasses. Wear light-colored lens sunglasses in the summer make the viewer more cool feeling. Nude color with large thermal clothing, denim is very popular in recent years.
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Mobile phone jewelry
Article publié le 22/03/2013
After you bought a new mobile phone, many consumers ' first reactions are foil, through formal protection foil, not only phone screen from scratches, oil intrusion, and reduces eye fatigue when using mobile phones.

Reporters in pigtail city, millet phone stores found that phones now on the market sold, main highlight film, Tiffany outlet, anti-peeping, four categories mirror, with higher sales of film and frosted film best.

Mobile phone store manager Yang Kai said, "can better ensure the smooth texture of the screen highlight film, virtually no impact on the brightness and resolution, loved by most women; frosted film primarily characterized by small particles on the surface of matte touch, more men playing a game using a mobile phone, it has the advantages of hand print-proof and sweat-proof".

Cell phone film is not really effective, Yang said, was used by the vast majority of smart phones now capacitive touch screen, the screen very high hardness, if it's not hard keys, lighters and other metal friction is not to damage the screen. But for a resistive screen phone paste Tiffany jewelry films to better protect and maintain mobile phone touch screen sensitivity, are effective means to prolong life.

A member of the public told reporters: "I tend to be after buying the phone would foil directly at point of sale. Now cell phones are thousands of Yuan, who is not willing to just buy not long phone is struck or grinding and besides, thousands of mobile phones are not bought, nor does going to a film of dozens of dollars. ”

If the foil is pure protection feature on the phone, all kinds of mobile phone shell more like a modern show personality and a new platform. Mobile phone shell of choice has a significant age difference. Good light, bright colors, styles, fashions changing crust by the majority of young people of all ages. Most middle-aged consumers, simple solid color would choose leather or silicone casing, protective case-oriented flexibility, fit and feel and the quality of the shell itself. Coincidentally, the various types of plush toys, Cheap Tiffany jewelry, and cartoon head phone hanging chains have occupied all the major commodities, such as counters, diverse, different colors. More recently, as most smart phones have no hanging chain interface, more people prefer portable, simple mobile form factor, mobile phone pendant has become redundant.
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