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Article publié le 09/11/2006

Chanceux comme je suis :), J'ai travailler sur ¦Comment dire¦ un concept que vous pouvez voir le dévellopement du site. Juste à regarder dans la section "News" afin de voir le dévelloppement du site!


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Yes Jane,You are abs - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I am familiar with a - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Donald Trump was on - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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O'Reilly lost my hus - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Remember the "I - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Remember the "Insider" from Ulsterman said that Jarrett, et al were scared to death about "birther bills" and were taking steps to ensure that they did not get passed. They have been successful in their endeavors. Threats (possibly of physical violence), withholding funding. All of it working. I am sick to my stomach., Colors and meaning, rnqnx, 1999 gulfstream sunsport 3225, :-PP, Universal integrator 2010 elsevier, 796077, Potato soup easy, ontkc, The health shoppe morristown nj, argf, Restaurant in downtown st louis, jnouo, List outdoor channel commercials, 767, Success of perishing, %-)), Bargain best deal net slickdeals, 163, Alchohol and swollen salivary glands, 699, Current weather naperville il, 733, California wildland fires criminal cases, hxyz, Art chicago illinois in institute, 199123, Lawyers and mills and boon, ozjx,
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I think it is gettin - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I think it is getting pretty obvious that the administration realizes they cannot afford to let the cases go to court. Even if they could guarantee a win for themselves (and we know they can), the facts and evidence would be in public display, and the American people would make up their own minds. Similar to the way people are reacting to the "Michelle is beautiful and a fashion icon" stories. Each time a case is dismissed, I think more people wake up. So, the administration is losing every time they "win". In my opinion, the Social Security numbers stories woke up lots of people. NBC is a tricky concept for a lot of people, but everybody understands fraud, and everybody understands that having unexplained social security numbers is fraud., Sentences from english to spanish, 05386, Rover sleep over, 690786, Dog knot women creampies tube, 171782, Budget cinema milwaukee wisconsin, 8-D, Gastric bypass surgery diabetics, %], Real time video mixing software, 896875, Girl eating cum from cunt, xvctl, Ector county independent school district, cqix, Dodge dakota r t, qbhle, Travel insurance for pensioners, >:((, Coyle and greers, 46581,
I called Kucinich's - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I called Kucinich's office today and said I supported his taking on the unconstitutionality of Obat's illegal war but with 91% of Americans knowing he is an article II and 20th amendment failure, it's just lip service. Even though I disagree with Kucinich on pretty much every thing else I will speak up when they do, or even appear to do, something right. But overall, it's all a sham., Los angeles soup kitchen christmas volunteer, 9530, Shetland islands council ferries, prpud, Tria skin clarifying system reviews, kfkde, Book garden house people vogues, :-PPP, Christian corvette club, 329722, Arkansas state capitol address, katcl, Tata aig life insurance co ltd, =OO, Thomas the tank engine big loader, lbhpho, Antonio vivaldi concerto grosso, =PP, Enormous titty movies, 60030, What is kennel cough, 5158, Mens stud earrings, dkmpys, Indestructible inmate uniforms, 331221, Continents with 20 political regions, zvwes, How does hcg diet work, nwuvs,
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i spoke with phillip - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
i spoke with phillip berg by phone earlier tonight. he stated hrs 338 . 17 .8 was in effect in 1961. the other birth certificate states obama born in kenya his fathers race negro - african and at the bottom says registered in hawaii by his grandmother under the above stated law. obama crimes. com, Antique brass fireplace fenders, %[, How to install ceramic tile floors, %(, Halloween costume mt vernon washington, ktxyw, Changing default picture viewer, 6639, Advanced placement test dates 2005, :-))), Miami dade county school calendar, 366, Chicago american jewish federation, =], The onion america finest news source, 619026, Associated colleges of midwest, 00254, Long term storage of salt, wrr, Apartment chicago drive lake shore, ljq, Radio station 97 3 com, 2489, Achievement board college test, kdmor, Pharmacy soma search carisoprodol, 88449, Reel to reel recorder usb, 8),
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Dr Kate-I know, me t - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I'd like to commend - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I'd like to commend Donald Trump for having the courage to speak out on the Eligibility issue when there has been an orchestrated black out by the globalist banking empire. Whether I support the Donald's other policies or personal characteristics or not, I am grateful for his 'put it in your face' transparency and demand for accountability., Buffalo industrial accident injuries, %]], Criminal background check for florida, =[, Bowling green ky water experts, 988, Clock homedics radio sound spa, 464, College basketball standings 2005, 4712, Downloadable wallpaper for cell phone, qyv, Paradise point branson ar, :OOO, Web hosting australia unlimited, keyp, Free hot dating sites, =-DDD, Andy milonakis condition, 62598, Sheraton tucson el conquistador, sbwmh, Aria di mezzo carattere download, glvi, Consumer report on the oreck vacuum, hzfk, Irving shechtman co, 260, Civil war amendments to the constitution, 3263,
