How to avoid complaints from progressive lenses(2)
Article publié le 20/09/2013
Lens after arrival, I call Mr. Li explained to him, we could meet the second requirement – for a pair of Chanel Sunglasses wearing comfortable, and invited him back to the shop.

Looked back, I personally received. After finished to the customers to introduce myself, I took out my customers choice of frames (was already removed those lenses before, changed the original frame sheet), so that customers can try on. Looked up and said, this is good, it is not. I hastened to his customers with a smile: "you wrong, try now to you is not equipped with a gradual". Customer listening, wonders, and asks me why. I explained: "I want to confirm this pair of spectacles worn is appropriate, it is possible to wear uncomfortable and frames before the relevant and I need to be for you to determine the height of the pupil. We have reformulated a pair of lenses for you, processed for you right away, just a moment. "After you determine a high pupil, I have a loss of lenses being removed one by one the show back and new glasses to the customers, let him see our good faith. Then, processing engineer it frames and lens processing, intentionally when customers face processing teacher told.

Wait for processing time, I looked busy chatting when I learned that after the customer's identity, they flatter a deluge of the past, in particular, said "If the meeting reports of the time put on this pair of Chanel Bow Sunglasses and ordinary reading glasses that are quite different, oh! Your national leaders meeting report which is down his glasses. "Looked very happy, if you ask me:" why so expensive glasses go dizzy yet? "I said:" look, a calculator is cheap, feature is also very simple, anybody to buy it, they will. But a computer, the function is very powerful, the price is hundreds of times calculator, but people may also use; my mom bought a Leno stock, often a problem, call me. "Customer listening says:" that is, I often do not understand computer matching program. "I answer:" so, expensive things, features must be very powerful, but require the user to adapt to it. After you meet, you will find that the computer than calculators that are very much! ”

At this time, Chanel Aviator Sunglasses processing, processing master sent out. I asked the customer to close your eyes, then customers wear glasses, I sat across from the customer, observing far customers eye position and run out of the location of the match. Then I took the glasses lets customers eyes, after wiping away the marked lines on the lens, to give customers to wear. This time, I used three fingers from both hands to hold the customer's cheeks, he looked me in the eyes (I was standing, customers sit). I put my hand back; watching the eyes of customers, ask how it feels. Clients that looked quite normal, not incompatible. My eyes are still looking at customers, can just look up the command right hand side prepared a piece of paper, to the customer. Customers looked down, find a most appropriate angle, and began to read newspapers. I constantly ask customers feel, customer feedback was "very good, good, and very clear." I let customers see longer, recognizing nearly no problem.
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How to avoid complaints from progressive lenses
Article publié le 20/09/2013
Mr. Li is a large private enterprise that employs, is 45 years old. The past has always been pretty good sight was recently found approval document or when you operate a computer, looks almost a bit difficult. Listening to friends around said, suggesting that themselves are aging, and so he came to a more well-known in the local optical shop, buy a pair of reading glasses. Shop assistant Lee was very warmly received, and informs him, Cheap Chanel Sunglasses you can buy ready-made, or together with, relatively speaking, together with reading glasses with more comfortable and consistent with the refractive status of Mr. LI, he gladly accepts the latter.

So, Lee chose a price of more than 400 Yuan frames, and entered with the optometrist optometry. In the process of being chased, optometrist was patient to communicate with Lee, and he often get on the Internet and often features recommended by the report of the meeting together with a progressive Multiform lenses. Mr. Li heard the introduction of optometrists, do not hesitate to agree. Out of the optometry, optometrist opticians his prescription to consultants, and note Mr. Lei’s interest together with Multiform lenses, glasses consultants to come up with product price lists started recommending product. Eventually, Lee decided, since the glasses usually are long wearing and not understood is only short time before wearing, it's simply better frames are chosen from. Lee finally chose the Cartier frames and Japan a certain brand of progressive multiform lenses, cost nearly 15,000 Yuan. Payment when Lee made a request: busy as usual, plus entertainment, has no time to come and shop "deal", this pair of glasses he looks comfortable, do not want to have any problems. Glasses Ad-visor harder, because she knows that customers who enjoy early progressive lenses, requires an adaptation process, but if she told Lee his due, is likely to run to a big one. After the hesitant, with Chanel Aviator Sunglasses customer muttered a word: shouldn't be a problem. So, Mr. Li delivered 5,000 Yuan deposit, and left.

