Glasses retail enterprises ' core competitiveness(3)
Article publié le 28/09/2013
1. Professional competitiveness. To invest in the professional and high retail business mainly rely on the ability to achieve professional enterprise. Optometry staff Cuban strong background, high equipment investment enterprise specialized in the professional products (mulch-focal lenses, anti- fatigue lenses) sales outstanding abilities. For example: Handicapping glasses is the first of a regional youth multiform lenses sold in the country.

2. The high-end professional competitiveness. To invest in a high degree of professional enterprise, specializing in the forum can be individually profitable enterprises. Strong medical background optometry staff, businesses in the medical aspects of the investment is high, high medical requirements in certain products (soft contact lenses, semi- rigid contact lenses) business outstanding abilities. For example: a Shanghai specialty contact lens business of Japanese companies in Shanghai has 15 stores.

3. The service competitiveness. Invest in the service and high retail value-added services that rely mainly on business. In services, the five-star service standards, mainly in order to facilitate customers in the store layout based, even in the area of Chanel Aviator Sunglasses corporate stores have set interactive leisure area, coffee bar and so on. Unfortunately this is not the current domestic enterprises, while in this mode optical retail foreign enterprises are also one of the few, but the core competitiveness has been a lot of vision adopted by operators and planning.

4. Product competitiveness. The commodity has not replaced advantage through product the customer lock and completes their business enterprises. Such enterprises in the commodity has a unique and uniqueness, or in the commodity has irreplaceable advantages. For example: an Italian weary giant enterprises in their retail outlets for the sale of its global sole agent and own production of branded weary.

5. Price competitiveness. In extreme pricing strategy have advantages, in order to win business. Glasses supermarkets, train types of enterprises to adapt to market demand in the case of birth, few winners fundamental reason Chanel Sunglasses Women lies in its capacity problems in the evolutionary process is needed breakthrough. For example: a Taiwanese optical chain in Beijing Panjandrum glasses opened near a square, his success is well known.

6. The mode competition. In operation, when the construction of Chanel Bow Sunglasses the model itself more attention to the rapid expansion of enterprise replication mode. Want to gain market share, to see the need is high-speed expansion mode. In the face of rapid expansion the biggest challenge is the ability to replicate stores , and modeling is the key to victory , leaving himself became so easy to copy mode and let others can not copy itself there is a strong dialectical relationship . For example: the GEM Listing of a medical group Optometry Eye Hospital , rapid erosion of the country 's children every city market, its strong replication of the model itself , but its opponents and can not be copied .
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Discounts on addiction(2)
Article publié le 26/09/2013
1) stores ' bargaining power to approve delegated directly to the store manager, but a license is not abstained, delegation of authority and responsibility. The Manager must be "average discount rate of performance evaluation", the Enterprise set a standard, if you execute an, the store of the month, the average discount rate exceeds the Chanel Sunglasses Sale standard, more shops have to bear certain responsibilities, on the contrary, if the Manager effectively controlled the discount, below the enterprise standards, shall be rewarded. In this way, every discount store in warehouses opticians will deliberate the pros and cons. I am an enterprise of Jungian Province after implementation of this standard, its floor Chanel Aviator Sunglasses discount rate back in the first month of more than 10%.

2) Glasses Ad visor performance fee depending on the discount rate differentials-Commission. For example, unified and 2% in the past, it is now possible to "below 60 percent sales royalty-free (in staff terms, selling white, no one sells), between 60 percent to 70 percent and 1%; 70 percent to 80 percent of 2%; 3% 80 percent to 90 percent ..." so that employees will naturally be higher commissions.

Full use of product competitiveness to reduce discounts is a new retail development trend. Brand in fashion retail, there is a concern in recent years, this is what Spain ZARA clothing chain store of Indicted Group, ZARA has now become the world's third-largest clothing chain, opened nearly 3,000 stores in 64 countries around the world, in China in just three years to 75 stores. Is different and many other fashion brands, ZARA few discounts, even if Chanel Bow Sunglasses the end of seasonal sales discount rate of over 85 percent, significantly lower than average levels of the fashion industry. Thanks to their product strategy: general fashion company new product development cycle is 100 ~160 days, while ZARA is only 15 days, when rivals have developed best selling styles, ZARA found in 5 days in their stores. ZARA store each averaged only store selling 2-3 week shall cease, 2-3 week cannot be sold or transferred to other districts, either transferred back to Headquarters. ZARA did not move slow-selling stock. A consumer if not satisfied with discounts out of ZARA, a couple of weeks back, she will find that dress had sold out, so next time, even if a discount is not playing, she would not hesitate to buy your favorite style, because the village had no part of this shop. Is the glasses retail business some insights from it?

Is the second of the two questions is tricky, it's like "rat in a China shop", as well as loss of control discounts that cannot be looked, how? Personally, I have the following experience:

1) mulch-branding strategy. Like Kentucky Fried chicken and Pizza Hut, the beautiful Tess nation prestige and Me City, enable the new brand to open new stores, and original brand differences formed operation and new stores to increase product value and not the second price policy management, old shops can continue to maintain the discount model.