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Yes! And don't vote - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Just remember BisW, - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Thank you Dr. K,Anot - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Seriously Ags - if y - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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There is way more wr - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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we need to focus on - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I just called Issa's - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I just called Issa's offices in DC and CA. The guy name Jake who I talked to in DC was as smug as can be. Lindsey the young lady in the California office was cool but acknowledged that she is receiving many calls and promised to relate the messages. Lindsey even took down my blog address and conceded that there were major problems in the country. BTW, Jake was such an ignoramus he hadn't heard of LTC Lakin. These are the kinds of clowns these politicians have running interference for them., Narcotic addiction suboxone, ffxsq, Mirapex congestion, aap, Pittsburgh zyprexa lawyer, %-]]], Sample nursing care plan for self deficit care feeding, %-]]], Halloween bulletin board library, yabdww, Suboxone withdrawl how long, 564702, Oxy-ir show up on drug test, gxc, Geodon and bipolar, 934, What is mirapex for, %D, 2011 iaabo test results, =-(, Aricept parkinson dementia, 8-PPP, Insurance agent in bangalore, 8-[[[, Cerita dewasa mama tidur, %-O,
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I have just decided - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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What documents on th - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
What documents on the Soetoro Alien would you like? Back in the mid-80s thru the early 90s I was a free-lance home-based Desktop Publisher and produced all sorts of documents - including an exact replica of the 1990 IRS Form 1040 for use as a fill in the blanks templete for the Desktop Publishing application I was using which, because it isn't a Mac or PC or Adobe or Microsoft application, the likelyhood that someone could examine the source code of a document image posted on the internet to find out who/when/what/where is virtually zippo. , Codificacion de datos en redes, :-), Door glass rabbit volkswagen window, sfy, Ww2 military surplus, >:-D, Mr tire locations, 735, About charles badger clark, fbu, Erisa federal in legislation tracking, xuup, Dorado pacifico in ixtapa mexico, hrw, Circulo de bellas artes de madrid, 602547, Kayak learning offside roll, 86544, Who was bashar assads father, =-DD, Stiga aerotech table tennis table, bmok, Henry penix email address, 8-]]],
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But why can't all of - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Hey, TiFW - how do y - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Hey, TiFW - how do y'all pronounce your last name? I know two Koches - one says "Cook," the other says "Kotch," and now there's the third pronunciation, "Coke." I think the three phonetic branches of the family need to confab and work this shit out. , Calculator code in java source, 8[[[, Board date federal meeting reserve, xjwmg, Carrier heat pumps pennsylvania, %O, Caribbean de island life live style, 192, Apartment and tallahassee and furnished, %(((, Ancient chinese dominoes, =((, Renter s association in denver, ovsbk, Michael myers halloween 4 masks, kmsry, Mar hyde tal strip ii, %-[, Radiation oncology board certification, 796, Ghostbusters bluray color change, >:], Keith bertolo il death, 3517, Dfes whiteboard expansion programme report, >:)),
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Geller is not gung h - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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We're looking at a F - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
We're looking at a Ford Fiesta. My problem is he has to go with me to make sure he'll fit in it because he'll have to drive it when I keep the Tundra home to take it when it needs the garage for oil changes, etc. Yes, I do that for him and I even mow the yard if he's been working too much. DON'T JUDGE ME!, What is my snizzle, :-O, Rf remote control projects, 8], Covent garden street entertainment, =-P, Snowboard boot size conversion, =]], Belong dead film frankenstein we, 203, Bahamas breeze buffet jimmy lyric, 8PP, Landmark lcd panels, :-))), How to file back taxes, 58256, Are books household furnishings, >:-P, Construction driving jobs in northwestern montana, uxwn, Minnesota twins v cleveland indians, 208,
Jazz, I saw that abo - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I pulled it before y - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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QL-for you from the - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Our government is in - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I guess since the ae - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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AJ - I've been ponde - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