A week later, lens has arrived; processing after the call Mr. LEE came by to pick up in the store mirror. Mr. Li put on new glasses, a look back and forth, I felt "Dizzy", was "angry" and took off his glasses, no longer had to wear. And inn-keeper after negotiation, Mr. LEE left two words: returns or change comfortable glasses for me, there will not be accepted. Glasses Ad-visor explained time and again, wearing progressive needs a period of adaptation, Mr. Li said: then why didn't you say that.

But when I went to training in the weary company, is already two weeks after the incident. These ten days, the store had made several phone calls to Mr. LEE, hope that he comes back to issues, Mr. LEE was bitten two sentences do not drop: either return or comfortable. I took the prescription of Mr. LI, found him far with prescription eye with hypertrophy. I would recommend the store to Mr. LEE to replace Chanel Sunglasses Sale of lenses astigmatism glazing removal, increased and light for customers equipped with a pair of "light on" progressive films and lenses, after processing, waiting for customers to come later.
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Habits of young people with glasses
Article publié le 06/09/2013
Teenagers learn about stress, excessive eye for a long time, resulting in physical and psychological overload, seriously affecting the efficiency of eye health and learning.

Wearing Chanel Sunglasses progressive lenses, eye got a good mediation buffers, reduce the burden on eyes, relieves physical and mental burden, greatly improving the efficiency of learning and effective eye protection.

Adolescence eye features

Bad reading habits
◇ Edge when writing
1. Too close to the tip of his finger when holding a pen, could not be addressed.
2. Muscle development is not balanced, upright sitting position for extended periods of fatigue. Such habits can lead to left and right lenses myopia is inconsistent.

Chanel Aviator Sunglasses offer you unique side view-proof design, when a child is head, unable to clearly see the font, kids had to correct posture.

◇ When writing the book too close to
1. Child seat is small and generally is adult’s design, causes the child cannot reach an adult reading distance.

2. Light, leading to reading when he must be near the books before they can achieve the desired light intensity. Such habits can cause children myopia deepened.

Reading long books font small
1. Kids heavy burden on their schoolwork. Competition is strong, remained for a long time after school reading and writing.
2. More reference books, book fonts tend to vary in size, resulting in easy to produce eyestrain when reading.

Tag Hewer youth Cola series of progressive lenses, moderate and light under, add photometric degrees, zoom book font effects on appropriate, reduce eye fatigue.

◇ Pupil distance is small, small faces, picture frame
Stages of child development, eyes still has not reached its adult pupil distance, and face less need to wear small frames, but often selected to be adults in the optical shop frame. This may lead to children wearing Chanel Sunglasses 2013 the shift amount is large, undesirable aberrations of mirrors all over the area a lot of cutting into frames, resulting in wear not.
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Health campaign security partners–lenses
Article publié le 06/09/2013
21st century is the most vertical natural health!

However, with the development of economy, poor work environment has been seriously affecting people's health, improve their immune system, that is, to improve their physical fitness, and is undoubtedly effective measure to reduce the impact. Information with highly developed today, more and more people know that exercise is the most effective way to improve their physical fitness, however the security issue in the campaign has been beset us, we are being hurt in a sport often appeared, as an instrument of Optometry corrected Chanel Aviator Sunglasses, in security issues in the campaign has been beset us.

Surveys have shown that injury during exercise is much higher than the chances of working hours, and we need to enhance physical fitness through movement, the issue of security is important, without harm campaign, is the correct way of improving physical fitness.

Early in the last century, sportier abroad requires some organs of the body to be protected; the eye is one of them.

Effective methods of eye protection, namely protective Chanel Sunglasses lenses that meet certain safety requirements.

Most dangerous of glass lenses has gradually fade market, and traditional resin lenses, its toughness up not to security requires, abroad General using of PC lenses, although anti-shock capacity meet security requires, but its mirror surface wear sexual by material characteristics of limit, cannot long time of using, this lenses in using a time Hour, surface easy atomization, reduced translucent rate, thereby caused visual fatigue. Solution is constantly changing lenses, high costs so that the average consumer simply cannot afford that. Therefore, depending on the optical industry has been looking for safe and wear-resistant optical lenses.

For vision correction, has vision problems, such as students, white-collar workers, far higher than manual workers, and this crowd is through movement exercises to increase physical fitness. How to resolve this contradiction?

