Myopia daily how to care
Article publié le 16/10/2013
Myopia is divided into two kinds; one is true for the other is pseudo-myopia. Many people are mistaken as true myopia pseudo myopia, resulting in many people because of premature garnished with glasses make their vision become a true myopia. About how myopic eye protection method, the following gave you introduce it!

First, the instant method

How Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women myopic eye protection too! Choose a quiet place , sitting or standing , relax , clear thoughts, two head open , head and neck does not move, turn the eye alone . Just below the first eye gaze, slowly go to the left, and then go to the gaze just above to the right, and finally back to gaze beneath, so that the first 9 laps clockwise. Let the eyes gaze from the bottom, go right Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men to the top, to the left, then back to the bottom, so, and then turn counterclockwise six laps. Total done four times each rotation, the eye should be possible to reach the limit. This method can blink of eye muscle exercise, improved nutrition, flexible and comfortable to the eye, bright and piercing.

Second, the eye breathe your breath France

Select the fresh air , sit or stand , relax, two head straight ahead , slowly the gas suction feet , his eyes widened along , pause a moment , then slowly exhaled air , the eyes also will slowly Web , continuous done nine times.

Third, the iron eye method

This method is best to do sit , relax , close your eyes , then quickly friction between palms to make heat , hot with his hands to his eyes, his hands after the heat dissipation suddenly away, two also exert oneself eyes opened , so that 3 to 5 times, to promote eye blood circulation, improve metabolism.

Fourth, wash method

First basin after cleansing, pour warm water, adjusting the water temperature, put her face into the water and opened my eyes in the water so that eye next move around 9 times, and then clockwise, counterclockwise 9 Ray Ban Outlet times. Initially, water enters eyes, eyes hard, but with the rotation of the eyeball, the eyes will feel comfortable. When doing the move, if difficulty breathing, may wish to come up from the basin, take a deep breath. This law can wash away harmful substances and dirt in the eyes, mild cataracts effectively and improves astigmatism, hypertrophy, myopia, refractive error levels.
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Children how to protect his eyes with myopia
Article publié le 16/10/2013
Some people say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, indeed, is that people from outside eyes receive information vital organs. However, due to various reasons, the window has been contaminated, in recent years, more and more young people suffer myopia, 2013 Ray Ban Sunglasses strabismus, myopically, and so troubled.

Child protection methods eyesight 10

First, plenty of light to be: light should be sufficient and comfortable, while the light is too weak because the font will not see ever more near.

Two, reflective to avoid: Book table should be lighting installations, which aims to reduce the reflection in order to reduce damage to the eyes.

Third, the reading time not too long: either doing homework or watching TV, time can not be too long, in order to better take a break every 30 minutes.

Fourth, to correct posture: Not hunched closer to doing homework or tummy easily lead to excessive tension in the culinary muscle, which causes myopia.

Five, reading distance should be moderate: Book and the distance Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses between the eyes should be subject to 30 cm, and the chair height should also be compatible with the physique, will not Ray Ban Outlet be forced.

Sixth, do not watch TV too close distance: watching television should be kept with the TV screen diagonal six - eight times the distance every 30 minutes to break.

Seven, sleep can not be too small, regular rest: lack of sleep, physical fatigue, easy to create pseudo-myopia.

Eight, do more outdoor sports: often overlooks the far outside to relax eye muscle; prevent myopia, to have more contact with nature, Castle Green, good for eye health.

Nine, nutritional intake should be no equilibrium: not a partial eclipse, special attention should be vitamin B (embryo rice, cereals, yeast) of the intake.

Ten, regular vision: Where abnormal vision should be to pass glasses or eye doctor for further examination.
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FAB presentation method of Multifocal lenses(3)
Article publié le 04/10/2013
(Background: Sun ladies at a weary store for kids Chanel Aviator Sunglasses consulted eyeglasses glasses Ad-visor. )

Optical Ad-visor: "Hello! What do you need help? ”

Ms Sun: "I would like to ask, our children are now reading junior high school, last year started wearing glasses, now wearing glasses did not see the Blackboard, that it is necessary to change glasses? ”

Optical Ad-visor: "If you kids sure wears glasses still did not see the Blackboard, then myopia has deepened, need to rush to the store to check that only a professional optometry can determine exactly what the problem is. ”

Ms Sun: "our children away at school, took him this weekend, however, I would also like to ask if our child spectacles, what lenses do you enjoy, it turns out that the Deputy took three hundred or four hundred, what a year can not be used anymore? ”

Optical Ad-visor: "as your child's situation, I recommend for young progressive lenses.”

Ms Sun: "OK?”

Optical Ad-visor: "I commend to you this young progressive lenses are lenses designed specifically for primary and middle school students, it has a unique gradient designs, the upper part of the lens ensures that children watch far clear, while the bottom half of the lens glasses when reading allows children to do the job is not easy fatigue. ”

Ms Sun: "each time you shop, you all say that glasses they're wearing well, but how do I know that what you say is true?”