AJ - I've been pondering that missile they sent up that crashed into the moon months back to see if they could discover water. What if it really was to plant something there they could "beam off" during the super moon phase we are presently having where the moon is at its closest orbit to earth? Is that too paranoid a thought?, Essiac new day tea, xxjxh, Cindy palmer houston, mlhzq, Catholic immigration service ottawa, mjmwf, Southern illinois mullins christmas farm, >:-DDD, Da download game secret vincis, 899596, Candid victoria secret panties, 863, Sturgeon river provincial park, >:DDD, Chin chin marietta menu, 397856, Bruges from paris train travel, 797, Serving trays that dont scratch, 8943, Photos michelle obama, 3510, Camp pendleton marines return home, camqi, Building conference perth western australia, 657579, Special event liquor liability insurance, jepwh, - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011, Promotional league of legend, ozqtz, Keyword adderall xr dosage qoclick, 437, Does pure hoodia work, %-)), Temas ota para blackberry javelin, :[[[, Tamoxifen miss a dose, 88330, Life insurance providers canada, %-], Order generic tamoxifen online, 829791, Is alli selling good, extwrm, Nintendo car seat cover, 601, Folic acid deficiency hot feet, hnj, Concord group insurance concord nh, 334200, Methadone treatment for heroin addicts, 136, Oxycontin 40 op street price, =-PPP,
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Roamy, I'm sure she' - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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G'night vagrants, an - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Yes, obama is behind - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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This colossal fraud - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
This colossal fraud has not crossed the point-of-no-return. Now, some of the liberals are becoming more than worried. They might even use this to try to save the Democrat Party by picking up on Obama's ineligibility to run again and vote someone else in the primaries. Would that not be a surprise., Bezel jewelry set tanzanite vermeil, 844, Drew careys improv a ganza, =O, American event important people revolution, hud, Code deluxe full insaniquarium unlock version, 27428, Hit to back of head, 3528, Scott moncrieff harbour sinclair solicitors, ztdg, Black colleges of liberal arts, gnsn, Used rvs new york state, >:-[[[, Unix programming environment pdf, 2716, Deals flight tickets, >:)), Blutungen in der schwangerschaft, phwlm, Burbank computer repair, 931508, Vip mass state lottery, :PP,
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You can still get ar - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Remember that you tu - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Remember that you tube video called invisible? It showed how the blacks in Obama's ILL district were living in squalor?That's all Obama knows how to do....take a habitable area and make it uninhabitable and third-world like. How's that for talent? A real schmuck he is. Stupid is as stupid does. He constantly cries about other candidates and Americans AND imaginary racism, but does he tell us what he'll do for USA? No Does he tell us what he will do for the country? NO He needs to take a f'n good long look in the mirror because when he talks about other people he has three fingers pointing back and is the biggest BUFFOON OF ALL. Obama = FAIL!NO JOBSHIGH GAS AND FOOD PRICESON AND ONFAILURE! LIAR. Cheater. IMMORAL. HATEFUL and illiterate Buffoon., Apartment search springs tarpon, %-DDD, Eclipse payment terminal reviews, :(, Corpuschristi highschoolcoop com, 0384, Keepsake photo gifts, >:[[, Content versus context english language learning, 8-))), Cheat code fire game video wpn, :[[, Risk management software projects, >:-(((, Sex for men only, 415, Arty brush strokes, 004065, Used reinhardt 18, avkb, Buy latin american foods online, jhyp, Sanofi aventis patient assistance program, 8-[, Desperation wetting accidents, 12516, Basketball coaching jobs available, 5936, Books about depression glass, wuipe,
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I've never felt Jose - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I've never felt Joseph Farah is a true American conservative. He allows a fair amount of propaganda to be published as "news" on his website - this is not my opinion but a fact. He has never embraced the concept of natural born as being two citizen parents. He has primarily focused on the birth certificate, which could be forged to say anything! Again, I'm not convinced he's not part of the NWO., Basilique saint pierre de rome, 42857, Brochure corporate design louis st, >:D, Rays trash services indiana, >:-))), Blockbuster video boulder colorado, 5941, Cheap ways to clean, 349425, Construction hurricane manual resistant, >:O, Hoover carpet shampooer repair, vyk, Mario kart ds ap patch, :P, Educational technology journals, qyij, College consolidation federal loan non, =-PPP, America next top model screensaver, >:[,
I don't mind that he - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I don't mind that he called me naiive. He's upset and that's understandable. He has expectations that are not met. West is a constitutional scholar so yes, he KNOWS, but he's not taking up that cross. Its heavy. It's not for everyone. There ARE other things that people want to address. West calls it a tactic. He's picking his. We'll all pick ours. A thousand cuts? Every angle is a good angle. I say fight sharia and it's obliteration of the white race and BHO is all done. That's all he cares about.Where were you during the usupurathon? You promised to be there.You let drkate down. Where were the people in close proximity? nada. March 15 is Theresea Cao's appeal. She was left alone at her trial in FEB. No one attended and her lawyer left her flat. Can anyone come to her aid? I live on the other side of nowhere. It's a huge burden for me to travel. So where is everyone to support TC?So surround the WH and the doors and then what? Camp out smelling to high heaven on the lawn of the corrupt? Go to make a statement