Has many years experience in the production of optical production base, through the efforts of research, formally launched to the market in the near future a safety lens? The lens based on Plexiglas of outstanding optical performance; enhance research and development in safety design, the need for security to protect the eyes. Light industry standard QB2506-2001 set out minimum resin lens Center thickness of 1.0mm. Under this thick, almost all traditional plastic lenses pass the FDA16 g ball test. The standard only requires "Express has the safety performance" lenses through regular FDA 16 g ball test. Almighty 100 lenses you can easily pass the test and achieve the objective of protecting the eyes.

In preparing a comprehensive listing, consumers are equipped; consult your local professional optical retail store.

Tip: lens safety testing requirements:

United States food and Drug Administration (FDA) impact test of the lens (or falling ball test) was used to test the safety impact of the lens. ANSI Z80.1-1999 and the FDA Regulation 21 CFR 801.41 standard, specification of Chanel Sunglasses Women eyeglass safety testing requirements: make a five-eighths inch diameter 16-gram steel balls from 50 inches high free falls on the lens being tested, if the lens is not broken or debris from inside the lens (rear) face off, then the lenses tested.
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Tag Heuer excellent suitable colour lens(2)
Article publié le 04/09/2013
Seven-colored soft

1) Brown

More natural to show color and eyes; on gender, age, career limit less, regardless of is work of formal occasions also is holiday of easily occasions are can wearing Chanel Aviator Sunglasses using; good of sight filter system, in visibility low of environment in the can improve identified ahead errors of capacity; for driver, athletes and outdoor job personnel, in cloudy and the pollution serious area using; recommended and Brown, and green, and yellow, and orange, and grey series costumes mix.

2) Grey

Regardless of men, ladies are can using of neutral color, able, and crisp, and full sense; connotation, and wisdom, and knowledge of symbol; from business to daily dating, for various occasions; and other color comparison, can balanced to absorption any color, for engaged in and color about of personnel using, as painter, and advertising designers, and clothing designers,; due to is neutral tones, and all color of clothes are can harmony mix.

Eight high recognition capabilities

Excellent series of color-changing lenses, you can effectively block the glare of the bright light; enhance wearer of colors, image identification capability.

Nine highly oil-resistant easy to clean

Beyond the traditional film processing technology, innovation and development, anti-resistance lenses used much improvement, and glue on the lens surface stains can be easily removed. At the same time, also maintain high standards of proof and anti-reflectivity. All adequate lenses use HP Super flood coating processing.

Product: Adaptive progressive lenses

For people to apply to progressive lenses for Presbyopia, spectacles, at the same time vision, they shoot the same clear lenses and look like ordinary lenses, beautiful.

Fijian, once the mainstream of bifocal lenses, can also meet "get close-ups vision, clear vision" feature, but below the lens projecting part way up high and deeply affect, and vision from near to far too much and dizziness. Excellent fitness finally worked out a more comfortable lens, images of horizon wider, more natural.

This is the "Chanel Sunglasses Sale apply to progressive lenses series".

Global by design---beyond the simple meaning of the spherical

Global by design is the Horus exclusive research and development of optical design, more natural vision. Taking into account the characteristics of the human eye and the actual wear and at the same time light enters the lens diagonally on the surface of the lens aberrations.

II asymmetry of near-horizontal design---the Visual balance

Perspective of the left and right eye to nose moves when there are different. New SEE suitable series of progressive myopia region lateral asymmetry design, two different eye movements is also taken into account. Make sure that when the left and right eye through the lens of the eye, to achieve visual balance, natural clear vision.

Combined with three distinguished design---reduce sloshing and better adapted

HIYA years of gradual study has concluded that new SEE suitable progressive design combined with distinction under the series, added luminosity change under different designs for every wearer and provide the most comfortable vision.

Four mini, progressive with a long =11mm---for favorite stylish small picture frame, you

New SEE suitable progressive (mini), has a unique ergonomic design, make sure the line of sight when moving from top to bottom, visually more comfortable and smooth.

HP Super flood coated

Suitable lenses are handled using HP Super flood coating, ultra high quality water resistant and anti-reflective lenses and abrasion-proof ability to spend is greatly enhanced.

Progressive lenses use matters needing attention:

Walking in the fall, please bow using far parts of
Chanel Sunglasses lens, eyes couldn't focus and dangerous can be avoided.
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