2) Product strategy. Set up some discounted products, such as the international brands, product and car mirrors, and so on, and then gradually increase the proportion of sales of these products, discounts on nature's own.

3) Transfer of customer's attention. Set up some glasses packages, set preferential margin is greater than the usual discounts, but it can also meet the requirements of enterprises, and encourage customers to "buy package discounts as well, in a pleasant atmosphere", and gradually let customers receive no discount can be concluded, gradually allow customers to "forget" discount. To do this, ask for package products very attractive, as well as training of staff in how to sell packages of bills of lading.

4) Bonus: the integration policies in place very tempting discounts. For example, the customization attractive gifts, and specifies only points you can exchange money while telling the customers once the discount is not integral, and help customers "one Bill" lets customers find discounts up points for gifts, it is also ways to reduce discounts. The essence of this method is to sell gifts to customers.

"The hill easily down hard", when enterprises in determining the discount is often "head hot thighs", "dry", but if you want to walk away from the battlefield smoke price is not so easy. To completely get rid of troubled discount, there are four sentences formulas: "give full play to enterprises ' competitive advantage, focus on your opponent's weakness, to grasp the new opportunities for industry, build walls to avoid risks."

Recent new books, recommended everyone can read it, also sold for the prices, the book also offers some discounts or discounts can improve the performance of less.
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Discounts on addiction
Article publié le 26/09/2013
Today, one of my colleagues asked me for help: her coaching business, discounting has become a habit for many years, although increased, but turnover rate led to a drop in profits; for now, customers want to hold a one-price discount rate up or gone into sales, but worried about loss of customers. Colleagues asked me how to realize the client's wishes.

What a familiar proposition it! More advisory bodies over the past four years, we seem to be everywhere when faced with such a problem-free, from Xingu into Hanna, Jungian, Shijiazhuang, and how to get rid of "discount" that shadow?

Discount is a double-edged sword. On one hand, "giving customers discounts" effect is a simple to operate, and the fastest promotions from small "fraction" and scale out again Rae (many to one), to the great Mall of unchangeable "buy 200 minus 100", a plethora of discounts has become commercial enterprises try long uncomfortable sales promotion methods. The other hand, endless discounts has become the black hole of loss of profits. Read discounts from this angle, it is a form of opium; it can lift your spirits for a short time, but long-term erosion of your body, and make you unable to extricate them.

In the early stages of the competition in the market, some companies try to rapidly expanding market share and customers away from rivals Rob, their first thought is a discount, and there are some companies count on this means to rise in a relatively short period of time, such as EYES of GOV in Hangzhou, Shanghai, have provoked a price war, they tasted the sweetness of it. Today, however, could look at these companies, how much their market position into it? If we give these companies a chance to go back, they will choose "discount policies"?

However, the problems faced by my colleagues are: have been playing, go back only to find that too Chanel Sunglasses Women difficult to do? For this problem, some companies seem to have ... Most common is higher pricing and discounts, not only satisfy the customer psychology because it is cheap, also held down profits. "Lang plan the week causes", but be careful of "throwing good money after bad." As Internet of high-speed development, market information increasingly transparent, consumers once found also of merchandise in line city of price is how many, and you of pricing high out several into, you of tricks on was discovered has; even you do has OEM (posted cards) or Chanel Aviator Sunglasses exclusive agent and how, smart of looked has knows what called "price", regardless of you sales of is a, cards, and b cards also is c cards, a Deputy homemade pure titanium mirror rack you to bid to 2000 Yuan, slightly common sense of looked on does not accept, and if you wanted to hit a " Made in Japan ", well, look at the recent hubbub about" ad Vince furniture event "you probably will know what the consequence of this is. So, I put the class method called "false solutions".

So, really what is the solution?

For my colleague's question, we need to split the two issues to consider: one is how to control the discounts, the second is not lost customers because of the discount was reduced; especially for long term sale stores, once tightened the discount, will inevitably lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of customers.

Two questions, "how to control the discount" is relatively simple, general steps include adjusting Chanel Bow Sunglasses price policy, adjusting product structure, highlighting core competencies, training staff to SOP (standard operating procedures and norms), development of appropriate control responsibility system of rewards and penalties to give discounts, over every step of the way finished, discount control purposes can be achieved. Most common practices of decentralization and start incentive mechanism:
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Quality door products from ZARA strategy(2)
Article publié le 24/09/2013
This is not the case; ZARA has become in recent years around the quality inspection departments of industry and commerce, not lists of qualified products in the Chanel Aviator Sunglasses "regulars". Statistics show that since August 2009, ZARA at least 7 times in a "quality".

Expanded too quickly in the industry believe is the main reason repeated problem of ZARA, "inexpensive plus developing too fast, resulting in the inevitable result is that quality will decrease, and each store opened so big, and marketing costs are too high, so the company will be cutting costs, including raw material cost and the personnel cost. "People in the industry said.