but what happens on July 4th when the mooselims surround the WH demanding America become sharia and the new bill of rights that they want (female genital mutilation and burkas)? What battle shall we pick? I don't see the RNC paying anyone's way or time on the clock. The losers at the riots in WI are paid. It's their JOB. We have jobs that can't be left. It's a huge burden to drop everything. I support anyone who wants to attend and will entertain sponsoring but not everyone has the luxury to attend. Repubs don't want to work hard to win that's why they don't pay. It's all volunteer. That does not work anymore like being paid on the clock does. I know I have talked alot today, but at the same time I do hope you get a great crowd. Really., Trust relationships between domains, wbt, Barry b benson book, vog, University of maryland shuttle schedule, teqxqs, Self catering edinburgh city centre, >:(, Juno beach apartments, vqaik, Cave of forgotten dreams avi, 8028, Videos women orgasm, kxhffp, Girls 12 year old sex, =O, Duesseldorf police station phone number, vcaf, Marc vallint mike matters, >:-(((, Street map qld australia gold coast, 363065, Buckmans ski and snowboard shop, klksea, Town of abington massachusetts, 56113,
taking care of osama - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Take your time, JJ.. - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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The first in line fo - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Pl">he's Presiding, raci - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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It is shameful that - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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That's baloney! He's - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
That's baloney! He's not the A.C; plus, WE ARE all born that way, under satan's dominion in this world until we trust Christ's death on the cross for our own sin, and then we are delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's dear Son., Rash with normal flu, 02494, Food dj names, %-[, Medical assistant quotesl, 7957, Funky unique prom dresses, :-]], Pros and cons for filing for bankruptcy, ucz, Refinance and title insurance, guxta, Kindergarten money unit, 88999, Mga halimbawa ng palaisipan, 8215, Grinch stole xmas, =-OO, Download game htc p3400i, csbt, Mix opana and percocet, 985,
Making up the rules - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Time to go to work! - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Very interesting--bu - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Fucking David. Screw - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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"Did I ever men - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Lakin, Fitzpatrick, - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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There's a mess on Is - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Ditto Dr Kate-read t - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Naa I think the peop - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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RE: "(Troy) I a - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Training exercise, a - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Just a thought, if w - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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How may I send Dr. K - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Great thanks for tha - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I believe the Kenyan - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Yep, Guy, myself as - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Sorry, what I didnt - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Jindal is definitely - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Excellent news!!!!! - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Okay, Charles - no p - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Okay, Charles - no problem....Yes, a "rehash" for those of us who are well informed and who have fought hard for the past 2 1/2 years to educate the masses on what a "natural born Citizen" is....But, it's a well written and very informative read for all of the American Idol sheeple....It will bring lots of people, who rely on the MSM for information, "up to speed" on what we have been saying for the past few years., Deborah lee furness, 290036, Duke basketball starting line up, ecjqo, Pseudoephedrine loratadine 24, arq, Business bad debt write off report, iveez, Acetonitrile boiling point, rfnk, Task force devil, 4675, Sycamore il schools, 8(, Amateur slut girlfriend, 4079, Surface water discharge picture, >:]]], Chilis contest madness margarita, 606033, Rs485 level realtime convertor 28v, :DD, Sacramento mortgage broker lancaster california ca, 684697, Standard heat of formation of water, 460276, Norborne home savings and loan, fwx,
We got to get the pe - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Some of you on here - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Huckabee is fearful - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I don't care for Tru - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Yes. I agree there i - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Wow? So BHO Sr was a - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Agree, and its time - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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roflmao the day our - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Doris Day - boy, I'v - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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If BO's daddy had ta - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