Optical consultant: (young progressive professionals to store product description props) "Let me introduce you to this product have been found by the Hon Kong Polytechnic University and Guangzhou Changsha ophthalmic clinical validation, through hundreds of myopia a student as a child and you try and prove to relieve myopia. You think about it, now your children attending secondary school, increased so fast, if measures are not taken, went to College, how much? ”

Ms Sun: "well, what should I worry about kids deeper and deeper, since there is such a product, and then I will give him a pair.”

Optical Ad-visor: "but this product is not fitting for any students, you also need to bring him to you did over the Chanel Sunglasses weekend after an inspection to determine whether he could enjoy. You must take him well this weekend, it can't afford to delay. ”

Ms Sun: "OK, I will come.”

Through this case study, we can easily find, opticians Chanel Bow Sunglasses consultancy and customer communication is layers deep, said the characteristics of the product, any such product advantages for young students, and finally, contact Sun ladies and children, shows, this lens can give him any good.
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FAB presentation method of Multifocal lenses(2)
Article publié le 04/10/2013
Benefit: benefits

If I tell you now: I will offer you a job, the first thing you think of is, "how much money do you pay me" or "I can get anything." This is every one of us would have had a very natural response. So, please remember that our customers are no exception; they are most concerned about is that this product can bring to their advantage, that is, if they had bought the items which interest can be obtained.

Against the interests of consumers of goods, characteristics of that product can meet the customer's particular needs, or product features, benefits for the consumer to enjoy the feel of an advantage. For example, for Multiform lenses, its advantages are a pair of lens can do it long and nearly all know and bring it to the customer's interest is easy, but only seen from afar is not convenient for customers.

Specifically, interest representation is converted to one or more of the advantages of goods buying motives, telling how it will meet the needs of customers. It emphasized that: by buying my product, what kind of interests and benefits available to you.

Benefits are subdivided into commodity interests and the interests of its customers. We must consider Chanel Aviator Sunglasses whether the interests of Cheap Chanel Sunglasses the goods will really make customers benefit, that is to say, commodity interests and what they need effective combination. Actually, this refraction reflect out of is "customers oriented" of modern marketing concept, also covertly has purchase of nature: I as customers purchase goods, is because I has this aspects need, so all is to I of interest as Center, as you of goods, just many candidate who one of, so, you to called I select you of, please to I a reason, is you than others fortunately where, how to better to meet I of need, thereby let I gave up others and select you.

If you can be well used FAB to introduce laws, you will find the product introduction is a very easy thing. For example, when it comes to features, you can use "this is ... ...", "this ... "To start, and when it comes to benefits, you can use it"...... "," may ", and" that allows ... ... "and other phrases beginning; when it comes to benefits, you can use the" so...... "And" you "of the term.

Describes ways to make customers feel like this product features may bring to his advantage, to argue that I really wanted this product.

The following, let us take a look at and FAB process the use Chanel Bow Sunglasses of Multiform Lens sales to young people.
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Glasses retail enterprises ' core competitiveness(4)
Article publié le 28/09/2013
7. Personnel competitiveness. Companies focus on staff development, and even invest their own training schools for staff development as a business first mission of the enterprise. In many cases staff training is the most expensive optical retail business a job, but a good corporate self- feeding systems typically have stable expansion, steady growth advantage. For example: a Japanese-funded enterprises is the first entry into the Chinese market, SPECTACLES , in Wu-xi, start their own training schools for decades has 10 provinces in China with nearly 200 stores , and the momentum may not be rapid but robust exception.

8. Brand competitiveness. Here's weary brand is not only the optical retail companies own brand, this type of business itself irreplaceable brand competitiveness. In the past and now many Chanel Sunglasses Sale cities have local old, which is the predecessor of brand competitiveness, they focus on their Chanel Aviator Sunglasses own store brand building, and the future will make us more refreshing retail outlets breeding. For example: Wuhan, a high-end retail outlets glasses province and even affect their monopoly of its five provinces surrounding the high-end market.

9. Cultural competitiveness. Focus on internal corporate culture; also pay attention to external customers and cultural training, culture to win customers through the glasses. Culture is the weary industry has been negligent thing, but it is allowed to do the sudden emergence of culture. For example: a high-end retail stores in Hon Kong Optical , first-tier cities in mainland China in recent years almost miraculously affect the high-end market, and leap to the Chinese high-end Chanel Bow Sunglasses weary brand sales the most.

10. Innovative fight force. Innovation is the eternal theme, through innovation find their own living space, so that businesses often surprising. Innovation can be various, can be a professional, the product may also be a channel. For example: a well-known online eyeglasses sales site, its ability to innovate can be seen, at present its annual sales almost equal to the highest performance single-store nationwide Chengdu lean glasses.

In this exemplified above only 10 species, there is no back office management class core competencies listed in, and management class core competencies QwaQwa can survive the longest time , after all, the core competitiveness itself is derived from management . Those examples are successful enterprise itself, while the core competitiveness of the competition is far from over, but the most important thing is to determine based on their own for their own core competitiveness.

In the future, how the same type of competitors? How to make the company's core competitiveness truly embody? Building core competitiveness of enterprises in the process should pay attention to what? Sequel will continue to share with you.
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