To ZARA leisure pants in the virtual marked of raw materials part see, currently cotton price (28915,-465.00,-1.58%) in 30,000 Yuan/tons around, wool price is about collection 92,000 Yuan/tons, and instead of acrylic raw materials price about for 26,000 Yuan/tons, increased up of polyester is more cheap, only has 13900 Yuan/tons around, on single pieces see difference and is Chanel Sunglasses Women unlikely to, but Trojan Hour, its cost difference on very significantly has.

"ZARA in headquarters of the China sales far exceeded expectations, starting from 2009 to increase investment in the Chinese market.” One industry source said the first half of 2009, ZARA opened 4 stores in Shanghai alone, new stores close to the total number of shop in February 2006 to Shanghai for 3 years. From 2006 to the present, open shop ZARA has 75.

Moreover, ZARA will continue to speed up its expansion in China, its parent company, Indicted announced in March, 2011 number of its stores across the city will be increased from the current 30 to 42.

Management of "shrinkage"

"Competition, the fashion industry is at a staking strategy phase, such as ZARA and UNIQLO are bound to speed up the pace of opening stores.” The longitudinal s Consulting Group senior partner Cu Hon says. UNIQLO, H&M, ZARA, C&A and other foreign brands, invariably shift international focus this year, and growing Chinese market, start your layout and two or three-tier cities.

ZARA frequent mass incident began to be questions about whether its quality is different from at home and abroad. According to the informed sources, ZARA in much of Europe is to build a factory producing and even has its own fabric factory, but impossible to quickly set up a factory for a short time in Asia, ZARA began introducing equity cooperation OEM factory.

Despite its great strength lies in supply chain management, but in Asia, expanding too fast, admin may not keep up, "even though copying it to the region of Europe also needs a certain break-in period, coupled with the speed, cost and other pressures, which may relax some conditions, internal control and management level there will definitely be some problems.” This person said.

Another has industry people think, appeared "virtual marked door" and ZARA of positioning also has relationship, "ZARA both wanted to keep young fashion and has quality of brand, but price positioning and cannot too high, because its consumption groups-oriented of most is students and young of work a family, so company in quality Sang may has sacrifice, or raw materials cost certainly to increased, led to price rose.”

Why ZARA is so "cool"?

Industry people pointed out that: "ZARA currently in domestic no competition opponents, China consumers on it of hot holds makes it completely can according to themselves of standard go, China consumers of consumption psychological both hopes can buy abroad of big brand, price not high also is fashion, so often will ignored quality problem, this is why ZARA award-winning Sang ' black list ', Chanel Bow Sunglasses but consumers of enthusiasm does not by effects of causes.”

Cu Hon also believes that events do not fundamentally affect the quality ZARA normal sales, "in terms of dress, consumers are weak attention to quality. Will be concerned with fashion, trendy style and other factors, the key is the most important brand identity tags and a sense of identity, is a guarantee to buy quality clothing, non-incentive to purchase factors. ”

But Cu Hon think ZARA brand reputation will be greatly impaired, "the greatest impact would be on the brand's reputation, the short-term may not be too much, but in a more competitive environment, medium and long term will have an impact.”
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Quality door products from ZARA strategy
Article publié le 24/09/2013
For a retail enterprise, product structure, product development, and product updates how important the following article you can know. Why ZARA repeated complaints from consumers, but turn a blind eye, results are still climbing, customers in droves. This is not contrary to the general commercial law? On the contrary, ZARA verify a new business in the law - fast rule.

ZARA did not deny, but it is trying to tell us, as long as your product updates fast enough customers to buy is no longer a professional service and quality, but the product itself. Like now , who would put a cell phone if you see the quality is so important, the enterprise must soon be out of the market , because consumers almost a year up to two years for a mobile phone , to be so durable and why ? Your costs are "quality” finished, how to do research, how to do market? Optical retail business, still stuck in the “purchase” stage, there is no purchase, not Chanel Sunglasses 2013 to mention product development (Taiwan exceptions). We have to get up!

ZARA seven Ribbing always silent on poor quality or because of loopholes in management

As the world's "fast fashion" barometer of the international giant, ZARA has repeatedly trapped in China quality doors, two years seven times “list." However, for all the problems, ZARA always choose silence to deal with, and has not given any treatment for the products in question views.

As of press time reporter, ZARA Chinese companies have always met with the person in charge refused to respond or vacation. In the face of every quality event, ZARA have chosen silence on product quality problems and has never given any treatment advice.

Expanding too quickly is the main reason?

According to the Beijing Consumers Association published test report , recently tested ZARA, G2000, Chanel Bow Sunglasses Kwan Keep , G-STAR and other brands totaling 57 samples, 20 samples of all test items do not meet national standards, major problems exist in the fiber content , color fastness , formaldehyde , PH value and so on. Among them, including a brand ZARA, including six kinds of samples fiber content does not match with the measured values, accounting for 10.5% of the total sample.

To random failure ZARA casual pants , for example, marked above the fabric label , "said the cotton content is Chanel Aviator Sunglasses 75 % wool 20% polyester 5% " , while the actual test results of its cotton content was 68.2 %, compared with marked about 6.8% less , compared with only 10.6% wool , nearly half less than marked .
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