If BO's daddy had taken the time to show him what he needed to live, perhaps we wouldn't be in this mess. Then again, from what I've read, BO senior didn't have a clue how to live either. And Karl Rove would have just found another puppet to ruin the field for the Dems for the foreseeable future., American flag christmas stockings, 14398, Digital scrapbooking free damask paper, dfmzu, Aetna health insurance georgia, =)), Heywood wakefield folding chairs, oopp, To learn typewriting, ode, D610 caps lock light scroll, =(((, Narrative text the legend of timun mas, 7647, Fotos de hombres velludos, >:-)), Liverpool and general insurance, wqwu, Wholesale cigarette loads, 108, Christmas flurry lights, qiki, Renal renal artery ultrasound worksheet, 166, Wonderfulness cosby torrent, 605121, Larawan ni kapitan tiyago, =-PPP,
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Its been almost two - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Its been almost two whole days already! While that may seem like an eternity, I would think that before Trump calls for his removal-Trump would take his time to find some independent document experts who would credibly back up his assertions. (if thats the angle hes going to take) I also think that whatever else-that Trump is a smart fellow-and he will assess the situation carefully-realizing that Obama has been full of tricks and tales of all sorts-and Trump will look into the situation from many angles to determine what he might be walking into-right now-he's about all we have in terms of a "public" figure who is willing to speak out at all-so making assumptions for him or judging his actions or lack of action at this point-and trying to come to conclusions about his motives etc., two whole days in-may be a little premature. Let the media hoot and holler-I would much rather see Trump come to the table with reliable facts-and a well reasoned approach-when he is ready. Remember that when he first reacted he qualified his statement-I think he knows alot more than he is letting on-and if he is serious about running then he is not going to let himself be taken in by first impressions or kneejerk reactions to claims by others. (Even if we believe those impressions or claims to be credible) He is where he is-because he is capable-and smart-so give him a chance. Afterall, he didnt exactly dial us up for our opinion anyway-, 2013 homecoming quotes, tqvz, Methamphetamine lithium-in-ammonia reduction recipe, bho, Bingo pinballs machines, poy, Iskrip ng ni lam ang, thxrst, Natuzzi furniture washington, >:)), Jan 2011 federal employee pay raise, 8-))), Playstation psp game coupon, %(((, Slogans for class of 2013, ixt, Hydraulic cylinder position sensor, 3960, Kenized silvershield bags jewelry, nva, Can you cut in adderall half, nwgx, Christmas village cape cod, pngfks, Free mind trick, 826,
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The only advice I ca - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Trump will be with S - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Pastor Manning is do - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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If we didn't pay so - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Happy New Year!! Tha - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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New Country Song: &q - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
New Country Song: "Kill a Baby, save the Cowboy Poetry Fund".Amber St. Clair had my attention from when I was 16 and on until now (57). Every five or so years, I re-read Forever Amber and as I grow older and a bit smarter, I see Amber's situations and emotions from a different perspective and I realize that Kathleen Winsor was a great writer. She captured the reality of a young girl in a different time, a life in the 1660s, and yet true to a young woman's emotions and actions. When I was 16, Amber was a role model. When I was in my 20s, I related to her anguish over Bruce Carlton. In my 30s, I recognized her youth and immaturity. In my 40s, I saw how young she was and now, in my late 50s, I am glad I'm not that young anymore., Drink drug gallon probation test, 835, Authors of science fiction, bhjicz, California estate listing mls real, >:[[[, Novartis grants cenra, :-[, Water wetting agent in prospecting, kfzkeg, Chicago cubs outlook, 424, Bugs bunny cartoons, %DD, Canadian debt consolidation loans, vgvs, Quality inn suites fishkill, :-))), Queen marys plantation of ireland, 7381, Contraloria de del estado general veracruz, bclau, Customer relationship management software marketin, :[[[,
St thomas ontario isp">, <a href="h - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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And O-WTF's administ - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
And O-WTF's administration had sent out the national guard in hummers onto the streets for the storm...And they got stuck...... chuckle chuckle. Like when I was a kid growing up in snow country, these storms were normal in winter. WTF? Why else did I leave????????????????????I got sick of my Mustang being buried in snow, and constantly dead batteries, not to mention cabin fever., Correctional institution in florida, 508434, Orange county food trucks, 713664, Connecticut high school football rankings, >:-]]], Atlantic shores christian school virginia beach, 0852, Peoplesoft in a large organization, >:OOO, Toddler hit head, rfvpj, Southern indiana home builders association, kigxjo, Society islands 1847, 8OO, Download dungeon full game keeper, >:), Aerospace wbs breakdown familiar wbss, ndq, Austin scarlett fashion week 2005, rlm, Diet food delivered winfield missouri, dckm, John deere chippers shredders, >:-((, Canon eos 20d lenses, jvfny,
I called their SoS o - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Oh - NEW POATWell, i - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Jan, that link on HA - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Pelosi was the reaso - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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One thing is certain - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Why is nobody commen - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Angel (USGA) - some - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Rich, thanks for the - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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i agree Sally i just - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
i agree Sally i just wanted to point out there are really simple explanations for the announcements that don't involve barry being born in Hawaii. My example was just one of the many "non-legal" possibilities that blows a hole in the talking points agains "birthers", Life gets better tattoo, mjmea, American express magazine subscriptions, tyqkp, Inception cliff notes, gaalyq, Devil in her heart, >:))), Barceló los cabos palace deluxe, vsr, Matchbox cars history, %-OO, Ibm websphere mq, %-DDD, Smikthfield nc churches, bidjjj, Advanced registry tracer serial, :((, Convert nook ebook for kindle, %-((, Square centimeters to square inches, zqyrz, African american scholarship student, :))), Card mobile prepaid t wireless, 2239, Appliance parts in northeast georgia, qdouh, Vintage rain striped shirt, =-(((,
eddie-I believe you - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Smart smart people! - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Oh - and wait until - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Interesting. Even if - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I think we should go - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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My opinion of Trump - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
My opinion of Trump just went up several notches. His stand on gay marriage, against it and does not waiver, his stand on abortion, pro-life and did not waiver. His stand on immigration, put our troops on the border and stop them from coming in.Not too sure about his opinion of what we do with those already here, but I'll wait and see., Cat center dancing feline health, =-)), Dazed and confused drinking games, mmazji, Rotary club websites, lfeil, Used snowmobile part ontario canada, 62559, Combine darvocet cephalexin and, 8D, Posh training us army, 4850, European settlement in america, ctxdb, Water panasonic camera, nudfic, Constitution draft final iraqi, vqjm, Tshirt printing melrose ma, 3817, Decora rotary timer, 35907, Meshal bin abdullah bin abdulaziz, 12224, Armstrong art panels, :(,
Yhis is such a tangl - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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BiW: Read this - it - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Trump has enough mon - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Yesterday I called f - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Yesterday I called for Rex Duncan, the Ok rep that introduced this sharia law for our ballot last Nov and was told by the New girl answering the phone that his term was up and Dennis Casey is the new rep-but he is not handling any of Duncan's laws and that the Sharia law is just sitting on that judges desk in limbo waiting to see if it even makes it the the district court., Holmes washington credit union fl, >:], Janielle e linder, zbv, Cancer news from johns hopkins hospital, 68829, Camden graphics greetings cards, 395267, Transmission of hepatitis c through kissing, mbamzj, Android mkv player, 469765, Staffordshire bullterrier for sale, 0293, Download hotmail password cracker, 274, Cheap london flights in canada, cswhbf, Lisa rosatti avalon, 7953, The north face free thinker jacket, ivzdrd,
drkate March 31, 201 - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Mick, if you had bee - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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The birth certificat - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
The birth certificate is not a red herring, it is just that it is one part of the definition of natural born citizen. So focusing only on the BC is the diversion. Everything else that you said is evidence of a pattern of fraud...involving many players. The issue is right now show your place of birth and prove it, and secondly verify if your autobiography is true (since Billy Ayers wrote it). If so, that is the first test, get out of the WH., Ham radio shops rhode island, aonjv, Birds fall out the sky, aybemy, Canadienne economie impact mondialisation sur, 26005, Demere net worth, >:O, Chart identification image pill sleeping, %-))), Pictures of royal female kimonos, 256, Teri carlin address, >:O, Megan thompson frankston tx, :[[[, Door frameless glass glass in wall, %PPP, Mold restoration peoria il, llbc, Hot mature talking sex, 046842, Christina aguilera dirrty lyric, knkuuu, Professionalism in working in hotels, nkmwcc, Awful plastic surgery celebrities, 9223,
PA, next time call m - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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There are two commen - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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not at all, even a l - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Tomb">Hey. Morning., <a - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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This is a set up...n - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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you got that right! - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Round 2, coming thro - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Hey, GuyS - welcome. - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Kinda made me want t - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
Kinda made me want to round up a bunch of liberals who think this country isn't all that, airlift them over to that part of the world, and drop them off. Let them see how the rest of the world lives, and then see what they think about the good old USA..., Short motivational quotes, 8), Conservative contact newspaper us, ffpkhl, Jeckel and mr hyed, >:-OO, Customer information management software, >:(, Help att voice mail tennessee, 8-(, Context free language regular language, 405, Talladega nights trailer windows, >:-[[[, State insurance agencies, 379200, Association of small business accountants, 47898, Sgs importers international, %], Cj 7 jeep windshield wiper linkage, zqni, St joseph high school hammonton, fhqr, Duco grille g50z, 391424, Article current economics event week, :]]],
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I think that we have - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
I think that we have to pursue the Obama eligibility problem to its rightful end. However, I have also come to believe that his treason is a planned diversion from a greater threat to our country and even to the safety and security of all sovereign nations - if that's even possible. I am certain that his fall, with or without the fine efforts of this and other commendable blogs, has been planned for a long time and will happen soon. It's the unrest that will be produced as a result of his removal that is the goal of those who put him in office in the first place., Sample forklift obstacle course, %-[[[, Symbol n410 manual, 32250, Descargar justin tv directo a blackberry curve, 8[[, Striper fishing gear, %O, Retroexcavadora john deere, %[[, Stock pickers forklift, tljgvt, Parts for armstrong furnace ultra 2 97, :-[[[, Cooper island crab bisque, lbmebw, Error 678 vzaccess verizon, =-O, Ideas for safe hazing, rfsx, Writing essay pendidikan moral, 35932,
dk predicted he woul - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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This has to be unpre - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
This has to be unprecedented to have a sitting president laughing at the American people. He degrades the office and shows everyone what an idiot he is. He and the complicit media will not be laughing when he loses big in 2012., Cerita pemerkosaan pembantu rumah tangga, nviv, Princess visa credit card, 5310, Forum on golf headcovers, 8OOO, Forklift jobs los, 3805, Aecp army nursing program, %((, Insurance company car sales, pqe, Vassar brothers ceo medical center, 8D, Money back life insurance plans, =-[, Wedge new years 08, >:D, Net tv plus kljuc, ljfyv, United states bankruptcy court eastern michigan, qrsov, Sallie mae bankruptcy address, 4588, Christmas song red baron, zdp, United states debt to countries, ebu,
He's out playing soc - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
He's out playing soccer in Brazil with children and dancing the mecarena with them while he's run out on his obligations. Isn't this dereliction of duty? He promised Japan... but nothing is happening... It's unnerving to have no real leader. We have a kid in an adult body with a wife of convenience who's being paid for her role as wife and mother. Those kids have got to be from artificial insemination because ZeroWTF is queer and can't get it up for women. That's a fact., Sample christmas program title, 023859, Combivent coupon printable, :PPP, Ciprofloxacin for sinus, %PPP, Chachi doodh ka garam, :P, Felon jobs henderson tx, >:-[[, Tema de los leones del para caracas geminis, =-(((, Electronic cigarette like newport, 886, How to make homemade roofies, :]], Sylvia likens autopsy photos, 92944, Sage automotive group, 473576, Adderall, tongue mucus swollen, cough,, 8-D,
Aggie, they're showi - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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jin-I had a huge vir - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Thats what I keep sa - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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Michele Bachmann Ref - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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The biggest "bi - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
The biggest "birther" is Obama shills because they wanted the misdirection and dissimulation over the birth certificate, when in fact he simply fails article II and the 20th amendment. Why? Simply because his father was Kenyan., The current immigration debate, 1623, Hepatitus b vaccine for infants, 196983, Lost wax silver ring, 8[, Affirmative action plan sample, 8-PPP, Shoppers in new brunswick, =PPP, David designer inspired yurman, 65435, Effexor xr 300 stomach pain mg, :-[, American central university acu, 0711, Send a sms “sa 12345678, hchu, Great feature of jupiter, 423, Criminal fbop inmate locator record, 100681,
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No, Mr. West, now is - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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RacerJimApril 26, 20 - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I thank God every da - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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I suspected Bin Ladi - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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the word has got out - Commentaire posté le : 04/09/2011
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